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Successful Leaders of the Bible

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Lilian N, Reviewer

Last updated on 01 Jun 2017

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In Successful Leaders in the Bible, Kara Washington Patton profiles and draws leadership lessons from Biblical icons. I liked that she tried to balance between both  Old and New Testament characters and also highlights lesser known female leaders like Phoebe and Tabitha (Dorcas). You can tell that she puts her (possibly overactive) imagination to good use by inserting internal monologues that each leader may have had when faced with certain difficult circumstances. This is was particularly helpful when she was discussing character like Phoebe who is basically mentioned in a few lines as compared to Paul who features in the majority of the New Testament. Overall, I liked her book, because Ms Paron did offer a fresh perspective on some of my own favourite Bible champions. 

The one thing that I would fault with this book is that the reader is not told what criteria she used in selecting the various leaders to feature in the book, which made it harder to connect with the characters and each profile felt like she writing their resume while pointing out their strengths and weaknesses.

This is a quick pick-me-up for when you are facing your own leadership struggles and need to be reminded that the Biblical champions were also human and managed to overcome life's obstacles.

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