Sister, Maiden, Monster

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Pub Date 21 Feb 2023 | Archive Date 28 Feb 2023


“Absolutely recommended for readers of the cosmic and gloriously horrific.” ―Seanan McGuire, New York TImes bestselling author

Sister, Maiden, Monster
is a visceral story set in the aftermath of our planet’s disastrous transformation and told through the eyes of three women trying to survive the nightmare, from Bram Stoker Award-winning author Lucy A. Snyder.

A virus tears across the globe, transforming its victims in nightmarish ways. As the world collapses, dark forces pull a small group of women together.

Erin, once quiet and closeted, acquires an appetite for a woman and her brain. Why does forbidden fruit taste so good?

Savannah, a professional BDSM switch, discovers a new turn-on: committing brutal murders for her eldritch masters.

Mareva, plagued with chronic tumors, is too horrified to acknowledge her divine role in the coming apocalypse, and as her growths multiply, so too does her desperation.

Inspired by her Bram Stoker Award-winning story “Magdala Amygdala,” Lucy A. Snyder delivers a cosmic tale about the planet’s disastrous transformation ... and what we become after.

“Absolutely recommended for readers of the cosmic and gloriously horrific.” ―Seanan McGuire, New York TImes bestselling author

Sister, Maiden, Monster
is a visceral story set in the aftermath of our...

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Featured Reviews

Sister, Maiden, Monster by Lucy A. Snyder is hands down a new favorite of mine!

The story and world building were dark, gritty and flowed nicely; the action was intense and the magic was rich. I was completely riveted to each page from start to finish.
This book is incredibly creative, action packed, and relentlessly paced the whole way through.
The world Lucy has created is an interesting one.
Our three characters Erin, Savannah and Mareva are truly engaging, fun and interesting.
I enjoyed this author's writing style. I thought she did a beautiful job at keeping this story flowing and holding my attention.

A remarkable story set after the planet has a disastrous virus tear across the globe, transforming its victims in nightmarish ways. As the world collapses, dark forces pull a small group of women together.
Told by Erin, Savannah and Mareva who are trying to survive this new hell!

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Tor Nightfire,
Thank You for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
I will post my review to my blog, platforms, BookBub, B&N, Kobo and Waterstone closer to pub date.

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this was a really well done horror novel, it does what I wanted from the description. It had a great plot and I enjoyed the way it was told by three different women. It was a well thought out story and had a great horror element, it was a interesting concept and I think Lucy A. Snyder has a great writing style. I am excited to read Magdala Amygdala another story by the author and any future books.

"When we were little kids, we were as close as any two people have ever been. Before we learned to speak, we shared our own secret language. We ate together, laughed together, cried together. I think we shared our dreams. But my fear, my sickness, drove us apart and disrupted that precious bond. I have spent most of my adult life regretting pushing her away."

Was this review helpful?

Wow, this was one creature horror book that messed me up. I wasn't expecting that ending... WOW OH WOW. Pick this up NOW.

Was this review helpful?

I just absolutely adored this. Best read without looking up too much about it! Three women in a post pandemic world with separate but converging plot lines that come together to an insane ending. SO good.

Was this review helpful?

This is more like a 4.75 only because there are still so many unanswered questions I have…

This book is freaking WILD! It is gruesome and twisted and I LOVED it. This tells of a dark and horrific coming of end times and it completely engrossed me. I have found a strange new reading interest, for sure.

Covid has come and gone pretty much and a new pandemic is taking over the planet. This book follows three women who are integral to the fate of the planet, Erin, Savannah and Mareva.

This virus has the strange ability to mutate humans into one of a few different types: ones that have mild flu like symptoms for a handful of days, ones that thirst for fresh blood, ones that hunger for brains and some that exceed far past that… but believe me when I tell you, that is the absolute vaguest sense of these types of mutations. In actuality, the was the author describes all of this is with an intensity and an in your face severity. This isn’t for the faint of heart. This is NOT for everyone… but if you can handle the gore and the sexual depravity, than I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Was this review helpful?

I’m not normally a horror fan but the description of this book drew me in. Probably one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read…but I liked it? I just wish the ending had been a bit more developed / longer. Thank you to the publisher for the advance copy.

Was this review helpful?

This book was wild start to finish and I loved every second. I didn’t really go in expecting BDSM but it was a welcome surprise and really added to the story

Was this review helpful?

For how normal it begins, the novel evolves into one of the weirdest, Lovecraftian apocalypses I've ever read. Somehow it stays grounded to the present day, and its resonance with current issues doubles the eeriness. For me, this moved it from another pulp story to a tale that stays with me.

Was this review helpful?

I'd like to thank #Netgalley for letting me read an eArc of #Sister,Maiden,Monster by #LucyA.Snyder.

This book was so totally out of this world! I'm not even completely sure what I read but I know that I enjoyed it, and was very disturbed at the same time. It is certainly an interesting take on virus's, how they are transmitted and where they originate from. I am finding to no surprise that covid has made its way into books more and more often. The virus that comes after covid in this book is far more horrifying.
You follow 3 different women oon their journeys through this virus and how they end up connected to one another and the importance of each.
If you have a hard time following pretty out of this world stuff this may not be the book for you, but if you love intrigue, biology, and dare I say aliens, then this book is totally for you!

Was this review helpful?

A post-COVID virus brings about the apocalypse, and we witness it through different time periods from three different POVs.

Snyder’s end-times tale felt a bit messy at first, but the novel works well when you look at it as 3 separate novellas coming together to deliver a brutal, cosmic, madness-charged nightmare of Lovecraftian proportions. Even to this jaded reader, I found myself surprised a few times over certain situations and some unexpected levels of violence.

The ending felt a bit unfinished, but considering the novel eventually won me over after a couple days of digesting it, perhaps the finale will at some point, too.

It’s nice to see a major press release something so extreme, and horror fans should enjoy Snyder’s wild twist on apocalyptic horror.


Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me read an ARC of Sister, Maiden, Monster by Lucy N Snyder!!!

I loved this book. I feel like it was written personally for me! I do believe that this book will not be for everyone, there is body gore in it, but if you have no problem with that, then tou should definitely give this book a chance.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoy a good dystopian novel more than most, and boy is this good. Not "The Stand" or "Swan Song" but certainly not Y.A. like "Hunger Games" or the "Maze runner" Brutality, and chaos reign and Mrs. Snyder does a fantastic job making characters who the reader may loathe not into two-dimensional caricatures of villains. This hit the spot for the spooky season and should be snatched up in February upon release.

Was this review helpful?

This is what I have been looking for!
The perfect mix of horror, madness, uncomfortable, and Sci-Fi elements.
'People still talk about contagion control as if it matters, as if masks and gloves and sanitizers and prayers can stop the future.'
This may resonate with many people during this time of our own contagion.

This book does have very descriptive gore scenes that did not gross me out but made me cringe because I had to read it!

Was this review helpful?

Sister, Maiden, Monster by Lucy A Snyder is about a terrible virus that sweeps thru the world and how three women handle it. This was a wild ride and I loved the three different storylines and perspectives.

Was this review helpful?

Holy **** you guys! I was hoping I was going to like this one but I wasn't prepared for how much I would absolutely LOVE it. I DEVOURED it. I didn't want to put it down, it was just that fricken good. I stayed up reading past my bedtime because I had to know how it ended.

Told in three parts by three different women who become irrevocably connected to one another through a pandy-apocalyptic event, we're introduced to a horrible new virus that tears through the planet like nothing we've ever seen. If you catch it, you're going to end up so fucked up you'll wish it killed you. Because to survive it means you're ushering in the end of the world as we know it and unlike R.EM. claims it will be, shit ain't gonna be fine. You are all soooo fucking far from fine!

Oh the things this book does and the places it goes! The body horror! The cow brains! The Cleaving! And that weird ass crazy ending! If this wasn't on your radar already, it is now. If you aren't sure it's for you, you're wrong, it is! If you don't like it when you're done reading it, do I even know you and how are we even friends?

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