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Maisie, a struggling pet photographer dealing with her grandparents' debt, seizes an opportunity for publicity when her billionaire neighbor, Brad, unintentionally features in her promo. They decide to fake a relationship to boost Brad's Hollywood image. As they stage outings, the boundary between fake and real feelings blurs. Despite genuine emotions, their differing backgrounds and Brad's quest to prove himself in Hollywood create challenges. Maisie doubts if she can be what Brad needs in his pursuit of success.

Brad and Maisie exhibited fantastic chemistry, and witnessing their interactions was thoroughly enjoyable. The narrative was delightful and endearing, providing excellent entertainment. It skillfully blended romance and humor, maintaining my engagement and interest from start to finish. Overall, it was a charming tale that I'm pleased to have experienced
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A really good book , different than what I usually read but really loved this book , great characters and fab story from start to finish with loads of humour and lots of laugh out loud moments with lots of great dog stories and characters to make it a must read. Would really highly recommend this book as a brilliant easy enjoyable read.
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This is a first time read for me by this author and I found it to be a delightful and enjoyable read. Maisie is a pet photographer and she is struggling a bit since she inherited her grandparents' debt. Her billionaire next door neighbor, Brad, unintentionally appears in one of her promos, and she decides to use that as an opportunity to create some much needed publicity for herself, making it seem like they were an item. Brad is trying to make it in Hollywood,  but doesn't have a great reputation. His agent convinces him he could use the fake relationship implied by Maisis's video to create some positive buzz for himself. They begin to stage outings together, but the more time they spend together,  the lines between  fake and real begin to blur. Real feelings start to develop, but they come from completely different worlds. Brad comes from old money and is trying to prove he can make it in Hollywood.  Maisie has a more humble background and she doesn't think she can be what Brad needs to make his way in Hollywood. 
The story was light-hearted and cute and very entertaining.  It had a nice balance of romance and humor and kept me engaged and interested all the way through. Brad and Maisie had great chemistry and I enjoyed seeing them together. A charming story that I am glad to have had the opportunity to read.
I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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He's a rich movie actor with a reputation for being an asshole, she's a lovely dog photographer who houses rescue pets. Can they transform a viral chance meeting into something mutually beneficial?
Maisie, in my opinion, is living the dream. She has a seaside house where she lives with eight dogs who are all somehow well-trained enough to listen to what she says and appear to have human personalities. To be honest, the dogs wrote this book for me. They were adorable and lovely, and they provided all of the necessary background characters.
While the breakup in the third act was a letdown, I enjoyed the novel and believed in their connection.
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this was just such a fun and delightful read! i really liked this and it was so much fun!! if you're into this type of book, you should definitely check this one out!!!!
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Please do not let my three star rating put you off reading this! My three stars was not given to this story based on the fact I didn’t like it, I just rarely give stories like this any more. 

The book overall was perfectly enjoyable and I initially picked it up as it seemed to have one of my favourite tropes! I mean, who doesn’t love fake dating? I will admit, the “fake dating” set up was different than I am used to, in my opinion not a lot of “fake dating” actually occurred as they were instantly drawn to one another. But was still enjoyable nonetheless. 

My only gripe with the story was the inevitable break up in the third act. At this point it is somewhat a write of passage to have a couple break up in the third section of this story and this isn’t all that surprising now. I really wish this is something that authors would move away from. 

The two smut scenes in this book were not expected but definitely appreciated. 

Cute, wholesome story and perfect for a quick, light read.
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A very lightheaded enjoyable book. I enjoyed the fake dating trope a lot in the book. I really liked the characters and watching everything progress. I loved the dogs sooo much.  It's really a simple easy read to go from a really intense book. It does have that insta love feeling to it though. I kinda expected that. I do wish there was a little bit more for character development but still, I liked the characters. 
Thank you, NetGalley and Elewyn Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest book review.
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3.5 ⭐️ 

this was such a sweet short lovely romance that I simply adored reading. 

i lovedd how the dogs had such personality, they were such great side characters and I loved the relationship between Jupiter and Brad 🥹

Maisie and Brad started off fake dating but the lines began to blur for both of them. She had her doubts because he's a good actor and he just fell for her i think from the start but took some time to realize. 

I wished it was a longer story so the characters were fleshed out more but I understand maybe that wasn't the intention. Either way I thoroughly had a good time reading about them falling in love and with the ending.
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This was such a cute book for dog lovers and if you love the fake-dating trope. It wasn't too spicy but had just the right amount. Would recommend to anyone needing a fluffer or filler book.
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My Billionaire Fake Boyfriend was a fun and quick read. It was the first book I've read by Jennifer St. James.

The characters, Maisie and Brad, are quite likable, especially Maisie. But can we please cut it off with the Hollywood actor/ actress soooo tired of their fame and thinking everyone else is a snob trope? I'm just so done with this. For once I'd like to read about someone genuinely appreciative of that.

I am a cat person, but Maisie and her dogs were life. I adored that aspect, she was such a good dog mom, and Brad was so instantly smitten with all the dogs, it was adorable.

Despite the title, we never get to see Brad do "billionaire-y" things. Plus, very few actors get to be billionaires from acting (although his parents were rich themselves). There are some instances about fame, with Maisie attending a few events, but it felt all very superficial.

On top of that, there isn't much "fake dating" going on. The two are instantly drawn to each other, and they kiss several times behind closed doors, and more. The steamy scenes were quite well written (although what's up with "damp?" It felt weird to read it, please just say "wet.")

The two were a very cute couple, and I loved how real they were together. There was a lot of chemistry between them, and Brad was incredibly sweet with the dogs.

The third-act breakup couldn't have been more stupid. The two of them allegedly had discussed the fake dating, then Maisie gets all upset over nothing at a very important event, which was exactly why she was there. It was just eye-rolling.

Plus, don't get me started on the Glenna. The inspiration was very obviously Taylor Swift and the author didn't bother to make that subtle at all. Especially with the stub at the 13-year-olds listening to her music. The character was toxic and pointless. It's 2023. Taylor Swift rules the world, and we just live in it. We should stop putting down other women while we're at it.

Thank you, NetGalley, for providing me with a free e-arc of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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A light hearted rom com that will have you turning the pages to see how things work out for these likeable characters. Off to find more of the authors work
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This felt like the early 2000’s romcoms that everyone loves, a true feel-good story and so perfect! Masies personality was the best! And the relationship that both she and Brad had with the dogs was adorable!
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This was a super quick, cute and fun read, perfect for the summer & especially for those who love dogs! I'm not a huge dog person, but Maisie's eight dogs were the highlight of this book. Brad is a stereotypical Hollywood billionaire stuck in yet another scandal, and needs to fake date Maisie for better publicity. However, it didn't feel like they really were fake dating. They immediately were head over heels for each other and the third act breakup is not a favorite of mine. Thank you to Netgalley for my copy of the book in exchange for my honest review!
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This was a fun quick read I really enjoy the trope fake dating is one of my favorite tropes Its a fun romcom to read. Thanks for letting me read this book
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She’s dog’s best friend. He trusts no one. When opportunity knocks, will they allow love to run off the leash?

Malibu Beach, California. Maisie Jones’ sparkling smile can’t pay the bills. And after inheriting her grandparents’ debt, the pet photographer is desperate to keep a roof over the heads of her eight senior shelter dogs in need of forever homes. So when her gorgeous and crazy-rich neighbor inadvertently photobombs her latest charity TikTok promo, she’s only too happy to let the world think they’re a hot item. 

Born into old money, Brad Zander will do anything to make his mark in Hollywood. And with his reputation in the dumps, he gives in to his agent’s urging to generate buzz with the charming social media sensation next door. But his viral PR boost takes an unexpected, heart-fluttering leap when their staged parties and dates transform his cynicism into desire. 

Despite Maisie’s growing attraction, she knows she can’t bring Brad the kind of lasting buzz he needs to make his new movie a smash hit. And as Brad hungers to prove himself beyond his wealth, he fears their delightful private cuddles may be coming to a very public end. 

Can they stop living for the masses and settle into a cozy network of two? 

My Billionaire Fake Boyfriend is the ridiculously hilarious first book in the Must Love Dogs romantic comedy series. If you like animal-loving heroines, devilishly intense heroes, and humor with a blush of steam, then you’ll adore Jennifer St. James’ breath of fresh air. Download My Billionaire Fake Boyfriend to jump into fabulous four-legged fun today
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Maisie Jones has inherited her grandparent house as well as the debt surrounding it, she also has eight shelter dogs that she needs to take care of.  This photographer stumbles upon Brad Zander when he photobombs her TikTok leading to them deceiving the world into thinking that they are a couple in order to promote Brad's new movie and make awareness of the many dog charities that Maisie is involved in.
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This was a really fun and enjoyable book to read! I was interested in the beginning by the fake dating trope and billionaire/girl next door vibe. I liked the pacing of this book and how it didn’t have any boring or lull parts to it. Getting to see into the billionaire Brad Zander’s real life and personality made me appreciate him and love him for Maisie (and he wasn’t another a**hole like other billionaires in books are). Maisie is a whirlwind of dogs and fun, with a carefree persona. She is everything that Brad needs to enjoy life again and stop having to hide himself from the world. And Brad can give her a chance to fix up her living situation and popularity to get more business. After the Glenna Dare drama she’s exactly what he needs that he doesn’t know he wants. How they met (the dogs!), their story, the fake dating, it was all so good! Having all Maisie’s dogs be a part of the story was so fun to read and enjoyable (who doesn’t love dogs in books??). I loved the dual POV and getting to see them both really fall for each other. The fake dating trope is done so well here. The third act problem that arose was handled very well with neither character dragging anything on and being mature in how everything came about.
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This was a quick and cute rom com! I did really enjoy that it has a favorite trope of mine, fake dating! The book didn't really got too much in depth with the characters but it was nice chill read. It's your usual billionaire, fake dating book and I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed that the dogs played a big part of the book. I did love the banter between the MCs! I think overall I was just hoping for more out of the relationship between Maisie and Brad. 

Thank you so much NetGalley and Jennifer St. James for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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This was a fun and cute fake-dating romance, although not much of the fake dating for me, but that’s a minor critique, I liked their chemistry and I don’t criticise the insta-love , because I loved the humour and of course the doggos , a fun read
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I'm glad I gave this book a chance but I don't think I would read it again. It was a super cute story that followed the life of Maise and her many senior rescues. There were many times when I would sit and laugh to myself about what happened or what could follow. I would like to read a different book by Jennifer in the Must Love Dogs series. I just could not follow along in this book as much as I wished. Some bits were a bit more difficult to follow than others. There are some occasions in the book that I would like to see more described in depth. 

I enjoyed the dual POV but in my opinion, I feel it did not flow as well when it was going from Masie to Brad. To be honest, when I began the book, the first few chapters did hurt my head a bit when trying to understand. As we already know, this book follows 'fake dating' but some parts were hard to determine if Brad Zander was actually falling for Maise or if it was just his acting. 

Overall, I would totally recommend giving this book a shot because other people may enjoy it a lot more than I did.
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