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This was a great book.  I don't typically read Christian non-fiction anymore but I have a soft spot for both these authors from my early days as a Christian.  This was as practical and easy to read as everything else they've written.  The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because I wish Christians were learning these concepts in their own local churches but as long as celebrity Christian books come out like this, there won't be a need for that.
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"You Are a Theologian" by J.T. English and Jen Wilkin is a transformative exploration of the often overlooked reality that each one of us is, in some way, a theologian. The book's central thesis revolves around the idea that theology isn't confined to seminaries or religious scholars; it's a fundamental aspect of our lives. Through accessible language and relatable anecdotes, the authors empower readers to embrace their inherent theologian status, encouraging them to engage with the deep questions of faith, God, and the Christian doctrine.

This book offers a refreshing perspective on theology, making it approachable and relevant to everyday life. One key takeaway is the authors' emphasis on the importance of sound theology in shaping our beliefs, actions, and relationships. They guide readers in understanding that theology isn't an abstract concept but rather a tool that can be used to navigate the complexities of the modern world. "You Are a Theologian" helps readers develop a more profound understanding of their faith and encourages them to think deeply about their beliefs and how they impact their daily decisions.

This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a more profound connection with their faith and a clearer understanding of their role as a theologian. It's particularly valuable for those who might have considered theology as the exclusive domain of experts. J.T. English and Jen Wilkin's approachable and relatable style ensures that even those with limited theological background can benefit from their wisdom. Whether you're a Christian looking to strengthen your faith or someone interested in understanding how theology shapes our world, "You Are a Theologian" offers invaluable insights and guidance that will enrich your spiritual journey and deepen your understanding of the theological aspects of life. In short, this book is a beacon for those who are curious about theology, inviting them to embrace their theologian status with open arms.
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Anything written by Jen Wilkin warrants a serious consideration for purchase for both myself and the church library I look after. This one is a definite must-have for both myself and the church library.

The book was written in a highly readable style to make it as easy to understand as possible, given the sometimes extremely complex subject matter. Who is God and why should it matter to you.

 A full 5 stars.
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This is a pretty well written entry level systematic theology. If you're new to Christianity, it's a great place to learn the basics and drive your search for knowledge deeper. If you're familiar with Christianity or even a seasoned believer, there's still some good meat for you here and I would definitely recommend it.
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Theology can be intimidating. It's also been a predominantly male led field. I've been super encouraged by the uptick in theology focused books by women like Amy Gannett and Phylicia Masonheimer. This one by J.T. English and Jen Wilkin is a good hybrid if you're looking for an entry point. I found it encouraging and thorough - a great place to start if you want to start thinking like a theologian.
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Studies have shown that even professed Christians are woefully ignorant about basic beliefs of the faith they claim to follow. J.T. English describes his first theology class in which the teacher explained the simple meaning of the word theology — words (logus) about God (theos). We all have a theology, a way we understand and speak about God. The questions is — is our theology good or bad?

This book has two goals. The first is that each reader comes to understand that he or she, like everyone else, is a theologian. Accepting this will prepare you to accept your role in the Great Commission, the call to make disciples. The second goal is to help each of us to grow in the knowledge and love of God through the study of theology. Theology provides a way of organizing biblical ideas so they are easier to understood.

These are the questions addressed by theology and by the authors:

*Who is God? The Doctrine of the Trinity

*What is God like? The Attributes of God

*What is the Bible? The Doctrine of the Scripture

*Who are we? The Doctrine of Humanity

*What went wrong? The Doctrine of Sin

*What has God done? The Doctrines of Christology, Atonement and Justification

*To whom do we belong? The Doctrine of the Church

*How does the story end? The Doctrine of Last Things
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I have read and studied in the woman ministry in my church some of the books of Jen Wilkin and all of them have been a blessing. To be honest, for many years I had my doubts about studying theology, 
I always thought that somehow while people get more knowledge their faith and passion dicresses. But after reading this book my view changed. I really love how it leads you to keep growing in knowledge and understanding of the theology with the help of the Holy Spirit. Loving the one who inspired every word in the Bible.
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You are a Theologian was a great read. This book will be great on anyone's shelf (but to read also). What a gift it is to have encouragement to study the Word of God and be a theologian.

*I received a digital ARC of  You Are a Theologian from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my review.
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This is such a helpful book! I am thankful for Jen and JT's wisdom. They make theology accessible. I can't wait to share this with our church friends.
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You are a Theologian is a great introduction into theology! If you are just diving into theology this is a great book!
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Your are a Theologian is broken down into eight short and concise chapters that primary topics such as Who is God? What is God like? What is the Bible? Who are we? They are all essential doctrines that most if not all Christians agree on. Wilkin and English explain each doctrine in approachable language and back up each doctrine with scripture verses.

Your are a Theologian is highly recommended for every Christian to reinforce their understanding and knowledge of God and doctrine. It is a great book to give to any new disciple and walk through the book together. The questions at the end of each chapter encourage the reader to discuss and digest what they have been learning through the chapter and apply it to their life. An excellent book to share and have in your library as reference and reminder of our basic tenets of faith.
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Synopsis: “A book cannot make you a theologian because you already are a theologian…Welcome to the conversation. Welcome to the mission.” In You Are A Theologian, the authors set out to give you a baseline with where to start for Christian theology. They explore a wide variety of theology topics from the doctrine of God to the doctrine of end times and many other topics in between! This book won’t tell you all you need to know. Instead it sets out to give you a launching point for diving deeper into God’s Word and knowing what you believe, so that in turn, you can share the truth of the gospel with others. 

Analysis: If you’re looking for a place to start in your faith, may I encourage you to start here? This short book is filled with truth based in God’s Word and helps you know what you believe and why you believe it. I loved the introductory stories in each chapter with the real life application of why theology matters. We often think of theology as overly intellectual, but it’s not supposed to be that way. Yes, knowing the Bible is extremely important, but we know the Bible to know God and love God. And that’s what this book is all about. 

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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I really enjoy how this book takes things that we should know as Christians but that has somehow been seen as reserved for those in seminary or leadership and made it accessible to everyone. While at times it did still feel dense at times, I think this book did a great job of making these topics in theology appealing and easier to understand for anyone. I’m planning to use this next spring with my women’s Bible study and help push them a little out of their comfort zone with studying theology. I’m thankful a resource like this exists. I enjoyed this more than the similar book Every Woman a Theologian- this felt more accessible than that book but both are good.

Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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I am a theologian! I loved this book by J.T. English and Jen Wilkin. I would not hesitate to recommend it to new and seasoned believers. It provides a thorough look at theology in an easy-to-understand way. Great, great book!
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I am careful about the "Biblical" teachers that I follow as we are seeing many taking stances in beliefs not from the Bible. Jen Wilkin is one that I trust to recommend to others as an author who shares truth. She and J.T. English have given us a perfect guide for all Christians on theology
At the beginning of the book, they let readers know they believe everyone is a theologian. One does not need to go to seminary or be on the missionary field to be a student in God's Word. I love that approach to make everyone aware that it's a book for them. This resource teaches many topics of the Christian faith including who God is, how sin affects the world and us and the end times. 
This is a book that I will recommend to new and seasoned Christians. It's truth written for the common person.
I received a complimentary copy thanks to NetGalley and B & H Books, but all opinions are my own.
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You Are a Theologian by Jen Wilkin and J.T. English is a great book for all: believers and unbelievers, new Christians and those who have known Jesus for decades. This book is highly informational, discussing important doctrinal and theological questions like who is God, what is the Bible, who we are and what God has done. This book is easy to read and easy to understand. It isn't a deep dive type of book but explains the basics in a very good, understandable way.
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A very concise and helpful book. Written so a layperson can understand concepts and a great follow up to Women or the Word
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Jen Wilkin and J.T. English have collaborated on a rich and practical resource, for every Christian is called to know and love God well. Everyone is a theologian–even your favorite atheist! The question is: Are you the best theologian you can be? Are you believing what is true based on God’s revealed Word?

You Are a Theologian is an answer to Jesus’s call to make disciples, learners who know the basic beliefs of our faith and can transmit them to another generation of believers. With that in mind, the authors have devoted one chapter to each of the core doctrines of Christianity, steering away from second and third-tier issues, and providing readers with helpful labels for organizing the ideas given to us in God’s Word.

The authors argue against the notion that theology is heartless and then go on to build a strong connection from each point of doctrine to its role in heart transformation and the goal of living well. Prayerful, worshipful, and humble theology is best done in the community of the local church as we learn from each other AND in the community of the historic church as we learn from our predecessors.

How amazing that God has spoken to us, that he makes Himself known to us, and has even made it possible for us to live in communion with Him! Good theology leads to worship and gratitude for God’s revelation, and that was my response to the book. I found myself pondering the questions at the end of each chapter and copying the very meaningful prayer responses into my journal. It’s a pleasure to share this resource with you!

Many thanks to B&H Publications and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book to facilitate my review, which is, of course, offered freely and with honesty.
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Hey! My name is Amber and I'm a theologian.

I'm not a scholar, a professor or a pastor. 

I am, however, a follower of Christ, a wife, a mom, and a nurse.

So why call myself a theologian?

Theology is simply words about God thus, a theologian is someone who has words about God - and we all have them. The key to becoming a good one is seeking to understand how God has revealed Himself in the Scriptures, so that our words and our worship align with truth.

Jen & JT have put together a resource to give us - the regular people in the pew - an overview of foundational Christian beliefs; their new book, You Are A Theologian: An Invitation to Know and Love God Well. 

Yes, there are theological words. Yes, they will call you a theologian. And yes, they are inviting you to discover more about God, because they wholeheartedly believe that in learning, you will love Him more, too.

Purpose of the Book
The authors share a two-fold purpose in writing this book. First, they want you to see yourself as a theologian. Second, they want you to grow in knowledge and love of God through theology. 

Here's where they'll take you:

Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION What a Generation Forgot
CHAPTER 1 Why Does Theology Matter?
CHAPTER 2 Who is God? The Doctrine of the Trinity
CHAPTER 3 What is God like? The Attributes of God
CHAPTER 4 What is the Bible? Revelation: The Doctrine of Scripture
CHAPTER 5 Who are We? Anthropology: The Doctrine of Humanity
CHAPTER 6 What Went Wrong? Hamartiology: The Doctrine of Sin
CHAPTER 7 What has God Done? (Part 1) The Doctrines of Christology, Atonement, and Justification
CHAPTER 8 What has God Done? (Part 2) Pneumatology: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
CHAPTER 9 to Whom Do We Belong? Ecclesiology: The Doctrine of the Church
CHAPTER 10 how Does the story end? Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things

You'll find the chapters are separated into different theological topics. Obviously the book is not exhaustive, but they highlight the foundational, historic beliefs of Christianity. Another way of describing these is to say they are first-order doctrines, the non-negotiables of the Christian faith. 

Each chapter begins with a definition of the doctrine, then goes on to explain the biblical concepts and how it relates to our daily life. They wrap up with 5 questions for reflection and/or discussion, and prayer.

The authors don't spend time arguing toward a specific theological tradition, they are charitable in their teaching, acknowledging at times the presence of differences across denominations, but not getting hung up on it. This really helps the reader focus on the simplicity of the core doctrines.

My Take
Becoming a Good Theologian
A.W. Tozer writes, “what comes into our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” 

How we think about God impacts how we speak and act, influencing how we pray, how we read the Scriptures, and how we relate with others.

The authors write, "theology matters because it shapes us not merely at the intellectual level, but at the emotional and the practical level." Theology is not merely something we learn but something we do.

This doesn't necessarily mean we start filling out seminary applications or buying systematic theology textbooks - although neither are a bad thing. But it does mean adopting the mindset of a lifelong learner, because "disciples never graduate from Scripture."

Colossians 3:10 reminds us that we have "put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator." We will continue to mine truths from God's word, for knowledge of Him is inexhaustible. Our thirst will be quenched as we drink from the Living Water and in turn love will flow from us, to accomplish the good purposes He has for us.

Welcome the Lingo
What's your response when you encounter big words?

Technical jargon can be intimidating. All my non-nursing friends heartily agree. 

Theological terms come up and we may feel lost or confused, causing even more difficult to see the relevance to our daily life. Even the word theologian is an example. Typically relegated to academics or pastors, the title sounds far out of our lowly reach.

But, words can be explained and we can understand what they mean, not for the purpose of gaining a gold star because now we know, but rather to discover the depth of meaning and how the gospel becomes clearer through comprehension

Do Theology Together
Theology is a conversation about God's Word. We're not meant to do it alone.

This is what makes these two authors great role models for writing this book. They've served in ministry together and engage in these conversations on their podcast, Knowing Faith (which I've really enjoyed, banter and all), helping the church gain a vision for discipleship. 

Gaining knowledge can make us prone to pride but theology is humble: "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up" (1 Cor 8:1). Keeping a humble attitude before God and others will enable us to discuss and share and grow together in love and unity.

My Recommendation
Do you desire to know God and to love Him well?

Have you read the words of the psalmist, "as a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God" (Ps.42:1-2) and felt that deep in your bones? 

Or maybe you want that it would be true for you.

If so, this resource will show you how expanding your knowledge will broaden your love for the Lord.

If you're a Christian who has never read through a catechism, or if you did and it was a long time ago, this book is for you. 

If you're involved in a bible study, a small group, or a teaching ministry this book will help you understand the foundations of Christian doctrine. 

If you're a parent and discipling your children, this resource will equip you to talk with your kids about faith. 

If you're on a ministry leadership team, this book is a way for you to study together, even if you feel it's back to the basics, to remember the goodness of the gospel and build each other up. 

I love when theological resources are accessible for us regular believers and this is one I highly recommend.
So, who will  you "do" theology with? Your friends, small group, your family? 

Pray about who you can invite along on this journey of knowing and loving the Lord.

Quick Stats
# of pages:224 pages
Level of Difficulty: It's easy, (yes there are some big words, but nothing they don't explain) 
My Rating: 5 stars

A big thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review!
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This book is chock full of amazing information, whether you're new to theology or not. As Jen Wilkin and J.T English state in the beginning, it IS an intro to the world and process of being a theologian, but you don't have to be a new theologian to get amazing information for it. Within the first 27%, I had already highlighted ad noted 20ish segments that I wanted to remember. Also, did you know that you could get theological concepts from Will Ferrell's Elf? Me neither! But it gave me a reason to love that movie even more! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to all christians out there. You won't regret it.
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