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Fierce Reads Spring 2023 Digital Sampler

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I love reading these that have little excerpts of books so I can add them to my TBR pile! Even though it is long enough as it is!
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Another great sampler. I'm really looking forward to a lot of these titles. After reading this sampler, I think I am most excited for The Dos and Donuts of Love and Teach the Torches to Burn. Again, these samplers are really great to help me decide which books I'd like to continue reading.
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These collections are always an absolutely wonderful way to see what the next reading season will have to offer. So many good books to come this year.
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Lovely Young Adult samples. Loved a Little Like Waking and the others. Gets me exited for the books.
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The books I will be picking up after reading this sampler:
"Warrior Girl Unearthed" by Angeline Boulley

"Court of the Undying Seasons"  by A.M. Strickland

"The Dos and Donuts of Love" E by Adiba Jaigirdar (In fact, I already picked this one up and really liked it).

"Garden of the Cursed" by Katy Rose Pool

"A Guide to the Dark" Meriam Metoui

"Teach the Torches to Burn"  by Caleb Roehrig

There is so many great Spring YA releases!
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I always enjoy these samplers.  They are a great way to introduce yourself to new authors, some of which have become my favorites.
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I am always so grateful for the opportunity to read these excerpts and preview great new titles. This helps me to plan my reading and even which titles I want to request from Netgalley. Thank you for making these previews available!
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Thank you #NetGalley and #FierceReads for allowing me to read the 2023 Fierce Reads Spring Digital Sampler.
.There are I enjoyed so many of the samples. A few that are on my fall TBR are :WARRIOR GIRL UNEARTHED by Angeline Boulley,FOREVER IS NOW by Mariama J. Lockington, and GARDEN OF THE CURSED by Katy Rose Pool.
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Thank you #NetGalley and #FierceReads for allowing me to read the 2023 Fierce Reads Spring Digital Sampler. This is a great sample of new and upcoming novels! I really enjoyed Warrior Girl Unearthed which I ended up buying and reading the whole thing. I also looking at reading Court of Undying Seasons because of this sampler.
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Made me want to read more from all of these books. Cant really review cause its a sampler but a great selection.
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i always love the fierce reads samplers so i was super excited to try another one full of these year's spring releases! i tried to write a little about each sample included:
- warrior girl unearthed by angeline boulley
i already had this on my tbr so i was super excited to give its first few chapters a try! i love the writing, i felt like it just flowed so easily. i felt like i was reading something i was like a quarter into already and used to the writing style despite never having read anything else by the author. i loved the sister relationship and the use of ojibwemowin! i actually ended up starting the audiobook after reading the sampler! im loving it so far as well.
- im not supposed to be in the dark by riss m. neilson
the authors name sounded super familiar but i just couldnt remember why, and i only just put it together that this is also by the author of deep in providence, which is a book ive been wanting to read for a while! so i was excited to try their newest release, and i loved it! will definitely be reading both of her books super soon.
- court of the undying seasons by a. m. strickland
i mostly skimmed through this since i wasnt really in the mood for high fantasy. i might give it a try later on!
- venom & vow by anna-marie mclemore & elliott mclemore
i liked this one a lot! i hadnt heard or seen much about it before this so ive added it to my tbr.
- forever is now by mariama j. lockington
i absolutely *loved* this one! the writing was perfect, it already made me feel so much in just a small sample. id never heard of this and have added it to my tbr! i know its one ill fall in love with so im planning on reading it really soon.
- of light & shadow by tanaz bhathena
again mostly skimmed through this since i didnt feel like reading fantasy at the time but the premise does sound interesting!
- the melancholy of summer by louisa onomé
i loved this!! ive added it to my tbr.
- the dos & donuts of love by adiba jaigirdar
adiba jaigirdar is already one of my favorite authors ever so i knew id love this but this was so good!! cannot wait to read the whole book soon.
- garden of the cursed by katy rose pool
also skimmed through this one but ive heard many amazing things about it! ill definitely be reading it another time.
- a guide to the dark by meriam metoui
i dont really like thrillers so i skimmed through this one as well but it was super cool that actual photos were included!
- i'll tell you no lies by amandra mccrina
completely skipped this one.
- a little like waking by adam rex
this had *such* a cool writing style! its exactly like a movie and as someone who can almost never picture things in their mind, i was mostly able to with this one? and it actually acknowledges that everything happening in that moment is almost like the opening credits of a movie just as youre thinking it. the story itself also looks interesting! and there were some nice full-page illustrations included as well. id never heard of this one but its definitely one of the ones going on my tbr.
- teach the torches to burn by caleb roehring
i already love the remixed classics series so i had had my eyes on this for a while and i liked the first few chapters!
thank you to fierce reads for giving me a chance to read a sample of each!
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Your tbr will be filled this summer! So many great stories are coming out this spring/summer. I'm very excited about "Venom and Vow", "Forever is Now", and "Teach the Torches to Burn".
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Some gems in this sampler! I was especially excited to check out a sample of Warrior Girl Unearthed and now look forward to reading the whole book when I get the chance.

The samples included in this collection:
VENOM & VOW, by Anna-Marie McLemore and Elliott McLemore
 FOREVER IS NOW, by Mariama J. Lockington
OF LIGHT AND SHADOW, by Tanaz Bhathena
THE DOS AND DONUTS OF LOVE, by Adiba Jaigirdar
 A GUIDE TO THE DARK, by Meriam Metoui
 I’LL TELL YOU NO LIES, by Amanda McCrina

Thank you to the sampled authors, Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, and NetGalley for providing this ARC sampler for review consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Mostly "thumbed" through this. The only ones that I fully read were the excerpts of Warrior Girl Unearthed and The Melancholy of Summer, both of which instantly pulled me in with their central characters and the worlds they lived in (despite both being set in the real world), though I know I'm partial to those authors' writing anyway. The range of cultural identities shown throughout was interesting.
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I liked the fact that there was more than one chapter per book. This way instead of only getting a little bit of knowledge of the book. You could see if you wanted to continue to read the book or not.
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This sampler was great! It gave me the chance to preview new books for 2023 that I had been hearing about.
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Very much looking forward to several of these reads, especially ‘I’ll Tell You No Lies'. Some of the selected reads seemed a little too mature for what I'm looking for when I consider my classroom library/school library. I didn't notice any preorder links for these in the sampler - that might be a future consideration.
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Oooo thank you Netgalley for this digital sampler! I love reading through some of these incredible books to come. My TBR list just keeps growing and growing!
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I really liked this sampler! I’ll admit, I did skip through some of the samples simply because they weren’t my preferred style, but these samples definitely peaked my interest in exploring other books that I may have not considered before!
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These all sound so good. I love that these samples are posted because it gives readers a chance to get a feel for each book. I can't wait to pick some of these up. 

I do plan on some more in depth thoughts on each sample.
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