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I read the first part of this book and didn't like the writing style and the plot. I didn't enjoy it enough to read any further. It was nice to give a new author a try, but this isn't a writer I'll be reading more from.
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An interesting approach and a fun collection.

This book is a bind-up of 4 books by M.E. Carter, plus an additional bonus chapter of another book. These books are from all different series and have different levels of spice and types of characters.

First off, I really enjoy the concept of having these collections that give the breadth of story types for a particular author so that you can really understand them and their writing. It was fun to have this type of collection to go along with all the collections of single books by many authors following a particular theme. I did also think that the included stories were fun.

I do, however, think that this author might just not be for me. I just didn't really enjoy the writing style. The male main characters all have a lot of need to constantly demonstrate their manliness (and complain about how certain behaviors make them "seem like pussies") and talk about female characters in a way that doesn't feel super great. Everyone spends a lot of time calling other women "whores" and "sluts," and these are definitely not said in a way to indicate that they are attempts to reclaim the words. Every parent was preparing to fend off the boys around their daughters with a shotgun. That being said, there were also moments that made me tear up a bit because they were genuinely touching and it was great to see the characters grow (hence why my rating is kind of in the middle).

Overall, if you enjoy this kind of alpha male, hate other women romance, then I think you could enjoy these stories and have a good time. It's fun to be able to get short blurbs of each story within the bind-up and skip around as needed to get to the ones that sound the best to you.
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Nice easy read with lots of heart and steam. Its written well and find the world and word building a great easy way to spend a few hours reading.
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What a unique concept in reading. As someone who has been going through a bit of a slump lately this book offers the opportunity to explore different types of books/genres and they are all first in a series! I live the variety and I know own readers will too! I ll be sharing my specific favs but it looks like there is something for everyone and I think it’s a great idea to help readers a but stuck in their reading choices. Much like the title states it’s speed dating, but for readers!
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This is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to ME Carter!  Each one of these books in this BIG book is wonderful. You’ve got sports romance, football, hockey and soccer. You’ve also got a hilarious romcom.  Each of these stories take you on an emotional journey. You have heat to fade to black. Some angst. Go grab this book and introduce yourself to ME Carter. Some of my favorite stories are in this set.
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