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I couldn’t put this book down, it was fantastic, beautiful, heartbreaking! Absolute worth the wait. I can’t believe I have to wait for one more book before this series ends. This book left me crying, laughing, cheering, panicked page and page and chapter after chapter.
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Thank you Netgalley and publisher for the advanced copy.

Heartbreaking but still epic. This was such a good boo!
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I eagerly awaited this installment, and am a huge fan of the Red Rising Series, but needed time after finishing ‘Light Bringer’ to let it “sink in” before leaving my thoughts.
After some time, I’ve decided that despite my initial instinct, I really liked this book—it was not my favorite in the series, but it’s a solid installment, and Darrow is back in fine form as The Reaper and leader of the uprising.
There were major changes and character beginnings and endings in this book, so it was certainly polarizing, but in the end I still give it a very solid 4/5 stars.
All opinions are my own. Thanks to Del Rey and NetGalley for the ARC.
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A continuation of Pierce Brown’ multi-world scifi fantasy, Light Bringer is amazing! This series has been so compelling all along it is incredible the author can make this sixth title so phenomenal. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!
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mr brown did it again… i won’t spoil but WOW?&?$?!? give me the next book and if you know who doesn’t die a terrible terrible death i will be so upset. i loved all of the different characters meeting each other, the standouts were definitely diomedes cassius and lyria. i was sad virginia and kavax and co weren’t as involved in this book but i guess it makes sense with how the story was being told. so excited for red god!
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I love this series and this was a great book. I'll keep reading anything Pierce Brown writes. Some parts felt a little long, but I feel that way often when there are multiple narrators because I am always eager to get back to the perspective of my favorite characters.
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This is the sixth book in the <i>Red Rising Saga<i/>. Back are Darrow, Sevro, Cassius, Lysander, Lyria and the rest of the crew. Brown’s a skilled writer who juggles all the different planets, numerous characters and multiple storylines while keeping readers riveted to the complex plot. He weaves everything together, making and breaking connections, introducing new angles and alliances. It’s more than just battles, sabotage and intense action. There’s also a thoughtful overarching discussion of what it means to lead, to choose the best path, to admit errors. 

This book is a complete package. Everything is cleverly knit together with unexpected obstacles and pacts introduced which compound the already existing complicated partnerships. Brown’s characters demonstrate depth and complexity. They are well-defined and extraordinarily memorable. It takes a gifted writer to craft a storyline of such breadth and make the connections so pronounced. 

Lovers of the series will devour this newest installment and will still be holding their breath as they finish the last sentence. They will also be shedding a few tears along the way. This science fiction saga is well-written and thoughtful; a real triumph. Who knows what Brown’s imagination has in store when the saga continues. Certainly, many will be waiting in anxious anticipation.
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I have absolutely no words. I do have emotions and a whole river of tears.

Pierce Brown does it again. I am stunned and heartbroken and I feel like my brain has been pushed through the tiniest holes of a cheese grater. 

Pierce writes the unexpected and it works and holds up so well through the years. You can very much see the tragic flaws of each character throughout reading his works and so when you reach the end of the book, you know the kind of trauma to expect but you don't exactly know what's going to happen so it still will hit you like a sledgehammer. 

It's beautiful; it's traumatic; it's timelessly human. The beauty and freedom that his words provide allow readers to examine the world in in the highest stakes of fiction without challenging the truth of our reality today. 

I'm quite upset that our journey is almost over.... but boy what a ride. Thank you Pierce for writing.
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Thank you so much Sabrina at Del Ray and Penguin Random House for sending me an ARC of this book I am so grateful.

This book is tied with book 3 for my favourite of the series. I need book 7 NOW!

I still cant stop thinking about this book and will be doing a reread with the audio as soon as possible!
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I absolutely adore these books. Red Rising is my favorite series of all time and Light Bringer was a great addition. Pierce Brown is masterful at writing character relationships and it only gets better in this book. I cannot wait til the next book is out.
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This took me way longer than it should have. 37 days to be exact. I think its partly due to not wanting to finish and have to wait another year for book 7. Though the larger is reason is it was a LOT to digest.

In my opinion the first 3 books in this series are fast reads, the last 3 books not as much. This isn't because they aren't as good (They are!) it's just that there is a lot more happening and things to keep up with. Instead of a single POV we now have multiple. Which means multiple plots to follow. Due to those factors (Along with doing a full reread of the series leading up to diving into Light Bringer) it caused me to need more time to follow along and digest what was going on in each chapter. I absolutely cannot wait for book 7! This book was absolutely phenomenal.

If you have yet to dive into this series, now is the time.
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I love the Red Rising Saga and Light Bringer by Pierce Brown was one of my most anticipated books/audiobooks. Brown did not disappoint, and I listened as I read along. This series and these characters bring forth every emotion. The story left me spent and eager for the next novel. Check out my thoughts.

Headphones on and with my hardcover copy in hand, I curled up with Light Bringer and prepared for Darrow’s journey home. Narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds, this science fiction fantasy takes us back to the roots of the saga. While I missed seeing characters, Brown knock it out of the park.

From glorious battle scenes to emotional moments, Light Bringer brings the focus back on Darrow, The Reaper. Told in four parts as we traverse the galaxy, we spent our time between Lysander and Darrow (and crew.) I walked away from this, knowing Darrow and others more intimately. I felt their pain, fears, sacrifices, friendships, loss and hopes.

Was it worth the four year wait after Dark Ages? Abso-freakin-loutely. While not as gut-wrenching and nail-biting as the Dark Ages, it delivered all that I hoped for, and more. Brown scaled the story down and focused on these two men who have journeyed so far. The world and the war Brown has created comes to life in vivid 3D. He hits home on the sacrifices, the greed, the sheep and the loss. His characters have a genuineness to them and consistently stay true to themselves as they evolve and grow. I feel as if I know them and share their experiences and emotions. I should mention that I also feel enraged by the actions of some, from self-serving greed to the hierarchy and trappings of the colors.

The last section held me in its grip and damn it, Brown had me weeping. I cannot wait for Red God, the next novel in the saga. I desperately hope it isn’t another four year wait, but you can bet I will be pre-ordering the novel & audiobook as soon as they go up for sale.

I love reading the books and began the series that way, but the audio adds an element to the characters and story that I enjoy. Tim Gerard Reynolds did a great job capturing the emotions of these characters and the scenes.
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It was a long wait for this one! Pierce definitely didn't disappoint. Whenever I think I know where the story is headed, something changes, someone dies, and I'm left a little sad but clamoring to read more.
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I absolutely adore Pierce Brown’s writing and cannot recommend his books enough! He is the kind of author who isn’t afraid to destroy the heart of his readers with his words and I know I can trust him to emotionally damage me and then build me back up with his books. He is such a master of his craft and I can’t sing him enough praises. 

Going into Light Bringer I was afraid of what would happen to my favorite characters, especially everyone’s favorite goblin Severo. Thankfully he didn’t go through anything as awful as I was imagining from the ending of Dark Age, and that alone was a relieve and makes me look forward to the final book more. Knowing we will still have Darrow and Severo until the last books makes me equally happy and terrified.

Now when it comes to this specific book, I loved every chapter that was from Darrow’s perspective; he is my favorite after all. Lysander on the other hand, I can’t stand his character but understand the necessity of him for the story and can see his point of view for certain things. I think all that comes down to the writing. He written in a way that the reader can understand and see his points of views, but also despise him for all his trickery and betrayals. It still grinds my gears that he is the one that takes out someone as magnificent as Cassius and I’ll be bitter about that for a long time!

There is so much more I could say about this book, but it would end up sounding like a love letter to Pierce Brown’s writing because I cannot praise and gush over it enough!
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So wonderful. I really enjoyed this next installment of the red rising saga. Aside from the crazy.stressful events toy come to care for these characters and their well beings. Cannot wait for Red God.
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“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” -Harvey Dent, Batman: The Dark Knight.

Man, a lot happens in this one. I thought of that quote from TDK when I was probably about halfway through the book. Darrow's transgressions on his way to saving the planets and people are being aired out in Light Bringer. I like what was done with Sevro, Darrow, and Cassius this time. Honestly, my favorite thing about LB was Casssius and Darrow's relationship. In previous books I liked how Sevro and Darrow were connected, but Cassius was my top character for this one. At one point, I thought Lysander would be redeemed, or maybe a little more likeable by the end of the book. Man, was I wrong. He also made me think of Draco Malfoy. Yet, I had some respect for Draco by the time HP ended. LP was a nice setup for the ending in Red God. By the end of the book, I felt how I did when certain characters died in Game of Thrones.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.
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Brutal, epic, genius...the next book is going to be a bloodbath.  It really makes me want to re-read the entire series....which someday I will.
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Light Bringer combines Brown’s trademark character work and action sequences with the grimness of Dark Age, and the hopefulness of the original trilogy, to create a truly unique entry in the Red Rising Saga. I cannot wait for book 7, Red God!

Thank you so much to Del Rey Books and Penguin Random House for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll say this from the get go to set expectations. Light Bringer was not my least favorite nor my favorite book of the Red Rising Saga. Out of the 6 current books it sits at #4 behind Golden Son, Dark Age, and Morning Star, but ahead of Red Rising and Iron Gold. To put that into further perspective, I have never ranked a Red Rising book below 9/10. So it is no insult to say that Light Bringer is my 4th favorite of the series. They are all basically amazing. Anyway, on to the actual review.

Light Bringer has its grim moments, but it is not the despair filled, no getting off train ride on the way to hell that Dark Age was. In this entry, it felt like Brown got back to his roots from the original trilogy. For every grim moment there was a hopeful one. For every dark thing that happened there was always a little light. The themes and values of true friendship, loyalty, and love came through in a big way.

However, those of us who have read through Dark Age know that some of the relationships that we’ve come to love so much are in dire straits, potentially broken forever. I was really happy to see that the few relationships that are focused on in Light Bringer are written in such a way that feels true to the characters involved and also to the trauma of what they’ve been through, whatever the outcome. There is also a new friendship formed that I really enjoyed. How the author writes his characters is one of my favorite things about this series and that didn’t change in Lightbringer. Some of the very best moments were intimate, emotional scenes between characters with deeply meaningful relationships. That is where I will stop with that discussion though because I can’t say more without spoilers.

A large part of how I rate a book depends on if the author was able to get an emotional reaction out of me. If a book is able to accomplish that, unless they do something else that is just really not my thing, I will typically really like or love it. That being said, Light Bringer made me cry once and tear up at least once if not more. Not heaving sobs, but tears none the less. Part of that I’m sure is the love I already have for this series and especially the characters, but an even bigger part is that Brown continues to write scenes with such raw emotion. 

These scenes are so relatable because it makes these giants of war and destruction feel so utterly human. They feel the same things we do. They struggle with the same demons, albeit often on a bigger scale than most of us will experience. Light Bringer made me run the gamut of emotions from rage all the way to joy and back again. I was so happy with that.

Overall, the plot itself was very satisfying. There were some shocking moments, twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, and lots of good ol’ Pierce Brown action scenes with the high stakes and blistering pace that I’ve come to love. There were four places that the majority of the plot took place with four very separate, but intertwining threads.Each part of the story was important and sets up the concluding book of the series beautifully while telling its own engaging story.

However, the one criticism I have for Light Bringer is that there was a major plot thread that wove itself throughout Iron Gold and Dark Age that felt like it was almost dropped. It is mentioned briefly here and there both to update us on what the current situation is and to talk about the ramifications it had on the characters that were involved. However, with how big of a reveal it was in Dark Age I expected it to be addressed more in this installment.

Mustang got more POV time! Virginia got the screen time that she deserved in this one and I was so here for it. Her character has always been a compelling part of the series so to see a major piece of this story through her eyes was so satisfying.

One thing that I found in both Iron Gold and Dark Age was that I didn’t love Lyria’s POV. It was more interesting in Dark Age than in Iron Gold, but there was still something missing. Brown found his stride with Lyria’s POV in Light Bringer in large part due to her having a more interesting part of the story to tell. In the previous two books, Lyria’s POV almost always felt kind of like a side quest. However, in Light Bringer Lyria is finally brought to the forefront of one part of the overarching conflict and I loved that.

I can’t say too much about Lysander because of spoilers. What I will say is that Brown writes him magnificently and he is one of those characters that elicits a lot of emotion out of me. Whether those emotions are positive or negative you will have to read the book to find out.

Darrow was Darrow, as usual. What more can I say that I haven’t said before? Darrow is incredibly compelling in both character and plot. He is the character through which you see about one third of this story and whose presence keeps the wheels of this story turning. He is not everything, but he is a significant portion of why this story works so well. His growth as a character throughout this series, and especially throughout this second part of the Saga, is nothing short of masterful. Sevro has always been my favorite character from this series with Darrow right behind him. However, depending on how Red God goes Darrow may overtake Sevro and several others in my top characters of all time. We’ll just have to wait and see.
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The first half of this book had me questioning if I was going to finish it—something that never happened for me with a Red Rising book. I’m glad I stuck with it, though. The second was everything you’d expect from Pierce Brown. Fast-paced, introspective, and political twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. 

I didn’t enjoy the spread out-ness of the cast that readers of the series have grown to love. I want the characters that I’ve cared about for five books to be together. 

I can’t and won’t forgive Brown for killing a character that I love. I won’t say who and I saw it coming, but I’m still displeased. A good arc for that character, though. 

Light Bringer is a 4/5 for me. I recommend Red Rising as a series to everyone that enjoys sci-fi, but this one will come with a caveat that it’s a very slow first half. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review Pierce Brown’s latest in the Red Rising series. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Wow, where do I begin? I’m a Howler from way back to the first Red Rising book and have converted many to the Church of Darrow. However, a tiny confession, I almost gave up during the last book, Dark Age. It was exceedingly brutal, one scene in particular was too much. Just, too much. I still made my way through it for many moments of great storytelling between the brutal moments, even gave it a four star review. All this to say,for the first time I was really apprehensive about starting this book.
However, Pierce Brown gave me back the story and the characters that I loved in Lightbringer. This book felt a lot like his earlier work in all the best possible ways. That made it feel personal to me. The multiple POV’s had a flow to the way he set them up here. There was a heart to it that I had missed. 
Yes, the war is waging on, there are moments of military campaigns that are well played out here that Pierce describes in breathtaking prose. Yet it’s the human moments, interludes with characters, glimpses of their hearts and souls that make Lighbringer sing. 
As Pierce does so damn well, there’s a knife twist at the end that sets the series hurtling toward its conclusion. This book reminded me why I loved this world, these characters, and that bloodydamn Pierce Brown in the first place. 
**Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this early copy of the book.**
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