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This was a really great start to a new series! Jason and Emma find themselves in one another's lives once again after dating in college. And when they split, it wasn't pretty. So things were definitely not smooth when they meet up again in the present. It certainly didn't help that there were a lot of other things going on around them, including plenty of danger.

I felt that this was an extremely fast-paced book, which is my favorite kind because it feels like you zoom right through reading them. The only downside is that when they're over, they're over and you're left waiting for the next one to come out. Which is definitely what I'm going to be doing now. Just sitting here eagerly awaiting the next book in this new series. And if it's anything like this one with the amazing romance and action-packed suspense, the wait is going to be so worth it.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of romantic suspense. Especially if your bread and butter is anything to do with military heroes like mine! Gwen Hernandez certainly has a fan in me.
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I was excited to see this new release from Gwen Hernandez for so many reasons. First, of course, is that I love her Men of Steele series. So it's terrific that she's bringing back Jason- and even better that she's tied him in to a brand new series- The Night Herons. Hernandez is so adept at bringing us an ensemble cast of justice seekers. Always with an edge. I love the flavor of both the California setting and then the international setting. I love the espionage tech aspects that bring an exciting "Mission Impossible" type flavor to the book, combined with fabulous writing (for example the electronic signal proof vault hidden in an old book store... that smells like tortillas! ) I felt like I was right there in the middle of the action throughout. The chemistry between Jason and Emma sizzles, and the characters leap off the page. An edge of your seat story! Don't miss this one! Hernandez does not disappoint!
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3.5 Stars

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Gwen Hernandez for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Lie With Me is the second chance romantic suspense story of Jason and Emma. They used to date in college, but after a life altering event they parted on bad terms. Fate ends up reuniting them when Emma's informant gets killed and Jason ends up with the files she needs.

Pros: I thought the premise for this story was really creative. I am used to seeing consulting/private security in romantic suspense books. I loved the idea of this group that is committed to taking down men in positions of power who abuse it. The storyline was really gripping. The chemistry between Jason and Emma was great. There was so much remorse and angst for how their relationship ended but both characters had a lot of growth and introspection. I felt they were really mature. I also liked how during the action part of the book, both characters were committed to a greater mission and could understand that about each other.

Cons: I think the 3rd act conflict and everything that happened after got really convoluted and overwhelming. It also made me feel like the Night Herons were in way over their heads at the cost of putting everyone in a lot of danger. I felt really protective of Emma and I went from feeling hopeful in the middle of the book to feeling like her character is going to become a punching bag for this author in the series. 

I have such mixed feelings, on one hand I am very curious about where this series will lead, but <spoiler>I just wished we got a true happy ending for Jason and Emma and that the next book would be about another couple with updates of them doing well and being happy.</spoiler> 

TW: mentions of sexual assault, sexual exploitation
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This was my first introduction to Gwen Hernandez's writing and I'm hooked! So happy that this is a series.
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This is book one in The Night Herons series and it is Emma and Jason’s story and what a great start to a new series and author to me. Emma and Jason have history as they were in a relationship in college that went completely down hill leaving them both hurt, angry, heartbroken and having trust issue. They meet years later while both on different missions but when danger strikes they will have to work together to find out the truth even if they still have trust issues but the attraction and chemistry between them is still as strong and intense as ever and they both still have feeling for each other even after all this time but with there lives hanging in the balance will they be to find out the truth and eliminate and bring them to justice so that Emma and Jason can hopefully start to trust each other and get a second chance of being together again and get the happy ending and future that they both deserve. Danger is all around them watching and waiting for the right time to strike but there is more at play than everyone thought and now more is on the line but what will the outcome be for them all in the long run. Wow wow wow I absolutely loved this book with its action, drama, suspense, loss, betrayal and situations that you definitely didn’t see coming and had you turning the pages while on the edge of your seat and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and also more books by this author in the future.
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I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy through Net Galley of Lie with Me . This story is action packed and intriguing . The characters are interesting and unique . The storyline is intense . Emma Gallagher works with a secret group ( night Herons ) that takes down rich criminals that hide their dirty deeds . Emma is meeting a man in Switzerland that supposably has proof their next target is into sex trafficking and under age girls . During their investigation the team finds the brother of Emma's ex boyfriend in college is working with their target . Upon attempting to retrieve the proof she comes face to face with Jason Chin the man who broke her heart . Soon they find themselves in danger . While both have secrets and definitely trust issues they work together to stop the bad guys and stay alive , and maybe they can work through their past to have a future . I highly recommend taking the time to read .
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