Maybe Once, Maybe Twice

A Novel

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Pub Date 03 Oct 2023 | Archive Date 05 Dec 2023
St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Griffin



"Greenberg serves up some irresistible romantic angst in this page-turner.. This is a knockout." - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Filled with the romance and angst that defines the years you come to know yourself,
with a shifting timeline covering two decades and ratcheting up the tension, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice is a novel of second chances and finding your own way.

You know that old saying, “if we are still single when we’re 35, we should get married?” Well, Maggie Vine made that vow with two different people, at two very different stages of her life.

And they both showed up.

Maggie Vine’s life is going extra-medium. At 35 she’s pursuing her dreams of being a singer and being a mother—though neither is successfully panning out. So when Garrett Scholl—stifled hedge fund manager by day but electrifying aspiring rock singer by night—comes to her 35th birthday party with the intention to kiss Maggie senseless, it feels like one piece might click into place. Except he’s engaged to someone else, and Maggie knows she won’t fit into the cookie-cutter life he’s building for himself.

Enter Asher Reyes. Her first boyfriend from summer camp, turned into heartthrob actor, he’s lived a successful yet private life ever since he got famous. When a career-changing opportunity is presented to Maggie after her reconnection with Asher, it feels like everything—music, love, family—will fall into place. But her past won’t let her move on without a fight.

“Everything you want in a smart romantic comedy: deep, tear-inducing emotions; sharp, sardonic humor; steamy sex scenes played by even steamier leads; and an epic soundtrack underneath it all.” - Associated Press


"Greenberg serves up some irresistible romantic angst in this page-turner.. This is a knockout." - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Filled with the romance...

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Featured Reviews

I love love love the premise of this book! I love reading stories like this & this was a wonderful one. I really enjoyed reading this book. I'm super glad that I got the chance to read it early and will definitely be recommending it to multiple people who enjoy romantic & romcom books. I mostly enjoyed the characters and overall enjoyed the writing by this author. I'm excited to see what the author comes out with next as I'll definitely be reading it! Thank you to the publisher for my early copy of this book!

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Despite having books on my tbr list that have been there longer, I remembered how much I adored Bad Luck Bridesmaid and, after receiving the invitation to read an early copy, I jumped right in to Maybe Once, Maybe Twice, no regrets.

Okay, first things first - I love a book that references a favorite song of mine - it’s a little thrill to my reader’s heart - but I will lose my heart to a book that references quite a few of my favorite songs (Gypsy, Crash into Me, Everlong (the acoustic version), fecking Silver Springs, and LC’s Hallelujah).

The comedy in this one made me laugh out loud in several places (see Dave Matthews Band concert in Central Park scene for example), the ache and hunger here is rendered beautifully, it’s nearly palpable - there’s so much about this one that works. There’s love and heartbreak, there’s heartache and lifelong friendship, and there’s slow burn galore. Silver Springs - the one that got away, you’re getting that same star-crossed longing here.

This is now two home runs from Ms. Greenberg, and I, for one, can’t wait to read what she writes next ❤️

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Maybe Once, Maybe Twice by Alison Rose Greenberg tells the story of Maggie Vine, who is a 35-year-old singer songwriter who is still searching for her big break. The novel follows Maggie throughout various points in time in her past, which all have shaped who she is at 35 and the relationships that exist at that time. While this book is a romance, I think the best part is that on two occasions you see characters choose putting their priorities first instead of the wishes of a partner. If you like references to 90’s music and/or parts of a story that takes place in Trader Joe’s, this could be the book for you!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for reaching out with an offer to read on NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

TW: infertility, suicide (off-page), sexual assault.

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When Maggie Vine made marriage pacts with two different men from different times in her past, she never imagined either pact going anywhere. But when both men turn up in her life on her 35th birthday, she is torn between the man who was her first love and the man she has loved for twelve years.

I received an advance copy of this book and was excited to dive into it after reading Alison Rose Greenberg’s debut novel, Bad Luck Bridesmaid, last year. I was not disappointed!

I am not a huge romance fan, but I LOVE romance written by Greenberg! Her characters are flawed and genuine and her writing style pulls you in from the first page. Maggie May, the protagonist, is a little bit Daisy Jones and a little bit Carrie Bradshaw and you cannot help but love her. Her relationships with Garrett and Asher are beautiful in their own ways, but the true love story of this book in the one between Maggie and her best friend, Summer.

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing an arc of this book. I loved every minute of it. 🤩

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This is what Book Boyfriends are made of. This was a good book and I will be reading more from them. Read it today. you will find a new author to love.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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“‘Find someone who makes you laugh’ was a line I had always heard. But finding someone who made me see the world in psychedelic colors was equally intoxicating.” 


Maggie Vine is a 35-year-old singer songwriter, who is still looking for her big break while also trying to navigate what her future looks like in terms of love and family. so when the two great loves of her life both show up because of separate marriage pacts she made with them (at very different times), she’s got some things to figure out. 

"Maybe Once, Maybe Twice" is an empowering story of love and loss and life, full of uplifting relationships and heartbreaking disappointments. it’s a story about betting on yourself by going after what you want and not settling for what’s easy or what makes sense to other people. it’s a story about believing in yourself, even when you’re scared.  

Alison Rose Greenberg writes top-tier relationships that are impossible not to love. I absolutely adore Maggie’s best friend, Summer, who embodies the type of friendship we all deserve: a friend who will be there for you without you even telling them you need them, and a friend who loves you unconditionally. 

when it comes to the boys: whether you’re Team Asher or Team Garrett, it’s undeniable that both of them contribute to Maggie’s journey in seismic ways. at different times, each is her muse, champion, and love. no spoilers, but my favorite guy wins, and it makes me so happy! 

but above all, it’s Maggie’s relationship with herself that I value so much. she’s confident and vulnerable and open to what the world has to offer, while also demanding that it give her what she deserves. she doesn’t just let life happen to her; she jumps on the stage and directs the show, even when it’s hard. she lives and loves out loud, and she’s not ashamed to turn up the volume.  

Maggie Vine is a supernova of color that will come crashing into your heart full force without apologies. She’s a heroine for the ages, and she’ll make you look at life through a kaleidoscope of hope and joy and vulnerability and messiness that will encourage you to be present, embrace the moments, feel the hurt, and cherish the love. you’ve only got one life, so don’t waste it on things that don’t make your heart dance.  


read if you like: 
♡ a kickass female lead 
♡ betting on yourself 
♡ synesthesia  
♡ Trader Joe’s smashing s’mores (literally my fave) 
♡ music (especially 90s/00s. think: fallout boy, blink-182, dmb, deana carter) 
♡ great love, bad timing  
♡ women supporting women 
♡ Jewish representation  
♡ running away from engagement parties 
♡ rebellious ponies  
♡ beautiful goodbyes  
♡ hopeless romantics  
♡ NYC 
♡ friends that are family  
♡ big breaks 

trigger warnings: 
☞ infertility / difficulty conceiving  
☞ suicide  
☞ loss of loved ones 
☞ grief 
☞ absentee parenting  
☞ fear of abandonment  
☞ sexual assault  
☞ survivor’s guilt  

oh, and I would be doing a huge disservice if I didn't mention the magic of music within this story. it will be a riot for people of all ages, but it will be especially enjoyable for children of the 90s and 2000s. The nostalgia will gut punch you, and you’ll be left with a desire to lay on your bed with your five disc CD player circulating through all your mixed CDs.

thank you to the author for sending me an early copy for my honest review!

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This book reads like poetry as evidenced by the music lyrics that Maggie creates which are indicative of the emotions swirling through her body. She speaks in color and taste and as a reader, it made myself feel that deeply. Sentences required thought and were identifiable such as in a relationship, there is a kite and a rock. Although Maggie went through it all in terms of her heartbreak with Garrett and Summer with Valeria, they refused to go through life as someone they were not. There is no compromise in terms of love and what the unifying factors should be. A strong woman will not out herself down. Just like jumping in the lake at camp with Asher, Maggie went all in. I appreciated the turn of events when she started focusing on what is versus what if. She no longer let the past dictate the present. That is why when she and Asher came together regardless of the 35 year old pact, that they were stronger and ready to be together forever. They knew they are soulmates. However, that is why Maggie stood her ground in terms of wanting Willa. At first, she thought the timing wasn't right. But at the end,they both realized that when you want something, you will give it your all. It is like stars falling through the night and fairy dust.

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I loved reading the story of Maggie and all of the real life struggles and trials that come with love. I loved that there wasn’t just one love story, but two. All of the past and present brought together to create a well rounded story that made you wonder who she would end up with. While reading, all I wanted was for Maggie to have everything she wanted in life. It was so easy to become intertwined in the characters and Maggie’s life.

This will be one of those books I wish I could read for the first time over and over again.

Thank you @alison.greenberg for this amazing book.

Thank you so much to @netgalley and @stmartinspress for allowing me to read and review this ARC.

The publish date is 10/03. Don’t miss out on this amazing story.

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I absolutely loved this book. It took me a few chapters to embrace the secondary characters, but Maggie had my heart from the very beginning. I love the honest, raw view of friendships and heartache.

There were some completely (and hilariously) unhinged moments that had me laughing until my sides hurt, and I ended the book in sad/happy/wistful tears. The plot, and ending, of Maggie's story is so similar to real life: unfinished, not the answer you wanted, and sometimes incredibly gut-wrenching.

The main character Maggie is reminiscent of Taylor Swift - her song lyrics and writing process are so sweet and meaningful. I want to read Maggie's story forever!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story from beginning to end - I highlighted many quotes I want to look back on often. This book will put you in your feels and empower you to choose yourself, and fight for yourself.

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𝐌𝐀𝐘𝐁𝐄 𝐎𝐍𝐂𝐄, 𝐌𝐀𝐘𝐁𝐄 𝐓𝐖𝐈𝐂𝐄 by Alison Rose Greenberg

Thank to NetGally and Miss. Alison for the ARC

This is my first NetGalley Arc! I am so pleased to have received the opportunity. I didn't expect much of this book and to be quite honest, I went blind. I didn't read the description, which is probably why I was so shocked reading the thing. I literally asked for the ARC because I thought it looked pretty sue me.

I thought I knew what I was getting into. Second chance romance after some big deal happened years ago and the couple was going to get together after 300 pages of stupidity. However, after passing a few chapters, I'm glad to say that was not the case that came with Maybe Once, Maybe Twice. Instead of a cliche, I got a heartfelt story of demonstrates the difficulty of love (and not only from the mc's perspective) and how life happens and how hard timing can be. It. Was. Breathtaking.

I haven't felt like this about a book since A Thousand Boy Kisses and Regretting You and TRUST when I mean that shit, cause those books are special to me in a way I can't explain. MOMT is officially part of that special place for me.

Maggie was flawed but in a way, you could relate to her. I found myself yelling at her decisions knowing I'd probably do the same. I'm also a person who wholeheartedly believes in the 'what if' of things and I've never seen myself in the third perspective more. Seriously, it was ANNOYING. Like, incredibly. But I learned something from this book which I hope will prevent me from always stopping and start doing. I'll never reach my own happiness otherwise.

I really liked Garrett - at first. It's a love-hate relationship for which I sort of blame him and Maggie. I feel like there were times when he was right, that it was lowkey Maggie's fault that they weren't together but he went so stupidly about it, it caused me to dislike him immensely. But, on the other hand, I totally get where he was coming from. I've loved someone who had no idea yet totally knew I liked/loved them and revelled in the fact. Small moments together yet nothing ever happened because I had to be the person to take the step. But like Garette (and a little of Maggie), I'm a cautious person. "What if" it was just a game to them, the heartbreak would be too much. Why not just revel in the perfection that is our relationship now, even if it hurts me? So, with that, Garett is not completely an angel in my book but not a demon either. I get him.

Summer is a BEAUTIFUL character, and I love her slightly more than Maggie. Her relationship with Viola, her maturing and character arc was something profound, I was crying for her the entire time. It was fucking sad but hey man, it's life. But it broke me. So. Much.

Asher Reyes is beautiful. Asher Reyes is perfection. Asher Reyes is amazing. Asher Reyes is phenomenal. Asher Reyes IS FUCKING FILIPINO and I folded. Please - stop playing. There's nothing else to say, in my eyes, he had no flaws.

All the other characters were super dope too, both Asher and Maggie's backstories were heartbreaking and beautifully told. I enjoyed the flashbacks, as a little confusing as they were. The songs all being at the end was my fav, I appreciate little things like that. My only criticism about this book despite the raving review is that the end is definitely rushed. I thought the book was ending and in a way, when I thought I was done, I wasn't happy about it but it made sense. Then there was another chapter and I suddenly felt like the book should have ended the last chapter and I loved it even more. Take what you will with that.

I recommend this book for fans of/or recs if you liked this book<
Colleen Hoover's "Regretting You" and "All Your Perfects" - for the alternating timelines
Christina Lauren's "Love & Other Words"- for the second chance romance
Lucy Score's "Things We Never Got Over" - for the tears
Jeanine Bennedict's "Midnight Kisses" - for the flawed characters and realism

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Absolutely beautiful. This is special book and an unexpected journey through not one but two love stories. I truly devoured this novel in one day - it’s so much more than a spicy romance (though it is that too) - most of all it’s a story about growing up and looking back at how you got here. It tells the story about how you can wish you knew then what you know now, but life is all the more beautiful when you embrace what it’s taught you. The story authentically addresses so many important topics like loss, empowerment, friendship, parenthood, and divorce - painting a heartbreaking love story that has you guessing til the end (and somehow the ending is just right). I’m gushing because this book is really something special. And best of all it reads like a movie script in the best way, it’s so easy to see this story come to life. Thank you for the arc in exchange for an honest review - this one is out in October!

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“So desperately I sing to thee of love, sure, but also rage, and hate, and pain, and fear of self. And I can’t keep these feelings on the shelf.” - Hook, by Blues Traveler

☝🏼 this song lyric (from a song that just so happens to be on this book’s playlist) is a perfect description for this book. Maybe Once, Maybe Twice is a book about love, sure, but also rage, and hate, and pain, and fear of self. - And I loved ever agonizing minute of it.

It’s ‘right person, wrong time’ x2 - crossing over 2 decades with the intertwining stories of Maggie’s two great loves. There is Asher, her teenage boyfriend and first love. She hasn’t seen him since she was 17. Then there is Garret, her best friend, who she’s also been in love with for the last 12 years. She may have made marriage pacts with both of them. Asking them to show up on her 35th birthday. Well now she’s 35, and they both show up.

This book is slow burn with LOTS of angst, and all the feels. I honestly felt like my heart was getting shredded right along with Maggie’s as I read this. This book is so good. It sucks you in and in a blink of an eye you are so invested in Maggie. You want to know all the details that got her right here to this moment. You want desperately for things to go her way. And you long to be able to fast forward her story to the happy ending you know she deserves. But we only know what it means to be happy, because we also know what it means to be unhappy.

This might be may favorite book of 2023.

(I will post this review on my Instagram sometime in September, I will update with the exact date when I know when. Will also post on Amazon when the book comes out!)

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