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Great book!  I really loved it and the characters were so good!  I love a book that has great characters!  The storyline was hot!  This author definitely knows how to keep you interested!  Will definitely read more by this author!
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Reading this book out of order didn't lessen it in the least.  I immediately liked the heroine and quickly warmed up to the Hero as his personality started to shine through.  The descriptions of him are wonderful and his actions consistently make you like him more and more!.  The relationship is fun and interesting, and the intimate scenes are steamy!  There is a mix of business and pleasure (you'll see why!) and it keeps the flow and pace right on track.  Mostly I enjoyed seeing the characters compromise to come together and work for the HEA.  Very easy read!
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Kelsey Lane gets the shock of her life when she reports to work one Monday and realizes her boss is no longer there and the company she loves and works for has been taken over by Donovan Industries. The Donovan’s have a reputation around Texas and the youngest Donovan just happens to be her new boss. His extremely arrogant and unfortunately hot and sexy as hell; and there’s no denying the attraction the two have for each other. 	
This book was nothing like what I thought it would be. While there were things I liked about this book, there were many things that didn’t work for me. Unfortunately the things that didn’t work out-weighed the things that did.  First I didn’t realize it was a BDSM storyline, not that there is anything wrong with that because I read those storylines, it’s just that based on the description, it wasn’t what I was expecting.  My struggles might have because I hadn’t read the first two books in the series but I’m not one hundred percent convinced it would have made a difference. Second the inconsistencies with both Kelsey and Nathan made it difficult to follow her at times.
 Kelsey’s curiosity for BDSM and the club Deviation seems to appear out of nowhere. Then she learns that her new boss, Nathan, is a member of the club and Nathan realizes she has an interest, he offers to be her introduction into this world. This is when it just gets weird for me. I understand that Nathan is a “Dom” but he just takes over everything…her work life, her personal life. I understand a “Dom” takes over but Nathan just took over too much for me. As for Kelsey, I guess one of her struggles was to determine if she was a true “Sub” or not. One moment she was head strong then next she was submissive. Since the two worked together I just assumed there would be a separation between work and play but there didn’t seem to be. There was also the timeline, things just moved way too fast for me. Everything takes place basically within a week. I think had the timeline been stretched out a bit more it would have worked better for me. Too often things just seemed a little to scattered in this story. 
I’m going to give the first two books a try and hopefully they will help with this book. Just because this book didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it’s not worth a read.
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While not for every reader, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy stories with a D/s storyline.
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Safety Level: Safe
Cliffhanger: No
Ending: HEA

Despite not really falling in love with the second installment, I was still very excited to read this third book because Nathan has always been an interesting character. And I was right. This book really solidified Nathan's character and his place as a Donovan. Unlike his two older brothers, Nathan was a good support system. He was often misinterpreted as a cheapskate, especially by the heroine, but that's only because he took care of the financial aspect of the family business. He knew more about money than the rest. Seeing him as the dom that he is is definitely an entertaining feat.

I also liked the heroine because she was driven and career oriented. All the three heroines in this series were successful women in their field, but Kelsey was different in a way that she was warm and approachable. She had personal relationships with her co-workers. She worked great as an executive assistant even if she could easily demand for a higher position.

I like the chemistry between Nathan and Kelsey. I think chemistry was the main thing I couldn't feel in the second book. But here, it was very evident. The kinky scenes were really scorching hot. If you've followed or started this series, you definitely don't want to miss this book. The only thing now is that I can't wait to see if Erin will also get her own story. She sounds like a very interesting heroine. Maybe Julien Bonds is her hero?
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Unrealistic. Would he really tell her on the first day that he knew she was a sub, really. Predictable, rushed ending
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I loved reading the outstanding and spellbinding erotic romance by the fabulously talented Sierra Cartwright.  I received an advanced reading copy from Totally Entwined Group Publishing through NetGalley.
Kelsey Lane's new boss is none other than the multimillionaire sexy, Nathan Donovan.  Kelsey is interested in going to an exclusive kinky club with her friend and when Nathan finds out, he offers to become her Dom for one week.  Sparks, attraction, and feelings ignite between Kelsey and Nathan that make the week an unforgettable experience for both of them.
Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written full of romance and erotic scenes, and a must read love story of Nathan and Kelsey.
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This is the first book I have read by Kelly jamieson! Marco and carrie get thrown together due to their friends being a couple. There is tension from the couple from the onset and fee unworthy of each other. They must overcome their own insecurities to find their happily ever after!
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Not extremely exciting.  Just "meh".  Characters were not very charming or extraordinary.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it can easily be read as a standalone. I read the first in the series quite a while ago, so I really didn't remember anything, but had no issues following events in this book. Why? Because this book is all about Nathan and Kelsey, with a pinch of other people a couple of times, but other than that, completely focused on our couple - wondrous! Oh, and Nathan's watch, aka, Julien Bonds

Nathan is very much used to having things kept in their boxes and no overlaps. He prides himself on separation and running things smoothly. Kelsey completely throws that off for him, and he doesn't know what to do with it, but he goes with it, because his instincts are always right, right?

Kelsey decided long ago how her life would go, and she is not deviating from that path, even for her new, dynamic, controlling, boss. Everything about him tells her to turn away, but everything in her wants to go right to him and submit

As they explore a BDSM relationship, neither is all that successful on keeping lines drawn, as it spills into every part of their lives when they are together. Nathan couldn't be more happy with the way things are going, he is falling, and falling deep for Kelsey. Everything she does, everything she is, is perfect for him. Kelsey is falling as well, but worried about what it will do with her plans and life

There is a catalyst, but it is late in the book, and quickly resolved. It really did shock me, and I didn't see it coming, but was happy with how it was handled. Needless to say, I loved this book and these characters, and didn't want to stop reading once I started!
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These two start out contentious boss and employee, but that doesn't last long. Chocolate cake and a discussion about submission, boundaries are crossed, and a relationship ensues. Then worlds collide and their D/s relationship makes for some hot sex scenes. This was an enjoyable read. These two had to figure it all out in order to make it work, but they do eventually get their HEA. I liked that she didn't easily back down to him, except in the bedroom. He gave her what they both needed. He constantly pushes her to say what she needs, so he can give it to her. He falls in love with her before he realizes it.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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A great book from beginning to end. I highly recommend it. I cannot wait to read more from her
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Kelsey Lane goes to work on a typical Monday morning, expecting it to be like every other work day.  When Kelsey left the office on Friday, she worked for Newman Inland Marine which was now Donovan Logistics. She never in a million years expected a man like Nathan Donovan or all the changes that he brought along with him.  

Immediately, Nathan is completely fascinated with Kelsey.  She was not intimidated easily and he is very attracted to her.  Kelsey is not a fan of overbearing men and usually runs the other way, but something about Nathan leaves her intrigued.  

Kelsey and her friend Andi have decided to go to a BDSM club called Deviation.  Unfortunately for her, Nathan’s brother Connor was notified and he in turn called Nathan.  Kelsey had no idea, until now, that Nathan is a Dom.  Nathan wants to put all of it on the table for discussion with Kelsey.  Nathan takes it upon himself to teach her all about BDSM and so the fun begins.  

As Kelsey shares her dreams with Nathan, he doesn’t thoroughly hear her.  He focused on dominating her when all she truly wanted from him was real love with no expectations or limits.  Now the race is on for Nathan to let Kelsey know he heard her, loud and clear.

We’ve all read some books with a BDSM story line and there is almost always a portrayal of a uniformed and virginal woman.  This is totally not the case in this story.  Kelsey interest in BDSM completely thrills Nathan and surprises him at every turn.  It was nice to read a story about a women who knew what she liked and didn’t act timid and shy.  A definite change of pace!  

The chemistry between Nathan and Kelsey was outstanding!  It was immediate and intense.  Kelsey seemed to give Nathan her trust, and a little bit of sass, right away.  

The sex scenes in this book are extremely hot.  There is a lot of role play, a BDSM club, anal play, toys, etc.  I felt it was all tastefully written, however, it may not be for some readers.

I also enjoyed the fact that Kelsey knew exactly what she wanted out of life.  She was a smart, strong willed woman who walked away when she knew it just wasn’t for her.  It was also nice to see the man being the one to have to figure out what he wants in life!

Sierra Cartwright is a first for me.  I have not read anything by her prior to this and I have got to say that I love this book!  It was wonderful to read about a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and would not budge on her morals.  

I will definitely be reading the entire Donovan Dynasty Series!
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This is a well written book, that is definitely hotter than 50 shades where the BDSM is concerned. Unfortunately that wasn't enough for me.  I eagerly read waiting for something to happen but it never really did, other than work and scenes.  I think if the time span in the story had been longer than I think a week and a half, the relationship build and possible loss would have felt like more for me.  I also am not a fan of alpha male personalities weakening or changing to suit the woman, while she makes no changes, especially not after a week.  I think the evidence of change and compromise even a work related one (maybe the fallout from the tug boat captain incident, or him finding out about the job offer before going to the club) over a longer period of time would have made this a 4 or 5 star for me.
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Nathan is my favorite Donovan brother! He's practical, a natural leader, and he goes after what he wants...or in this case who. All the elements of this story fit together perfectly. Taking the journey with Kelsey and Nathan was so much fun. I love how quickly the sparks fly, that this isn't a slow burn, but a scorching heat. The sexy times are off the charts hot, the perfect amount. Could ask for more out of a book and I do hope that Erin is getting her story soon!
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Another fiery story by Ms. Cartwright. Totally unique and hot. Good overall writing .Excellent dialogue.
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Not sure how I feel about this book. I don't think that the blurb in any way reflects the story. And four chapters in, it is not what I was expecting to read. It's just a little too much for me and a warning about the BDSM qualities would be great in the synopsis. It is just far too racy for me, and I really think that a disclaimer about the BDSM element (as it does play a crucial role within the story) is needed.

I'm sorry I will not be able to review this title, I have however posted on my blog the buy link and synopsis.
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Sierra Cartwright writes compelling erotica. Perfect for those looking for the next Fifty Shades.
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I really enjoyed this book a great addition to a super series by a great author.Its well written with a great story line and well developed characters.Just loved the chemistry between Nathan and Kelsey it was smoking i really liked this and would recommend you wont be able to put it down.
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Nathan has such nice manners, “I enjoyed effing you last night.” Her mouth dropped open. His cell phone rang, and he picked it up and glanced at the caller identification. “If you’ll excuse me?” I liked this book, Nathan was super bossy, and alpha and I loved it.
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