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The Scent of Rain

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This must be the year of depressing reads! The Scent of Rain will chill and shake you to the core, as the book is portraying life in the Mormon Fundamentalist cult, where kids are abused in the name if religion and the Leader is a maniac pedophile! 

Anne Montgomery's writing style is soothing and real. I especially liked that the story is told from multiple POVs, with heart warming surprises here and there. The author managed to weave beautifully both horror and love, and the faith in human beings that care ultimately for the moral right. 

I missed more of Adan's background, though I understood that the central character is Rose. Her story is the main trigger of disturbia, having an eye opening effect for the normal people living alongside the cult, who've been ignoring the horrors for long years. 

I say this is a must read! The book is utterly captivating and mature, managing to bring the reader close to the happenings in a sort of magical way, though honestly I would never consider going there in person. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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