Create Your Own Cozy

100 Practical Ways to Love Your Home and Life

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Pub Date 07 Nov 2023 | Archive Date 14 Nov 2023

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What makes you feel cozy? This gorgeous book of inspiration is all about what helps you feel at home. Create your own quiet refuge with tips and affordable décor ideas from popular blogger and author Liz Marie Galvan. Liz's friendly blend of inspiration, interactive elements, and intentional living ideas will help you create cozy spaces, healthy habits, and will fill your home with peace and connection.

Bring peace, calm, and beauty into your life and your home as you journey with popular blogger and author Liz Marie Galvan through Create Your Own Cozy to create a haven for yourself and those you love.

This beautiful interactive book offers:

  • Ideas to make your home and life cozier—from personal routines to easy and affordable ways to make any space feel comfortable
  • Cozy home tips, garden ideas, and easy gathering suggestions
  • Stunning photography and captivating original art
  • Space to record room dimensions, paint colors, shopping lists, project plans, and monthly checklists to keep your home running smoothly


This gorgeous interactive book is great for those looking for:

  • Inspiration for attractive and flexible home spaces for exercising, home offices, and functional family areas
  • How to repurpose décor, incorporate clean household products, and live more sustainably
  • A gift for first-time home buyers, newlyweds, housewarmings (for buyers, renters, and fixer-uppers), or anyone looking to track their home-improvement projects
  • Encouragement to share their home with others


A beautiful companion to Liz's bestselling Cozy White Cottage and Cozy White Cottage Seasons, this inspirational guide invites you to embrace the home you have, put your heart into meaningful improvements, and develop rhythms and routines that make your home and your heart a place of coziness, connection, and rest.

What makes you feel cozy? This gorgeous book of inspiration is all about what helps you feel at home. Create your own quiet refuge with tips and affordable décor ideas from popular blogger and author...

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Featured Reviews

I've been a Liz Marie Galvan follower for awhile and was happy to read her latest book. Lots of great advice and checklists, as well as a great workbook to explore your own cozy. As expected, some great pics of her beautiful home. A quick read but a book you will continue to come back to.

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This is a must-have resource with stunning photography. It is full of great strategies, advice, and easy to implement ideas. This is one I'll return to again and again. Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

Was this review helpful?

LOVED this! The pictures are inviting and warm. The ideas are helpful and manageable. I loved just sitting down and going through the book. First to read it, then again to enjoy the pictures. It is exactly the feel and ambience I go for in my own home. She gave great ideas and tips!

Was this review helpful?

Create Your Own Cozy : 100 Practical Ways to Love Your Home and Life is a beautiful book full of inspiring pictures and ideas for creating a home you love. The author encourages you to question what makes you happy and helps you define what a loving cosy home means to you. It is a lovely coffee table book that you will want to dip into again and again.

Was this review helpful?

This book helps to organize your home and your family. The author offers up many good ideas and provides pages of blank space to answer thoughtful questions on what your style and wants are.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this guide to a cozy living by Liz Marie Galvan.
When asked about my personality, I always include the word cozy because that is how I want to live. I like to romanticize both big and small moments in life. This book is about those moments.

With 100 practical ways to make your home and life more cozy on your own turns. From spending time with family, to bedtime routines, cleaning, food and health. It also includes monthly checklists that I will use in the future.

It is a fun book with many beautiful photos. Not only that, but it is very interactive, so be ready with a pen when you pick this up. It is a perfect gift for the new homeowner, mother or anyone really.

Was this review helpful?

This isn’t just another book on home decorating. It’s more like an idea book and journal on how to turn your home into the cozy place you desire. The many sections contain tips on home decor, gardens, self love, fitness and health, family time, and cleaning. In every section, there are spots to jot your ideas, answer prompts, and make lists and prioritize them. If you love working on your home and journaling/list making, this is such a fun book. I can see carrying it around with me to jot things down when ideas hit.

Was this review helpful?

This book is perfect for the home decorator who meets three criteria— loves to journal with lots of prompts, loves the trendy white “modern farmhouse” aesthetic, and has a decidedly newer, upscale house. While I love to make my home cozy, I don’t fit any of those criteria so it was a disappointment for me. It required way too much journaling, was too one-note (white decor, fake country, affluent influencer vibe), and nothing in the endless checklists related to my hundred year old, beat up but beloved boho colorful mismatched home. This is the sort of style that’s really trendy right now though so I’m sure it will find an enthusiastic audience. It will be a great resource for many.

I read a temporary digital copy of this book for review.

Was this review helpful?

I really appreciated that each chapter not only covered a different place to connect with (both in your house and in your heart) but each chapter also started with a checklist of what to do for the month - clean the gutters, change your HVAC filter, put away summer clothing. A really useful tool for a new homeowner. I loved the way the information was presented. The only issue was that the workbook pieces did not really translate to kindle. But I'm sure they're lovely in the print edition.

Was this review helpful?

This is a very useful book, not only does it help with understanding what one wants from ones home, but also has questionnaires along the way to help narrow down the style with your personality. The photographs are great, the ideas are helpful and the end result will be lovely.. Thanks you NetGalley and the publishers for the DRC

Was this review helpful?

So practical! I loved that the tips and suggestions in this book are applicable and easily attainable. I will be referencing this book many times, and I plan on giving it as a perfect Christmas gift!

Was this review helpful?

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a cute book on finding your own cozy! There's prompts to think about what kind of textures you like, how various spaces make you feel, what you use spaces for, and more to learn about what cozy means for you. While some of the prompts are fairly high level, some are helpful in thinking about what would help you feel best in your living space. There's tips on how to put together a space you enjoy, though money isn't really discussed in a way that's practical. Overall it's an interesting read.

Was this review helpful?

Thank You NetGalley for this digital e-book.

I love Liz Marie Galvan, her other books, and her blog. I was so excited to see she had another book coming out and was beyond thrilled when I receive an ARC. This book does not disappoint. The pictures are wonderful and I love the information and the worksheets to help determine your own cozy. I will keep referring back to this book for reference and inspiration.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoy the prompts and the areas to write in. It helps really delve in rather than have passing thoughts as you read.

This book is different than her others because it really makes being cozy personal to the reader. She gives you her foundation and examples but makes it easy for the reader to change it for them and still feel like they are doing it "right".

I also love that cozy isn't being sold as "stuff" you need for your home. But a way of thinking and lifestyle. Yes, you can buy things that make you cozy, and that is mentioned but it's also talked about using what you have for your home and making yourself feel cozy outside of objects.

Also, monthy checklists are always welcome in my cozy home!

This is definitely my favorite of her books and I'll be recommending it to everyone!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC for me to contribute an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

The author gives lots of ideas to make your home special to you. She gives thoughtful questions to ask yourself to help define what's important to you. A helpful book.

Was this review helpful?

Create Your Own Cozy is the one stop book for creating and maintaining the space of your coziest dreams. The book was refreshingly in depth and attempts to really dive into the aspects that go into building the reader’s idea of cozy. I really liked this, and that the book didn’t push its own ‘cozy’ agenda. The author clearly wrote this book to help people create their ideal home. The book also included detailed checklists for maintaining your cozy home through each month of the year. As someone who flourishes with a good checklist, this was a great tool to have included. I really enjoyed reading Create Your Own Cozy!

Was this review helpful?

Such a great read! 4 stars because this one didn't hit as hard for me as her previous books. I think some of the "cozy" was a bit of a stretch in this.

HOWEVER, still a fantastic read. I have followed Liz Marie for many years and own her other books. She is such an inspiration and I love love love looking at her pictures and reading her tips. This book gave a lot of lists and is like a workbook. It helps you to figure out what cozy really means to you and how to incorporate cozy into your life (through your perspective).

Still a Liz Marie fan, always and forever!

Was this review helpful?

The aesthetic of this book automatically made me want to recreate my home. In Liz Marie Galvan's book, Create Your Own Cozy, we're given an inside look at tips and trades to make your own space everything you want it and more. From organizational tips, to beautiful photos, Galvan also gives reader's a chance to reflect on their own homes and how they can make it the ultimate space of relaxation. This is a great book to keep on a bookshelf or coffee table as a reminder that each space is individual, yet has the capability of being your own sanctuary.

Was this review helpful?

"Create Your Own Cozy: 100 Practical Ways to Love Your Home and Life" by Liz Marie Galvan appears to be a beautifully crafted book that offers readers inspiration and guidance on creating a cozy and inviting living space. The book seems to blend elements of home decor, personal routines, intentional living, and practical tips to help readers transform their homes into havens of comfort, peace, and connection. Here are the key points about the book:

1. **Creating a Cozy Haven:** The book aims to help readers cultivate cozy and comfortable living spaces that bring a sense of peace, calm, and beauty into their lives. It appears to focus on the idea that a cozy home is not just about decor, but also about creating an environment that supports well-being and connection.

2. **Interactive and Inspirational:** "Create Your Own Cozy" seems to engage readers through a combination of inspiration and interactive elements. It likely offers a blend of practical advice, personal anecdotes, stunning photography, and original art to encourage readers to infuse their homes with warmth and character.

3. **Practical Tips and Ideas:** The book appears to provide readers with practical ways to enhance their living spaces, from personal routines to affordable decor ideas. It may offer insights into creating flexible and functional areas within the home for various activities and needs.

4. **Home Improvement and Sustainability:** The book seems to explore the concept of repurposing decor, incorporating clean household products, and living more sustainably. It may encourage readers to make meaningful improvements to their homes while considering their environmental impact.

5. **Record-Keeping and Planning:** "Create Your Own Cozy" may include space for readers to record room dimensions, paint colors, shopping lists, and project plans. This feature could make it a helpful resource for tracking and planning home-improvement projects.

6. **Embracing Connection:** The book may encourage readers to not only create a cozy home for themselves but also to share their space with others. It may emphasize the importance of fostering connections and building memories within a welcoming environment.

7. **Companion to Previous Works:** The book appears to be a companion to Liz Marie Galvan's previous bestselling books, "Cozy White Cottage" and "Cozy White Cottage Seasons." It may continue the themes of coziness, decor, and intentional living explored in those works.

8. **Audience:** "Create Your Own Cozy" seems to be suitable for a wide range of readers, including those who are interested in home decor, organization, sustainability, and creating a sense of comfort and connection in their living spaces.

Overall, "Create Your Own Cozy" by Liz Marie Galvan appears to offer readers a comprehensive guide to transforming their homes into cozy and inviting sanctuaries. With a combination of practical advice, inspiration, and interactive elements, the book seems to be a valuable resource for those seeking to infuse their living spaces with comfort, beauty, and meaning.

Was this review helpful?

This book is a perfect example of cozy! The cover is warm and inviting and just the title drew me in. I loved reading through this book and going over all the ways the author gives to literally create your own cozy in your home. This would be a great gift but also a great one to have on your own shelves in case you need a dose of cozy or inspiration.

Was this review helpful?

This is a lovely book with lots of ideas and suggestions for making your life a bit more cozy. There are so many ideas for inside and outside your home. The pictures are gorgeous!

Thank you #NetGalley and Liz Marie Galvan for #CreateYourOwnCozy

Was this review helpful?

I had expected to like this book but I did not, I LOVED it. Rarely do you find an interiors and home book written in such a useful and accessible way. Being old and fairly social media phobic , I had not heard of this lady before but she talks such good sense and her ideas are great. I have already ordered the hardback version as then I can write note in it as intended.

Was this review helpful?

Create Your Own Cozy is a very informative book not only about how to make your home cozy, but every area of your life cozy. I like how she gave tIps on creating cozy on every level, on how you can create cozy on your income level and your own design style. My copy of book didn’t included all the pictures, but I’m sure they were very beautiful since I follow Liz on Instagram, and all her pictures are stunning. I love the cover of the book, it would be a beautiful addition to any coffee table. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy.

Was this review helpful?

Ms. Galvan has written several books based on her blog (full disclosure, I'd never heard of her or her blog before I read this galley), and this book, like the others, is based on the same. I thought the book would be a decorating book, but it's much more than that. Ms. Galvan has monthly lists of things to do around your home (cleaning chores, for example), although they are more for those living in a temperate or northern climate, and there are only a few references to what those of us living elsewhere should do instead. People trying to organize their busy lives may find these monthly chore lists helpful. There are decorating tips, her personal philosophy and outlook on life, and one of the final chapters is a statement of how her belief in God underscores her life. To be honest, the book read as someone trying to make the leap to national-level fame and money a la the Magnolia House people (who, frankly I can't stand; sorry, fans, it's all too perfect). It's laid out nicely, the photographs are nice, with a brown/green/white cozy calm theme. I guess many people find these books aspirational. I find them sometimes condescending, sometimes irritating (money for someone to come clean my house once a month? I wish!), most often too perfect. My life isn't perfect and I prefer not to be reminded that it falls short of these idealized lives. But for those wanting to reorder their lives and in need of step by step guidance, her monthly lists and 100 themes are perfect.

I'm giving it 4 out of 5, even though it most definitely not my style of book, because it's attractive, nicely laid out, and the mix of structured to-do lists, personal reflections, and 100 topics is well done. For me as a reader, I'd personally give it 1 star, because I find these kinds of books annoying.

Was this review helpful?

Book Review: Create Your Own Cozy by Liz Marie Galvan

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What makes a house a home? In her delightful book, "Create Your Own Cozy," popular blogger and author Liz Marie Galvan explores the art of creating warm and inviting spaces that bring peace, calm, and beauty into our lives. Filled with inspiration, practical tips, and stunning photography, this interactive guide is a must-have for anyone seeking to transform their living spaces into havens of comfort and connection.

From personal routines to affordable décor ideas, Galvan offers a wide range of suggestions to make any space feel cozy. Whether you're looking to create a functional home office, a serene garden, or simply seeking inspiration for attractive and flexible living areas, this book has got you covered. It's a treasure trove of ideas on repurposing décor, incorporating clean household products, and living more sustainably.

One of the standout features of "Create Your Own Cozy" is its interactive nature. Galvan provides ample space for readers to record room dimensions, paint colors, shopping lists, project plans, and monthly checklists, making it easy to keep your home running smoothly. This practical aspect sets this book apart from others in the genre and makes it an invaluable resource for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

The book is beautifully presented, with captivating original art and stunning photography that transports you into the cozy spaces Galvan has created. The visuals alone are enough to inspire even the most design-challenged among us. The author's friendly and conversational writing style adds to the overall charm of the book, making it an enjoyable read from cover to cover.

As someone who appreciates the power of a cozy and inviting home, I found "Create Your Own Cozy" to be an absolute delight. It's packed with prompts, ideas, tips, and information that will help you create the ultimate cozy vibe in your living spaces. The thoughtful layout and abundance of space for jotting down your thoughts make it a practical companion for anyone embarking on a home improvement journey.

This book would make an excellent gift for yourself or someone you know who could use a little more "cozy" in their life. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, newlywed, or simply looking to enhance your living spaces, "Create Your Own Cozy" will inspire you to embrace your home, infuse it with your heart, and create rhythms and routines that foster coziness, connection, and rest.

In conclusion, Liz Marie Galvan's "Create Your Own Cozy" is a must-read for anyone seeking to transform their living spaces into havens of comfort and tranquility. With its practical tips, beautiful visuals, and interactive elements, this book is sure to inspire readers to create the ultimate cozy vibe in their homes. So go ahead, grab a cup of tea, curl up in your favorite chair, and let "Create Your Own Cozy" guide you on a journey towards creating a home that brings joy and warmth to your everyday life.

⚠️This review was written based on personal opinions and experiences with the book. Individual preferences may vary⚠️

Was this review helpful?

Before reading this book, I had not come across the author. However, the book is not only full of beautiful photographs, it is cram packed with useful tips. Each section has either a checklist or questions for the reader. It also contains monthly sections of household tasks. The book also covers advice on the garden. Overall I was impressed with the quality of the book, both the photographs and the many sections that allows the reader to define their own version of cozy and the steps that can be taken to achieve their goal.

Was this review helpful?

Practical guide on making your home cozy and comfortable. Lots of worksheets and checklists to get things organized. Useful advice for purchasing furniture, hosting guests, and keeping house.I especially liked the chapter on gardening! Great reference book to have on hand.

Was this review helpful?

Part home decor, part self help, and part workbook/journal. I enjoyed this book of cozy, significant parts of it focused on kids and/or partners or families, which isn't suitable to everyone, but there was so much good and thoughtful information in this book that could apply to anyone!

Was this review helpful?

This is a lovely book that walks you through the process of defining what "cozy" means for you and 100 practical ways to bring it to your life and home. There is a great mix of very practical help like monthly home maintenance checklists or hosting ideas and thought-provoking topics that guide you through discovering your style and goals. Some of the 100 topics even include several questions and room to brainstorm your thoughts, which I found very helpful. The photography and illustrations are beautiful as well.

Thank you to #NetGalley and #ThomasNelson for a free copy of #CreateYourOwnCozy by Liz Marie Galvan. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book a great deal. I have a lot of books on the subject of cozy, but this one stood out because the author attempted to define a feeling, as something tangible, and in doing so provides a great deal of help for people who are seeking that feeling and don’t know quite how to accomplish that. We all strive to be cozy and comfortable in our own homes, but don’t always achieve exactly what we want. People struggling would be well served by using the techniques in this book, and filling out all pages of the workbook section, in working to attain that goal.

Creating a mood board was great fun. If, like me, you save pages from books and magazines as future inspiration, and then tend to lose track of those, a mood board is the answer. In my case, I didn’t learn a lot of new things about my style, but I did find an additional underlying color that I hadn’t realized I liked as much as I did until I saw it all in front of me. What I find as I’m getting older, and have accumulated a great many things that make me feel cozy is that my version is to have a clean house. With today’s busy lives, that’s often easier said than done, so I’m striving to reach my goal by adapting what I need to do to her step-by-step process. I find that simple things such as sweeping off the hearth every time I use the fireplace, and weekly laundering my throws makes me feel good about sitting down to enjoy a book and roaring fire. The author mentions the importance of fragrance in a home, and I agree, but what appeals is subjective. This had me changing up my cleaning products for something with a more woodsy fragrance because that’s the type that appeals to me.

The book is easy to read, pleasant to look at, features, gorgeous, photos, and a lot of the author’s insights.

Was this review helpful?

Loved it! The photos are beautiful, the layout is gorgeous and the book is written in an accessible way. I really liked the structures to do-lists.

Was this review helpful?

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