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It Happened on Love Street

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It Happened on Love Street is my first Lia Riley book and I'm happy to say it won't be my last.  I love a romance with southern charm and this story has it in spades.  

With a small town full of colorful characters, a villain or two and some sexy guys, I think this story will appeal to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance.  Pepper and Rhett's story is a stand alone but there is enough going on with the side characters that you'll be intrigued about who's stories are coming next.  

Pepper is probably having the worst day of her life when she meets the dashing vet, Rhett Valentine. With no job, no income, no friends, and her family several states away, she's not sure where her life is going.  And to top it off... there are dogs.  Lots of dogs for a girl who is terrified of them!  

Rhett has sworn off women after being dumped at the alter.  The nosy ladies about town would like nothing better than to see him settled down and because of that, he keeps a low profile.  But meeting Pepper is a shock to his spirit and makes him feel alive again.  She's the total opposite of the woman he might have imaged himself with but he can't seem to leave her alone.  

These two's story develops amongst the Georgia heat, several laughs, meddling neighbors and family members, a little mystery, and finally a lot of love.  

Character development was pretty thorough and the author did a great job (if not somewhat clichéd) of making the small southern town of Everland come to life.  It moved a little slow at times but otherwise, I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward others in this series
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**4-4.5 stars**
It happened on Love Street is the first book in Lia Riley's Everland series and it's a great start to her new series! Loved it!

Pepper and Rhett had great chemistry from the very beginning. What starts out as a secret fling quickly turns into more. Neither can deny the feelings that are growing between them. But Pepper isn't planning on staying in Everland forever and Rhett doesn't want her leave. Pepper has always felt responsible for taking care of her Dad and sister and built her life around doing that, never going for what she really wants. Will Rhett be able to convince her to stay or will Pepper run away from her own happiness?

I so enjoyed this sexy, charming small town romance. The people, the town and the dogs of Everland definitely make me want to make a return trip and I'm very much looking forward to Pepper's sister's story!
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"If her fear was a storm, his voice was a life raft."

It Happened on Love Street is an exciting new novel from author Lia Riley. Told from dual points of view, It Happened on Love Street follows the story of Rhett and Pepper. When Pepper first came to Georgia, she thought she was on the path to making all of her career dreams come true. Just put in her dues and the rest would follow. However, when she shows up for her first day, she finds her job gone and now she has no back up plan. Whatever is a city girl supposed to do? Pepper will have two choices: She can either find a way to make life in Georgia work or she can take the easy way out and return home. The one thing she never planned on was Rhett....Ever since Rhett was left at the alter, he's remained under the radar. Rhett loathes being the center of attention and will do anything to stay out of the towns gossip. Of course, all that goes out the window when Rhett meets his new neighbor. The connection between the two of them is strong and maybe a fling is just what the two of them need...

It Happened on Love Street was a quick and enjoyable read. I thought it was very well written and entertaining. I thought the characters were cute and I loved the southern charm. Being from the South, I can't help but get swept away in a sweet southern romance, and this one hit all the marks for me. It Happened on Love Street had just the right amount of southern charm, steamy moments and light drama.

It Happened on Love Street is a great start to the Everland Series and I look forward to checking out more from this series in the future!
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This fish out of water tale sees Pepper, big city lawyer (sort of) moving to the sleepy town of Everland to further her law career. A summer as a clerk for the local judge is just what she needs before returning to the big city and joining a prestigious firm. When things go wrong, she's offered a job as a dog walker by her next door neighbour, and town vet, Rhett Valentine. She needs the money, but she's terrified of dogs. Left with little choice, she starts walking the local dogs and gets to know the people who frequent the dog park, the hub of local gossip.

Rhett has been burned in love, and by the town gossips, so he's not interested in being in the public eye, but he can't resist his beautiful new neighbour. A secret summer fling seems to be the perfect solution, but it has a use by date. When the time comes, will he able to let her go?

It Happened on Love Street is a delightful blend of sweet and steamy romance. Once Pepper and Rhett acknowledge their mutual attraction, things heat up quickly, and hot and steamy is something Lia Riley does well. Rhett is the perfect hero, a gentleman with all the right moves. Pepper is self-conscious, but only as much as the next person. She doesn't spend the book lamenting her shape or looks, she just wishes she'd shaved her legs at a particular point!

Everland is a sickly sweet town, with nosy old biddies seemingly on every corner. The town claims to have been settled by pirates and celebrates this fact with a yearly festival featuring a treasure hunt and silent auction.

There is definitely scope for additional books in this series, with at least two bachelors yet to be paired off.

I really enjoyed the romance between Rhett and Pepper, but there were a couple of aspects of the story that just didn't seem believable. In particular, Pepper starts out with a phobia of dogs, but within a few chapters is hanging out at the dog park with no issues whatsoever. Desensitisation just doesn't work that quickly.

In all, this is an enjoyable romance which will keep you turning pages until the very end.
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*********some words needed to be spelled differently to make an appropriate review********

Rhett has quite the hardship of saving Pepper and carrying her back to safety, "that’s not how it looks to me.” He readjusted his grip. Shoot. That was her ***. He’d accidently grabbed a darn near perfect handful. “And this would go a sight easier if you’d stop wriggling.” Rhett has some issues and has no problem airing those out, “wait. Eff. Pardon my French, but this is coming out all wrong.” He inhaled sharply, raking a hand through his hair, making it stand up even more wildly that before. “I’m not used to talking to women.” I enjoyed this book, Rhett was just lovable.
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Three Girls and a Book Obsession has been a fan of author Lia Riley's from her first book!! She just knows how to write such a witty, sweet story that grabs you in right away!

This was such a great start to a new series and we can't wait for more!
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I will be reviewing this for RT book reviews May edition
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