The Princess Diarist

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Brilliant and hilarious. I loved it! But I really like Carrie for various reasons which I'll add more about when I get to write up my review. She is rigorously honest. I admire that. 

Thank you NetGalley!

UPDATE:  As I sit here waiting to watch the HBO Documentary Bright Lights about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, I feel incredible sadness.  I finished this book in December 2016 actually close to the publish date.  In the hurrying and scurrying of Christmas preparations I did not get time to do a review.  Then Carrie died.  I would have rated this book 5 stars anyway. I thought it was genius.  I have been a fan for years and she has been a bit of a hero to me.  

This memoir is funny, sad, witty, honest, believable and amazing.  I am thankful to NetGalley for giving me an ARC to review.  I have since bought the audible version to hear her narrate it in her own voice.   And the day I got back in town from being gone for Christmas I rushed to the local bookstore and bought the hardback to keep for sentimental reasons, placing it by books on the shelf of favorite and inspirational authors.  

So, this is not an unbiased review.  I want you to read it.  I am biased.  I think Carrie learned to look at herself honestly and laugh at herself.  Something I am more inspired to do after reading several books by her and looking at her life and the honesty in which she lived it.  I especially enjoyed hearing her daughter narrate a portion of the book (her journal entries).  

The Princess Diarist is a very entertaining read...but so much more than that. Highly recommended!
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Well, I mean to read this book a long time ago. I’m kind of glad I didn’t get around to it until after Carrie Fishers untimely passing. I’m terribly sad that she died so suddenly, but reading it afterwards shone her last book in a different light. Everything seemed so final; it was like she was wrapping up her story. Honestly, I was hoping for more information about her affair with Harrison Ford because I’m nosy, but I appreciated what she did tell us. While I liked the new parts that she wrote for this book, I was incredibly bored by the journal entries from when she was younger. I definitely skimmed those. I’m sure the past entries meant a lot to her, and I’m guessing they’ll mean more to die-hard fans than me. However, I enjoyed her wiser, seasoned, more humorous perspective on things that happened to her in the past as opposed to reading about how she felt when they were happening to her.
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