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The Principal's Daughter

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The Principal’s Daughter by Russ Katz
I recently read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Principal’s Daughter takes you on a journey with Kim Tuyen and her family. It takes place in Vietnam and Author Katz takes the opportunity to tell her story through the eyes of herself and her family members. The different perspectives add to the storytelling.
This is a family of survivors. We learn of the difficulties of life before, during and after the war years.  We hear about hunger, violence, as well as mind and cultural control by the Northern regime. Kim’s story and that of her family was amazing and engrossing.  I hope Katz writes additional novels because I will be first in line to read them.
Thank you to the Author, Russ Katz, Dog Ear Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this most enjoyable book.

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