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An interesting novel that will bring a lot of confusing aspects to the reader and those who are seeking a royal romance. it was a fun and interesting novel in general...
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Thank you for the opportunity to read and review Royal Affair. Unfortunately, I was unable to get into this book and, since I've not finished it, I won't be rating or reviewing here or on my blog.
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I read this years ago and didn't take great notes for a full review, unfortunately.  I just got so behind in my reviewing that it fell by the wayside to get to posting my review.  

This is the first time I have read anything from this author and I was pleasantly surprised.   The book is about Dylan whom is basically royalty but he doesn't necessarily resonate with that life style.  He's an architect and likes to play by his rules.  

While on vacation he meets Lydia whom is working as a traveling nanny.   Their chemistry is instant.  Because of Dylan's status he can't have his new affair with Lydia to be public.    For his family Lydia wouldn't be worthy of dating Dylan.  

Their affair terms are simple.  Sex only.   But can they both keep to those terms. 

I was hooked enough to continue with the series.
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Lydia really rested my nerves a lot. She is what has caused me to seriously think about continuing because she’s just so...annoying. I think she acts immature and I don’t think she deserves Dylan.
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This book was so so good. I absolutely loved it!
the story was so fast paced and fun. And the characters were very well written and denominational.

I found myself not being able to put this baby down until the last page.
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The book was quite okay, but I just don't like cliffhangers.
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I loved these books. It was a really fun and gripping read filled with angst. I wasn't expecting it to capture my attention the way it did, but I became so entrenched in the lives of the characters that I immediately devoured the first two books in under 24 hours.

I always enjoy females who are able to make a male character who believes he is untouchable or so rigid in his thoughts reconsider all of his life choices. There is a perfect level of drama, angst, growth, lust, and love. And in this series, Dylan Hale gets knocked on his butt Lydia.  As much as he tried to control her via rules, she broke the mold and his fabricated world. 

Now that all three books in the series have been published, you won't have to face a cliffhanger. Enjoy this tale of New Adult/Contemporary Romance.
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I'm surprised that this is a debut novel! I really liked her writing. It was polished, posh and just what I think a "royalty" book should sound like. As the book kept going I found I was enjoying it more and more. And Dylan Hale was swoonworthy! It had a bit of a twist that I wasn't expecting, and at times it wasn't very original, but Ms. Swift delivered a cute story with lovable characters.
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I've been on a royals kick so I thought I'd give this one a try... it really didn't work for me.

Thank you for the chance to read it early
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I really liked the fact that this was a modern day regency story. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it had all the feel of the regency era with the modern day conveniences. I love how Dylan gets basically hit across the head and never expected the kind of feelings he developed. I ended up buying the other books right away and just continuing on to books 2 and 3.
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Royal Affair is about, you-guessed-it, a royal and a non-royal. This trope is super overdone and so of course a few things felt familiar. I thought the author did a great job though at times it felt predictable.  One thing I will say is there was too much sex. Shocking I know but it got old after a bit and I was like seriously stop already. Don't get me wrong the dirty talk was hot but it was just too much. Or maybe it was that it just felt boring. I'm not sure which. Overall, the book was decent and I will be reading the next one.
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There is a funny thing going on in the book world lately.  Authors are writing romance books with a royal twist.  In my opinion, some are a hit and some are a big time miss.  Parker Swift nailed it with her Royal Scandal series!  I have read the entire series and LOVED it!!!  Royal Affair is Parker Swift’s debut to the book world.  It was a perfect start to a fun series that completely sucked me in.

Royal Affair starts with the introduction of Lydia Bell and the sexy Brit, Dylan Hale.

Lydia is the typical American girl who is working her way through the world.  She ends up being a nanny and during that job she meets Dylan Hale.  Dylan and Lydia share one hot kiss that neither of them can forget.

“Lydia, where did you come from and what are you doing to me?”
~ Parker Swift, Royal Affair (Royal Scandal #1)

Lydia moves to England and reconnects with Dylan.  Due to his royal position, he wants to keep his relationship with Lydia secret.  Although Lydia is not a fan of this plan, she understands… for now.  As this series progresses, you find out that keeping their relationship a secret is a huge obstacle for them.  Will they make it?!?!  You have to read the entire series to find out.

Royal Affair is told entirely from Lydia’s POV.  I hated that!  It isn’t until Royal Treatment (Royal Scandal #3) that we finally get Dylan’s POV.  I am a fan of duel POV’s and I was so wanting in in this book.  But regardless, I loved this book.

“I’ve trained myself carefully over years to keep this part of my life shut down, simple, private and you came in… Lydia you have upended me completely.  Everything’s different with you.  I don’t know how to do any of this.”
~ Parker Swift, Royal Affair (Royal Scandal #1)

Parker Swift, you have a new fan for life!  I can’t wait to see what other books you have coming our way.  If they are as good as the Royal Scandal series, you have a bright future.

#MrAviators #PrimroseHill #FanForLife

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Not a bad fast read. Some super sexy part to keep it going that's for sure.
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Title: Royal Affair
Author: Parker Swift
Series: Royal Scandal
Publisher: Forever Yours
Reviewer: Mollien
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Genre(s): Royal Romance
Page Count: 352 pages
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

"An amazing debut! I devoured every delicious word. A sexy 5 star read! - #1 New York Times bestselling author Vi Keeland

One seriously sexy son-of-a-duke . . . 

Behind the posh British accent, Dylan Hale possesses a down-and-dirty sexiness. Off-the-charts gorgeous, a ruthless architect . . . and did I mention he's a future duke? Every time we touch, it's wildfire. All need and lust and heat. But Dylan has rules: just sex, no one can know, and in the bedroom he gets complete control. All I have to do is follow the rules, because falling in love with Dylan Hale is all it would take to screw everything up . . . royally.

Dylan and Lydia's story continues! 
Royal Scandal Series
Book 2: Royal Disaster
Book 3: Royal Treatment

This is the first book in the Royal Scandal series. The series follows Lydia and Dylan as they try to build a relationship that is destined to fail. It is a sweet story. It is just about every young girl’s dream to meet and marry prince charming. Although in this book Dylan is not a prince, he is pretty close and part of the royal family. Dylan and Lydia first meet at Dylan’s Canadian estate. Lydia is there as a nanny taking care of twins for the summer. Lydia has recently lost her father to a long illness. After the summer she will be heading to London to start her career as an assistant to an up and coming fashion designer. Dylan is at the estate with his family to spread the ashes of his grandfather. When they meet there is an instant attraction, but Dylan had decided long ago that he would never have a long term relationship with anyone. When they meet again in London they find it hard to fight the attraction that they have for each other. The vow that they make to keep their relationship secret is quickly challenged when pictures of them start to surface. The chemistry between these two characters is pretty fast and hard. Dylan is the prince of sending mixed signals and Lydia is the patient loving girl who will do just about anything for the man she is quickly falling in love with. The pacing is pretty fast. There are many things going on. Disapproving parents, jealous women who feel that they should be receiving the attentions of Dylan. There is also problems with the family business that Dylan is trying to set right. As mentioned this is the first book of a series, so there is not a definite ending. Luckily the second book is available and you will not have to wait long to continue this series. The character development is a little drawn out. Like Lydia, we get glimpses of Dylan in small doses. Although Lydia is pretty much an open book, there is still a mystery about her mother. I really did enjoy this story as well as this series, but I am a romantic always longing for a happy ever after. 

PLOT: 4 Stars
PACING: 4 Stars
ENDING: 4 Stars

Review Copy of Royal Affair provided by the Forever Yours I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club
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Royal Affair is a fun romantic comedy and billionaire romance. It's just what you would expect from the title: the hero is royalty and is having a secret romance with the heroine. It's got some super steamy scenes that will have you sliding in your seat!

Dylan Hale is a duke/marquess as well as an architect. He's commanding, strong, hot, and famous both for his title and for his architecture. Lydia Bell works as an assistant in the fashion industry. She's sweet, hard working, and witty. He's British. She's American. They have little in common, and yet they fall in love (or at least lust) at first sight. After all, opposites attract! Will this be a simple fling, or will it become something more? And how is Lydia supposed to compete with Princess Caroline, Dylan's ex and close friend?

I liked the main characters from the start, and I loved that Lydia was staying in Notting Hill. The secondary character of Lloyd was an instant favorite for me as well. The plot was interesting and held my attention for the most part. It was a little heavy on the descriptions of room decor and clothing, which detracted from the story somewhat at times, but despite that drawback, I still enjoyed the book overall.

This was my first book by Parker Swift, and it's also the first book in the Royal Scandal series. It is Parker Swift's debut novel, and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.
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Royal Affair is the first book in a trilogy following Lydia and Dylan. We’re first introduced to Lydia when she is in Canada, working as a nanny over the summer for a wealthy family. A brief but sensual encounter occurs when she is kissed by Dylan, the mysterious and rich son of the family’s friends. Soon after, Lydia returns home to New York and prepares to move to England, taking up a job as an assistant to a top fashion designer. Dylan and Lydia are reunited in London and much to her surprise, it turns out Dylan is a marquess and heir to a dukedom! The couple quickly falls into a passionate albeit secret relationship. Dylan is adamant that this a temporary relationship and he does not want the press to know. While Lydia quickly bonds with her coworkers, the majority of her new life in England revolves around Dylan and their private relationship. 
	This book focuses on the sensual and passionate relationship between Dylan and Lydia. Their relationship definitely has an erotic edge and Dylan is very much the commanding and attractive British lord who makes Lydia’s panties wet (when she’s allowed to wear them!). The eroticism of the book is compounded by the growing love between Lydia and Dylan. Since the book is told from Lydia’s point of view, we quickly see her begin to fall for Dylan and the issues she has with the secret nature of their relationship. However, as the book progresses, we learn that Dylan has valid reasons for waiting to keep Lydia out of the spotlight. As they fall deeper in love, those fears are pushed aside in favor of a committed relationship. This book ends in a bit of a cliffhanger which sets up the next book in the trilogy.
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This is the story of Lydia Bell, a Brooklyn girl who’s working as a nanny for a vacationing couple during her last summer before moving to London, and Dylan Hale, the very sexy architect and future Duke she meets before the end of said summer.
When they meet again in London, Dylan will be very upfront and tell her he can’t offer anything further than a sexual affair which she must keep under wraps given his public persona.
When her job with an up and coming designer have them indirectly navigating the same circles, life as they know it will become more complicated than expected and they’ll both end up wanting more out of the relationship, but, are they ready to go public?  Furthermore, can they afford it?
I came to review this book as part of a trilogy when I signed up to review the last installment.  Unfortunately, it didn’t meet my expectations as I had the idea of a different king of book and, IMO, the plot got lost in the characters’ sexual encounters.  I was really enjoying the reading until they have sex for the first time and from then on, the book slowed down, I couldn’t keep up with the actual plot and I lost any connection I felt with the characters.  I honestly tried believing the approach was due to the fact that they were having an affair, but I ended up overwhelmed by the sex and, at the end of the day, it didn’t do it for me.

 2 stars
*RC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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Genre: Romance - A royally sexy comedy
Stand-Alone: Mostly - if you don't read the last few paragraphs that set up the next book then it's a complete story
Part of a Series: Yes - Book One of Royal Scandal
POV: Lydia
Steam-Level: Kindle-melting, panty-soaking hot

Royal Affair is book one in the Royal Scandal series and although a complete story the last few paragraphs lead in to book two.  Normally I hate cliffy's but this one is okay because 1. it tells a complete story and doesn't leave you hanging in the middle as some stories are known to do and 2. I have the next one so can jump right in and see where the story progresses.

Lydia is a British-born American who moves to England in order to pursue a career in fashion.  Along the way she meets, secretly dates and falls for Dylan a protective Marquess with secrets, scandals, and control issues.  The chemistry between Lydia and Dylan is fiery and explosive.  I love Lydia's cheekiness and her pushing of Dylan's limits.  The emotions that go with their secret affair run the gamut and Parker Swift does a fantastic job of portraying the happiness, hurt, love,  anger and everything in between.  My heart went out to Lydia at times and I would have loved to have Dylan's POV as well at certain times (but that would probably weaken the story so maybe no).  The writing and story sucked me in and did not let go until I was spit out at the end beaten up but smiling knowing that it was worth it.

Also, this book is hot. Hot, hot and oh so sexy.  The sexuality in this books pushes limits and boundaries with love - a perfect exploration of D/s relationships. It was way better than 50 Shades in portraying this type of relationship between lovers. Dylan pushes Lydia's limits, explores her/their sexuality, and knows exactly what she needs when she needs it.  Nothing is ever forced or coerced.  Perfect!

I received this book for free from the author/publisher via NetGalley and I'm voluntarily giving my honest review.
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4 Stars
Many have done the royal thing...
Many have the couple falling for each other and issues happen...
But with this.. we have sharp dialogue and smarts coupled with sexy times and a continuing story.
First time author... way to go :D
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As a blogger, I tend to stay away from trilogies as I struggle to remember the books previously, when the next one releases and I usually don't have time to re-read. However, when I saw the Royal Series I couldn't pass it up. And I am so, so glad I went for it. Parker Swift, where have you been all my reading life! Royal Affair is a fantastic start to a trilogy that I simply cannot wait to finish! 

Royal Affair is a well paced, well written book. This book captured my attention and held it from beginning to end, I easily devoured this in one sitting.

English Royal Dylan Hale had me weak at the knees!! He is ridiculously hot, dirty, swoony and intense! I couldn't get enough. 
Lydia was a great lead female, sassy and incredibly sexy and a fantastic match for Dylan. 

As this book starts the trilogy, Royal Affair was HOT, HOT, HOT and all about the sexual connection they share. The connection between Lydia and Dylan is intense, their passion obvious. I really look forward to the next two books to see how Parker develops them and their relationship. 

Obviously, because this is book one of a trilogy, it does end on a bit of a cliff hanger! And my gosh, I have some HUGE questions but I'd say definitely read this and follow Dylan & Lydia's journey, because it's fresh, fun and OH SO HOT! 

4 royally, scandalous stars.
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