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This is SO MUCH FUN. As a lover of the national parks, I absolutely adore all of the information as well as all of the fun activities throughout! I enjoyed myself immensely.
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I loved it and sent off a copy to out of state grands so they can share it on this summer's trips and more. There are mazes, word searches, coloring pages, and more.
This format blends fun with educational value, offering children and adults the chance to explore and learn more about each park's landscape, geological features, animals, history, and much more whether they will be able to visit soon or not, and it's good for all to see the acknowledgement that the parks are mostly native lands.
The illustrations by Candela Ferrández are delightful, fun, imaginative, colorful, and the animals are so very well done in this Big Activity Book.
Well suited for reading WITH someone of any age including ESL, and great for gifting to anyone, but especially to a school or teacher or your public library!
I requested and received a free temporary e-book on Adobe Digital Editions from Zeitgeist/Z Kids via NetGalley. Thank you!
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Bright, colourful and fun activities about national parks, with each park getting a two-page spread each. Plenty of quick facts to learn and will keep the kids engaged on a road trip or a rainy day.
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Thank you NetGalley for the review copy!

Even for adults a very fun read/activity! Loved the diverse characters shown in the pictures + the acknowledgemnet that the parks are mostly native land.
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Fun with National Parks provides 120+ engaging activities to test your child’s knowledge of the national parks. With fun, factual information about all 63 national parks, young readers will soak up America’s wild and protected places while getting to know the history, geography, animals, and plants that make our homeland so special. 

This BIG activity book is perfect for 6-10 year-olds. Filled with fun facts, this book makes learning exciting! Accompanying the descriptions of each park, young readers will find an assortment of games and puzzles allowing them to put their newfound knowledge to use right away—all while having fun.

The selection of activities in this book are as diverse as the parks themselves! From crosswords to matching games, seek & finds to tracing, drawing and code cracking, the variety is bound to keep your reader engaged, and excited to flip the page. After learning about the parks, they will be inspired to get out and explore the mountains, canyons, deserts, rainforests, geysers, and volcanoes that make up the varied landscape of our national parks. 

On your next family road trip, consider pairing this book with Fun with 50 States, a complementary activity book focusing on each state. Your young reader will spend countless hours getting excited for their next big adventure!
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I downloaded this just to review the Washington State parks, for possible inclusion in Local History resources.  I can't even tell what the intended readership is: the content is extremely juvenile, but covers so many parks that readers would age out long before they could visit more than a handful of places.  Maybe it's intended only an an activity book for outdoorsy kids, with no visits intended.  The 2 pages per park ensure there's no space for anything truly informative.  I can't imagine who I would recommend this to.
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This came at the perfect time! We love a good road trip and this gave our family tons of ideas for this summer! Lots of fun activities in the book to get your kids (and adults) excited about the adventure!
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What an awesome activity book! Perfect for family road trips to National Parks. The illustrations and activities are fun, while being informative. It's chock full of information about animals and park environments. I would have loved this as a kid as my favorite vacations were to National Parks. This would be excellent for vacation-planning with children. I would suggest this for children 7 and up, especially ones who love animals!

Thank you NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group-Wide Eyed Editions for providing this ARC.
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Filled with fun and facts, this book lives up to its title in the best way! It is exactly the kind of book our National Park lovin' family would benefit from having on the shelf. Appropriate for children (and adults!) as a wholesome paragraph presents information one may or may not know regarding the NP's history, location, or nature. Actually, I learned quite a bit and want to revisit some NPs with the new discovered details!

As a Christian, there were a few cringe-worthy instances regarding the history of how certain landmarks came to be, etc... but nothing major that would make me not want to purchase this book. As a mom, I greatly appreciated this book providing educational activities as part of the reading material.

NetGalley offered me the privilege to review this copy digitally - for which I am thankful as I now know of another, great NP resource to add to our continuously growing collection!
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This is a fun book for 1st-3rd graders who want o learn more about National Parks or for a family going on a road trip! Each National Park has a short description with fun facts and then two to three activity pages to do based on the information! Some of the activities are repeated such as word scrambles, fill in the blank, etc. But never too close together or super frequently. I think this would be a great gift for exiting 3rd graders to get by them excited for their free National Park passes in 4th grade!!
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🏞 If you are taking your family on a U.S. National Park trip anytime soon, then this is a must have book.

🏞 This book will keep kids busy while you are traveling. There are lots of activities (coloring pages, mazes, word searches) along with information about the National Parks themselves.

🏞 The activities and information are targeted to children ages 6 to 10 years old. However, imaginative parents could use this book to create some fun for the whole family – particularly if you are on a road trip and need something to pass the time.

🏞 Even if you aren’t planning a visit to a park, this book would still be appealing to children who are interested in nature, animals, and learning about beautiful and diverse locations in the United States.

🏞 I didn’t visit my first National Park until I was an adult, but I know I would have still loved this book as a kid.

Thank you @NetGalley and Zeitgeist/Z Kids for an eARC of this book, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me review this book. This was a fun activity guide that’ll keep kids engaged trying to find the differences and coloring to their heart’s content among the fun ideas and games in this book. I like that the states are listed by each national park as well.
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Review to come May (probably May 8th, but I am still waiting for some confirmation on tours) I wish I could post it earlier but my blog is already crammed with reviews until late May, this was the earliest spot I could find.

I received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn't resist this book! I just love reading about America's National Parks and learn all about them. Sadly, I will never see them in real life, haha, I just don't feel safe/OK to visit the US as it is right now. But thankfully there are books and shows and all that so I can still enjoy them a bit!

In this delightful book we travel through all the national parks of America. From East to West from North to South, we will get to read about some gorgeous and stunning places that host not only animals and beautiful hiking trails, but also have cultural heritage, Native Americans, and more! I just loved reading about each park and get a bit on their history, their climates, and what animals live there. I would love to visit several of them. 

This book is an activity book so as you may guess... packed full with fun puzzles, interactive bits, colouring pages, connect the dots, and many many more. A lot of them I couldn't do, sadly, because this is an ebook and not a physical book. It is a bit hard to colour something when it is on your screen. XD But I did do several puzzles that I could do and dreamed the colours that I would have used for several colouring pages. I loved the variety of puzzles and other fun things. It was great and I am sure that this one will be a big hit if you get it in physical! If you live in the US you could even take it with you while visiting and solve puzzles and such there! It will be a treat~

I love the illustrations/the colouring pages. The style was so fun, and at times... made me laugh~

I know that this is a US book, but still I would have liked to get some measurements in metres and the likes. I have no clue what x Fahrenheit means. We are not taught in school to convert one to another so I have no clue. And I wasn't in the mood to keep switching between my Netgalley app and my Chrome to check. 

All in all, I would recommend this one! I would have enjoyed it just a bit more if I could have done more of the fun things, but for now I am still happy!
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⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Cute cover on this book!

Fun with National Parks is a wonderful activity book for kids who are eager to learn more about America's natural wonders. This book features fascinating, fun facts and over 125 amazing activities about the 63 majestic national parks in the US that will surely captivate young minds. The book brilliantly blends entertainment with educational value, offering children aged 6 to 10 an opportunity to explore and learn more about each park's landscape, geological features, animals, history, and much more.

The bright and colorful graphics used in the book add a spark of excitement to the entire experience as well. Children will have plenty of activities at their disposal, ranging from mazes, word searches, coloring pages, and more. Parents will appreciate that the activities are separated by region making it easier for them to plan a trip or study geography with their kids.

Overall, Fun with National Parks is an excellent activity book that delivers exceptionally well on its promise to educate and inspire children while keeping them engaged in fun-filled activities that they'll undoubtedly love.

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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This book starts with a very sweet note from the author describing why she decided to create this book inspired by her families trips to national parks along with a map of all the national parks. This introduction is then followed by activities for each national park. These activities could be fun for students to do as they visit the parks or even just as a book for them to work through with coloring and drawing activities and word puzzles like cross words and codes. This book is such a great way for children to learn about different animals in their area as well as throughout the United States. This book would be great to inspire children to want to travel to national parks and become more involved with nature!
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What a fun book for fans of National Parks! My family visits a lot of National Parks and this activity book is perfect to take on trips. The book shows the locations of parks and separates them by region, the same as the National Park Service does. It has activities for each park you can do as you visit or on your own as you learn about the parks. It is a perfect companion to the Junior Ranger activities many National Parks have.
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I can't wait to purchase a copy of this to take on our next family trip to a National Park. 
I really liked all the topics and highlights of the parks that they included in this. 
I know my children and family will enjoy this one. 

Thanks NetGalley for viewing a copy of this book.
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Thank you, Zeitgeist/Z Kids, for the advance reading copy.

With this fun activity book, you can explore all the sixty three amazing national parks in Amaerica! 

I find the information crisp and interesting. Perfect for the reading ages, the book is filled with amazing colourful illustrations and fun, interactive exercises. 

Worth it!
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This activity book would be perfect for a road trip!  I enjoyed that the puzzles and activities were different, with some National Parks including a drawing activity where others had a crossword or word search.  I think this could be a great addition to learning about national parks or a good activity to keep kids occupied while traveling.
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Fun with National Parks by Nicole Claeson is indeed super fun. It highlights 63 National Parks through the U.S. divided by region. It includes a helpful map, a brief description of what is special about each park, and two activities per park to complete. 

The book is heavier on parks in the Western U.S. which I would love to see adjusted slightly to be more geographically balanced so those who don’t live or can’t travel out west can get equal enjoyment from the book. The age range is listed as 6-10 but I would adjust that slightly to 5-9. This would be too easy and not as interesting for my 10 year-old guy. 

For a slightly younger age, I love this book. It’s simple, fun and the illustrations are in a comic style that most kids will love. It’s not too wordy and the two activities for each park are a nice balance of artistic, cerebral, easy, and challenging. 

This book would be perfect for a National Parks road trip and can be kept to use on future trips as long as the kids are within the appropriate age range. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.

Fun with National Parks released on March 21, 2023.
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