Diary of an Ogre

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Pub Date 23 Oct 2018 | Archive Date 03 Nov 2022
Chouette Publishing, CrackBoom! Books

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The world of ogres is endangered and their secrets could disappear with them. This diary unveils the many mysteries of their monstrous life: the famous fight clubs, the belching and spitting classes, never changing underwear—ever. A book that will shift your perception of ogres forever! "Dear Diary, The end is near. Ogres are not what they used to be The world is changing, I fear." Sprinkled with references to classic fairy tales, the Dear Diary series offers privileged access to the secret aspirations of mythical and often not-so-nice characters. Short rhythmic texts reveal the private and very funny musings of an ogre, a monster, a witch and a fairy.

The world of ogres is endangered and their secrets could disappear with them. This diary unveils the many mysteries of their monstrous life: the famous fight clubs, the belching and spitting classes...

A Note From the Publisher

This is an advance reader’s copy, uncorrected page proof, any material quoted should be checked against the final book.

This is an advance reader’s copy, uncorrected page proof, any material quoted should be checked against the final book.

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4 stars
Great illustrations and a fun story. Ogre is starting a school to ensure ogres grow up in the art of being dirty, smelly, burping, misbehaving creatures Versus the fictional clean ogres exposed to more and more.
Thank you NetGalley and publisher, Chouette Publishing and CrackBoom! Books, for the opportunity to read this ARC.

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The world of ogres is nearing the end, so Ogre is starting a school to keep up has vile and gross culture. His classes include subjects like, Spits and burps, and making clothes out of rags that smell like fart. While I’m not a fan of using the word fart in picture books, it is funny.
There will be a school award for never changing your underwear. The underwear illustration resemble Charles Shultz character with the cloud of filth around him, Pigpen. Yes, the kids will love this little book.
My very favorite part though, is the story you see in the fun illustrations. For example, the children riding on a big pink pig, big bad ogre sleeping, cuddled up with his teddy bear, a nasty ogre stitching embroidery and every kids fav, babies with their finger up the nose.
The illustration I really didn’t like, was right at the beginning where you see sad little children and dogs in held cages, although there is no reference to the picture.
I feel this will be a well circulated book. Some of the vocabulary may be advanced, but I think it is good to toss in challenging words in picture books.

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This was a silly and creative children's book.

My daughter didn't love it but it had my son laughing as it talked about stuff "real" ogres so. The graphics were nice and it is a fun read for little boys!

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Yep, the little beasties in your life are going to enjoy this rhyming tale! Younger grader schoolers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, they will find this book gross, but funny. Illustrations were a hoot!

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A big thank you to NetGalley and Chouette Publishing/CrockBoom! books for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is a children's book. It is a satire. The graphics are amazing. The story is cute, and funny. there is a bit of rhyming. I think most kids would love this book. Sort of ended abruptly but otherwise nice! I rate it a 4.

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Poor Ogres, nobody understands. They need a school A schoo, one that would teach them how to smell bad, make clothes that smell like a fart, use a club to hit a beast and any school worth going to would have to have a class on spitting, burps, and of course running for slobs. I thought this a very cute book. Something I would read to my grandchildren. Beautifully illustrated with mud and worms and all things ogre. I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review and no compensation otherwise.

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I think this a cute book for kids. It is short so great for new readers. It is about an ogre who wants to teach other ogre to be what they should be.

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This is the second book I have read in The Diary series by Valeria Dávila. I was not impressed with the witch diary, but this one sure makes up for it. The world of ogres is nearing the end, so the Ogre writing this diary decides to start a school to teach the old, disgusting, gross Ogre Culture. His classes include subjects like, Spits and burps, healthy eating (fly ice-cream) and making clothes out of rags that smell like fart. This book will be a hit with the kids. They love gross things, especially the boys. There are rewards being given for things like not changing your underwear and more. The illustrations are wonderful. They are detailed, colourful and gross. They add even more to the text. My grandson kept pointing things out to me telling me that is yucky Grandma, but he kept wanting me to read more and we kept going back to look at the illustrations. The text is relatively easy to read, but there are a few challenging words thrown in to develop vocabulary such as, pristine, traditional and marinated. A great book for a primary classroom or school library. It will be a hit at Hallowe’en. The publisher, Chouette Publishing – CrackBoom! Books, provided me with a copy of this book to read. The opinions stated are my own.

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Thank you to Netgalley, Crackboom! Books, Chouette Publishing, Valeria Dávila, Mónica López and Laura Aguerrebehere for the eARC I received in exchange for a fair review.

Diary of an Ogre has 17 pages and will be published on August 28, 2018.

Ogres are evolving and not everyone is happy about it. It seems that some ogres are bathing and changing their underwear far too frequently for old school ogres that believe in being filthy and smelly. One ogre decides to open a school to teach the new generation the art of being an ogre.

Diary of an Ogre is an absolutely adorable - er, horrific - book for young children. This book is beautifully written and illustrated. Pre-schoolers, as well as grade school children, are sure to love this grossly hilarious tale.  

Recommended for fans of ooey, gooey, smelly monster books.

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DIARY OF AN OGRE is a hysterically funny take on the secret life of a monstrous creature. Ogres are in danger and if they die out, we’ll lose their secrets. This diary reveals their many mysteries: the belching and spitting classes, famous fight clubs, the fact that they never, ever change their underwear. Hilarious!

In ALEX AND THE MONSTERS, a kid named Alex finds a monster in his bedroom and man, does that upset his life! Turns out the monster, Mr. Flat, came from the Book of Monsters, to which he’d very much like to return. But he can’t find it. So begins a hilarious adventure with super fun illustrations, twisty turns and literature. Lots of literature.

#DiaryOfAnOgre #NetGalley

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The cover of this book was quick to catch my attention.
As a mom and an aunt of quite a few nieces and nephews I thought this would be a significant hit with the littles.
This book did not disappoint. The illustrations are perfect and correspond with the book perfectly.
A rhyming tale of a diary of an ogre.
Follow the ogre's tale as he tells you about his idea to teach ogres to be nasty and disgusting again.
Plenty of talk of farts, burps and spit - will entice every young child into fits of giggles.
In a world full of manners and correctness - this book shows you that its okay to be gross and disgusting once in awhile. Thoroughly enjoyed and would purchase for my young nieces and nephews.

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Thank you, NetGalley, Chouette Publishing, and CrackBoom! Books for an advanced English translated readers copy in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis from the publisher, "My dear diary: this is the end. There are no ogres left. The world is wrong. What does this ogre hide? Is it true that he teaches wrestling with sticks and belching and snot courses? Is it true that the pant is never changed? 
The intimacies never before revealed of an ogre with style. Surprising, crazy, secret: a newspaper that you have to spy on yes or yes."

I am always thrilled when I get an opportunity to review a children's book. In general children's books bring a genuine smile to my face, and this book is no exception. Oger's are funny creatures. Who demonstrate poor hygiene, and poorer life choices. Generally, from Shreck to Harry Potter their depiction is of a smelly, but a lovable brute who is steadily falling all over themselves, and eating fly ice cream. Pratfalls and fly ice cream are funny concepts and relatable for kids. The author took something that could be scary and made it funny which is excellent for kids! This is why this is such a great book. I mean, who doesn't think that an award given to an ogre who never changes their underwear isn't funny. 

My only real complaint is that it doesn't have much of a plot and because of this, it relies heavily on the great graphics. I think plot-wise, the author could have hammered home how important it was that ogers need to become ogers of old. She touches on it, but it seems a bit disjointed.

Graphically, Laura Aguerrebehere did a great job conveying the silliness of the ogers. The graphics are bright and again fun to look at. 

This is hilarious! Graphics, pacing, everything. I think boys or girls would get a total kick out it!

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