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I loved reading as I kid but struggle to find time as an adult. It’s often impossible to sit down to focus.   While this book was not a favorite if still kept me entertained for the most part, I’m sure it’s not you, dear book, it’s me.
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How? How did the story get better than the first? Amazing story! Action Packed! Super intense! Highly recommend!!
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This second book in the Orphan X series picks up pretty much where the first book left off. Evan Smoak is doing what he does best, helping people out of hopeless situations. In this case, a young girl is victimized by an online sex trade operation. But, when she tries to get out of the situation, her family is threatened. This is where Evan steps in. Once order is restored to his client he learns there are more victims of this scheme and he begins an urgent race against time to save a teenager being held in a shipping crate.  Before he can complete his mission, he is ambushed and held captive by a strange, twisted man only out to drain Evan’s substantial bank account. Rene may have gotten more than he bargained for with Evan.  As Evan plays a cat and mouse game with his captors, he learns some shocking information about Jack, his handler, and the man who raised him like his own son.  the series is interesting, engaging and keeps the interest of the reader as the story unfolds, through each twist and turn of the plot line this series will keep the reader flipping pages.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this series.
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The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz
Orphan X #2

Orphans are throwaway people…right? Or, some people and societies believe…and as such, the Orphan X Project began. Our hero – Evan Smoak – came to life on the page as a result of the project but also due to his strength, tenacity, and skills. . I have followed this series higgledy-piggledy rather than straight through picking up the first two books in the series after reading the later books in the series and have to say…I loved them all and still have a few spaces to fill in but have loved evey book in its own right. 

Each has merit on its own and is worthy of reading. 

I am enjoying filling in the blanks as I can (overseas) and have now found out a bit more about Evan though this book wasn’t (perhaps) as informational than those I read previously. 

So…as I do in most reviews: What I liked vs what I didn’t like…

What I liked: 
* Evan Smoak: mystery man, lethal, mythical, almost indestructible, made me think of MacGyver a time or two, athletic, cold, methodical, not really cold, caring, cunning, has unfathomable potential.
* Ethan’s modus operandi and how it works
* The use of skills gained for one reason used for another (great use!)
* That I was and am still sucked into this whole series no matter what and will fill in the missing books still unread
* The hero-idea: by this I mean that Evan is able to achieve a LOT due to his training
* That some were saved by The Nowhere Man
* Kind of hoping that The Nowhere Man can eventually become a conglomerate to thwart evil in the world 
* That though Mia and her son Peter (book one in the series) were mentioned they were not totally abandoned and am hoping that they might become integral to the series in the future – for whatever reason(s)
* The link to past Orphans…though they seem less “warm-relatable” than Evan
* Vodka tie-in…and that loft penthouse home…wouldn’t need it but…wouldn’t mind visiting it
* That there was a dead person suddenly undead and how that impacts Ethan
* Tie-in (perhaps) to vampire - lovers
* That good did eventually thwart evil…mostly
* Being able to fill in some of the gaps unread previously in the series and hoping to do so again in the future.
* Being able to see how the author moved from one scene to another when creating Evan’s timeline…even though I did not read it in sequence

What I didn’t like: 
* Those that use and abuse….and seeing them do so in this book…
* Not being able to really tell you what I don’t like as it will ruin the book for you

Did I like this book: Yes!
Would I read more in this series? Definitely

Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the ARC – This is my honest review

4.5 Stars
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This is the first book I've read in the Orphan X series, but not the first book in the series.  It is an incredible thrill ride about a very resourceful operative that has devoted himself to saving innocent victims, but finds himself in an impossible situation.  There is enough background in this book that, although I know I missed some foundational information, it was easy to ride along on this rollercoaster without being thrown.  The characters are richly developed with also leaving enough mystery because they are still shadows operating in a dark theater.  A great story that rivals the Jason Bourne franchise - I can see this being made into a movie or tv series.  I know I'm hooked and will continue the series!
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Fantastic thriller with plenty of twists and turns. I can’t wait for more by author. Thank you to publisher and NetGalley for chance to read and review the ARC.
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Wow, what an incredible plot full of twists, ups, and downs, with similar themes compared to the first orphan x book. I'm still processing all the spins (in a good way).

Title: Clear and concise

Introduction: introduces characters and plot well. It helps to have read the first book in the series, "Orphan X", though not mandatory.

Build up and climax is clearly mastered by the author. Thank you!

Closing: leaves most loops closed, yet leaves enough to introduce the next book.

Thank you for quite a thriller!

Thank you NetGalley for my free copy! The comments above are my own without influence.
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This is book 2 in the Orphan X Series.  In this one, Evan is taken captive, but how will he use his skills to turn the tables on his captors and free himself?
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Book 2 of the Orphan X series finds our hero being held prisoner by a psychopath. Gregg Hurwitz absolutely knocks this one out of the park too. I love this series because of the fast pace and intriguing character Evan Smoak. Where some found his Sass annoying I connected to it.
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Introduced in Orphan X, noble avenger of the downtrodden and persecuted Evan Smoak returns in The Nowhere Man. This time, he’s forced to employ all of his skills and wits to escape from the grips of a psychopathic thief. A gripping action/thriller, I enjoyed this.

It’s been quite some time since I read the first novel in the series — no idea why I forgot to keep up. Regardless, it was easy to drop back into Smoak’s world of spies, assassins, and psychopathic millionaire thieves. After finishing this novel, I am really going to have to get caught up soon.

The novel starts with Smoak handling one of his Nowhere Man cases: a gang of human traffickers has selected a young girl for their next victim, tricking her into sharing photos of herself that have been used for the scumbags’ “catalogue”. After confronting the young man who was used to entrap her, she fears for her family. Enter the Nowhere Man. Smoak accepts her request for help, and sets about bringing the culprits down. Permanently. However, as he works through the organization, cleaning up as he goes, two things happen: he realizes he missed a victim, and someone else has been stalking him. Ergo, his capture and challenge to break free — not only to save his own life, but that of the remaining victim of the traffickers.

Over the course of handful of days, Smoak escalates his attempts to escape from the clutches of his captors. He’s an incredibly resourceful and clever fellow. And yes, he is an action hero, too, so while he does get injured and make some mistakes, he’s also pretty damn badass and virtuous. Not quite too-good-to-be-true, but he’s on the edge of that.

So, he tries something, they counter, he tries something else, they counter, and so on. We learn a fair bit about his, as he thinks about the event that triggered his departure from the Orphan program and inspired his work as the Nowhere Man. We also learn a lot about his captors (not going to give any more details). The ringleader is a monster, his sidekick is somewhat reminiscent of Jaws from James Bond. And, to make Smoak’s life even more interesting (i.e., dangerous), his long-time nemesis is also on his trail.

The Nowhere Man is perhaps a little drawn out — Smoak’s time at the chateau sometimes felt like it was about to end, only to be reset. It makes sense, sure, but given how like an action movie the novel feels, it was a bit strange, and there was maybe one more reset than there needed to be. Although, each time one of these resets happens, the stakes are upped and Smoak if forced to come up with an even more ingenious (and dangerous) solution. It’s a minor quibble.

Hurwitz has a real gift for writing cinematic action. Whether Smoak is brawling with a single antagonist, or orchestrating a tremendously destructive and violent escape (it happens), Hurwitz’s writing is evocative and gripping. Packed with interesting details, the novel is well-written and plotted. The characters are appropriately heroic or repugnant. It was interesting seeing Smoak grapple not only with the situation he finds himself in, but also his acceptance of the role he’s picked for himself. Is the apparent nobility of his cause more important than allowing himself to have a life of his own?

It’s a very good second instalment in the series, and one that left me eager to read the next one (Hellbent). Recommended for all fans of action thrillers.
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The second book in Hurwitz's Orphan X series - one of the best thriller series out there - this is another five star installment. The hero, Evan Smoak, is an eminently capable black ops operative, distinguished by his resourcefulness and humanity. The action is just about non-stop and exhilarating, but the glimpses into Smoak's efforts to fit into normal life give the books depth and appeal.
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Love these books, so happy I stumbled upon them her on Netgalley.  Evan Smoak has easily become one of my favorite hero/undercover characters.
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This is the second book in this series. This book, I'm not sure how that it picks up and goes even faster and farther than book one. It might leave you breathless. Evan Smoak, he is the "Orphan X", he is now... The Nowhere Man. What a name! What is this man up to? So while we go through some twists and turns, a girl in trouble, and a whole lot more; I'm wondering if I'm going to turn into a fan. 

Net Galley is the reason I have this copy of this book. This review is left freely, and it is my own.
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I enjoyed this book more than the first in this series.  Non-stop mystery and suspense.  The only criticism is that if you had not read the first book in this series there would be parts that you would not fully understand.
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Another great book to add to this series.  It's full of suspense and I love the "Macgyver" ways of Evan Smoak.  My only caution to other readers is that if you read the first book in this series you may want to skip over portions of the second book as the refreshers are almost identical to the first book.  I understand this needs to be done for those who may not have read the first book or for those who may take a large break between books but, for me, it was very disappointing.  That said, once you get to the main story it is like a ride on a torpedo.  I couldn't put it down.  And didn't.  Can you see my dark circles?
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Gregg Hurwitz' Orphan X is one of my favorite "action hero" characters. The pace of these of these novels is super fast, but also full of human details that build a bond between the reader and the characters. Not just Evan, but all of the people in his world. The over-the-top mandatory thriller elements are all there, and Mr Hurwitz makes them all seem plausible. I am really looking forward to the next installment!
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I am really enjoying this series, I love Scott Brick and he makes Orphan X alive to me! 

In this story Evan is the one that needs saving, we learn more about his past. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review from Netgalley and St. Martin's Press. I actually read this book as an audiobook, because I love the narrator so much.
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"The Nowhere Man" is almost as good as "Orphan X" was. This book is a fast paced thriller that's a pretty good addition to the series.
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Book 2 in the Orphan X series is just a good as the first book.  Evan has been captured and locked up in a room in a big house in the mountains.  Where is he, who kidnapped him, and what do they want?  Another great, fast-paced thriller.
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I can’t believe this series was in my pile for so long without being read. Now that I started, I can’t stop. If you like the Jack Reacher series you will love the Orphan X.
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