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I was nervous at first finding out this ARC was just a sample of the first two chapters. After diving in I can honestly say that I'm thoroughly impressed how quickly drawn in I was. Dawsyn was so swiftly drawn to life it amazes me. The author did a beautiful job at painting a vibrant picture and putting the readers right there on the Ledge with Dawsyn. With just a taste of this world left on my tongue. I share wonder in what comes next. What will happen come selection day? What fate lies in Dawsyns hands further down the line? What happens after being chosen by the Glacians? I’m thrilled to read the rest of the book and learn more about how the story unfolds.
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I enjoyed the two chapters a lot. I will definitely be picking up the full book. The writing was beautifully done and the world was captivating.
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I am reviewing a 2 chapter sample - which is admittedly not much to go off, but I could definitely see myself picking this up (in winter only, it’s not a summer book). I do hate the name of the FMC though, reminds me of Dawson’s Creek unfortunately!
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I just read Netgalley’s two chapter sample of the book. The writing drew me in immediately but the dialogue was a little stiff. I will definitely be continuing the series.
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I don't know, 3.5/5? The beginning was so sharp and detailed about life on the Ledge and that's what hooked me! Then things unraveled QUICKLY. I normally love when stories have that zoomed-out effect. Start small, open the world to something bigger, normally with a broader and more in-depth plot. That gets me every time and doesn't make me feel suffocated in the environment. This story STARTED that way and didn't quite stick the landing. We were forced to believe in a (very short) relationship between main characters (see forced proximity and enemies to lovers tropes that are rarely done well IMO). It wasn't believable, the characters emotions and choices weren't believable, and that makes the story entertaining but also fragile. Our main character is believed to be strong-willed, capable, and independent with some actions, but then caves when our MMC cradles her or carries her. 

I was not invested enough to finish this book as quickly as I should have, but was very into the ending. I do love when authors throw wrenches into plans and no character is safe. But I'm hoping it's not just a "let's kill off a character for drama" in place of "this death has a purpose". Because of that, I'll definitely read the next one.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for an advanced copy!
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Some books immediately catch your attention and I think Ledge could be one of those. I love being thrown into a book and catching up on the worldbuilding later (if it's done properly). So I can definitely see myself adding this book to my never-ending tbr.
One thing that did bother me slightly (and this is just my preference) is that it's written in the present tense. But again, if the story continues as strong as it started, it really wouldn't bother me at all.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Stacey McEwan for allowing me to read and review a 2 chapter sampler.

"The Ledge does not reward the meek". Man this books starts off strong. 

Ready to continue on! I'm very interested in understanding the Ledge and Chasm more. The start has a very "Maze Runner" feel.
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In this preview, you jump right into the bleakness of existence for Dawson. All there is for her to do is try and survive..

I’m these first few chapters, I was captured by the details put into the story! You’re able to get a perfect image of Dawsyn’s existence, but it was never overdone.

I’m glad this book is already out because I will be immediately going to order it!
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As a debut novel, it isn’t so bad. The beginning was really well written and interesting. It kept a really nice pace and Dawson is awesome. However as the story develops it kinda falls apart around her getting taken. The world development just ain’t there. The romance is very tropey and just didn’t have anything extraordinary to it unfortunately.
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As far as an introductory to a book goes, this had me hooked! This has been one of the books on my TBR that I've um'ed and ah'ed about picking up. I am glad I got the chance to sample this story as it has fully convinced me to pick it up. Thank you @netgalley for the sampler
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Ich finde es toll, dass es auch englische Bücher auf NetGalley gibt nur leider habe ich hier daneben gegriffen. Es war leider nur eine kurze Leseprobe und nicht ein ganzes Buch darum kann ich auch nicht genau sagen, wie ich es fand, da ich kaum was von der Geschichte kenne.
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I remember seeing the author talk about this book on her TikTok and I was already hooked by her description. 
This short excerpt went beyond my expectations and now I cannot wait to read the rest of the book.
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I've received a part of this book. Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher.

I've only read two chapters, but we are thrown into the world that is very vivid. We also get to know quite a lot about our main character. The worldbuilding seems pretty unique and I'm excited to add this book to my TBR.
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NetGalley sent me a sample to review (thank you! ) so this is based on only few chapters!

I'm hooked! This is definitely a book that just throws you into the world head first and I'm on board for the ride. This has a dark and bleak feel to it so will be interested to see how this progresses. 

I've purchased the book myself based on the sample and will give a full review once finished 😊
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What a gripping first two chapters! I am hooked and definitely need to read more. This book seems to have a very unique plot, humans are the cattle to a winged species. They have been herded onto a mountainside to survive in the cold which the danger of the icy ledge to content with. Within the two chapters provided by NetGalley, I already feel fully immersed in the world and Dawsyn's struggle for survival. Can't wait to read what happens next after she is taken over the ledge as described in the blurb!
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Wow! I love the mystery surrounding the area where the main character lives. Ms. McEwan has a knack for using language that enables the reader to almost feel as if she were looking up at the Ledge itself. I’m admittedly a sucker for fantasy, and this is a wonderful example of world building. 

FYI: I was provided with a free two chapter sampler on NetGalley, so I can’t comment on the rest of the book, but I imagine that the main storyline just gets better.

Now for the awkward part: There’s a sex scene in here that is decidedly not tame. The author easily could have done a fade to black and just picked up with dialogue afterward. The scene jarred me out of the story, and it is the reason that I will not request a library copy in order to finish it. This is why I have to give the book three stars. I realize that there is a market for more explicit sex scenes in books—it’s just not for me, personally. I’m bummed, because otherwise it’s a fantastic beginning and very well-written.
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Ledge by Stacey McEwan is a great little sample. 
I’m so excited to dive into this debut. 
A exciting enemies to lovers romance with fantastic writing. 
My only complaint is I wish it was the full book! 

I would like to thank NetGalley and Angry Robot for the opportunity to read this ahead of its publication date in return for my honest review.
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This teaser first two chapters were a great intro into this story. I had a great time learning about the world and how Dawsyn navigates this intense landscape. Definitely going to pick up the full book and continue on with this...
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“The cold is cruel, but it is not alive. It can consume you, extort you, and convince you to do unspeakable things. It can turn your enemies into body heat, and your friends into the coats you steal from their backs. The cold does not live, but there can be no ridding yourself of it.”

A land known as the Ledge, a frozen wasteland you cannot escape from unless befalling to your death. 

In order to get rations of food they must sacrifice one human to the winged creatures. What happens when they choose Dawsyn as the human sacrifice? Will she be able to escape her fate or will she fall to her death like all her family who have? 

This book immediately gripped me from the moment I read the first lines! I was invested the whole way through the world of Ledge and what was to come of Dawsyn! 

I definitely recommend Ledge to readers who enjoy slow-burn romance, fantasy, and banter! 

Thank you to NetGalley, Stacy Mcewan, and the publisher for giving me the privilege to read the first 25 pages of Ledge in exchange for an honest review! I can’t wait to finish where I left on and then read Chasm!
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This was just a snippet but it definitely peaked my interest. So much action and world building and story on just these few chapters.
Very interested in this frozen world and the relationships that were introduced.
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