Deception Island

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Pub Date 25 Mar 2015 | Archive Date 15 Jan 2023


While at an archaeology dig in Afghanistan, evolutionary anthropologist Rachel St. Claire discovers a pendant with strange shifting symbols. Not long after, she receives an urgent call from her colleague, Dr. Grace McAllister, insisting Rachel come to Antarctica to examine an unusual body with ethereal properties found in an ice cave.

Before Rachel can respond, bandits storm the desert dig site. Just as they are about to seize Rachel, a helicopter appears with Trevor Brookenridge, a handsome polar geophysicist sent by his Aunt Grace to bring Rachel to Antarctica. Sparks fly, but Rachel already has a fiancé. Rachel must decide who she can trust when a group of bioterrorists engaged in secret genetic experiments in an abandoned World War II Nazi base under the Antarctic ice sheet come after the pendant--and her.

For it seems everyone knows a secret Rachel does not, one which will change her life forever.

While at an archaeology dig in Afghanistan, evolutionary anthropologist Rachel St. Claire discovers a pendant with strange shifting symbols. Not long after, she receives an urgent call from her...

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Rachel got a call from Dr. Grace McAllister- as a scientist Grace wasn’t afraid to push the limit. She told Rachel some Canadian glaciologist just discovered a body preserved in a cave in Antarctica. They needed people to help them identify the origins. Rachel was near the ancient Hindu Kosh Mts in Northern Afghanistan. Dr. McAllister said the body had several anomalies. Rachel was an evolutionary anthropologist who might shed some light on the source of the anomalies of the body. Grace was a noted forensic pathologist at the Brown University Medical School. Grace said her nephew who was a geophysicist from the Royal Ontario Museum was coming. Although Rachel had promised her boyfriend Richard she would be home at the end of the week.Then Rachel noticed a gold pendant lying had one just moved on a pile of papers. Someone must have put it there earlier this morning. There were symbols on the pendant . The delicately carved symbols reminded Rachel a little of a diagram of chromosomes- had one just moved? Rachel also felt a sense of forbidding and the symbols looked eerily familiar. Then Rachel felt an odd tingle in the hand holding the pendant. Then bandits showed up and Rachel grabbed the pendant and prepared to run and a helicopter came up to her and it was Trevor, he had come to pick her up luckily he got her away from the bandits. One of the bandits answered his phone and a woman who spoke in English asked if they had got the girl. The woman was a member of the elite New World Order guards- Generalmajor Braun. Rachel put on the pendant and sit it inside her shirt. Richard was an overworked corporate lawyer who worked for Global Technology International.
I loved this story although it did strike me as odd that Rachel had been unsure of going to Antarctica and then just goes along . But besides that I loved the plot and the twists and turns. This caught my attention from the beginning of the book and kept it until the end. I didn’t want to put this down. It did have a different kind of ending but I loved it. I loved the characters in this story and I highly recommend.

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A fast paced thriller from archeology to a body found in an ice cave in Antarctica. This book has everything which raises the interest as the pages turn.
The author Judith Boss has written a strong main character, Rachel who though caught between the new guy Trevor and fiance Robert, yet manages to get to the bottom of the mystery.
From excavation to bio terrorism, from mystery to romance, from archeology to race against time, this book has all the twists and turns that make it a great thriller.

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Masterfully crafted,unique and creative. I loved it, the characters were complex with a well crafted plot and an amazing storyline

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Rachel St. Claire, an evolutionary anthropologist, discovers a pendant while on a dig in Afghanistan. The pendant is unique and has a strange pull that Rachel feels whenever she takes out to look at it. About the same time, Grace McAllister asks Rachel to come to Antarctica, to examine a strange dead body that has been discovered that has weird properties and designs. As Rachel leaves the dig in Afghanistan, a band of would-be robbers attacks the dig area, and Rachel is carried off to safety by a helicopter with Grace McAllister’s nephew, Trevor, who had been sent to bring Rachel to Antarctica by his aunt, that happens to be in the right place at the right time. Almost too much of a coincidence for me. Enroute to Antarctica, the pair and Grace find several strange things happening: Rachel is accosted by one of the passengers, who is later seriously injured, a passenger mysteriously disappears just off the island, and the ship is closely tracked/followed by something strange that seems to be an underground vessel, some sort of strange animal or natural occurrence (no one can really figure out what exactly it is). Things get stranger still when the group gets to the body and makes some fascinating discoveries. Rachel also begins to wonder about her current boyfriend Richard because of his odd comments during phone conversations and his actions, while being pursued romantically by Trevor. Thus, Rachel finds herself in a strange spot, with lots of strange events, people and actions surrounding her. Still, with the help of Grace and especially Trevor, Rachel continues, trying to put the pieces together, finding clue after clue, to finally figure out who is who and what exactly is going on with the mysterious body, the pendant, her own life and her future—and the possible connections they all may have.

I enjoyed reading the book. The story flowed well and moved along smoothly and fast enough. However, the story line/plot was just too “wo-wo” for my taste. I would call this a sci-fi mystery, with the emphasis on sci-fi. The descriptions of the long, arduous journey to Antarctica the trio took was fascinating to read, as I had never thought much about such a trip. The characters came across as true, though there were times I found Rachel to be a bit self-centered and not really interested in the well-being of others. My big problem is with the basic plot, which, in my opinion, is not very realistic. The author took a lot of related, some closer than others, ideas or themes and wound them together in a fairly good way, though I am not sure I agree with her how she put them together. Good book for the reader who enjoys sci-fi mysteries. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.

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The main character was a strong female lead who was thrust into one crazy situation after another. The book is very fast paced and covers a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively. Deception Island is a fun, exciting read it you are looking for a nice adventire .

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As others, I was drawn into this book. The characters are great, and the science top notch! I mean, what is not to like? A pendant working as a homing device, as well as a self-protection, secret Nazi base, complete with ultimate villains, and hidden supermen....

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This book has twists and turns but ends up in Antarctica. Raquel St. Claire, the main character, is pulled between two different men, while trying to uncover the mystery of who she is and where she came from. I enjoyed the descriptions of Antarcitica. The book is a quick read and enjoyable.

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