The Dead Of Night

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Pub Date 04 Apr 2023 | Archive Date 31 Mar 2023

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When Angela Richman finds two dead bodies in a cursed crypt on Halloween, she is drawn into a spine-tingling mystery. Has a Chouteau Forest legend turned deadly, or is a dangerous killer on the loose?

Everyone in Chouteau Forest knows the legend of the Cursed Crypt. It's claimed that the restless spirit of a professor nicknamed Mean Gene Cortini, buried in Chouteau Forest University's crypt, has been causing death and destruction in the Forest for almost two centuries.

Local residents are used to disease and natural disasters striking every seven years. But not murder. When Trey Lawson outbids the wealthy Du Pres family at the university's annual Howl-o-ween Benefit Auction, he wins the chance to spend the night in the crypt with his fianc�e, Lydia. Angela Richman, Death Investigator, finds their mutilated bodies there the following morning.

As Angela investigates, she learns that Trey was threatening the established hierarchy of Chouteau Forest. Has the legend taken a deadly turn, or are Trey and Lydia victims of a vicious power struggle?

When Angela Richman finds two dead bodies in a cursed crypt on Halloween, she is drawn into a spine-tingling mystery. Has a Chouteau Forest legend turned deadly, or is a dangerous killer on the loose?

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Angela Richman is a death investigator with a special talent for solving murders after a misdiagnosed stroke and the subsequent surgeries to repair the damage. In the seventh installment of Viets’s series, Trey Lawson and his fiancee have posted the winning bid for the chance to spend Halloween night in Chocteau Forest’s Cursed Crypt, the final resting place for a nasty piece of work still wreaking havoc two hundred years after his death. The next morning Trey and Lydia are found in the crypt, mutilated and very dead. Is this the supernatural work of Mean Gene Crostini, the permanent resident of the crypt, or is the murder the work of someone very much alive? Angela is on the case. You really need to read the other books in this series, or at the very least, the first book, for this to make sense, and you won’t regret it. Viets has written a series that straddles the often too cute cozy mystery line and the more violent thrillers

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Evocative Mystery…
The seventh in the Angela Richman Death Investigator series and a chilling mystery for the gifted investigator. The legend of a cursed crypt at Chouteau Forest University is well known but when the mutilated bodies of the winners of a University benefit auction are found in the crypt by Angela things soon take a deadly turn. Is the legend real or is there a killer on the loose? Another well written and immersive instalment in the series with a likeable and feisty protagonist, well crafted characters and an evocative and compelling sense of place.

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It's a story of old money vs. new money at the fundraiser for Chouteau Forest University. At a charity event scheduled right before Halloween - Angela Richman and her boyfriend, Chris attend - there's a very special auction item... a night in a "haunted" crypt. One of the "new money" players wins and when the crypt is open in the morning... dead bodies of the guests are found inside. Angela is the death investigator assigned to the case - and with one of the best supporting casts in all Series - she and the team work through so many twists and turns to solve these murders. Elaine Viets has written one of the best characters - and series - around. And her colorful backdrop of Chouteau Forest provides such wonderful imagery. It's a fantastic series! One I look forward to! Thank you to Severn House for an advanced reader of this book - the opinions expressed are my own.

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When Trey Lawson and his fiance have the winning bid at an auction for a Halloween night in Cocteau Forest's Cursed Crypt, they didn't know they would end up dead the next morning. Is it the work of the supernatural or a real live person? I think if I had read the previous book I may have enjoyed this one more. But still is a thrilling read! Going to find the previous one and reread! Thanks#netgalley and#SevernHouse for the eARC in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are mine.

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I read this as a standalone and I did enjoy it but i was really distracted in the 1st half by the authors writing style. For some reason if a character was a POC, then this was always noted. Whether she writes about the gardener that's Hispanic, the dark skinned man, the mixed race young woman etc but...... I'm assuming the rest of the characters are supposed to be white but they don't get the same mention of their skin tone or nationality which I found really bizarre. Is white the default or standard colour that people come in unless it's stated otherwise? Because the majority of the earth's population is not in fact white, the majority are coloured in some form. I also found it disappointing that all these ethnic folks also had the most menial of jobs and not one coloured person had a job that required an education. And not one white person was in any job less than a profession that required skills, training and an education etc.

The story itsself was a good one. I liked the characters and the many sub plots. It started off with a really good pace and with the tension being built but the ending was rather abrupt and the killer basically got himself caught because he threw a tantrum which was a bit of a let down.

I also enjoyed the storyline about the ancestors and that that story was told since it does echo real life events and what happened in those times. It was also really respectfully and compassionately addressed. The author didn't shy away from the realities but she also didn't use it for shock value or talk about it like its inconsequential..... because it is still very relevant and deserves to be spoken about with respect for those who had to endure things like that. And props for refering to them as enslaved people. That almost makes up for only pointing out the skin tone of those who aren't white and for putting them all in entry level jobs but, hopefully next time either all characters have their race mentioned or it only gets brought up when relevant. Not just because someone isn't white.

It's cleverly written and the author really does make you feel like you are in the South. She paints a very vidi picture of life down there and of the people that you come across. I have no doubt that to this day, there really are people like that who care so much about new money vs old money and who would do anything to protect their family name and keep outsiders and those they deem lesser than, at bay. I'll definitely be looking into the authors other works

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This is another one of those police procedural, which I say I don't like but I read weekly anyway. In this one we are following a death investigator to all of her bloody job sites.
Every female victim is the willowy type. They all weight less than 100 pounds. It made really proud of the mama tummy I am usually wanting to hide. Come at me killers!
I think most of these victims are rich too. In the current state of the world it is nice to see them as the victims for once.
Also I can't imagine living somewhere so murdery. This takes place in October and I think in that one month they had more murders than we had all decade.
I LOVED the history of the area. Oh that was perfect.
Especially the tunnels.
Is this a series? I will read more of these. I like all of the explanations about the police jargon.
I need a donut.

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A cursed crypt? Trey won the chance to spent the night there but sadly when the morning came, both he and his fiance are dead- murdered by a fiend. Not a ghost. Angela, a death investigator who developed special powers of a sort after a stroke has a tricky one on her hands. This isn't really a cozy but more of a procedural despite the fact that it has some of the characteristics of the former. Angela is a terrific character and I'll admit it does help to have read at least one of the earlier books to fully appreciate her. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. A very good read.

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THE DEAD OF NIGHT by Elaine Viets
Would you spend the night in a haunted crypt* for a million dollars? Would you PAY a million dollars to do so? No? There it is, more proof that the rich ARE different . . . I wouldn’t, not even with a $500 gift basket of St. Louis delicacies thrown in, nope, not even for toasted ravs.
Nor do I envy Angela and her friends on the force their job of investigating in the dusty, cobwebby crime scene. Standing up to the powers that be adds extra danger and the need to stand up for each other as they risk their jobs and homes to follow the truth of the case.
The twists and turns and red herrings make this a compelling book, with enough wit and misdirection to moderate the “grit” enough for even my slightly squeamish self. Romance is beautifully and sweetly developed and the friendships are solid.
My only complaints are that the food descriptions make me hungry and I couldn’t read it slowly. It was over too soon, a good reason to look forward to another. ;-)
According to the afterward . . . based on a REAL crypt! Yikes!

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The Dead of Night: An Angela Richman Death Investigator Mystery
By Elaine Viets
April 2023

Review by Cynthia Chow

The prosperous community Chouteau Forest, Missouri has resisted most attempts to break down the walls of its exclusive and white-dominated population, but a surprising threat appears with the Halloween Chouteau Forest University fundraising “A Night in Mean Gene’s Curse Crypt” auction. While the Howl-o-ween University Benefactors’ Club intended the social event to be a way to pad their already considerable endowments, it also grants the “winner” membership into the Chouteau Founders Club. Fueled by ego and not a little bit of alcohol, an absurd bidding war arises between the old guard Du Pres family and new money heir Trey Lawson determined to buy his way in. After a winning bid of an absurd 1.4 million dollars, Trey and his loyal girlfriend also earn the privilege of spending the night in the legendary cursed crypt of former University scholar Eugene Franco Cortini. It also becomes the couples’ resting place, as when the crypt is opened the following morning both their bodies are found, brutally murdered and defiled.

Lydia Fynch’s loyalty as a girlfriend came into play when she defended Trey against rape allegations, testifying on his behalf and going so far as to insult and slander his accuser. That leads to the woman’s boyfriend becoming a main suspect in their deaths, as not only is Nathan Tucker working class, he is also black. Having been raised by a mother who often worked as a maid for the Du Pres and other wealthy families, Death Investigator Angela Richman has lived in both worlds and seen the influence of the moneyed families. The relentless thorn-in-her-side Detective Ray Greiman roadblocks Angela’s attempts to competently solve the case, as his loyalty is to the social-climbing police chief who protects the social elite. Even as Angela and her trusted Detective Jace Budewitz attempt to navigate past the barriers thrown up by those who consider themselves above the law, they often find themselves pressured to close cases early by those who do not believe that justice should treat everyone equally.

By this 7th of the series, the initial premise of Angela’s struggle to regain her life and career after a series of devastating strokes no longer plays a factor in her daily life. Instead, the challenge facing Angela is how to move on after the death of her beloved husband. She had believed that Donegan would be her one and only true love, and allowing herself to love again seems like a betrayal to him and everything they had together. Another equally compelling theme, one that is explored extensively in Elaine Viets’ Dead-End Job Mystery series, is the divide between economic classes. Along with the haves vs. the have-nots is a battle between New and Old Money, with the families of generational wealth looking down upon those who may have more recently earned their money. It’s fortunate that Angela is supported by her best friend Dr. Katie Kelly Stern, who not only provides much-needed personal advice but is also Chouteau Forest’s medical examiner. This novel is at its compelling best when it blends in smaller, but equally fascinating murder cases along the way, depicting not just Angela’s daily work life but the continual prejudices that the community faces every day. A final wrap-up chapter summarizing the fates of all the suspects and criminals delivers the most satisfying moments of all, with justice somehow winning in the end. The dry humor and witty observations of Angela and her friends ensure its place as a top-tier installment by a prolific and very talented author.

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A diabolical double murder for death investigator Angela Richman. A young couple, who at a benefit auction paid to spend the night locked in the Cursed Crypt, have been viciously murdered. The crypt was guarded all night, how could this happen? Angela, Detective Jace Budewitz and tech Sarah “Nitpicker” Byrnne must investigate the murder and find the killer or killers. Over the years, the couple had made several enemies and Angela must follow the leads and eliminate the suspects one by one. When the killer realizes that Angela is getting close to solving the murders, will he try to eliminate her? Angela’s love interest, Officer Chris Ferretti, worries when other deaths occur which keeps Angela running from scene to scene, needing to get justice for the dead. He is hoping to make their union permanent, but is she ready to finally move on after the death of her beloved husband? An intriguing, detailed and exciting police procedural. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (paytonpuppy)

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I love mysteries featuring Angela Richman as they're always solid, twisty, and entertaining. This is the best in the series so far.
A sort of locked room puzzle that reminded of me of some Dickinson Carr novels featuring an impossible crime and possible supernatural causes.
The victims are not likeable as they could be involved in a crime. There's also some social issues as the victim is new money and not loved by the old money people.
A mystery that kept me reading till late in the night and following Angela's investigation.
Gripping, entertaining, and well plotted.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine

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