The Eternal Shadow

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Pub Date 25 Apr 2023 | Archive Date 07 May 2023

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South African born, debut author brings a threat-and-danger, hidden-world fantasy with touches of Suzanne Collins which fans of VE Schwab or Sarah J Maas will love.

After returning to her realm, Cassia continues to use the magic she’d discovered in Selene. Little did she know, that wasn’t allowed and because of it, she’s abducted by the king. Luckily, Prince Lochlan is still living in the castle pretending to be under the king’s command. After Lochlan frees Cassia, they all need to flee Selene to escape the king and find allies elsewhere.

But in this new realm, all the inhabitants are afraid of the dark where a shadow is lurking, feeding upon them.

With nowhere else to go, they have to choose, either they face the king or this eternal shadow.

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South African born, debut author brings a threat-and-danger, hidden-world fantasy with touches of Suzanne Collins which fans of VE Schwab or Sarah J Maas will love.

After returning to her realm...

A Note From the Publisher

Shameez Patel Papathanasiou was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She lives there with her husband, child and two cats named Turbo and Charger. During the day she juggles her time between singing Baby Shark to her daughter and working as a civil engineer where she designs roads and analyses traffic, but at night she writes fantasy worlds with magic, monsters and someone to fall in love with.

She considers herself a professional binge-watcher and fangirl. Don’t be surprised to bump into her dressed as a Hobbit or Lady Loki. Should you need anything from her, offer a choc-chip cookie and her heart is yours forever.

Shameez fell in love with fiction, especially fantasy fiction at a young age. Her parents fondly recall receiving her first handwritten story before the age of ten, titled The Treasures of Zombie Island, which surprisingly featured no zombies at all. She has been writing ever since. Her debut fantasy novel, The Last Feather, is out now.

Shameez Patel Papathanasiou was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She lives there with her husband, child and two cats named Turbo and Charger. During the day she juggles her time between...

Advance Praise


"Papathanasiou debuts and launches the Selene Trilogy with a fierce, appealing story of determination, magical spells, and the bonds of friendship. [Her] talent for writing resolute characters makes her diverse cast sing, and she infuses Cassia’s adventure with emotion. This enchanting portal fantasy will have readers hooked." -Publishers Weekly,

"Teen readers will enjoy this tale of a stubborn, clever heroine mixed up with court politics, magic, and a hint of romance...Fans of Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland series will find a heroine of similar stubbornness, cleverness, and loyalty in a grown-up setting, while Sarah J. Maas or Laurell K. Hamilton enthusiasts will enjoy the fantasy politics, magic, and hints of romance." - STARRED REVIEW, Booklist,


"Papathanasiou debuts and launches the Selene Trilogy with a fierce, appealing story of determination, magical spells, and the bonds of friendship...

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“I’ll defeat death to be with you. I’ll fight fate. But there is no way you result in my end when you’re the only reason I know what it feels like to be alive.”

After that line, do I even need to say anything else to get you to add The Eternal Shadow to your TBR if it does not already feature? It's book 2 in the Selene Trilogy and I was lucky enough to get an ARC from @netgalley, @flametreepress and @shameezwrites before it releases on 11 April. (I'm convinced this is my birthday present as it's one of my most anticipated reads of the year and releases the day before my birthday so thank you again Shameez)

After returning to her realm, Cassia continues to use the magic she’d discovered in Selene. Little did she know, that wasn’t allowed and because of it, she’s abducted by the king. Luckily, Prince Lochlan is still living in the castle pretending to be under the king’s command. After Lochlan frees Cassia, they all need to flee Selene to escape the king and find allies elsewhere.

But in this new realm, all the inhabitants are afraid of the dark where a shadow is lurking, feeding upon them.

With nowhere else to go, they have to choose, either they face the king or this eternal shadow.

This story features beautiful world building, emotions and imagery, and the pace rapidly builds to a thrilling end that has you desperately craving book 3. You grow to love the group even more as they face new challenges, and Shameez handles these relationships so well that you often have intense reactions to certain scenes (I certainly did) There was such a delicate balance between the need to save Selene and to face the Shadow yet Shameez introduces light moments at just the right time to make you love them all, just that bit more.

I'm partial to sisters in a story and I love how well Cassia and Calla's bond is explored

And of course.. Lochlan. I didn't think that I could love him more than after The Last Feather, but I was wrong. He is (insert chef's kiss here) just perfect.


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The sequel to The last feather, eternal shadow had me gripped from the start. It felt almost as if I had fell through a portal and entered Selene. It had the right amount of humor and romance while keeping me at the edge of my seat. A whole different realm came to life as we explored enormous character growth and got to know Calla a lot better. Unpredictable and fast moving rhe eternal shadow does not disappoint .

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Five stars! Five stars! Five stars! What a showing from Shameez Patel Papathanasiou. A sequel to The Last Feather, this book dives back into the adventures of Cassia and Luke taking us further along on their journey with nail-biting new obstacles. I could not put this book down! Absolute brilliance from Shameez! Bring on Book 3!

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The second book is even better than the first. I can't wait for the conclusion of the trilogy. Shameez is an excellent writer with great characters and immersive world-building.

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But there is no way you result in my end when you're the only reason I know what it feels like to be alive."

The Eternal Shadow by Shameez Patel Papathanasio


After being teleported against her will back to Selene for using her magic. Lochlan manages to save her and reunite her with the rest of the crew. Knowing that the King will be on the hunt, Lochlan and Rosheen teleport them to the Vineas realm. All is not as it seems as what awaits them is an evil magic hungry shadow.

I will say this again Shameez is a brilliant writer. I was deeply immersed in this story, it's characters, the romance and every aspect of it, so much so the ending left me shattered. The character development is incredible and the addition of new characters are done flawlessly. It is truly an action packed, edge of your seat, page turner (worth the hours I spent reading and not working)!


Thank you @shameezwrites @flametreepress and @netgalley

All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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I’m going to start this review by saying what I always say before reviewing a fantasy book- I generally struggle to read fantasy books. That being said, I (once again) felt that if you are a fantasy or non-fantasy reader, it does not matter- you will LOVE this book. The Eternal Shadow is as well-written as The Last Feather, and is so easy to read and follow that anyone can enjoy it. Say “Hello” to my first 5-star read for 2023.

As described in the synopsis, after returning to her own realm , Cassia continues to use the magic she discovered in Selene. She doesn’t know that this isn’t allowed, and, as a result, is kidnapped and brought back to Selene. Thankfully, Prince Lochlan manages to rescue Cassia, reuniting her with Lucas, Rosheen and the rest of the gang. They know that they need to fight the king eventually, but in order to do so, they need allies from other realms, and thus, flee to another realm to find them. However, the new realm that they have entered has problems of its own in the form of a shadow that lurks in the dark and feeds on their magic.

The Eternal Shadow is totally action-packed. The pacing is so well-done that, even with everything that happens in the book (trust me, there’s a lot), I sat on the edge of my seat and could not wait to grab extra minutes to read. The storyline is told in the third person, from the perspective of Cassia, Lucas and Lochlan. While I am not used to reading a three-person POV, Shameez does this so well. The switches are done at the best points to increase suspense or answer burning questions, and the storyline flows perfectly- in fact, much better than some dual-POV books I have read.

Naturally, the main focus of the book is Cassia, and how she comes to terms with returning to realms that are so unlike our world, and coming to terms with her powers. In addition to finding her place and understanding herself, we see how her relationship with those around her (especially Lucas and Lochlan) evolves as she tries to figure out what her role is in their lives and Selene. We also get to see how she feels post THAT KISS

If you have not read Book 1: The Last Feather, this will classify as a spoiler: After we got a glimpse into Lochlan’s thinking by the end of TLF, I was a total die-hard Lochlan stan. So best-believe that when I discovered that we’d get to read from his POV, I was absolutely DELIGHTED. I feel that that this is why the character development for Lochlan is probably the richest in this book. We do still get to see and experience more of Cassia and Lucas, but personally (and maybe I am bias) I feel that Lochlan stole the show. There are moments that had me feeling incredibly emotional and that was largely owing to Shameez’s ability to convey the biggest emotions with the smallest details (something I am a big fan of in books, in general). Also I don’t think I can ever look at a birthday cake the same way (IYKYK)

In addition to building on the characters, the world-building in TES is so well done. We get to discover new realms and creatures, and the imagery is absolutely incredible. I had multiple moments where I couldn’t help but think to myself “WOW! This would look AMAZING on TV/Cinema”. Adding to the richness is that Shameez took the time to outline customs, traditions and curses- and yes, there is a WEDDING (whaaaaat) but trust me, probably the best part of the wedding is the post-wedding “curse”. I literally laughed so much I had to gasp for air.

If you were a fan of The Last Feather, you will absolutely LOVE The Eternal Shadow. It adds so much more to the trilogy and is probably my favourite book of the two (although ranking them would be like picking a favourite child). Honestly, I can’t wait for Book 3 to be released so that we can know what happens after the last page of TES (I am positive you will feel the same). I would like to thank Netgalley, the author and the publishers for allowing me to read and review this ARC.

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When I reached the end of The Last Feather, I thought I couldn't possibly love this world or these characters any more, and I've never been so happy to be wrong.

The Eternal Shadow picks up soon after we left off in TLF and quickly expands the world and magic system with the introduction of a new realm and a shadowy antagonist.

While a compelling world, good writing, and interesting magic systems are all key to me enjoying a fantasy, what separates a merely enjoyable story from one that captures my heart is the characters, relationships, and overall atmosphere.

We meet intriguing new characters in this book, as well as deepening our connection with old favourites. Relationships of all kinds continue to evolve beautifully, and a couple of key partnerships had me in a chokehold. The absolutely swoonworthy romantic yearning does not disappoint, but this book also centres platonic and familial relationships in a way that brought me immense joy.

I love an atmospheric fantasy, and the ever-present threat of shadows and darkness in this book created an almost oppressive quality that kept my heart in throat throughout.

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The Eternal Shadow is the 2nd book in the Selene Trilogy and follows Cassia and friends in another adventure in the magical realm of Selene.

I cannot express how much I loved this book! Shameez has done it yet again!!! I loved diving back into Cassias magical world with all her lovely friends.

Cassia and the gang find themselves in a bit of a pickle and have to navigate their way out of some difficult situations. I loved how everything panned out and how we were able to learn more about each characters personality as well as the friendship dynamic and found family that Cassia has accumulated in the Selene realm. We aslo see a romantic relationship develop, with lots of steamy scenes that definitely had me giggling like an idiot!

All in all I loved reading this book and I can't wait to see what happens next, especiallt after that ending👀

Do yourself a favour and dive into the Selene realm. I promise you will not regret it!

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Thank you to @netgalley and @flametreepress for the eARC of this book.

I am actually really terrible at knowing what is coming out, unless it’s a series I’m specifically following. One book I am looking forward to though, is The Eternal Shadow.

I do love a portal fantasy, and in the second book of The Selene Trilogy, we see Cassia, Luke, our favourite morally grey Lochlan, and their friends travel from Selene to the realm of Vineas to escape the king. They planned to raise an army in Vineas, but instead discovered a new threat - a shadow being that steals magic.

I didn’t think I could ship Cassia and Lochlan harder than I did in TLF, but boy oh boy was I proven wrong. I am in love with Lassia. Cachlan? I don’t know. Whatever their ship name is, I’m here for it.

I love slow burns. I want to tell you all the tropes I love in this book, but I don’t want to give you spoilers.

There’s such a great emphasis on familial and friend relationships in this series, as well as found family, and it is one of the best things about the story. Shameez really has a talent for combining humour and heartfelt moments together without it feeling corny or cheesy.

I cannot wait for this book to come out in April because I need to own a physical copy.

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4.5 ⭐️

🪶 “ Cassia, there is magic in the darkness, I hope you find yours….. because I know I have found mine.” - Shameez Patel

🪶 The story follows Cassia who is abducted by the king for using her newfound magical powers after returning from Selene realm. Luckily she is freed by Prince Lochlan. Together they flee to another realm along with Lucas and other fellows to find allies in order to defeat the king. But they have no idea what monsters awaits them in the new realm.

🪶 Pick this up if you like/don’t mind/are looking for:
📌 fantasy series - this is the second book in the Selene trilogy
📌 marriage of convenience troupe - one of my most favourite troupe and that too happening between the characters who already have feelings for each other. AYKM?
📌 enemies to lovers
📌 the bond of true friendship
📌 found family troupe
📌 well developed characters with their own stories that’s gonna make you sympathise with and cheer for them
📌 witty banters between the main characters - yup that’s the part I loved most about this book.
📌 romance that’s gonna give you butterflies in the stomach
📌 spice level 🌶🌶 ( personally I am not a big fan when it comes to open door romance but if it involves Cassia and “L” then count me in please 🙈)
📌 a new bookish boyfriend perhaps: morally grey character who smells like vanilla, knows the art of teleportation and whose witty banters and one-liners will make you swoon over him. Trust me I am already a fan of his banters from book one.
📌 if you are not a fantasy reader like me then you definitely need to pick this up because THIS IS THE BOOK that got me into reading fantasy. And without any doubts this one is gonna be my MOST FAVOURITE FANTASY READ OF 2022.
📌 books that end on cliffhanger and now I am left with no other option but to eagerly wait for the next book in the series.

🪶 Thanks to the author and NetGalley for giving me an opportunity to review the eARC.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Flame Tree Press for the arc!
Hmm where to begin ?! This was so fun! I honestly really loved that the plot explored other realms in the universe and honestly lochlan’s char development is splendid!! I know he's a morally grey character but tbh he's a love interest so I kind of give him a pass because he's soo sweet to cass and lucas kind of deserves a bit of the slander that lochlan throws at him. also!! i'm curious to see the ending of Rosheen/Maeve's character because she's insanely harsh on lochlan and so i'm a little worried shes going to throw him to the metaphorical/literal wolves when she gets the chance in the final battle.
Honestly what I loved most was that this sequel didn't have that feeling of a saggy middle plot within the trilogy. I really liked that the plot felt productive within the time frame and didn't only serve to set up the final book. On that note,, I am SO excited to see what happens! lots of ends to tie up and hopefully I can nab another arc so I don’t have to wait as long to read it hehe

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Initial thoughts: I am SO MAD at the way it ended and now I have to WAIT for the next title in this series 😭 noooo!!

But this was so enjoyable, I flew through it. Would 10/10 recommend.

Proper review to come soon ✨

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Just finished reading The Eteenal Shadow by Shameez Papathanasiou. Sequels are sometimes disappointing but this book was anything but that. I loved every second of it. Amazing world building and character growth. It had all my favourite tropes: a forced marriage bond; enemies to lovers; "will they, won't they". I have no doubt this book is going to be a huge hit!

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Firstly, thank you so so much to Shameez for sending me an eARC of TES. I'm so grateful to have received an early copy.

This book follows on from Cassia, who left the Selene Realm with a cure for her sister, Calla. With her powers growing, she feels even more connected to the realm where her best friend, Lucas, is a part of.
Cassia continues to use her magic, but what she didn't know was that this wasn’t allowed - this soon leads to an abduction by the king.
Lochlan escapes with Cassia, but they need to flee Selene to escape the king and find allies elsewhere.

In another realm... But something dark and terrifying is waiting for them. Waiting for Cassia. A dark, consuming shadow.

This was so brilliant! The characters have matured (in many ways 👀) and the story is so endearing and captivating. Perfect for those that love a little spice and danger in their fantasy world.

Was this review helpful?

This series is my favorite cozy fantasy comfort read. When I sit down with these books and a cup of coffee/tea, I feel at peace. I laugh. I swoon. I go on an adventure in another realm.

I love all the characters. Especially Lochlan (hence, the swoon). I didn't think I could ever come to like Rosheen, but by the end of this book... She's okay, I guess. 😂 I love Lucas and his relationship with Cassia - they are true best friends and it's heartwarming. Calla is also adorable; her relationships with all the above are sweet and endearing.

For me, this series is a 5⭐ read. They are simple, yes... But there is so much beauty in that simplicity. This book, as well as it's predecessor, The Last Feather, feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket next to a cozy fire.

Thank you to NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for the ARC. 💕

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Shameez Patel Papathanasiou has done it once again, in her captivating book "The Eternal Shadow" she reunites Cassia and Luke. Only this time, an unexpected smaller version has been taken across the lines for her own safety, Now with her own her own feathered necklace, Cass is no longer just responsible for herself. To make matters worse, she also has just said "I DO" to the last person she would have ever expected.

All he while, Cass, Luke's mom and their friends are trying to find out what evil shadow is stealing the magic from the Firsts.

It's a race for time to save Cass from the Shadow Creatures, To save Luke from himself and the creature he hates the most, For Cassia to protect the last feather from falling,, For her true love to try and save her.
But is Cassia who everyone thinks she truly is?

 Shameez Patel Papathanasiou will leave you screaming at the end!!!
I literally yelled "AWH, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!"
Now I have to wait for book 3!


WELL DONE!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


Thank you, NetGalley \ Shameez Patel Papathanasiou\Flame Tree Press\ For this OUTSTANDING eARC in advance for my honest review. My opinion is of my own volition.


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It's been months since Cassia returned from Selend and Calla is well. She uses her healing magic on Earth and is taken by the King of the Firsts for it is not allowed. Lochlan saves her from the king and then the whole group flees to the Vineas realm where they have allies. But a shadowy being threatens the realm. They must eliminate this new threat for their allies to help them face the king and they're running out of time.

The writing as always is inviting and engaging making you feel like you've never left this world, which has grown bigger in this installment. It is so interesting to see more of the Firsts and their treatment of the Reborns will infuriate you. Also, the new realm is engrossing as is the new threat. The narrative is quite immersive with wording, that in its cleverness, pinpoints the exact emotion or imagery to further the story and embed it into our memorable reading experience.

Cassia is a poster child for kindness, determination and doing what is right. Lucas and his 'merry band" are just as determined. Squad goals in how much they care and watch out for each other. Lochlan remains a smirk-worthy fave, a misunderstood royal bad boy if you will. I am so happy this installment gave us the exquisite gift of a Lochlan POV, yay! It is so fun to see his inner thoughts. And his and Cassia's sizzlefest. Also, the unbelievable situation they are put in where the author's humor shines even more. The author does a remarkable job interchanging between POVs for the continuation of the story, furthering the plot and our love of the characters.

I really like the book's stance on prejudice, duty and honor and it is a beacon of hope in humanity. Heartwrenching, impressive storytelling. I gasped, smiled, clapped, laughed, read faster in anticipation of seeing what would happen next, even teared up. A more than deserving sequel that is surely a prelude to an explosive finale.

Was this review helpful?

Write Up | Fantasy (ARC)

📱 Eternal Shadow by Shameez Patel Papathanasiou

"I'll always catch you."

I'm not going to say too much about the plot of this action packed sequel because I want you all to just enjoy the ride.

The banter is as good as ever🥰, the ick in some parts is real🤢, Calla stole my heart (I am obsessed with her)😍 and the brotherly "love" is golden🤣.

In short you HAVE to read it! And if you haven't read The Last Feather yet, get started there and then come back for book two in the Selene trilogy (coming soon 👀).

I can't believe it's only a trilogy because there is still so much to explore in this universe.

So you have all your favourite characters returning and we get to meet some new ones. Due to a string of events, some of our TLF characters find themselves in a new realm, Vineas, with a new monster to fight...

What? how? who?? You have to read it to find out.

I can't wait for us to discuss this more when it comes out, but until then, thank you NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for this incredible opportunity. I can't wait to pick up my physical copy in store and revisit this world.

Was this review helpful?

I found The Last Feather is a bit too slow but this one was a fast paced and action packed story that kept me reading and turning pages.
I was glad to catch up with Cassia and the twists and events of this story are well done and entertaining.
An excellent read, recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine

Was this review helpful?

This book is a whirlwind of adventure. Supernatural abilities? Check. Enemies to lovers? Check. Steamy sexual tension? Check. And a mystical dark supervillain? Check. This book has all the makings of a new romantasy series I would 100% devour! The main characters are loveable and charismatic, but there are a lot of secondary characters that are irrelevant and distract from the juicy plot. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys SJM, Laura thalassa, and supernatural/fantasy romance books.

Only feedback I would give this book is that there is not enough world building. If there was more world building and a slower introduction to the characters (I think there are a bit too many characters to be honest) then the book would flow much better.

Was this review helpful?

Before I get into my positives and negatives, I would like to ask a question: is there a book that comes before this one? The reason I ask is because there are CONSTANT references to things that happened before this book took place, so I have to assume there is a story before this one. If not, there should have been. More than once, I wished I was reading that story instead of this one--and not just for context. The constant back-and-forth between "do you remember when this and this happened" and "the here and now" took me out of the story every time.

Let's start with the positives, as I believe this book should receive its due credit. I've divided them into categories:
1) Color: A Black female main character, a black family, shown in a positive light. They were supportive of each other and loved each other, and were willing to die for each other, if need be. They bestowed good lessons on their children and supported each other's dreams. It was so wholesome. I really loved their interactions.
2) Believable friendships: The friendships between both Cassia and Lucas, as well as the rest of the characters, was very believable and, in many cases, vital to the plot. I believed in their mission and really enjoyed how much they cared about each other.
3) Every character had great chemistry with the other, even the villains and heroes. The dialogue between each of the characters in the first half of the book was both witty and entertaining. I feared for the lives in some moments and loved their interactions at other times.
4) Lin-Jun. He was my favorite character. He was the only consistent character in the entire book, and he wasn't involved in the convulated sub-plot. Like him, I felt secondary embarrassment for them.
5) The book had interesting characters, to-die-for frienships, and an engaging plot.
6) Lochlan. He was the saving grace of this book--just not enough for me to want to read what comes next.
7) Lucas. The heart of everything.
8) Cassia's healing abilities. They were my favorite thing about her and said a lot about her character. She couldn't stand to see others in pain. She was easy to root for.

The negatives should not take away from the positives. The book is pretty original, and I enjoyed about 50% of it. I don't know what happened with the second part of the book, but the split between the two halves is so jarring, and the later content so convulated and lacking, that I struggled to finish the story at all.

***The most egregious part of the book (getting into spoilers, so avoid this part if you don't want to know) was the forced marriage between the two main characters. Their reasons for getting married were so stupid and unnecessary. They already felt a great deal for each other, so WHY did this contrived plot point exist? It felt rushed and forced, like when Cassia was kidnapped and given to King Idis. Yeah, that's a thing that happened. One bright spot was that she was rescued before he could rape her. Why am I telling you this? Because the book made you believe it was going to happen to such a degree that I want to spare you some anguish.

I won't even get into the sire bond, because I feel dumber for having read a book that featured it.

Having them get married and then IMMEDIATELY using MAGIC as the reason for why they were so desperate to have sex with each other (like that wasn't already happening, albeit in a more subtle way THE ENTIRE BOOK) was beyond absurd. The whole second half of the book was solely focused on the two main characters having sex. The plot completely dissolved. I kept forgetting what their mission was because of how much emphasis was put on the "forbidden" consummation of their marriage. When the big, scary confrontation came, I had to remind myself what was going on--I was that lost.

Rosheen, I believe was her name, Lucas and Lochlan's mother, was the worst character in the story. I kept waiting for her to die. She was such a brat to everyone, and unfair to her oldest son, for (since I have no context going into this story) no reason at all. Was she not the one who married the "true villain" of this story, King Idis? Did she not have a child with him? At least she had some control of her life. That's more than I can say for Cassia or Calla or Lochlan. Cassia was barely allowed to make any decisions, which I found very odd. She felt like a prisoner.

I'm counting this as a positive and a negative: the "this isn't a first person narrative, but it is. We'll just get around that by putting the character's name at the top so you will think it's a third person narrative." It wasn't as annoying as the last Twilight book, which tried a similar tactic, but I don't think it was necessary. The characters were all very distinctive. I think most readers could figure out whose mind they were in without the headings.

I enjoyed the book for what it was: good concept, bad execution.

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