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This was my first book by Pippa Grant and I really enjoyed it. I like ld the characters and the storyline was great.  Would recommend.
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This was an enjoyable small town read with strong lead characters. Maisey has just got divorced from her self absorbed husband and moves into her late uncle's hobby farm with her teenage daughter. There are the usual early misunderstandings between Maisey and Flint and both have issues to deal with but the relationship is quite slow burn as they find their way to love.
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Not My Kind of Hero is a small town, grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity sort of romance but all of those tropes leaves out the best part, the relationship between mother and daughter. The romance is good, its fine, Flint is a great guy and especially with the teenagers at school and supportive with Maisey. She is a good lead trying to find herself and her way after a traumatic breakup. But the real star of the show is Junie, her life, her dealing with her family trauma and her resolution. I liked that part of the story more than the romance. I like the writing, its well paced and enjoyable.
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Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant is a small-town, sunshine meets grump, contemporary romcom that can be read as a standalone. This is a single parent trope with banter, humor and the type of flair that only Pippa Grant can deliver. Told in dual POV, we meet characters Maisey and Flint and follow their journey in the small towb of Hell's Bell.
Overall, this was a heartwarming read. Pippa Grant gave us a great variety of romance, banter, humor, spice and emotions. There were many laugh out loud moments and I'm intrigued to see if more stories will be set in Hells Bell.
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This one was deeper than I was expecting. I’ve read a book that Pippa Grant co-authored and I was pleasantly surprised that this book had a different tone to it. While we did get some funny and quirky situations, it also had serious, heartfelt moments. It ended up being the perfect mixture of making me giggle and pulling on my heart strings and it really worked for me.

I loved Maisey’s character! The fact that she’s aware that she hasn’t been the best mother, and the effort she’s putting in to try to rebuild her relationship with her daughter spoke volumes. After years of putting her ex husband’s needs first, Maisey was well aware of her worth. I loved how she was able to stand up for herself and demand better treatment from the people in her life. There were times where I wish Maisey didn’t give so much weight into trying to get people to like her. I understood her desire to be accepted but other people’s opinions aren’t everything, in my opinion.

Flint was such a grump and I have been falling for grumps lately! He has trauma in his past that made it hard for him to want to allow any women in. He unexpectedly and unwillingly grows a soft spot for Maisey despite his preconceived notions he had about her before she moved to town. He ends up finding solace with Maisey, relating to her more than he thought, and admiring what a good mother and person she is.

This small town had everything you’d want or expect a small town to be. There’s a hair salon where women gossip. Nearly half the town comes out to help one of their own when it’s needed. And a mischievous cow that becomes the town mascot.

Drumroll please….. I listened to some of the audio for this one! I was switching back and forth between the ebook and audiobook and I didn’t have too many issues staying focused with the audio. Yay me! This is a first for me and I’m hoping I’ll be able to do more in the future! Also, the male narrator for this book was 👌🏻

Favorite Quotes:
I want her to know she’s strong enough to do hard things. But you have to do hard things before you know you’re strong enough. Sucks, doesn’t it? -Maisey

I don’t know a single person who has never felt lost. Some recognize it. Some don’t. Some blame other people. Some try to get help. Some try to fix it themselves. Some try to fix the world around them. Some pretend there’s nothing broken and push through. -Flint
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Not My Kind of Hero is an easy comedic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday. Pippa Grant weaves together humor, the pain of starting over, and the excitement of something new to bring to life this grumpy/sunshine, single mom, small town/ranch romance. By weaving together mishaps, misconceptions and biases this romantic comedy is brought to life through humor and sensuality. Grant's writing is accessible and easily engage-able, the situations are understandable and relatable, and the characters are easy to root for and be charmed by. 

If you love a quick contemporary read that Pippa Grant is an author for you. This novel is fun, fast paced, sexy and the perfect way to spend a weekend. I would definitely recommend if you are a romantic comedy fan and these tropes are ones of interest to you.
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I did not finish this one, it was not for me, I couldn't relate to the characters, and just did not care for the story.
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My reading took a backseat to other things in life in the months leading up to pub date for this book and I was not able to read and review. I still haven’t fully caught up on my backlist, but I hope to get to this book in the future and I look forward to reading it. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher and my sincere apologies. Life is like that sometimes.
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This was such a fun read and everything I look for in a romcom. It made me laugh, the romance was cute and there are some deeper moments that hit you in the feels. I adored Maisey. I love a woman who everyone assumes is an airhead but can actually do it all. Juniper was such a great kid and I loved seeing her grow. The dual POV means you can’t help but fall in love with Flint. The gruff grumpy exterior is hiding a soft soul and it’s fun seeing him try to resist his attraction. It’s a slow burn with a lot of chemistry and I was definitely rooting for them. The small town is the perfect setting with so many great characters to add to the story. It’s the kind of place I’d love to live and Earl is the star of the show. 

Slow burn
Small town
Single Mum
Forced Proximity 
Forbidden Romance (Daughters Teacher)
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Enjoyable and fun, a new author for me and I will definitely be looking out for more by her. The writing style flowed nicely and I found the characters interesting and fitted well into the clearly thought out storyline x
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This was so good! I love Pippa Grant books! Her writing style is just perfect for me. But this was so freaking good!!!!
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Single mom Maisey and her 16 yo daughter escape to the ranch her uncle left her. Former reality show (flipping houses) co-star (with ex) didn’t realize the ranch came with an attractive HS teacher tenant. Flint is not thrilled to have Maisey the house or his life. At first. Their meet cute was one of my favorites! And this is a slow burn romance with just as much focus on family, healing, and personal growth/resilience. I really enjoyed the slower pace and connections- they felt real. I was rooting for all of the characters. I’m definitely going to keep reading more! 

thanks to the publisher for a copy.  All opinions are my own.
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***ARC Provided by the Publisher via NetGalley***

I don't always love rom coms that put the humor first, but something about Maisey and Flint just worked for me and I enjoyed, and laughed, my way through the book.

I think it was the characters themselves.  I related to them and it made it easy for me to both laugh at them and get involved in the story and romance.  And, the romance worked. I believed in the attraction, however reluctant it was on his part, and I was invested in the characters and the story.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.
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Pippa has once again given me a hilariously entertaining read that also delivers on some feels! The close proximity only intensified the chemistry between Maisey and Flint. The banter was so fun. Not My Kind of Hero was such a delight. I loved the audio with Connor Crais and Savannah Peachwood, they were the cherry on top.
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A delightful romantic comedy set in the charming Wyoming countryside. It's a tale of unexpected connections, featuring a single mom, a grumpy maths teacher, and a ranch full of challenges. The witty banter and quirky characters make this a fun and heartwarming read. Grant's storytelling shines in this tale of love, second chances, and finding the unexpected when you least expect it.
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Masiey and her teenage daughter have ended up in Wyoming at a ranch that she inherited from her uncle. She meets her tenant Flint at the beginning which has a funny opening scene but Flint for part of the first part of the story is just a pain and it has nothing to do with his past, but he is upset that her uncle did not leave him the ranch for a project that he was working on. He also believes that she knows nothing because of the home improvement show she was on with her ex where she played the airhead but actually knows how to do everything, here is a mom trying to help her teenage daughter and he is being an ass at least from a guys point of view. When he finally does come around to thinking differently about her he of course now wants to take her to bed but she still holds him off because he is still her daughter's teacher. Juniper the daughter was a good character and stood up for herself especially when she had it out with her father at an airport which was great. Strong women which was a good part of the story with moments of fun sprinkled in between. Overall a good book once I got past Flint.
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Single mom, Maisey, moves to Wyoming with her daughter, Juniper, after the divorce. Recovering from it, Maisey sets her sights on repairing her relationship with her daughter and does not have time for men. When Flint shows up to rescue her from a bear, Maisey cannot stand the cocky, self assured man. But as time passes, Maisey sees the man for who he is and ends up fighting herself over her own desires and what is best for her daughter.
This book is a laugh out loud rom com. I am positive it lifted my spirits as I read through it. The situations that Maisey finds herself in are downright funny and the frustration that Flint had with her made me chuckle. This book was so good that I broke my own rules and sent a text to a friend before finishing it to tell her to run and get it to read. This is a book you do not want to miss.
Many thanks to Net Galley and Montlake for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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Maisey put her dreams on hold to help her husband pursue his but after his betrayal she finds herself divorced and determined to be the mother that Juniper, her teenage daughter, needs.   She has plans for the Wyoming ranch she inherited from her uncle and isn’t about to distracted by any man let alone the grumpy tenant who she seems to cross paths with on a regular basis.

Flint is a teacher and a soccer coach who saves his charm for his students and his grumpiness for everyone else.   He has a difficult past that ensures he doesn’t allow people close but there is something about Maisey and her daughter that breaks through his walls whether he wants it or not.

This is a heartwarming story that is set in a small town and everything that entails.    Maisey is looking for a new beginning while Flint is trying to overcome his past and despite the fact that neither was looking for love fate had other ideas when they find it in each other.
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This book was such a fun read! Some parts had me absolutely hollering. There were a bunch of times that I was completely hit in the feels but the way everything works out kept a smile on my face long after I finished reading.
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Pippa Grant always makes me laugh and makes me sweat. NOT MY KIND OF HERO did both. There's also a moody af teen, a bear, a grumpy hero, and a single mom starting over. Add some stellar small town antics and it's a win!

But I ended up really loving Maisy's story. She lost herself in her former husband for so many years. It's such a relatable and easy thing to get caught up in. I loved how it was written and how Maisy realized her mistakes and did her damnedest not to repeat them. 

It's really refreshing to read a romance with slightly older characters. NOT MY KIND OF HERO did a perfect job of making them more seasoned, but not writing these two as suddenly at death's door after their 30s.  

This was a really good read that I totally recommend. Not as steamy as Pippa Grant's otehr books, but still hot and full of fun.
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