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A family with 3 daughters. One turn up murdered after a local bonfire. Some one spends time in prison for the crime, but did they commit the murder? A classes locked room, who done it thriller. I would say this was a little bit of a slow burn but had my interest the whole time. I though I had it pinned done who done it and was completely blindsided by the ending
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The premise of the book isn't different or unique but drew me in- while starting off strong the execution ultimately fell a bit flat. It's was a decent read but not terribly memorable
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Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to receive this book for an honest review.

A family is devestated by the loss of their daughter Meghan. The question still remains, what happened the night Meghan died. Then they each get these red evenlpes that say to come to the designated location and they will find out what happened the night Meghan died. They all go tho this location i n search for answers. 

This book is filled with twists and turns and keep you at the edge of your seat.
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I really enjoyed this one. I loved all the little clues you got along the way while trying to figure everything out. The mom in this book drove me nuts!! she was kind of a psycho. Overall, a really good twisty thriller.
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This book fell a bit short for me. Maybe I've read to many with the almost same plot. Someone dies. Someone goes to prison. That someone is innocent and someone seeks revenge. 

While it started out pretty good and had me turning the pages by the end I was cringing. It just didn't keep me wanting more. I'm afraid this one just didn't do it for me.

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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This book had a great premise. It was like a modern day version of Clue. Nearly everyone is a suspect at some point. The shocking revelation has you thinking back to figure out what clues you may have overlooked. A great suspense read.
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One night can change so many people’s lives. When Meg, the oldest of three girls, is found dead after a party, it turns the family’s lives upside down. Now ten years later they are gathered to learn the truth. So many secrets have been kept for ten years. What all will be revealed? This is a great mystery with interesting characters and several twists!
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Really strong, interesting start that drew me in.  But, it was over quickly and the story sputtered out as Meghan’s family debated on whether or not to save Cal so they could finally learn the truth or extract their revenge by letting him die.

It seemed really predictable to me, but maybe its because I read a lot of thriller/mysteries?
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The beginning of this book had me so excited and set the stage for the perfect mystery/thriller. However, in the end this one kind of fell flat for me. I do love Georgina Cross's writing and look forward to future books of hers.
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Ten years ago, Meghan died tragically at 17 years old. Her boyfriend, Cal, was convicted of her murder and sent to prison. He just got out of prison and all of Meghan's family members have been invited by an anonymous letter to a house on the coast to find out the truth about what happened. Then Cal gets into a car accident on the way to the house and the family is left to figure out the puzzle. Did Cal invite them all there? Should they try to save him? What really happened to Meghan?

What a twisty thriller! I loved the way this story unfolded. Definitely a quick good thriller if you're looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will not see the last three chapters coming. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine for the ARC of One Night.
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I like this one and felt that it was plotted and keep you guessing till the end . I love that Oregon was featured so prominently and was a character in itself . I will read more by this author 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for letting me review this book
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I really pushed myself to finish this particular book, it just felt so LONG!!!!!! The overall premise really grabbed me but as I started reading it just felt so forced for certain storylines. Specifically the Uncle Geoff storyline felt so unnecessary and honestly just stomach churning. I needed to suspend disbelief for the Cal storyline especially at the end. The ending while unexpected did not feel worth it, honestly I looked for spoilers online just to end the book. I did appreciate the description of the house and the surrounding area as it’s somewhere I would love to vacation.
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One Night by Georgina Cross has all the elements of a great single location mystery/thriller- a tragic death, a family still in mourning, a series of mysterious letters, a secluded house, a nostalgic location, a raging storm. And it gets off to a great start with a creepy dinner table set up with place cards, etc. and the convicted killer released from jail and then knocked unconscious in a car accident. 

Meghan’s family desperately want to find out the truth about her murder so they all arrive on the Oregon coast, beckoned by letters sent by an anonymous person promising to reveal the true killers identity. But what will the family do with the information? Turn it over to the authorities…or take matters into their own hands? 

Cross does a great job building the suspense and creating a tight, tense atmosphere both in the house and between the family members. It’s just that once Cal (Meghan’s boyfriend who was convicted of the murder and just released) is dragged in unconscious and bleeding out, the story loses momentum. 

The “should we let him die or save him” debate that becomes center-stage becomes tedious and boring. The reveal ends up not that shocking and in the end all the foreshadowing and suspenseful build up is wasted. It was a bit too predictable. One Night could be read in one (or two) night and it was enjoyable, but just don’t expect to be ‘wow’ed by the reveal. If you aren’t looking for a major “who-dun-it” and just want to go along for the ride, this is a just suspenseful enough to satisfy. But if you really like to be challenged to figure out the plot twist ending, this may disappoint. Random rating- 3/5. Thanks to @NetGalley and @Ballatine for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This was the most thrilling and chilling book I have read this year. I hope this book gets more recognition over time because Cross is a hell of an author!
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I think Georgina Cross and I do not mix. I really love her fast-paced writing, but everything continued to feel trope-y and underdeveloped.
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A decade ago at a party in the woods someone dies...someone goes to jail for 10 years for the crime, but did they do it?  Over the past 10 years the accused has been adamant they did not perpetrate the crime they are accused of.  The family of the deceased is invited to a weekend on the coast, with promises of revealing the truth and all attend, along with a huge storm and the recently released accused.  The story is told in alternating viewpoints of characters and it seems like everyone has something to hide and area keeping secrets.  A solid locked-room mystery with some great mis-directs.
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This is typically the kind of story I love to read. I’m all for people ending up stranded together during a storm, and I thought this had a particularly unique take. 

This just wasn’t nearly as suspenseful or as juicy as I’d hoped it would be? I think things could have been heightened significantly more than they were. And this is where I have to put in that I’m a very season mystery/thriller reader. It used to be my most loved genre, and now it’s now gotten to the point where I rarely find a mystery/thriller story that surprises me, so a lot of my hesitancies with this story might just be a me, not you type of a situation. If you’re someone who’s new to the genre or want an easy mystery/thriller read, then I think this one could be for you. 

So, I ended up taking this for what it was. I think it’s a very cozy, easy read mystery/thriller. If that’s what you’re looking for this fall season, then I’d say give this one a chance. I might just be too used to reading the genre that I find some things predictable, but also, is predictable always bad? I think it ended up being exactly what it was meant to and I ended up feeling like this was a great low stakes read. Giving it 3 stars doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means!!

As always, thank you to Ballantine, Bantam for the chance to give my honest feedback!
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Phew.  This one kept me up late!  A twisty, turn read with great atmosphere, complex characters, and the complexities of a family tragedy.  An author to watch!
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⭐️ 4 1/2
🌶️ 1/5 
Age range: 16+
Content Warnings: 


- “So, you just happened to slam into him? Look, I’m not upset if that’s what happened. I wish I could have done it myself. But just tell us, okay?”
- “I don’t know what came over me. I hit her—but I didn’t think I hit her that hard. She said she was fine. She told me to leave. And I did.”
- Don’t say no. I don’t like it when you say no.

After reading this book I feel like I was taken on a rollercoaster of lies and oh wow moments. This is a must read if you like murder mystery books with many twists. I still can’t believe how it turned out but still wanted more. I would love to read the aftermath of all that went down.

Tropes & Vibes: 
- Murder Mystery
- Psychological thriller
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Tense, Atmospheric, and a Bang-Up Ending!
Jeepers! <b>One Night</b> is a fast-paced, white-knuckle ride I couldn’t tear myself away from! I could barely take time out to feed the dogs (they won’t be ignored, lol). This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I’ve just added her others to my TBR list. 

It only takes one night to destroy a family. Meghan’s family is shattered after her murder and even though her HS boyfriend was convicted, it tore them apart. 

Not everyone is convinced that Cal is responsible for Meghan’s murder. Ten years after her murder, Cal is released from prison and mysterious invitations show up for those close to Meghan. Lured by the promise they will finally find out what happened that night. 

This story takes place over one suspenseful night at a remote cliffside house in Oregon. The turbulent storm delivers an angry and atmospheric setting. The unpredictable ending is brutal yet brilliant! Again, one night changes this family forever. Thriller lovers need to read this one!

Sincere thanks to Random House Publishing-Ballantine/Bantam for this complimentary ARC provided by NetGalley. As always, all opinions are my own and are left voluntarily. 

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