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Good read, what every fairytale is made up of the eve step brother turns out to be a handsome prince or does he?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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First book I've read from Evelyn and wow oh wow it was spicy... and I loved it.
It was steamy with those hot sexy scenes that left me fanning my face. 

I'll definitely be reading more books from this author in the future.
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This book is crazy good.. And the steamy scenes were hot and will have you fanning your face... I totally loved it and binged read it... It's that good..
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It's a dark and delightfully dirty read that will get your heart pumping and your temperature rising! This is definitely a book for those that like it spicey and steamy, but you'll still get your happily ever after. A dark forbidden love between step-siblings and a club that lets you live out your fantasy life! It was a fun read with a decent amount of plot to string the steam together to make a cohesive story while not depriving you of any hot reading activity! If you like good quality steam, then this author definitely delivers!
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"Forbidden Mistress" by Evelyn Austin is a sinful tale of passion and romance. The electrifying chemistry between Liam and Cassie is sure to keep you hooked throughout the entire book.

Liam Force and Cassie Fitzgerald have been step-siblings since their adolescence and have always shared a unique bond. However, their relationship takes a turn for the worse after Cassie's father passes away, and Liam takes over the family business. Liam's actions leave Cassie feeling betrayed, and she rejects any attempt at reconciliation. Despite their misunderstandings, Liam devises a plan that he believes could benefit them both. A daring arrangement that involves pushing boundaries and relinquishing control.

This steamy and seductive story had me completely engrossed! Author Evelyn Austin made me fall in love with Liam and Cassie's forbidden love affair, and when they finally give in to their desires, their passion explodes off the page. Their interactions are intense, over-the-top, and taboo.

Liam and Cassie's love story is a guilty pleasure that you won't be able to put down! 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an advance copy of this book; all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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"I can already tell you will be my undoing,"
This book was unexpected !!!! Let me put it in a better way. It was spicy and as “filthy” as they come in this series … but it was also soooo interesting !!!!! And all of that was because of the fake identity trope that came with the forbidden romance the author decided to develop in this story!!!
A step-brother romance … quite unheard and not as common as the other books’ tropes but still … really entertaining !!!
And while Cassie was way more of a good girl than the other girls in the three first books … Hart … he definitely was something else !!!!!
Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!!! I don’t even know how to explain the effect that man had on me !!!
You’ll possibly find out when you read it !!! Because you definitely have to !!!
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Part of Evelyn Austin’s Filthy Billionaires series, this one centers on Cass and Liam is hot! Cass left out of her fathers will, or at least will confirm that once she gets her hands on a copy, now hates her step-brother. But it seems Liam has other plans. Cass is left with confusion and desires that she doesn’t think will be fulfilled. Cass proves to this reader that again the difference between love and hate is a fine line that can cross over each other.
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Forbidden Mistress did not disappoint with the spice or emotion in this book! Told in the point of view of young college student Cassie, she's looking for answers from stepbrother Liam. Liam took over her dad's business after his death, and she believes he betrayed her and took money that could change her current life. She tries to seek an attorney to help sort out this mess but starts receiving gifts from the mysterious L. He offers her a job at an adult club that she accepts. She can't keep her hands to herself, and neither can her mysterious masked suitor. As their relationship progresses, so do the secrets until everything hits the fan.

Cassie was pretty determined and resolute in her inability to forgive Liam for what he took from her. She's tired of fighting to make ends meat and can be quite stubborn when accepting help. It makes sense why she'd accept this mystery job. Liam deserves a medal for being equally fierce in his attempt to patch things up with his stepsister and move past his betrayals. He did bring the emotional parts, sharing his secrets and trying to find a way with Cassie. Together, this pair had combustible chemistry that translated into plenty of hot scenes. This was my first book by this author, but given the last chapter and sneak peek at another characters story, I can say with certainty this won't be my last!

🦌 forbidden romance
🦌 stepbrother
🦌 bdsm adult club steamy
🦌single character pov
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This book has very strong Dom/Sub lines and also has some other triggers.
Knife play, spanking, whipping, etc.

The writing is superb, and so is the storyline. I loved every page, the characters are so well developed that they make you believe they exist.
If you feel you don’t like Liam at the beginning, just wait till you discover all about him, he’s definitely redeemable.
Cassie is cool and very likeable. They fit so well. 

There’s also a hint at the next book, damn- it going to be good. 

I received an Arc copy of this book and chose to post this review 

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This was a steamy book!  I loved the characters and the plot.  Cassie has just had some bad luck lately but it seems like fate is now on her side.  She is finally going to be able to pay off her loans and afford groceries thanks to this amazing job she was offered.  While working there she starts to develop feelings for a person she is working for.  Liam has loved someone out of his reach so long he is at his breaking point. Having her near him again might be a bad idea after all.  Will he be able to get what he wants and not destroy their lives in the process?  I received an ARC rough NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Familiar plot, this time with the incognito step brother and clueless step sister that hates him, or does she love him?  And why doesn't she recognize anything about him at all?  Put that aside and an entertaining and quick weekend or beach read.
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Quick Summary: A forbidden masquerade romance

My Review: Forbidden Mistress by Evelyn Austin was entirely HOT! I won't even wax poetic with superfluous words about this book. It was mindblowingly good.

What I Liked/Loved About This Book: (written in code a bit to avoid spoilers)

- The whole premise of the book enticed me. As soon as I became aware of it, I knew I had to read this story. I was convinced, with 100% assurance, that it would be a guilty pleasure read. I was not wrong.

- The chapter titles were spot on. They lured me in with captivating words that almost perfectly hinted at what was to come. 

- The immediate sense of tension, stress, and struggle that Cassie was dealing with made me want to know her story all the more. 

- The hungry desire that was evident when Cassie crossed paths with the stranger at the bar was palpable. The fact that his presence remained throughout the story added to the allure and mystery in the romance.

- The obvious angst that existed between Cassie and Liam. Oh my word!

- The circle of friends that were introduced was goals. To have friends that stand by like that... It reminded me of the women from that movie about Lucinda Lace. All of that to say that they shared a special connection, as well as real confidences. 

- The ongoing conflicts that kept happening. It was like hit-boom over and over again. (I want so desperately to say the ones that especially stood out to me, but I won't spoil things for other readers.)

- The final confrontation/moment of realization was like the ending scene from The Mirror Has Two Faces. (Okay, not exactly but sorta kinda almost. It had that vibe.)

- The preview from Haley's story was BOMB!!! Bring it on, Ms. Austin, please. I will be your Beta reader anytime, thank you very much.

My Final Say: This book was so good that it makes me want to read all of the stories in this series. And I shall. Readers, all I can say is hold on to your wigs. 

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend Yes
Audience: A
Re-read: Yes
Keeper: Yes
Status/Level:  ⚡💣💥💓
Warning: BDSM, Off story reference to domestic abuse
Other: Minor editing issues

Appreciation is extended to the author, to the publisher, and to NetGalley, who provided access to a digital ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review. The words I have shared are, indeed, my own.
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