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There Is No Right Way to Meditate

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This illustrated guide takes you on a how-to guide of bringing mindfulness and meditation into your every day life.

The illustrations are captivating, the text is limited to just-what-you-need, and the book will leave you feeling warm and peaceful. 

I could also see this book being a useful addition to teaching mindfulness and acceptance in classrooms all around. 

Highly recommend for anyone interested in starting (or evolving) a judgement free meditation practice.

I'm somewhat new to meditating, and I loved how light and airy this book made me feel.
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This book is all about inclusivity of meditation styles and is very validating and empowering. It is like having a loving friend who is also an illustrator tell you that all is okay.
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I loved the way it talks about meditating. I have been doing it for a few months now and this book helped me get over a few restraints that I had. It's a great approach to meditating and I'm going to recommend it to friends and family.
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I like the content of this book. I think it’s great for someone like me who is wanting to try meditation for the first time. The author gives many guided experiments and examples of different ways to meditate. She makes it a positive experience with no pressure to do it a certain way. To me, the illustrations look like a kindergartner with a box of big crayons did them. They are scribbles. I know she’s a comic book artist, it could’ve been done in a more pleasing way to add to the book rather than detract.
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There is No Right Way to Meditate is an illustrated book that is not just about the various things we can do that “counts” as meditating. It also touches upon some very human things (feelings, thoughts, bodies, connections, anxieties) and ways meditation can offer new perspectives about them.

The illustrations are very cute and especially helpful. Many of the concepts just connects in my brain, because of the illustrations. There are also plenty of simple exercises throughout the book.

Overall it’s a simple, but profound book about meditation and aspects of life that may be helped by it. I definitely plan to purchase a hard copy!

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This is an illustrated guide for beginners on how to meditate in simpler ways. The illustrations are cute and beautiful, some of them caught my attention and made me do the thinking part - whether on self-love, inner child or stress. I love the part where the author shares about the breathing exercises as I can relate so much; I've been doing my breathing exercise now and then to calm down/to relax after overthinking episodes. 

'Sometimes it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.'

I'm glad I got to read this self-help book.
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Oh my goodness… I love this book! The illustrations are captivating, the text is limited to just-what-you-need, and the book will leave you feeling warm and peaceful. As a teacher, I could also see this book being a useful addition to teaching mindfulness and acceptance in the classroom. Highly recommend for anyone interested in starting (or evolving) a judgement free meditation practice.

💕You might like this book if:
🔹 you are looking for some easy to try meditation practices 
🔹 you love books that use illustrations to strengthen their impact 
🔹 you just want a book that will help you find space to sort through some thoughts without judgement
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Meditation also being a part of my life and improve my mental health for the past year. This is a short and cute book to enjoy. This book provides a simple illustration of meditation and what to expect when we meditate.

I think I will enjoy it more if I read the physical book. The artwork is very unique and I wish more books give guidelines for people who want to try meditation. I will recommend this book to younger readers.

Thank you, NetGalley for digital ARC. I'm very happy to read this book and be introduced to Yumi Sakugawa.
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There is no right way to meditate is a great gift for adults and kids as well. It's a wonderful gift for parents or caregivers looking to engage kids to start a meditation practice. Also, it's a unique gift for people in need of inner peace.
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I found it hilarious that in a book about meditation there is so much going on. I expected something more eclectic yet peaceful. Not saying it's bad all over but definitely not for me. Although, I have to shout to the creative approach because there are ideas that will stick because of its abstract delivery. I cannot say I did not learn a thing or two. I'm happy I got to read it, look at it, and review it.
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This is a beautifully illustrated book which has background, thoughts and lots of simple meditation exercises. Easy to follow, affirming and lovely. I was given an e-copy from NetGalley, but it's a book that would be a beautiful hardcopy, maybe as a gift.
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There Is No Right Way to Meditate  by Yumi Sakugawa is a lovely book full of inspiration and encouragement to live a more mindful life. The book contains captivating illustrations and offers a fascinating perspective on how to tap into your inner self and find the peace you've been seeking. From simple ways to get rid of a bad mood to instructions for making your intentions come true, Sakugawa's lessons will inspire you to become more aware of the present moment and find stillness no matter where you go. The book also includes mini-sections such as Grounding, Inner Child, Self-Love, and more, making it a comprehensive guide to meditation. Although there are some parts of the book that I wasn't "feeling it", overall, the book is heart-warming and encouraging. Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced one, this book is a must-read for everyone!
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Don’t tell me to close my eyes while reading a book on meditation.

I know it’s just a step of meditation. I would say this book on meditation is for the ones who do not want to read a full length book on meditation but also wants to meditate doing the least amount of work that’s necessary.

I would say I am a little disappointed with the content. It can be a lot better. 

But also I feel relaxed while reading the book and that makes a difference!

Thank you, Andrews McMeel Publishing, for the advance reading copy.
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I’ve always struggled with relaxing and quieting my mind to meditate. I’m hoping that with the help of this book I can finally get into the right mindset to help myself relax and meditate! Also, is it just me or does the cover look like Kirby? Thank you to NetGalley for providing me this ARC!
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What a sweet, quick read on incorporating more meditation into your daily life. This book is full of meditative exercises, cute drawings, positive affirmations, and uplifting life perspectives. I took screenshots of many pages so I can return to some of the exercises when I feel like I need them. No matter your level of experience with meditation, I think this book is a quick guide to help expand your mindfulness.
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There's No Right Way to Meditate is a beautifully illustrated book with a powerful message. The author, Yumi Sakugawa, takes the pressure off the meditation process by emphasizing that there is no one "right" way to meditate. Instead, she offers a variety of approaches that individuals can try and experiment with to find what works best for them.

The illustrations in this book are stunning and add an extra layer of depth to the message. Each page is filled with thoughtful and insightful quotes, paired with whimsical illustrations that perfectly capture the mood and tone of the text.

What sets this book apart is its accessibility. The writing is clear and concise, and the illustrations are engaging and easy to understand. The author's emphasis on self-exploration and experimentation makes meditation feel accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience level.

Overall, There's No Right Way to Meditate is a powerful and inspiring book that offers a refreshing perspective on meditation. It's a beautifully crafted book that provides practical advice and encouragement to those seeking to incorporate meditation into their lives. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in meditation or looking for a gentle reminder that there is no one "right" way to approach it. Five stars.
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Yes. Please. Thank you.

((I almost always use colours during my meditations but I never thought about breathing them in with my actual physical body. Very excited to try that!))

🌈 🌈 ☁️ ☁️ 🍀 🍀
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I really enjoyed reading this book, and I'll likely be picking up copies for other people to give as gifts. I read this in one sitting before bed and think it's pretty apropos for an adult bedtime book to help you unwind, though you could read it anytime you're feeling stuck or agitated. It's a good introduction to meditation and has some great suggestions for how to incorporate a little bit of mindfulness into your every day life. Plus, Yumi's illustrations are just a delight to look at. I loved how colorful this book was compared to "Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe," and found this book more practical and grounded in its approach. 

I only have one gripe with the book. It's no fault of the author, necessarily, but I do think there's a new age spiritualism overtone to this book that I think people ought to approach with caution. Eckhart Tolle is great and she lists his books as an inspiration, but he can also lead people to lose touch with reality (listen to the podcast Rabbit Hole for an example). Sakugawa does mention in a few different spots that meditation is not the answer for every life problem, but doesn't really take a critical look at mindfulness and how it can be problematically applied. The reason I don't fault the author fully is because I don't think it's in the scope of this book. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with an early copy of the book in return for an honest review.
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This is a wonderful book. It is easy to read, illustrated, insightful, and encouraging. Reminds me a bit of Ken Keyes Jr's book. This book is full of Zen wisdom. The book does give you many exercises to help you enter into the world of meditation. This is a book that I will return to again, as one reading is not enough. Great book.
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There is No right way to meditate is such a fun book with an easy to learn approach to meditation. I liked the little drawings and the use of color. This is a great book for anyone curious about meditation.
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