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What do you get when you match a hot has heck, British - destined to be duke Dylan Hale and a Broolynite, heading to England for a new career in the fashion industry, Lydia…ONE HECK OF AN EXPLOSIVE READ!

What an amazing combination, a BROILING HOT and romantic comedy, Swift explodes on the scene with a roar!  

Fabulously strong characters clash societies norms with chemistry that burns up the pages!  

Parker Swifts provides a riveting, fun and unbreakable character connections in ROYAL AFFAIR.
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For the last 48 hours I've been consumed by Lydia and Dylan, the main couple in the Royal Scandal series. I've now seen the good, the bad and the ugly as far as they are concerned. And it's been one hell of a journey.

Ahhhhh, this duo frustrated me. I felt a burning anger and irritation toward the main couple. I couldn't believe that a such a strong, intelligent female lead would accept so little from someone she deeply cared about. I also could not believe how Dylan could be so passionate and then give her nothing in public.

I mean, I understand why. I understood that Dylan thought he was doing the right thing but it just felt so wrong. And I kinda hated him for it. I think his hang-ups wouldn't have been so painful or difficult to swallow if they were not so incredible together when they are alone.  Because I loved them together.  I wanted them to find solace and happiness in one another's lives.

So I was both enthralled and frustrated with meeting Dylan and Lydia. However, the truly bright spot in discovering this series, is that I found a new author who writes so well that she can inspire deep and intense feelings within me. 

Bottom line, I finished Royal Affair and immediately wanted more. I read Royal Disaster and I think the series gets even better - so definitely check this one out.
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4 Crowns

This book was really what I was expecting.  Yes, I knew it would be a story about a non-royal and royal with all the restrictions and limitations it implies, but I wasn't expecting the steam and heat. 

Dylan is more alpha than any royal I can ever remember reading about.  He is confident, attractive, and has complete control in and out of the bedroom.  His control leads into his protective nature of Lydia.  He encompasses all the attributes readers love abut alpha heroes.

Lydia is the American transplant.  Readers will enjoy her humor and her freedom to pursue her desires in the bedroom.  She also is very open with her feelings and needs with Dylan, which is more often than not, not the case when it comes to heroines.

This story is steamy. The chemistry between them is electric, and readers can feel their emotions through their physical interactions.  More than that, readers will get to see this couple connect emotionally as well.

This story is just getting started, and Parker Swift ends the book at a point that will want readers needing more.  I know I did.
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3.5 stars

Every girl dreams of becoming royalty. Especially American girls. It seems so out of reach for most of us. In Royal Affair you have the average American girl who meets a future duke that turns her world upside down. Not exactly in the way most of us dream about, but oh the fun they have! That is the story we get in Royal Affair by Parker Swift. 

Lydia Bell is a bit on the naïve side, but after losing her father she is determined to find her way. Though she seemed to sweet and innocent most of the times, I loved when she gave and good as she got. 

Dylan Hale is a dirty talking future duke who is confident, determined and controlling. Especially in the bedroom. For reasons he holds close, he does not do relationships. Sexual hookups are all he wants and needs, or so he thinks. 

When Lydia and Dylan meet, the attraction is instant, but he is clear from the start, he does not do relationships. He is happy with no-strings attached sexual relationships and that is what he proposes to her, but it needs to be kept secret. Though this may not be exactly what Lydia wants, she wants him more. So, Dylan introduces her to a new world of sexual experiences.  

Though I did enjoy Lydia and Dylan’s story, there were many similarities to other very popular books. However, I was intrigued enough to read this through and loved how things are never as easy as you want them to be. I am looking forward to the next part of the story in the next book.
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DNF'd at about 24%/Chapter 9
I really liked the start of this one. I was completely in it. Was finding myself involved in the characters stories and how they intertwined. Unfortunately, around the 24% mark I got a sense that Dylan was about to say somethings that were way to reminiscent of another book. Something that always makes me cringe a bit because it makes me think of this other book and sets the tone for everything to come. Could I be horribly wrong about where I expect things to head? Of course. Should you not read it? No way! My hang ups may not be yours. Lydia and Dylan are very likable characters that are worth taking a chance on.
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New series and new author to me!I'm always happy when I explore new authors!I enjoyed the story and the writing was really good!The heroine is perfect!She is sassy an ad sweet and her in combination with the hero was perfect!
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I have to admit, I went into this book with a slightly bad attitude. A rich guy, part of the aristocracy, that is wanting a “secret” relationship. One that he warns is just sex, will not lead anywhere, and no one can know about it. Basically, a royal booty call.

Have some self respect, sister!!

And that is completely not what I got. Instead, Royal Affair turned into a sweet and kinky story with main characters I adored, antagonists I despised, and an author that has me stunned that this is her debut novel.
Dylan is my new book boyfriend. He’s smoking hot, dominant/kinky as hell, polished and really sweet. His stalkerish tendencies were actually pretty cute, and I loved watching him fall in love despite himself. I was worried I would resent him for his “sex-only” relationship request, but it was pretty apparent that there was more to this guy than met the eye. The fact that a Royal fell for an every-day woman like Lydia made him even more likeable.

As I said, I was anticipating some eye-rolling on my behalf at Lydia being a doormat and going along with this farce of a relationship, but I truly liked her! She didn’t allow herself to be walked over and I felt that her and Dylan were a good match. She stood up to the “Earl of Perv” and gave as good as she got. The sex was also non-stop, so what’s not to like?!

Royal Affair is the first of a trilogy of novels, but although there is a soft of cliffhanger ending, it’s a full book in itself. It was sexy and sweet and a great start to a series I know I will enjoy!
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4.50 Stars
Title: Royal Affair
Author: Parker Swift
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Cliffhanger/Three book series!

I still can't believe Royal Affair Parker Swifts debut novel! Dylan and Lydia’s sexually charged affair will fog up your e-reader screen with all of their royal sexcapades. This book captivated me from the first to the last page. 

Dylan is British royalty and Lydia is an “ordinary” woman. 
After a chance meeting, the two embark on a sex-with-no-strings relationship. Lydia and Dylan have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” arrangement. Dylan insists he doesn’t do relationships and no one can know about Lydia. Their sex-only relationship ends up on the fast track to becoming something more. The two are faced with insta-feelings and paparazzi. Can they navigate a relationship under the watchful eye of other British royalty and the paparazzi? BOOM. What a great twist and cliffhanger ending! I have to say that I didn’t mind it at all since I knew this was a three-book series. If anything, the ending left me wanting more! If you are looking for a fast-paced romance with a side order of sexy smut, this is your next one-click. 

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I did not finish this book as I did not engage with this story at all.
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I really tried to get into the book but I found myself just taking bits at a time, not really getting into it all. The story started off well, I like Lydia right away but then it just all started to fall apart at the party. Dylan was not appealing to me and then to get through the book and find out it's a cliff hanger on top of it all! To drag this out, when I think their story line could have been nicely been summed up in one book... It was just a no go for me.
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This was the best romance novel I've read in years. This is without a doubt the best romance novel I've read through NetGalley! Highly, highly recommend.
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This is not exactly what I had in mind when I thought of the ‘royal romance’ genre but it is a royal romance. It is different and unique in its own right. 

Dylan Hale is a hot and sexy alpha male who has taken to Lydia in a major way, this book is hot and steamy but it doesn’t end there. There is also passion and a believable plot line. Some romance books can be so far fetched and deviate from reality but this one didn’t.

They meet and sparks fly, the chemistry is palpable and so tense at the same time which I really liked because it meant the tension would lead to hot and steamy scenes. I was not disappointed. 

There are some ups and downs in this book but it was so well written that I didn’t want this book to end at all! I think if you’re looking for a royal romance that is edgy and different, this is one for you!

This is the first book of three which I didn’t realise so the ending kind of threw me a little bit but I did enjoy this read and will be looking forward to reading the rest of their story!
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THIS BOOK!!  I am in awe of this being a debut author's work.  It is so entertaining.  It is definitely sexy.  It is emotional.  It is so well written.  I am so in love with the sexy alpha Dylan.  He will definitely have a place on my book boyfriend's list.  This will definitely be an author that I will continue reading and I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book and find out what the author has in store for the readers and the characters.
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Although, there was a definite 50 Shades similarity thing happening, Dylan and Lydia were so fun to read, so interesting, and so HOT. I need the next book NOW!!!!
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For a debut novel, Parker Swift did excellent in having you engrossed in the love story and fall in love with the characters. We get a entertaining story and a ending that has you happy but wondering what is meant by that message and who is Dylan Hale?

Dylan is sexy, arrogant at times but also very sweet. he has a past that shames him but also holds him back from love. That is until Lydia. Lydia who tells him like it is. Lydia who is sassy and catches Dylan’s eye.

These two have chemistry from the start and even though Dylan thinks he should stay away he just can’t. He gets closer and closer to her. He falls for her but fights it. Lydia is everything he didn’t think he wanted or should have. Smart, sexy, sassy and kind. She gives Dylan all she has and at times you wonder about the power struggle here. Dylan wants control of everything but it does go to far and hurts Lydia. He forgets that people have feelings and he can’t control them. When he finally goes beyond what Lydia can handle we see the pain and grief come in. We also see Dylan finally confront himself, his past and his feelings. He does some swoony moments to give us the HEA but we also end with a wee bit of a mystery having us wonder what obstacle is next to be thrown at this adorable couple.

A fun sexy and sassy start to what should be a wildly entertaining romance and the obstacles that are placed in front of Dylan and Lydia and how they handle them together and apart as they strive for a HEA of forever will be a fun sexy read as it has started off this way.
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I would like to thank Parker Swift, Forever Publishing and Netgalley for giving me this book for my honest review.

Review By Stephanie

Wow what a great debut novel! I must admit I was a little nervous when I saw debut writer but Parker did a great job with this story!

Ok so I am a huge sucker for a hot British accent throw in royalty and stick a fork in me! So when I read the description I was like hells yeah! Dylan Hale is the future Duke and he plans on living up to his playboy status…just sex no love!

Last sentience….Royal Affair is a good read that was full of steamy moments that will leave you wanting more….I can’t wait for Royal Disaster!
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I enjoy the royal trope, but there are some aspects of it that drive me insane, namely..fake countries. So, I was glad that this one was set in London. No, I realize this is not something that should really matter to the story, and I realize there are a lot of them out there, very popular ones, set in fake countries.

I liked Dylan a lot. I htought he seemed realistic and oyu can understand the need that he has to protect her from the paparazzi. The rationale for this was, possibly, a little over the top and unnecessary, but at the same time, I was not able to object to it all that much.

I thought the author did a good job with Lydia and her acceptance of him not only being royal, but what that meant for their relationship. I liked the evolution as she got closer to him, and wanted to be more than a fling and his arc around the same plot development, but with him being afraid of exposing her to the life he lives.

There were some issues with jealousy that were a little repetitive and I felt that he kept telling her the same things over and over, but maybe this is what happens when you date royalty.

I knew this was a trilogy going into it, so the cliffhanger ending does not effect my rating.
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****4 ‘London Lovers’ STARS****

A hot dominating British royal and a smart vivacious American heat up the pages in Parker Swift’s sexy sensual debut tale of secret friends with benefits…and so much more.  Engaging, witty, hot as heck and a little angsty I thoroughly enjoyed each page and look forward to the continuing journey of the Royal Scandal Series.

	“I was out of my element, but for the first time I didn’t mind.  In fact, I loved it.  It was like the moment when you are in the water and suddenly you can’t feel the sand beneath your feet.  You’re free.”

A British transfusion of life is Lydia Bell’s plan.  And in mere days she’s going to implement that plan when she moves to the UK and starts her new career.  Yearning to be closer to the parents she lost, London is the answer to her boring staid life.  When she meets the sexy brit that leaves her longing for more on one of her last days in the states she’s hot and bothered and for the first time she’s thinking about having a fling.

	“I had no idea kissing could be like this.”

Dylan Hale (H) learned painful lessons years ago when it comes to the pressures of royal life and the effect it can have on his relationships.  Which is exactly why he does not do relationships.  Period.  But one sweet feisty American woman is causing problems with this policy.  His plan:  they’ll satisfy their attraction…but only ever in secret.  His rule:  no one can know about their relationship, or lack thereof, he’s not willing to pay the price of discovery.

	“You had taken off those high heels, and you had those children running, playing, literally hanging off of you.  That pink sun was framing you.  I never get to see anyone – the women I’m around, especially – be so…unrestrained.  Open, real…You looked absolutely stunning.”

I seriously enjoyed this book.  While it’s been compared to other erotic works, I truly felt this was a different story and writing style.  Yes, we have the issue-laden rich guy who values control above all and doesn’t do commitment; however, this story is very much BDSM lite and there are no controversial bedroom scenes (there’s no playroom).  Furthermore, Lydia is no shrinking virgin and goes into their arrangement with her eyes wide open.  She realizes she may develop feelings for Dylan that are not reciprocated, but she wants to experience the sensual pleasure and freedom he offers.  Lydia also embraces her submission and clearly admits she loves his control – that is not an issue for her.  These dynamics differentiated the story line for me.  

	“It wasn’t that I was nervous, although I was a little; it was that I didn’t recognize this feeling, this pull, like a long-shut door was being pried open.”

When the inevitable feelings develop and emotions are hard to control Lydia struggles with what to do and how to move forward with or without Dylan.  I definitely could relate to her feelings when she felt used and humiliated and I wanted Dylan to realize his mistake.  With careful prodding he eventually opens up and shares some of his past.  You can relate to his reasons for eschewing public life but at the same time I wanted him to see what he was doing to the beautiful woman who didn’t know how to play the game.  It takes some time but Dylan earns his redemption and we get a manageable ending to what is book 1 of 3.  I say manageable because while cliffhangers are not my favorite, this one wraps up the story in a good place for our couple and leaves a teasing tidbit of the next story line, and I can live with that.

	“The secrecy meant something different now than it had a week ago.”

 Spicy shenanigans abound in this hot ticket to London.  I loved meeting Dylan and Lydia and look forward to picking up where we’ve left off when book 2, Royal Disaster, arrives in April.  

	“How did I not see you coming?”

K’s Category: 1st date, never read author previously
Characters: M/F
Sex: Yes, Descriptive
Standalone: First in a three part series.
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If you are a fan of Regency romances and wondering how those titled gentlemen are faring in today’s world, then “Royal Affair” by Parker Swift is the book for you. If you are into steamy scenes and high fashion, then “Royal Affair” is for you!

The story of Dylan Hale, heir to a dukedom and Lydia Bell, New Yorker and NYU graduate, “Royal Affair” is a tell-all in how the millennial children of the peerage cope in this era of social media and tabloid news dominance. 

With their chance meeting in Canada, Dylan and Lydia found themselves attracted to each other. When Lydia moved to London to pursue a career in fashion, Dylan was immediately at her side seducing her to start a torrid love affair.

While they try to keep their relationship low profile and purely physical, the chemistry and attraction between them cannot be denied. Add the fact that Dylan is truly one of London’s most eligible bachelors, women compete for his attention. Though Dylan truly has eyes only for Lydia, the peerage has another opinion. And Lydia is left to wonder where she belongs in Dylan’s life.

A fun read that easily becomes your guilty pleasure, “Royal Affair” is Rated M for Mature due to sexual content.
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