Here and Thereafter

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Pub Date 18 Jan 2023 | Archive Date 18 Apr 2023

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What if a seasoned wizard invites you to apprentice under him?

At a town fair, August must decide just that. The young dirt covered farmer accepts. Now he's being whisked off from his village to a place unfamiliar.

Doubt plagues him as he learns the limits of his talents. Will he survive his lessons?

August could be the next wise magus, or just another dead fool, or something even worse.

What if a seasoned wizard invites you to apprentice under him?

At a town fair, August must decide just that. The young dirt covered farmer accepts. Now he's being whisked off from his village to a...

Advance Praise


Nicholas Whitcomb is a very creative and imaginative writer. His writing style allows us to imagine what he is describing so vividly that we can almost see and feel what the characters are experiencing. This story brings the reader to a world that is something out of a bad dream. Augie must learn to survive and thrive in a place and life not of his choosing. I recommend this book and Nicholas Whitcomb as a story teller. 

Makenzie Green

I got this as a gift to read. I enjoyed every minute of reading this book. It's a page turner, it keeps you entertained the whole time. Great book to read.

Thomas Allan Farnsworth

The here and hereafter was excellent. I really enjoyed the “non-Hollywood” stay of writing. Realist fantasy. Subtle magic with actual applications. Well done Whitcomb. This Tale is a great read for teens and young adults. Easy yet descriptive. I have read 3 novels by Whitcomb and truly love the adaptation from dark/realism in his twin cities novels, to this epic story the here and hereafter. Give all his books a try he is the next up and coming great author in our time. Great book! 

Shirley H

Enjoyed this book! Looking forward to the next one. "


Nicholas Whitcomb is a very creative and imaginative writer. His writing style allows us to imagine what he is describing so vividly that we can almost see and feel what the characters...

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Featured Reviews

"What if a seasoned wizard invites you to apprentice under him?" was what drew me in and I'm glad I was able to read this. The story worked well overall and did what I was hoping for in the fantasy genre. I enjoyed the way Nicholas "Tac" Whitcomb wrote this and thought it was a great concept. I'm excited to read more from the author as I enjoyed this a lot.

"It’s very useful, and I even use it to heat the house.” Serville stepped away and said, “Have at it, lad. Let’s see what you know.” Curiously and cautiously, August hunched over the tools laid before him: a small glass of water, forceps, and the boxes with spices and scrub cuttings. He picked a few up, rolled them in his hands, and sniffed them. He recognized thyme, frankincense, parsley, sage, mastic, clove, rosemary, and even dried orange peels."

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This was so weird and I liked it.

The story was intriguing throughout as you never knew what would happen next. In some ways I wish it stayed cozy like the beginning, but I was here for the ride. The ending left me conflicted. On one hand I wanted the classic happy ending, but on the other I can see why it went in the direction it did. All in all it was a fun, semi-twisted, read.

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Pick up a sack and leave your home behind for adventure underneath the tutelage of a wise wizard.
A staple of the fantasy genre.

Whitcomb subverts your expectations by keeping his summary vague and twisting the trope an average fantasy reader expects on its head.

The strength of Whitcomb’s writing is in his descriptions to set up scenes and his plotting. Although I had trouble retaining an interest initially because of the slow development I can appreciate it after finishing the book. Recalling the avid description and care he set on getting the reader to understand August’s everyday life mimics the mundane days of being a farmer. The same could be said of his description of a particular house (to make it as spoiler-free as possible), which while reading I thought was quite unnecessary until a key point of the plot.

Not to mention the characters were fascinating as well. I was intrigued by the foil between the honest farmer boy of August and the performative actions and words of Serville the Wizard. Mae, a woman who has not seen what the world has to offer and remains optimistic even in grim circumstances. Lacy, whose strength and pride in her craft plays a key role in their cause. And of course, Ziggy, who helps others find a way to keep on trucking on.

Once the plot kicked off I became heavily invested in the aspects of August’s new situation. Each page is utilized heavily and nothing feels like fluff. His ability to create such a story that mimics the slog of living through a long day and the quick pace of action-packed sequences within just 112 pages is impressive.

Here and Thereafter was a short but sweet read that wraps up quite nicely. No unanswered questions are left behind that might leave a reader unsatisfied.

Thank you to NetGalley for giving eARC access to this sweet tale. More in-depth review in Goodreads.

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I loved this short book. It was perfect for a quick read and I loved the book.
I just reviewed Here and Thereafter by Nicholas "Tac" Whitcomb. #HereandThereafter #NetGalley
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Here and Thereafter by Nicholas "Tac" Whitcomb is a thrilling and captivating fantasy novel that takes readers on a journey through the world of magic and wizardry. The story follows August, a young farmer who is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he is invited to apprentice under a seasoned wizard.

As August travels to an unfamiliar place to begin his training, he is plagued with doubts about his abilities and whether he will be able to survive the challenging lessons ahead. Despite his uncertainties, August pushes himself to learn and grow, determined to become the next great magus.

Whitcomb does an excellent job of creating a rich and immersive world of magic, filled with intriguing characters and detailed descriptions. The story is full of twists and turns, keeping readers on the edge of their seats and eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next.

The character of August is particularly well-developed, and readers will find themselves rooting for him throughout his journey. His struggles and triumphs are relatable, and his growth as a character is both satisfying and inspiring.

Overall, Here and Thereafter is an engaging and entertaining novel that will appeal to fans of fantasy and magic. Whitcomb's writing is excellent, and his storytelling skills are top-notch, making this a must-read for anyone who loves a good adventure.

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This was a great fantasy book, filled with magic and wonder. I loved every paragraph, every sentence and every word of it. Wizard apprentice stories are a niche love of mine, and this one is a new favorite. It's a fun adventure, and my only gripe is that I thought the ending could have been a bit more solid. But it still gets 5 stars from me.

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This was a magically beautiful fantasy book, I loved it. It's an easy read that takes you on a short a fun adventure. Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for the arc. 4/5

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I would like to first thank NetGalley and BookBaby for providing me with a free eARC of this book. I greatly appreciate it!

I'm not entirely sure if this story is intended for a young audience, but this pleasant story reminds me of the literary adventures one would read as a child. It's filled with magic and wonder, but also with the darker tones of evil wizardry. I really enjoyed it, and it helped me out of reader's slump. In some ways it's cozy and endearing, and in others it's thought provoking and uplifting. I am a little sad about the ending, but I found the overall message to be very satisfying.

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I usually read epic high fantasy books, and this one was pretty short, but packed with action. It could have been developed intona very nice epic fantasy book.
The story felt more like a moral to teach to children, yet it was dark, inventive, and had some nice plotpoints. The happy ever after was also a very different kind of happy ever after.

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I've been looking for a new cozy fantasy and this fit the bill in every way. I absolutely loved this book and the vibes that it gives you while you read. I cannot wait to get a physical copy of this book and annoy everyone around me into reading it.

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