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This proved to be a pretty competent tween horror, as a girl determined to become a detective starts this particular case by checking what her older brother and his friends are getting up to in the town cemetery one night.  Whatever it is, one of them doesn't get to come back…  The story builds a team of her, the brother and her best friend to solve the case, and also naturally and nicely flowing is the creepiness – messages from beyond, threats, dangerous scenes not confined to the graveyard – they're all present and more than correct.  I did think it might have been briefer, but it's not a laborious task to read when it's hitting all the right marks so well.  A strong four stars.
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I really wanted to get to this one, as it seemed interesting. The downfall was that I requested so many ARCs that I could not get to all of them before the book was archived. If I can find this somewhere for a reasonable price, I will try to get it!
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Lindsay Currie is my go-to author for middle grade horror! My students cannot get enough and It Found Us does not disappoint!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC.
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This was a great, ghost story. 

I love Lindsay Currie's writing, her stories are engaging and entertaining. I love that this story was based on the Hagenback-Wallace train collision, I learned so much, including that there was a circus company named Hagenback-Wallace. 

Looking forward to reading Lindsay's next book, The Mystery of Locked Rooms due to be released Spring 2024.
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Thank you to Netgalley for the review copy of It Found Us by Lindsay Currie. This book was such a fun ride! The children in town gather to play hide and seek in the graveyard. However, when the game is done, one of the children is no where to be found. Hazel Woods loves sleuthing, but this could be more than she bargained for. 

The book is steeped in Illinois history and hauntings. The characters come alive in the pages and adventure abounds. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves ghost stories with historical significance.
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A lot of people who know me know I love reading with my teens. This was one of the books I read aloud with my younger daughter with me reading parts to her and her reading parts to me ... it was a fantastic seasonal read and we recommend getting your hands on this one if you know any middle graders who enjoy a spooky read. This one even has an author's note and a historic spark for the historical fiction fan in me!! But not just that, this story is creepy, clever and never predictable.
Hazel Wood, the MC is a 12yo with aspirations of being a true crime podcaster and sleuth. When she heard her older brother plan a nighttime hide and seek game at the local - potentially haunted - cemetery one night, she sneaks out right after him and they witness his very best friend disappear. The adults searching seem far of the mark, so Hazel and her brother enlist her best friend Maggie and start their own search. Something is very wrong at this cemetery, strange things start happening when they start searching. The kids and the worried adults feel real and relatable, real to today's world which made us feel very invested in the story. My 14yo daughter at times would want the next chapter to be read in the morning or cover her ears but beg me to read on. We were invested in what was happening to these kids and whether they would find their friend.
Humour balances the horror perfectly, so there were definitely times to catch our breath and laugh together.
We also enjoyed this author's last spooky read "The Girl In White" last year !
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hazel loves solving mysteries. Which often gets her in trouble with her parents. Her mom calls it snooping. One night she follows her brother into the graveyard and sees kids playing hide and seek in the woods. One kid goes missing. After the police can't find anything Hazel decides she must find out what happened in secret. I enjoyed this book. I was a fun read and perfect for spooky season.
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- Howling in the graveyard
- Fire-not-fire
- Voice in recording
- Message: foundu
- Smiley faces! 
- Elephant statue

These are just a handful of clues that amateur sleuth Hazel Woods has managed to collect. One evening Hazel follows her brother into a local graveyard and spies on him and his friends as they play a nightly game of hide-and-seek. She is shocked when her brother's friend, Everett, soon vanishes without a trace sending the entire town on a frantic search for his whereabouts. Having solved a few cases herself, Hazel, with the help of her brother and bestie, set out to bravely piece together the clues that will hopefully help them crack this case wide open and bring Everett home. 

I love Lindsay Currie's spooky MG stories!! They are the perfect mix of paranormal activity, good messages and an intriguing touch of local history. The cemetery setting added an extra touch of creepiness to this storyline along with all of the sinister ghostly encounters! There was a lovely underlining theme of cherishing your loved ones and understanding why parents can be overprotective of their kids. Being a fan of mysteries, I loved collecting and deciphering all of the clues along the way and piecing this story together! 

This story is inspired by the Hagenbeck-Wallace train wreck of 1918.  You can learn more about this tragic event in the author's notes. It led me to look up several pictures of Showmen's Rest.
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A great middle school mystery. While playing hide and seek in the cemetery, friend Everette goes missing. Hazel has always loved to solve mysteries but her mother calls them snooping. The teens must sneak out to try and find their friend even when things get spooky. Hazel puts forth her best sleuthing skills with the help of her friends to try and find Everette.
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I really did not know what I was getting into. With the main character being a 12-year old, girl detective, I was expecting a much more fun and lighthearted read, despite the creepy kid on the cover. 

This book however, fully delivers on the spooky vibes. A perfect October read to get you in the Halloween spirit. This book would be great for tweens/teens looking for a little more spooky scary vibes than typically seen in Middle Grade books. 

I would have loved a little more of the mystery aspect, as I didn’t feel like I had the chance to solve the mystery myself before all the clues were revealed at the end, but I also understand I am not the target audience for this book.
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I am so glad that i started reading spooky middle grade books as an adult because maaaan, so I get creeped out! Lindsey Currie really has a way to combine everything we love about middle grade books and just adds a lot of her own flavor to her books. This is by far one of my favorites from her!
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Let me just quickly come out from where I hid behind the covers. I’m not much for horror. Ghosts are okay, to some degree, but a child ghost that wants to play and grabs your feet from under the bed? NO THANK YOU! Luckily, super sleuth Hazel was there to help me put my fears aside and make me curious about what lies behind the whole thing. Hazel reminded me a lot of Nancy Drew. It was exciting to find all the different clues and piece them together. 
I especially liked Hazel and Den’s sibling bonding during their journey to find Everett. Because you should never work alone when hunting a ghost on cursed cemeteries.
Figuring out that part of this book is based on a real-life disaster that happened 100 years ago made everything even more scary. Now, let me get back under my covers, reading my next spooky read.
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I am a huge fan of Lindsay curries books and sadly found this one to not be my favorite. The concept was spooky and cute like always, but the overall pacing was off for me and I didn’t feel like there was enough plot elements to fill this one up. The brother sister relationship being a major focus was well executed though and I felt the grief and blaming of losing his friend was well executed. If I hadn’t read her other books I probably wouldn’t have dissected this one so much, but it overall just didn’t compare to her others and a lot of moments felt like repeats from her other books. I look forward to her next book and hope this was just a fluke.
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I love spooky middle grade and Lindsay Currie writes the creepiest, most atmospheric middle grade books. 

It Found Us starts off with a creepy game of hide and seek between friends in a cemetery, when one of the friends goes missing. It’s up to 12 year old sleuth Hazel Woods, her bother, Den, and her best friend, Maggie, to find the missing teen. There’s ghosts, mystery, and adventure. 

Hazel was such a cute and likable character and I loved her interactions with her brother and her best friend. The story was creepy and fun.

I enjoyed the author’s note at the end where Currie explained her love for history and her inspiration for writing this book. This story features a real train wreck that occurred in 1918. I thought that was very interesting.

I definitely recommend this book to readers of any age who adore spooky middle grade fiction. This is the perfect spooky season read!

4/5 stars
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I love Lindsay Currie and this was another great ghost story from her! I can't wait for another one! 

I love how the author incorporates a real incident in history and gives it a ghost story as I love learning about things I didn't know about! Great for young readers who love to be spooked!
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Review up on Storm Reads blog. 

Hazel loves being what she thinks is a detective but what others might call a snoop and when she listens in on her brothers phone call with his friend and learns he is going to sneak out she follows. 

They end up at the graveyard where Den and his friends are going to play hide and seek except something happens while they are there a freak storm, some eerie yowling, a scream and Den's friend Everett is gone. 

Hazel and Den don't want to leave looking for Everett up to the adults so they decide to do some investigating, even though they are told to stay home. They sneak back to the graveyard were another spooky storm happens and they see a very spooky looking kid with no eyes and it's mouth sewn shut, they hightail it home but the ghost will not be deterred and follows them home. 

Now things are getting really scary and Hazel's friend Maggie gets in on things and they start trying to figure out who the ghost is and what he wants and why it took Everett. 

This was a great ghost story with lots of spooky elements. I love how the author uses a tragic part of history and weaves a ghostly tale around it so that I learned about a part of history that I didn't know about. I was so curious about the elephants in the graveyard and love that the authors tells you about things at the end in the authors note. I even found a non-fiction book about what happened in that town and I am curious to give it a try. 

I think my only negative thing about this book is the cover. I just think it's to spooky for a middle grade book. It will creep out most adults! Other than that it's another great book by the author! Still not my favorite but probably my second favorite. :)
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First of all, this cover is golden.  It drew me in first before I even noticed it was the next spooky read by Lindsay Currie.  I've read her offerings since 'What Lives in the Woods', and I think this is her best one yet.
Full of good jump-scares, creepy ghosts, phantom smells, and a good dose of friendship and family, It Found Us is great take on what scared kids most in the 90s.  That might not have been Currie's goal, but the themes are all there: hide-and-seek, child abduction, possessions, storms, and fire.  It read like a favorite episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark.
If you pay attention to the cover, and know your Chicagoland history, you'll catch the answer to the problem early on.  But I believe younger readers will not have a clue until it's all in the open.  A perfect mystery that will also teach them a little history.  Can't wait to get this into the hands of middle grade readers at my library.
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Hazel wants to start a podcast where she can talk about solving mysteries. She's been using her sleuthing skills around town to solve local mysteries such as who broke a store window, who stole a bike, and most recently who's been leaving dog poop on her neighbor's lawn. Her parents' refuse to let her start her podcast and are exasperated at her snooping. But her snooping skills come in handy when she overhears her brother making plans to sneak out to play hide and seek at the local cemetery. Hazel sees this as a chance to gather intel on the legends surrounding the cemetery that indicate the place is haunted. Her search takes a turn for the worse when Den's friend Everett disappears during the game.

While the police and volunteers search for Everett, Hazel and Den quickly realize that Everett didn't run away and strange happenings in the cemetery indicate his disappearance is likely related to the supernatural things going on in the cemetery. Realizing the need to find Everett quickly, Hazel puts every skill she has into gathering clues. With the help of Den and her best friend, Maggie, the interview people and gather clues, but can they put everything together before it's too late?

Once again, Currie has written a spooky story full of questions needing answers. I loved the combination of ghost story and mystery. Hazel's determination and good sense came in handy as the kids navigate a terrifying and confusing situation. I also appreciated Hazel and Den's parents. So many books have clueless or absent parents. In this case, the parents are busy helping with the search for Everett and are trusting their kids to stay home as asked, when they catch the kids returning from an investigating jaunt, they work out a deal that works for both the kids and the parents. The author does a good job of building the tension as the kids encounter increasing danger as they get closer to the answers they seek. A thrilling mystery with a good dose of scary ghost story.
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Another great MG novel from Lindsay Currie that's a bit spooky, but not too scary! Hazel is a strong and determined main character who makes it her mission to solve the mystery of the missing kid, Everett, from the creepy cemetery in the town with the help of her brother and friends.
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Thank you to the publisher for an eARC via NetGalley to read and review. 

I enjoyed this one. It was a quick and easy middle grade read that was perfect for spooky season. Hazel was a good sleuth, and I liked how she kept track of the clues in a journal so she could go back to them repeatedly. 
The mystery of Everett’s disappearance was chilling, and the introduction of the ghost was done really well. I did figure out parts of the ghost’s motivations and intentions pretty early, but I was still hooked to the story to figure out who the ghost was.
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