Far Out

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Pub Date 08 Jan 2024 | Archive Date 30 Sep 2023

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Screenwriter Blake Deco’s life is upended when his Hollywood movie-star wife, Goldie Saint Helen, comes out of a coma after a car accident with a makeshift identity. Her lawyers see her condition as an opportunity to swindle her.

Screenwriter Blake Deco’s life is upended when his Hollywood movie-star wife, Goldie Saint Helen, comes out of a coma after a car accident with a makeshift identity. Her lawyers see her condition as...

Advance Praise

"A pacey and hilarious crime caper that will thrill fans of David Wong and Janet Evanovich." — BestThrillers.com

“Khaled Talib’s FAR OUT starts with a bang as movie star Goldie Saint Helen crashes into a Pacific Coast Highway hillside. It soon becomes evident that her injuries include amnesia and that she’s assumed the identity of a proposed movie character: Gypsy Star, a 1960s detective who views life as one big groovy trip—if the bad guys don’t get in the way: in this case, her lawyers, LaBeau and Carlton, wants to have her committed so that they can control her estate. When her husband, covert operative turned thriller writer Blake Deco, figures this out, revenge is not just sweet; it’s worthy of a Hollywood ending.

This next adventure for Deco and Goldie punches just as hard as GUN KISS, the previous outing for this seductive hard-living duo. To readers’ delight, the stakes are just as high, the twists are just as big, and the action is addictive.”

— Josie Brown, The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook series

“In FAR OUT, Khaled Talib weaves together a unique premise, a likable heroine with a 60’s vibe, and a twisty, satisfying narrative to give the reader a fun ride.”

— Dennis Palumbo, author of The Daniel Rinaldi mysteries

“Blake Deco and Goldie St. Helen are back in a witty, thrill-a-second sequel to GUN KISS. Khaled Talib turns the action up to an eleven as ex-Delta badass Deco has to save his new movie-star wife from a clever and dastardly plot that’s ripped right from the headlines. (I’m looking at you Brittany Spears). The twists and turns are shocking and fun and endlessly surprising. The dialogue is snappy. The characters are fun as hell. The action is non-stop. And Southern California is captured in all its sun-drenched glory. If you’re looking for a quirky, action-packed, tongue-in-cheek page-turner…look no further.”

— Haris Orkin, award-winning author of The James Flynn Escapade series

"A pacey and hilarious crime caper that will thrill fans of David Wong and Janet Evanovich." — BestThrillers.com

“Khaled Talib’s FAR OUT starts with a bang as movie star Goldie Saint Helen crashes...

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Featured Reviews

Goldie Saint Helen is an A-list actress who gets into a pretty bad car wreck. Luckily some young college aged kids pull her from the wreckage and save her life. Too bad she doesn't know who she is. She thinks that she's Gypsy Starr from the script she read shortly before the accident. Gypsy is under the impression that it's the 60's and a girl named Cameron has gone to live on a hippie comune. She was hired to save Cameron because the FBI is also testing strychnine on the hippies. It's a pretty good script, but a problem when Goldie/Gypsy thinks it's real life. Goldie's husband Blake is trying to help her recover from this strange amnesia before her lawyers put her under a conservatorship.

This book was insane! So fast paced and non stop! It sounds like a lot going on but it was done amazingly well!! The story is almost like an action movie but with an amazing plot line. I think the writing is spectacular.

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What would you do if you’d wake up one day and think that you were a detective and a hippie? Well, this is now the premise of former Hollywood star Goldie Saint Helen.

Talon’s writing style is so interesting and very unique. You get hooked on the story very quickly and apparently, the Britney Spears conservatorship case inspired the author to write this fiction. WHATTTTT????

I truly loved this book and can’t wait for it to be out!

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"Far out" by Khaled Talib is a captivating thriller that explores the dark side of the entertainment industry. With its intriguing premise, complex characters, and a web of deception, this book will keep readers hooked from beginning to end.

The story centers around Blake Deco, a talented screenwriter whose life is turned upside down when his famous wife, Goldie Saint Helen, emerges from a coma with a peculiar twist: a fabricated identity. As Goldie's lawyers try to take advantage of her vulnerable state, Blake is caught in a web of deceit and must navigate the treacherous world of Hollywood to protect his wife and uncover the truth.

One of the standout elements of this book is the author's ability to portray the manipulative and cutthroat nature of the entertainment industry. The book shines a spotlight on themes of greed, power, and the lengths people will go to maintain their position of influence. This backdrop adds an extra layer of tension and suspense to the plot, as readers are taken on a thrilling journey filled with twists and turns.

The characters in the novel are well-developed and multi-dimensional. Blake is a relatable protagonist, grappling with his own personal struggles while desperately trying to protect Goldie. The supporting cast, including Goldie's lawyers and other industry insiders, add depth to the narrative and raise questions about their true intentions. Each character brings their own motivations and secrets, making the story all the more engaging.

The author's writing style is engaging and keeps the pacing of the story brisk. The plot is filled with suspenseful moments and unexpected revelations, ensuring that readers are constantly invested in the outcome. The exploration of the dark underbelly of Hollywood adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, capturing the allure and danger of the industry.

While this novel delivers a thrilling storyline, there were instances where the intricacies of the plot could have been further explored and developed to elevate the suspense and create a more intricate web of deception. In addition, some readers may find certain plot twists predictable. However, these minor detractions do not overshadow the overall enjoyment of the book.

In conclusion, "Far Out" by Khaled Talib is a captivating thriller that exposes the underbelly of the entertainment industry. With its well-drawn characters, fast-paced plot, and a web of deception, this book is a satisfying read for fans of gripping suspense.

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This story is fun, quirky and fast moving. Memory loss and amnesia used for cover to run amok. When Goldie loses her memory in an accident, she takes on the identity of a movie star from the past. Together with her screenwriter husband they meet the dark side of the industry full on. Fascinating, funny and infuriating! I really enjoyed this.

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Goldie Saint Helen, who is angry with her husbands cat that ruined her muffins and she gets out of the house for some days to stay out. Later, she gets crashes into the accident at Pacific Coast Highway hillside. She has been dragged out by some of the college students to save her life. She has been taken to hospital where her husband Blake has told that she has some injuries and soon becomes evident she suffering from Amnesia. With that she starts to think that she herself is Gypsy Rose, a private hippie detective from 1960. Candace, is the girl Goldie goes in search of the case she has been looking on. Gypsy Rose is the character that she has signed in for her next movie to play the character. She herself thinks that’s her real identity. In between this, her lawyer take the opportunity to take her conservatorship to pull legitimate dollar to illegal acts. Blake acts to be Ted,that he read the script to act along with her. She has been shifted from hospital to Laguna Beach to safe guard from Paparazzi. While, on a dine out she happened to the girl named Sierra whom she recognises as the girl Candac, that makes her think she is in the right way to her work.

Blake character stood outstanding in this story. He is very good husband and plays the act along with Goldie, especially the 70’s act was very funny. An excellent story, well enjoyed. Would definitely recommend everyone to read it.

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I loved this! Kept me guessing until the end and kept me wanting more. Definitely going to look for more by this author.

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FAR OUT is the story of Goldie, a well-known actor, who is found on the side of the road post-automobile accident, is pulled from her car and is barely conscious, but onlookers definitely recognize her as the celebrity she is. She’s taken to the hospital where Goldie’s husband is told she’s had a brain injury and on one hand, the doctor makes it out to be very serious, yet the next page makes it seem she’ll be good as new in a few days and it’s only temporary.
The problem is, Goldie is convinced she is Gypsy, the character (a hippie-detective from the 60’s) based on the script she’d been studying, she is slated to start filming. She thinks her sister works for the CIA and believes her husband is lying about who he says he is.

So, for Goldie’s sake, they decide to play along.

The characters are all quite likable.
It’s written well and was one of those fast read stories that you can play out in your head like a movie. This was a gracious ARC from NetGalley I had. It needs a few minor edits, but the story was fun. Not totally believable, but I wasn’t looking for it to be.

The keywords I picked up that made me want to read FAR OUT, Brain Injury, Gypsy, hippies, 60’s, detective. That combination just seemed high-potential for a clever story.

I really enjoyed it. If it was in print on my shelf I’d most likely pick it up again in the future, just for the enjoyment of it. I DO want this one in print so I guess I am a fan now. If it was a movie, it'd be more like a of low-budget that still does relatively well at the box office (if that makes sense) and while it wasn’t crazy action packed, it was the combination of characters and word-play that made it so amusing. I’d definitely suggest it for friends that are looking for a fun read, but as far as a high-suspense, it was mostly stress-free to read.

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Leave a space on your bookshelf for this one. It has a bit of everything from love, trust, tragedy, betrayal and excitement.

The A list actress Goldie has been in a terrible car wreck giving her temporary amnesia, while she is just about to do a new movie for a 60's vibe role. After a period of time her husband Blake discovers that pot pills help to bring her back from her "actress role" to her normal self.

Lots of drama along the way but the real twist comes when her lawyers see this as a good time to take advantage of her situation and steal her money. What they did not account for was that Blake would do whatever it takes to get it all back including breaking out of jail, running from the law and breaking her out of a asylum to prove their innocence.

While I really enjoyed the story itself it did have a little more details that could have been shortened. The characters had name changes and a few that you really had to keep track of to keep up with the story. All in all I am going to give this book a 4* review.

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This was an interesting read with a unique plot. Full of action and twists that i didn’t predict. It held my attention the entire story, and i definitely recommend this book once it’s released.

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Far Out
Khaled Talib
When movie star, Goldie Saint Helen was in a serious accident some college students stopped and pulled her from her burning Lexus. The accident left her in a coma. Before the accident she was angry with her husband, Blake Deco; his dang cat had destroyed her homemade muffins. She has a form of amnesia that leaves her thinking she is someone else. She has taken on the persona of a female detective, Gypsy Rose, from the late 60’s-early 70’s era. She looks like a hippie, dresses like a hippie, and talks like a hippie. She believes she is one of the college students that rescued her. The doctors have told her husband Blake to go along with her. Several things happen that reinforce her belief that she is Gypsy Rose. Someone really is out to get Goldie Saint Helen. Her lawyers see an opportunity to take advantage of her.
This is a sad but funny tale: sad because of the shysters willing to take advantage of anyone and funny…well you will have to read it to find the true humor. The main character is a movie star and very wealthy so of course her lawyers who have conservatorship want to pull every legitimate dollar they can from her plus a lot of dollars that are not legitimate. The plot is filled with lots of action, twists and turns. I enjoyed this tale. The plot is unique and interesting.

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hank you Net Galley for the advanced copy of Far Out to be released January 2024. This thriller is actioned packed. I felt like I was watching this on TV with its descriptive action. Blake Deco is married to a movie star Goldie Saint Helen in Hollywood. She is in an automobile crash that causes her to have dissociative amnesia. She thinks she is living in the 60’s and that era takes over her personality throughout a lot of the book which gives the book an added element of humor. The overall theme of the story is the dangers of conservatorship as her lawyers try to take over her millions. This is not your typical thriller but is funny, tense, and action packed all at the same time!

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The delusions in this book are what made it original, fun, and exciting. I did get a bit confused in some places as there was so much to follow, but all in all I enjoyed this read despite it not being something I would ordinarily pick up.

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Not completely my cup of tea, but its not your typical thriller, it's set in Hollywood and this superstar thinks she's a 60s private detective. It's super action packed and I definitely have some people to recommend it to.

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Such a good read. Goldie and Blake are an impressive couple who cannot seem to stay out of trouble. Goldie is involved in an accident and it just gets worse after that. Luckily Blake is her hero and will make sure everything works out.
I definitely recommend this book. Good read was into it right from the start.

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Goldie is a famous actress who once was abducted. Years after that abduction, Goldie ends up in a car crash and, as a result, suffers from dissociative amnesia. Goldie now thinks that she is Gypsy, a hippie looking for a girl named Candace who might be in danger because the CIA is looking for her and wants to experiment on her. Gypsy actually is a character from a movie that Goldie was asked to portray. Goldie gets out of her amnesia pretty quickly, although very many challenges and adventures are coming up ahead, as not everybody is who they say they are.

This book was so well written. This was my first book by Khaled Talib, and honestly, I was completely invested right from the start. The plot was pretty predictable, but with this book, that did not even really matter since there were so many plot twists that got you wanting to know what was going to happen. The tension was up throughout the entire book, which just kept me wanting to finish this book. And when I did finish, it did not disappoint. You also got sucked into the character's lives. I was so invested that, at a certain point, I felt so bad for Maria that I almost cried. The book also briefly touched upon being locked into a psychiatric institution when you actually do not deserve to be there, which also was really interesting, and I wouldn't have minded a little more elaborate plot on that.

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This is an interesting story but the fascination for me came with the exploration of brain injury and the potential legal issues within the entertainment industry. Both aspects added a layer of difference which made this a compelling read. The author has a nice writing style which features credible dialogue and a fast pace.

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thank you to netgalley, the author and the publisher for this advanced copy

a fantastic thriller that kept me guessing

Was this review helpful?

I really love this book. I found the story to be incredibly engrossing. It was a fast pace, thriller, and I really enjoyed the characters as well.

Was this review helpful?

A perfect summer read and lots of fun. For the full review go to https://www.tumblr.com/joebloggshere/722302853169954816/far-out-by-khaled-talib-this-is-a-fun-read-and?source=share

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Great book. Started off a little slow for me, improved as i continued reading. I like the story line and the characters.

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I want start this review thanking NetGalley for the access to this ARC I am always up for a good thriller and when I read about this book I get excited about dark side of the entertainment industry. The characters in this book are so complex and good. Is a book you can’t put down once you get into it.
For me the biggest thing about this book is the author's ability to portray the dark side of the industry and the way he create and make his characters grow. The development of the character is brilliant and as a reader I always love. The plot with all the twists, the writing style of the author and the suspense of the book make the pace be really good and be a book I totally enjoyed.

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This is a book review for 'Far out' by Khaleb Talib. It is a fast-paced action thriller and was quite entertaining. A famous actress is invoved in a major accident. She recovers but with her memory misplaced. She thinks she's someone else and does not believe in anyone around her. Her only hope is her husband, Blake, who needs to reach out to her carefully but at the same time protect her mental health. Meanwhile there are enemies eyeing her vast estate and assets.

Once you reach halfway through, the book flies pretty fast. Goldie is the actress who thinks she is Gypsy. She assumes that she is on a rescue mission to find a girl, Candace, who is in danger. But they all get trapped.

There is a very exciting rescue operation invovlving daring friends of Blake and a lot of high fi gadgets.

What happens to Goldie/ Gypsy? Will she ever find out her true identity? Read the book to find out.

Was this review helpful?

Pretty good. This is fairly entertaining and includes some humor along the way. This is from an experience author, so he knows how create a good story.

Thanks very much for the free copy for review!!

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GooldieSaint Helen is angry her husbands Cat has ruined all of her muffins and she needs to get away for a few days but unfortunately she has an accident that causes her to have a type of amnesia that makes her believe she is someone else in her case she thinks she’s gypsy rose a female detective in the mid-70s who loves to say far out and wear hippie type close this was a role she was about to do in a movie but unfortunately it’s now is her reality and one her husband Blake has to go along with. When she wrecked her Lexus some college students helped her escape the car that was on fire and in her delusion she thinks one of them is Candace a girl who is hooked up with a cult that is also in Kahoot with the CIA and she is in danger of being in the MK ultra psychedelic program so when Blake takes “gypsy“ to Laguna Beach to get her away from the paparazzi he is shocked to see the college student is there and this is only more proof to gypsy that she is on the right track. As if his wife thinking she is a 70s female detective wasn’t bad enough little do they know but someone is actually out to get Goldie Saint Helen but why and who is it? This book was so much fun I loved Blake and thought he was such a good devoted husband not to mention the lol moments in the 70s references were so great this really was a great idea for Brooke AN a greatly executed plot I loved it and highly recommend it I really enjoyed this book so much I’ve received it from NetGalley and publisher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

Was this review helpful?

First i wanna say that the cover is really cool!

I loved all the action! I really loved all the twists. I’m pretty sure i finished it in only a few days.
I found out during my reading experience i love reading about amnesia! Very fascinating! I can’t believe how devoted the husband was during all her episodes! I was impressed!
I can’t believe all that Maria went through. Wanted to keep reading and find out what happens next!

I did get a bit confused with all the characters but ones i wrote them all out i kept up with the story just fine!
Thank you so much for the ARC! Soo greatful! :)

Was this review helpful?

Fun and Fast-Moving Thriller Written with Enjoyment in Mind!

FAR OUT by author Khaled Talib is an inventive thriller written with a reader’s enjoyment in mind. The central idea solid, it poses an answer to the age-old question of how far people will go to wrap their larcenous hands around someone else’s money—someone they’re hired to protect. Unfortunately, Goldie Saint Helen and her husband Blake Deco are about to find out the hard way that they’ll do anything they can get away with—and more—by using something called a “Conservatorship,” the perfect vehicle for committing highway robbery.

What makes this story so interesting is the inclusion of amnesia as one of the adversities that Goldie must overcome to right the myriad of wrongs piling up on a pretty ritzy Hollywood doorstep. For the movie star about to be ripped off of her millions, it means not knowing her true identity and instead believing she’s Gypsy Star, a character in a movie script she was set to begin filming. To make matters worse, Gypsy is written as a private detective living and spreading the love in the swinging 60s. The juxtapositioning between then and now is perfect and keeps Blake on his toes in averting disaster.

If you like your thrillers loaded with laughs, and coated with mystery and a touch of romance, FAR OUT would be the choice for you. Mr. Talib does a great job of keeping one step ahead of the reader and surprising us at every turn. It’s pure enjoyment from start to finish and leaves me with an urge to read another work by this author to see what else he can do! I’m giving this one five stars.

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