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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of "The Revenge Game" by Jordan Taylor.  I was looking for a light read, and this (Mostly) fit the bill.  The characters were a little fantastical but mostly believeable.  The Kings Cup/Queens Cup storyline wasn't one of my favorites but I can see a home for it with the TikTok world.  I did like the writing style.
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"The Revenge Game" by Jordyn Taylor is a delightful rom-com that exceeded my expectations. Taylor's witty prose and engaging storytelling immediately drew me in, making it a thoroughly enjoyable read.

The characters are vibrant and relatable. Their chemistry and banter bring a genuine sense of fun to the story. Taylor skillfully navigates the romantic elements, keeping the narrative light-hearted yet emotionally resonant.

What sets this novel apart is its clever use of the revenge theme. Taylor injects a fresh perspective, adding unexpected twists that kept me hooked. The resolution was both satisfying and heartwarming.

The writing style is a highlight – sharp, humorous, and wonderfully paced. Taylor has crafted a story that seamlessly blends humor and romance, making it a standout in the genre.

In conclusion, "The Revenge Game" is a must-read for fans of romantic comedies. Jordyn Taylor's ability to infuse humor into every page, coupled with a well-crafted plot and endearing characters, makes this novel a delightful escape.
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THE REVENGE GAME is a mystery that is mostly a romance-y type book for most of the novel until closer to the end. There are snippets of the mystery folded into the story, but it’s only revealed right at the very end. 

I didn’t find this one to be super fast paced as it felt like it took so long to get to the climax. But, I liked how realistic everything felt with a first love high school type of thinking that Alyson portrayed. 

The girls taking revenge on boys who’d used them throughout the book in creative ways was fun to read. I also loved how incredibly supportive every single woman in this book was. Their alliance and commitment to one another made me happy. 

I’d give this one a solid 3 stars. I would recommend this one for anyone who like YA mysteries and feminist literature. 

Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Revenge? Such a nasty thing – I’m in. The set up of the story was well done while the author added serious topics in a classy way. Alyson is a hopeless romantic who is also a fierce feminist. While she has her head in a romantic cloud, she questions the integrity of her boyfriend. The story is fairly predictable but the ending still churns your gut. There’s no hard core revenge but rather a more useful compromise that as a parent appreciate a lot. A pretty shocking twist unfortunately dropped from nowhere. I would have liked a little more build up or at least more about Alyson’s newfound relationship. Other than that, it’s a solid book that will hopefully open some eyes to ulterior motives.
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This book was enjoyable and easy to read. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and felt they were on point for actual teenagers.  There is some sexual content that may be too much for younger teens. All in all, this book would be a great read for mature teenage students.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this book.

While there were no big shocks for me in this book, I still flew through it. It was just a compulsively readable little book!
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This was the best book! I read it in one sitting and I just could not put it down! I would definitely recommend this book and look for more titles by this author.
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I really enjoyed this book! The characters are certainly young (high school age) which reflects in both their maturity and their interactions, but the book was engaging throughout. I enjoyed the premise of the Queen's Cup and the more mature themes included in the novel such as sexism, feminism, and setting boundaries. Though the end was pretty predictable, I enjoyed reading this book and am glad I had a chance to take a break from my typical book choices with this one.
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Love a good revenge story and that's what you get with The Revenge Game. Very much a high school YA feminist twist on it, so not a deep philosophical read but fast paced and entertaining one. Enjoyable! I'd recommend it!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion!
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"The Revenge Game" by Jordyn Taylor is a mixed bag that delivers thought-provoking elements and frustrating dynamics. On the positive side, the book bravely tackles feminist themes, engaging in honest conversations about relationships, sex, and bodies while skillfully dismantling toxic masculinity. However, the characters Riggs and Alyson, flawed in their own ways, make it challenging to connect with or sympathize with them even as the narrative unfolds.

One significant drawback for me was the narrative structure. The foreshadowing of a future event from the beginning and intermittent updates weren’t engaging for me. Instead of building anticipation, it created a sense of detachment, making it difficult to immerse myself in the present story without constantly pondering the impending incident.

The predictability of the climax was disappointing, and despite my wishful thinking, the story unfolded as suspected. The "rescue" scene, while believable in terms of the rescuer and their actions, felt implausible in execution.

As a fan of YA fiction, this novel has left me hesitant about exploring more stories set in high school. While the book had its moments, character dynamics and narrative structure flaws impacted my overall enjoyment. "The Revenge Game" offers a unique blend of feminist exploration but falls short of delivering a genuinely satisfying and immersive reading experience.
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The Revenge Game is a gripping mystery and thriller that seamlessly weaves a feminist twist into its narrative, adding depth and a unique perspective to the genre. From start to finish, the novel captivates with its fast-paced plot, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The characters are well-developed, and the storyline is both engaging and thought-provoking. I found myself unable to put the book down, as each chapter unfolded with unexpected twists and turns. The blend of suspense and a feminist lens makes The Revenge Game not only super entertaining but also a compelling exploration of justice and retribution. Highly recommended for those who crave a thrilling read with a fresh perspective.
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This was a great mystery/thriller with a feminist twist. Even though I know it was a big part of the story, the emphasis on "hooking up" or that term in general was a bit overused at times. That could also just be my non teen perspective and I think overall, teens will get a kick out of this book!
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First, I want to express my thanks to both #NetGally and Random House/Delacorte Press for the ARC. 

So I was sort of excited for this book just based on the plot, However, I HATED Alyson.  I can't pinpoint why BUT I just couldn't relate to her on any level. While the book was entertaining, I didn't really appreciate the whole scorned woman turned lesbian side plot.  It just played more into the stereo woman scorned stereotype. 

However, it was fast pace and I was able to finish it within a day or two. 

Again, thank you to Netgalley and the publisher.
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This book makes me so glad I didn't go to private school, as hard as school could be I could always go home to a safe place, I can't imagine living in a situation like what Alyson and Chrissy and all of the other girls went through.

This book shows us how easy it can be to be tricked, how when you're in love or even think you're in love you can ignore red flags that are as big as some small countries and still defend the person waving those flags. 

I will say I thought the ending was going to be something totally different, I had all of these theories about how Al or Prentiss were behind what happens to Riggs, but I was so wrong and I love it when a book surprises me with a twist I didn't see coming. 

Thank you to Random House Children's, Delacorte Press, and NetGalley for providing a copy of this E-Book, I have voluntarily read and reviewed it and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I was so excited to get this book! I couldn’t put it down. I loved the twists in this story and the way it centered around girls, and Jessica, reclaiming their power.
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Meh not for me. This plot felt super childish. Sounded like it was going to be good but I did not like it.
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This was a good quick YA thriller/mystery read! 
The author had me constantly questioning the characters and what was going to happen next!
The twist that concluded the mystery and the ending of book was very surprising and I enjoyed it!
The story follows Alyson Benowitz, a hopeless romantic high schooler with dreams of becoming a romance writer. She falls into her own seemingly perfect love story, but is it all too good to be true? 
The girls soon find out about a game the guys at their co-Ed prep school participate in, the Kings Cup- a competition to see who has the most sexual prowess, and start to question everything & feel used. Resulting in the girls inventing their own version, the Queens Cup, and reclaiming their power. 
I recommend reading to see how the girls get their revenge, it won’t disappoint!
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This book took me a while to get into. I'm a little disappointed that it didn't hook me from the start. Alyson got on my nerves from the very start. This isn't a book that I enjoyed and it was painful for me to get through. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't.
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I was shocked by how quickly I got through this book. Super entertaining, fast paced, witty, everything you want in a book! Every girl needs to read this book! Truly a book I couldn’t put down till the very end!
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I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley and am voluntarily posting a review. All opinions are my own.
I’m a sucker for a solid revenge-themed thriller, and The Revenge Game fits the bill perfectly. And the way it tackles serious topics, like the rape culture in elite academic settings and how the rich and powerful inevitably are protected, including an interrogation of  the prevalence of the “promising young man” archetype in praise of alleged assailants (evoking creepy reminders of the coverage of the Brock Turner case, among others). Even before I fully knew the turn the story would take, I already loved the way the story set this up, opening with the first of several interstitial mixed-media interviews and news articles, discussing the missing rich white boy’s alleged perfection. 
Alyson is a compelling heroine to follow, because she treads the line between being fiercely feminist and a hopeless romantic. She loves romance novels, and is very much susceptible to the romantic attentions of someone she’s also interested in. But while she does let that cloud her judgment, she also navigates the question of whether her boyfriend, Riggs, truly is “not like other guys” throughout the book. With critical distance from him as the reader, it’s somewhat easy to see that he’s a bit too good to be true, but I also couldn’t help but hold out hope that he was indeed genuine, and not pulling some long con. 
In that regard, the story proceeded somewhat predictably, but it was no less gutting when the reveal happened, because of how invested I was in Alyson’s happiness, not to mention just the callous nature of the reveal. And while the “revenge” didn’t go as far as I initially thought it would, I feel the book was effective in showing that the point wasn’t to exact any real vengeance, especially if it would jeopardize the promising futures Alyson and the other girls could have. And in that respect, I appreciate that the ending wound up resolving the wider systemic issue at the school, creating a safer environment not just for them, but for future students. 
One aspect I find myself confused about is the resolution for Alyson’s relationship with her friend Jess. They have a solid friendship throughout the book, and I didn’t think too much about them being anything more than that. But all of a sudden, when someone mistakes them as a couple at the end, suddenly they look at each other differently for the first time, and Alyson even says, “The thought just hit me.” I know it might be realistic for teens to fall in love fast, and given Alyson’s history, it does track, but given how long she’s know Jess, it just felt like it came out of nowhere, and I wanted a little more buildup, or just slight acknowledgment, from at least one of them! 
Minor quibble aside, I really respect what this book is trying to do. I recommend this if you’re into feminist thrillers, especially those with a high school setting.
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