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This was a lighthearted, fun book, much better than the blurb suggests.  I thought it quite evocative of that area, so presumably well researched, and well written.
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What a lovely, feel-good story. Idyllic setting and really great character development. Perfect book to curl up with on a sunny day.
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I thought that this story was quite good but I did find at times that there was a little too much detail and that tended to slow the flow of the story down and it did make me skip a few paragraphs here and there. I enjoyed the start and ending of the book and I thought that it had some great characters that were really well developed - will definitely be reading more from this author in the future!
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Firstly, I would like to thank Netgally and the Publishers for approving me an ARC Ebook of Then. Now. Always. by Isabelle Broom, in return for my honest thoughts on the book. My apologies for it being posted late; there's just not enough reading hours in the day!  
When I look at the front cover for this book, it makes me what to jump right in there! From the sun setting sky to the typical Spanish street; with mountains behind.
I like the post franking mark on the cover, that's cute! The blue of the title works great against the sun setting sky behind as does the author's name in white. A white trim borders the whole scene which gives it a postcard feel to it!
Hannah; a researcher for Vivid Productions in London and has done so for 5 years. In that time she has done all the research for her work colleagues ready for when they go off and visit exotic and exciting locations, leaving her behind.
Hannah works with her best friend Tom; who is a cameraman, they have been friends since university and have been inseparable ever since. They often get mistaken for a couple when they are out together because they are so close. But Hannah has a crush on her boss Theo; a Greek god of looks. She hasn't told Tom but does confide in the other best friend; Rachel.
Hannah has been researching her butt off ready to pitch her idea of the hidden culture of Majorca (Almeria) showing how in the 70's Artistic people world-wide came there to join the colony to her Theo. The pitch goes down a storm, with the whole team and they give the go ahead to film there. But after the pitch she feel's deflated because she never get's to see the job through to the end. Until Theo pull's her aside and asks her to join the rest of the team to help research on location. Hannah jumps at the chance to do her first ever location and will be accompanying Theo; who will be editing, Tom the cameraman and Claudette; who will be presenting. She does have intentions as this is the place she went to with Rachel and her family when they were in their teens; and having lots of fun in the process! The pair got matching tattoos to remind them of their fun. The tattoo is of Indalo man; the legend behind it means good luck and to word of evil. This is where her idea for the document came from! But what happened when her and Rachel went there years ago? Will she do anything about her crush for Theo? Will Tom notice his best friend's crunch on Theo? or is there more to Toms feelings for his friend? Why is this trip so important to her? 
Before she they leave London, Hannah, Tom, Rachel and her boyfriend Paul have a catch up! Hannah has a dislike for her friend's choice of boyfriend, so when Rachel announces Paul will be moving in with her; Hannah isn't that pleased. This doesn't go unnoticed by Tom; who thinks she should be pleased for her oldest friend. But can she? Why doesn't she like him?
On arrival Hannah gets a rush of memories, on exploring by herself she bump's in to an English lady; Elaine who came to Majorca in the 70's. Hannah asks if she would mind her interviewing her for the documentary, Elaine is reluctant but agrees as long as her face isn't shown. But why? Is there more to Elaine's story? Will she open up to Hannah? 
Hannah also manages to have a few moment's with Theo, however when they start to open up to each other, there's always something that gets in the way. Then Hannah gets an unexpected visitor from her horror of a step sister Nancy. Hannah is not happy at all to see Nancy and makes her feeling's quit clear. But what is Nancy doing there? Why does Hannah dislike her step-sister? Will Nancy get in the way? 
Then. Now. Always. is the first book I've ever read of Isabelle's and I am incredibly glad I did! This book managed to whisk me away to sunny Spain, somewhere I've never actually been to; but gosh I certainly feel like I have when I finished this delightful book. Isabelle managed to wrap me up in Hannah's story, and I very much felt compelled to read on after every chapter! This book has ticked all the boxes for me from the glorious setting, characters to the storyline which equates to a really great read. I will now be looking out for more of her book's to escape too! If you can't guess, I highly recommend you have a read this delightful book!
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This was one that was a slow burner for me but i love this authors writing style. the setting is just stunning as in her other books - makes you want to visit each location - which was funny as my cousin was on holiday in Mojacar whilst i was reading the book. Enjoyed the characters and their relationships and basically cannot wait till the next book.
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Thank you for approving my request. Full review on my blog soon
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This is the latest page-turner from Broom.  The main protagonist Hannah Hodges is a researcher for a media company making a documentary on Mojacar.  Yup that’s right Mojacar the place actually exists in Almeria, Spain.  Such was my curiosity after being bewitched by Brooms magical prose that I googled it.  Hannah's boss invites her to accompany the team when they film on location at Mojacar.  Told in first person POV (Hannah's), Broom explores the impact of life's intricacies past (then), present (now), & future (always) on love in glorious technicolour.  Every page pulsates with wisdom borne from a conscientious scrutiny of the realities of coming of age as the protagonist transitions into adulthood and Hannah discerns the difference between infatuation and love.  For some it is an epiphany moment and for others like Hodges, it is a tortuous meandering arrival, often a steep learning curve full of agonising, gut wrenching moments.  Brooms perceptive flair is evidenced from start to the climactic and unusual finish as she captures her characters confusion, self-doubts, misgivings and a whole host of emotions.  Rather tricky business & the novel could easily have degenerated into an onerous, preachy, tearjerker, dragging one in its destructive wake.  However, leave it to Broom to ensnare ones imagination and heart as she unfolds this terrifying, utterly confusing albeit wondrous journey of discovery.  Her genius lies in combining the locale, what she says and how she unravels a plot that is simultaneously mysterious, controlled, tender hearted, humorous and romantic.  In the genre of romantic comedy Broom has soared to new heights, every layer luminously braided to weave yet another jewel of a masterpiece.  The novel is profound yet lighthearted, brilliantly evocative, while it tugs at ones heartstrings to leave a lasting impression.  Hardly surprising if Mojacar is this summer's favourite holiday destination.
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Another good book from Isabelle Broom where the characters interact with each other. Although some outcomes of relationships were predictable, others were less so. Isabelle always makes the location of the story really come to life and makes the reader want to go to visit.
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I am really happy to have read this book from Isabelle Broom - the second book I read from her and for the second time I am very happy with my read! More that happy even! It's one of the best book that I have read this year so far! It's quite a large book but this book is a page-turner. It's so well written! I read A LOT of chicklit books and this one is very intelligent and high-quality chick-lit type of book. The story line is very different from any other chicklit book I read this year so far and it's very nice for a change! Also this book makes us travel in a very lovely seaside little village in Spain and I loved it! It was so well described that I could picture myself there too! This book was full of events, full of surprises and this until the last page! I absolutely LOVED it! Isabelle Broom is becoming quickly one of my favorite author!
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Want a summer free of drama? Well this comes with a warning it is full of drama for our heroine. Couldn't put this one down.
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I would like to thank the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third beautiful novel by Isabelle Broom.You can check out my review of My Map Of You & A Year And A Day

Then. Now. Always. is a beautiful story with not only romance but also culture. While reading this beautiful novel I learnt a lot about Mojácar  and fell in love with it and like always Isabelle makes me want to book my next holiday!

I loved the development of each individual character and how as the book went on you grew to understand the personality of each character.

Then.Now. Always. is funny in places but painted a real picture of Spain and working in a beautiful place.
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Having read and enjoyed the author's previous books I was keen to get my hands on this latest, especially when I discovered it had an Andalucian setting (I'm a big hispanophile) While I've not been to Mojacar  in Almeria, I have experienced some of the other typical white villages elsewhere in Andalusia and this book certainly transported back. Isabelle Bloom certainly has the knack of perfectly evoking a sense of place and reading her books is akin to taking a mini- break - always a good thing.

In this book we follow Hannah as she returns to the Spanish town she first visited as a gauche and innocent teenager. This time round, she's 28, but in all honesty still has a lot of growing up to do, as she's still in some ways stuck in the past, especially where her family are concerned.  This time round her sights are set not on the local bar owner but her boss Theo. With the added encumbrances of  her friend Tom and presenter Claudette, thrown into the mix, things don't always go to plan, as life has a nasty habit of getting in the way and doing its own thing.

I liked this book, not just for its idyllic setting and descriptions, but because of the way it blends life truths and reality into what is, on the face it, a fun romantic read. This gives the book an added dimension that lifts it above the formulaic will they/won't they read, though it didn't quite have the depth and emotion of A Year and a Day which remains my favourite read by this author.

The themes explored within the book are universal covering unrequited love, sibling rivalry, friendship, loss and regret. These are subjects we can all relate to on some level. For me though, I felt this was also a coming of age novel as we followed Hannah on her journey. Despite her age, she was in may ways still the petulant and selfish teenager she had been years earlier.  However her experiences over the summer see her grow up as she comes to understand her self, her friends and her family better. The Hannah at the end of the book, is certainly a more rounded and sympathetic individual than the one we went to Mojacar with. This is also largely due to her meeting Elaine, one of the expat inhabitants that featured in the documentary, she is one of the few older and wiser characters (showing my own age here) that added an additional emotive strand to the story. 

This is an ideal escapist or holiday read, and although it's probably aimed at a target audience younger than me it was still enjoyable. I can still remember and cringe at some of my own youthful indiscretions, so it was quite fun to watch from a distance the foibles of youth.
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A lovely book with an ending that I didn't expect! I absolutely love the cover of this book, the colours, the title and everything just blend together so well and I think it looks so beautiful!

Hannah goes to Spain with her work to film a documentary and Hannah can't believe her luck when her good-looking boss comes along too. However, things soon turn sour when Hannah's half-sister Nancy turns up and puts a spanner in the works! There's drama and romance on every page.

This was a lovely romantic novel that I wouldn't necessarily have picked up off the shelf but glad I got the opportunity to read. Isabelle Broom is an amazing writer and the relationships of the characters is described perfectly giving the book an easy to read vibe. The descriptions of the location in this book is beautiful and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a chance to read this book in return of an honest review
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A perfect read for in the sun. Visiting Mojacar for a film shoot brings the past back to Hannah. Time as a carefree teenager. Now she is back with her work colleagues, one of whom she would like to get to know better- a lot better! I am not into romance novels but this has that something more. Descriptions that transport you away to a sunny destination listening to the waves with a sangria in your hand. Ok, well almost! Relationships and friendships that change for the better or for the worse, we have all been there and this is a story about them and how we change over the years through our experiences both good and bad and maybe how sometimes we judge without all of the facts. A well written novel to enjoy and make you think a little on life and those around us. 
I voluntarily chose to read this ARC and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased
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Another great read from Isabelle Broom. Then. Now.Always is set in Mojacar in southern Spain. Hannah goes there with her best friend Tom, her boss Theo and Claudette - a tv presenter - to make a documentary about this magical place. Isabelle Broom captures the heart of this spanish village perfectly. You feel as if you are there. Beautifully written, with a lovely storyline, this book is a lovely summer read, it makes you feel warm even in the rain.
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This author is brilliant and the way she describes her settings and storyline, are just perfect. I really look forward to her next book. This story is set in Mojacar, Spain. It's a heavenly place with beautiful whitewashed buildings and a blue sea. The main character is Hannah, a TV researcher for a small company. She has a best friend Tom, a cameraman, and has been in love with her boss, Theo, for five years. Along with presenter, Claudette, they go on location to film Mojacar. Hannah has been there several times and knows it is suitable for a documentary. Will Hannah's dreams come true and give her the happy ending she desires? Read on.
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Having devoured and absolutely ADORED Isabelle Broom's previous novel, 'A Year and a Day', my excitement for her latest book reached its maximum level ten times over. Yes, I was THAT excited. There is just something so majestic about picking up an Isabelle Broom novel, allowing yourself to surrender to the beautiful words which have the depth, and power to be able to take you on a journey where the only guarantee is its beauty.

In the little Spanish village of Mojocar, Hannah and her colleagues are busy filming a documentary. Well, unless Hannah's definition of 'filming' equals 'oggling' the boss, then yes, she is oh so busy filming! It was made clear from the onset that Hannah had a special connection to Mojocar; to be able to re-visit village years later, brought a lot of memories to the surface. Luckily for Hannah, she was able to use her work trip to her advantage and delve deeper into Mojocar's heritage, finding out exactly why her connection with the village ran as deep as it did.

It took me a little while to be able to really gel with this storyline, as I struggled to find that vital piece of information to sink my teeth into. The 'connection' if you will. At times there seemed to be a lot of information gathering, scenery descriptions, character discussions, and a lot of me wondering where all of the above was heading. To be honest, the description of Mojocar was what kept my attention for the first part of the book. I am ashamed to admit that I never even knew that village existed; I thoroughly enjoyed being able to find out more about such a beautiful sounding village. 

When Hannah's half-sister, Nancy, appeared on the scene, that was when the storyline changed direction. I remember rubbing my hands together thinking, 'drama, drama, drama'!! Up until then, the only side of the story I had heard was Hannah's. Let's just say that her opinions of her half-sister were not exactly glowing! Seriously, I thought that I was going to be introduced to a demon (slightly over dramatic, but y'know, my point is there!). As more of the storyline began to unfold, I got to know more about Nancy; I didn't think that she was as bad as Hannah had made out. However, certain situations began to unravel and Hannah & Nancy's relationship became more black and white, as opposed to rainbow.

Overall, 'Then. Now. Always.' is such a carefree, beautiful, and unique tale which highlights the importance of being true to yourself. I loved 'watching' Hannah's personality evolve throughout the course of the book; it was incredible to see her start off as a duckling and grow into a beautiful swan. Yes, there were times where I couldn't relate to the book as much as I would have liked to, but it didn't ruin the storyline for me. Isabelle Broom's stories and her outstanding descriptions of different countries, has turned her into my unofficial tour guide. I have never been abroad before, yet after reading this novel (as well as her others), I felt as though I had travelled to Spain and seen the sights for myself. Honestly. Every rock face, every lingering smell of the Spanish food and the surroundings, just every little detail of the country and the characters were described absolutely beautifully. I am still in awe at how one author can make her words jump off the page and turn into an image in my mind.

Another beautiful, and mesmerising read from the incredibly talented, Isabelle Broom.

Thank you Michael Joseph Books/Penguin.
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Love, life and Spain, a perfect combination.  Then Now and Always is very well written with a cast of characters that endear themselves to the reader.  We follow the characters on their journey, not just in Spain but during the summer where they feel romance, heartbreak, and overall self discovery.  It is pure escapism, perfect with summer just around the corner; read on holiday or lazy days in the garden with a glass of wine.
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I have been lucky enough to read several of Isabelle Broom's novels in the past few years, and whenever I receive them to review, they shoot to the top of my 'to be read' list because I enjoy them so much! I love the fact that her novels are always travel based, set in a far away clime for the reader to escape to when they are reading, and a fantastic cast of characters to boot. As usual, the cover for her new book was stunning, and I couldn't wait to read this one too.

This time, the book is set in Spain, in a small called Mojacar. It isn't somewhere I have heard of personally but when I finished the book, I googled the town and it looks truly stunning, I can see why Broom chose to set the book here! This time, we follow a small group of characters who are on a work trip, making a documentary about the people and beliefs of Mojacar. It's Hannah's first work trip, and she is so excited to finally be alongside the boss she's coveted from afar for a long time, called Theo. Also along are Hannah's best mate Tom, and Claudette, the presenter. But when Hannah's half sister shows up unexpectedly, she's worried the rest of the trip will be a disaster, and doesn't know how to communicate with her. Will Hannah be able to salvage her holiday/work trip before it's ruined?

I have to say the setting of the book is perfect for the story. I chose to not google it for a reason while I was reading - I wanted to use Broom's descriptions to set the scene in my head for me. I am so pleased I did because I found they were so well-written, so evocative and description that it was easy to imagine the small town, the beach, the fountains in my head for myself, and they sounded wonderful. The descriptions of Hannah's job, her research for the documentary, the slightly technical details within the book set the scenes up nicely, and I enjoyed reading it all pull together.

The characters in the book were good too, but I didn't connect with Hannah in the same way that I have done with Broom's previous leading ladies. I don't know why that is, but it didn't spoil the enjoyment of the book for me in any way. I didn't especially like Hannah's crush, I found it a little bit childish, but that was just me, I just didn't particularly like that story arc. I far preferred reading about the genuine friendship between Hannah and Tom, they were great to read about and such real friends. Claudette was quite amusing too in her own way, but the way Hannah's half-sister is introduced and the clear animosity between the pair was surprising, and I was keen to read on and find out why there was such hatred there.

This was a fun read, set in a stunning place that I would most certainly like to visit now I have read about it, it sounds very idyllic. The characters were fun, with lots going on between them to keep you interested from surprising relationships, past histories being thrown up and a little family animosity to boot. Isabelle Broom's writing was, as always, a joy to read and beautifully described the small Spanish town. This was a very enjoyable summer read, perfect to escape into, and to devour in a few sittings! Looking forward to more from this talented author.
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A great book to read while relaxing on holiday.  The author's descriptions and setting made me want to book a flight immediately and set off.
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