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This book is a standalone but apart of series. I wish I would have known that going in so I could read the others before hand. It was cute.  I enjoyed the story and character growth but there was something missing for me. The plot was good and I enjoyed the banter between Adrian and Marjorie. The family dynamic was also very entertaining to read. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my digital ARC in exchange for an honest review
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I don't think I realized that this was part 4 of a series... my own fault I know but it definitely hindered by reading and I also was not a big fan of the forget aspect, which again - my fault because that is 75% of the plot. I am always trying my best not to DNF arcs and so as I finished this one I did end up really enjoying the romance, the steam, and the family aspects. If I had read the first three of this series i probably would've enjoyed it a LOT more.
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his is book 4 in a stand-alone series and I had not read any of the other books. True to expectation, that was not a problem, however I imagine there may have been more magic if I had. 
The Wynchester’s are a found family dedicated to helping those in need by using their unique talents. FMC Marjorie is leading her first case, a coin counterfeiter she is determined to bring to justice. MMC Adrian is a rakish rogue (the best kind) who is in over his head. After years of playing an odd sort of Robin Hood in regards to artwork, he is being forced to work for evil and counterfeit coins to rip off desperate people. The more time Marjorie spends with Adrian the more conflicted she is about what she feels she has to do. 
This was a fun read! It’s not one you want to analyze too much, but go with it and have a great ride. The historical fiction element is loose. While set in the 1800s, it really does exist mainly as a setting rather than an immersive experience in the time. I am a historical romance light reader, so this didn’t bother me at all, but I can think of people *cough* Kendra *cough* who may be bothered. 
The chemistry between Marjorie and Adrian was cute and I enjoyed their dynamic. It was slow burn with mild spice and I could’ve done with a little less slow burn, but the HEA was sweet once it arrived. 
The secondary characters were well done and helped round out the story. It definitely piqued my interest in reading more of the series! And OMG the animals - specifically the homing hedgehog in training, Tickletums (the name alone is perfection). Adorable factor of 8 and had me grinning like a fool!
TLDR; a fun, entertaining read that makes you smile and holds attention.
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The Wynchester Family is back and as delightful as ever. They've taken on a case to discover a forger, but the prime suspect might not be as bad as he seems. It's Marjorie's time to shine, and she has to keep reminding herself not to fall for the prime suspect.
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From the outside this book had many things I like. Historical romance. Forced proximity. Pretending to be something he’s not and she knows he’s more than that. Plus a little bit of crime fighting? Sounds good right?

But the pace was slow. It seemed like barely anything happened until the half way point, where we actually have the characters doing something significant.

It also felt like there wasn’t much to the characters, and they didn’t really have much development. 

It was cute and entertaining, but I guess I was looking for higher stakes and a bit more action.
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Arc received from the publisher; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Erica Ridley is one of my favorite historical romance authors; this is the third book in the series and, sadly, my least favorite. I had a hard time getting through this one in the start, some of the comments the MC said to the other MC bothered me, I struggled to make my way through but after the half way point, the book started to pick up and become more enjoyable. The mystery and the heist made it for me and was worth it in the end. If historical fiction is not your cup of tea, I suggest the first two in the series over this one. This won't be for everyone but I did enjoy it in the end. 

- Forced Promoitity 
- A Heist 
- Opposites Attract
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I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own .

I enjoyed the banter and slouthing in this book. I would not call it a stand-alone book because the characters can get confusing if you haven't read the first 3 (I think), but the writing is fun and a bit addictive. 

I'd like to add that I reviewed a previous Erica Ridley novel and got overwhelmed by the characters,but I loved the story. I placed the previous books at the library and devoured them.
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The Wynchester family was my introduction to Erica Ridley and this book further cements them as some of my favorite folx in historical romance. Marjorie Wynchester, a skilled artist that doesn't mind doing forgery for the greater good, goes undercover to figure out who is using fake coins to pay some of the poorest residents of London. It turns out to be Adrian Webb, Lord Adrian Webb, the rogue who caught her eye at an art gallery weeks earlier. It turns out he got sucked in against his will and is in over his head, and Wynchester family moves in to do their thing.

This book is probably closest in energy to The Duke Heist - caper! banter! - but has more room to run as a later book in the series. Still, if you haven't met the Wynchesters yet, I think this would work fine as a standalone.

The parts I keep coming back to are the themes - how laws shouldn't prevent us from putting wrongs to right, in the spirit of John Lewis' "good trouble"; the importance of family, especially found family, but also the biological relations you choose to keep in your life; and that you can come back from poor decisions in your past, and what that path looks like.

I also want to point out some rep - Marjorie is deaf in one ear after a childhood smallpox infection, and also has synesthesia and an eidetic memory. The Wynchesters are of all different skin tones and genders, and the book itself is inclusive and full of all the consent.

The plot's a little madcap, with Jacob's animals playing a staring role more than once, but I'm here for it. I especially like that the action takes turns I didn't expect, and overall follows different beats than the usual "heist".

On top of all that I read this a mere month into a new job, and returning to a cast I love doing fun things was just the salve I needed after some difficult days. My second favorite in the series (I can't imagine topping The Perks of Loving a Wallflower), and I cannot wait to read Elizabeth's story next.
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My Rogue to Ruin is the newest edition to the Wynchester family story. I loved how big a part Marjorie played in this story since she was always in the background until the last book. Adrian and her are so cute together and I love how they bonded over art and good forgery. I also loved how accepting Adrian was of Marjorie being hard of hearing and didn’t count it against her and think she was weaker because of it like other people did. 

Of course, I loved all the high jinx the family got into and the biggest thing I love about this series is the found family vibes. The Wynchester family lets people in their family who never got to experience a loving and supportive family and I’m here for it! I seriously can’t wait until Elizabeth’s story!!
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This was a highly entertaining story and I think it's the best so far of The Wild Wynchesters series. I've been intrigued from the beginning hearing about this very different family. This was the artist Marjorie's turn to lead a caper to help the down and out innocents being used by an unscrupulous "Grandfather of St. Giles". This is about counterfeit money and art objects. Marjorie is incensed that someone is making copies of art and coins, and passing them off as genuine. As always there is two sides to every story and Adrian Webb is trying to protect his sister and forced to work for Snowley.

Mrs Lachlan comes to the Wynchesters after finding she was given counterfeit money when she temporarily hocked her husband's wedding ring to pay her rent. She's got 30 days to pay her rent and she's desperate to get her husband's ring back from Snowley. Marjorie knows this one is her chance to take the lead with her talents in the art world. She goes undercover and points out why Adrian's copies are inferior to what she can produce. She convinces Snowley to have her improve Adrian's work. It doesn't take long for her to realize why Adrian is kept prisoner at Snowley's house.

Adrian took the fall for his elder brother Hebert's indiscretion with a young woman. He doesn't expect his father to disown him and Hebert not come to his defense. He spends seven years on the Continent and makes ends meet by providing Snowley high quality copies of art objects. He figures with the war, no one will figure out he's making copies so the originals can stay and be enjoyed where they belong. He gets caught when he makes his last stop at Snowley's house after visiting his beloved younger sister Iris. Snowley uses Iris against him to ensure he'll "pay off his debt" to Snowley for cheating him over the years with copies. He's forced to make coins that Snowley passes as genuine to those who are in need. He hates it but can't figure out how to turn Snowley in. Things change when Margarie "Mary" shows up. This was a well thought out and plotted story that gives us a great love story that keeps you guessing.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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*3.5 stars*

A fun regency romance…

This is the fourth in the series and the first one I’ve read. I admit to being a bit lost with all the characters at first but once I got the lay of the land it paved the way for the drama and fun that followed…

The funny, fast-paced opening scene set the tone for the story and it was a wild, twisty ride. For Marjorie and Adrian, falling in love meant a whole lot of trust and conflict as they seemed to be on opposite sides of the latest family caper. If they could both stay out of jail their relationship might have a chance…

Generally, regencies (or the ones I usually read) are conventional, quiet, stick-to-the-rules types. Much like the time they portray. Lots of manners and rule-following, etc. This was quite the opposite and it totally worked. This was a funny, twisty and family-full read that could have been set at any time but made more striking because of the age it was set.

Lots of action and excitement, with an ending that kept me guessing, I turned the last page knowing I needed to go back and read more…
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I love a fun and whimsical-feeling historical romance and this baby delivered! The book opens with a British Museum heist, there are so many cute animals with jobs, and some good ol’ forced proximity yearning. I will definitely be reading more of this series in the future! 

Thank you to the team at Forever for this ARC!
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Marjorie Wynchester is determined to take the lead in exposing a forger. Expecting a scoundrel with no ethics, she finds out Adrian Webb was forced into making counterfeit coins with blackmail. Adrian is captivated by Marjorie and the Wynchester extended family. If anyone can help him out of his sticky situation, it's this family. As Marjorie and Andrian work together, it's an attraction that leads to love. What seems like utter chaos, makes sense when it comes to the end of the story. 
Unforgettable characters!
Mild explicit sex.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
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As someone who has happily enjoyed all three instalments in this series so far I can tell you the only way in which this book is a let down is in the radically different cover design. The Wild Wynchesters are a delightful anachronistic good time of regency romances and Marjorie's story was a very good time indeed. If you are unfamiliar with the previous books in the series I think you might miss out on the depth of understanding of the family as a whole and getting the joy of seeing previous couples living their happily ever after's together but I don't think it is a barrier that couldn't be scaled.

I will say the conflict in this book was much more about the difficulties of the case that the family are dealing with then being an interpersonal conflict between Marjorie and Adrian but I actually found that to be kind of refreshing. Overall a very good time and I will happily anticipate the next in the series. 

Thank you to Net Galley and Forever for a free E-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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The fourth book in the Wild Wynchesters series, another great story that held my interest throughout. Lord Adrian Webb an art forger and Artist Marjorie Wynchester's story of drama, suspense, danger, villains and romance. I enjoyed seeing them get a happy ending. I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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God I love the Wynchesters!!! I really love that this family is being written about in this time period and with such a seamless and believable acceptance (well as much as you can accept weirdos!) I loved that we finally get to see more from Marjorie and man you can't help but love her!
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Highly entertaining historical mystery/adventure romance.  Author Erica Ridley has a great sense of humor, creating unique and funny characters and dialogue. I loved the Wynchesters' various animal helpers.
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Erica Ridley does it again. I was looking forward to Marjorie's story and watching her and Adrian fall for each other was so much sweet. Marjorie is so blunt and funny, and I loved that she stayed true to her character throughout the book. I really appreciate Ridley acknowledging and educating readers about Marjorie's partial deafness while also allowing her to be so much more than her disability. The fact that all her siblings use sign language, and that Adrian wanted to learn himself, really made me so happy. The diversity of the characters and their authenticity is what brings me back to Erica Ridley and the Wild Wynchesters over and over again. Can't wait until the next one!
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My Rogue to Ruin is the fourth book in this series but the first I've read. I know! What was I thinking? I knew of the series, had seen it mentioned in various places. I know Erica Ridley is a talented author. I expected good stories once I cleared enough time (there really are not enough reading hours in a day) but nobody told me how much fun I was missing. So I'm telling you. Do not miss this book. Buy it in print, download it to your favorite reading device, check it out from your library, but go get this book, clear your schedule, and lose yourself in a fun, feel-good, Regency romp that will leave you eager to read every single book in the series. 

There's so much to love about this book. Adrian and Marjorie together are simply perfection. I adored them, both individually and as a couple. It was a delight to watch them navigate their circumstances, evolve personally, fall in love, outsmart the villains, and eventually claim their HEA. I pretty much smiled through their entire adventure. The journey is filled with sweetness, spice, suspicion, cheeky humor, danger, and emotional growth. The interactions with the other members of the Wynchester family are pure gold. Honestly, I can't get to their books fast enough. 

If you're in the mood for a fun, feel-good, can't put it down, Regency romp, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of My Rogue to Ruin by Erica Ridley. It has my wholehearted, enthusiastic, grinned until my cheeks hurt, recommendation. 

ARC received from publisher via NetGalley. Fair and unbiased review.
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Erica Ridley is a phenomenal writer. her work pulls you into the world and you never want to leave. Plus there are rogues, what is not to love.
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