The Lucky Ones

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 29 Jun 2017

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First of all I'd like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read an ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review. I was really excited when I got the copy because Mark Edwards is one of my favorite authors but...unfortunately this title did not work that much for me.

It is, as usual for Edwards' novels,  greatly written, with impressive care for details and excellent characters and dialogue. However, the plot itself could no convince me at all. From the very beginning I tried as hard as possible to really trust the story and delve into it, to put my suspension of disbelief on ultra high and immerse but I simply couldn't.  Some details did not add up in my view (I wouldn't call them "holes" just not convincing) and the whole motivation/execution felt too convoluted. Also, I saw the plot twist way ahead of time, but this is not usually a problem for me; having been reading mostly mysteries all my reader's life it's really hard for a book to surprise me by now.

On the bright side I really loved DI Imogen and also Emma. Their duo is refreshing and worked so well together I hope we'll see more from them in other books. 

All in all I still recommend the book as even a not so great Mark Edwards is still a novel worth reading but if it's your first time with the author I'd say to start with the brilliant Follow you Home.
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Mark Edwards gives good psychological thriller. Its been true since he started writing them but each book has been better than the last and The Lucky Ones was really excellent, with that genuine addictive quality and a clever, fast moving, considered plot that keeps things nicely unpredictable.

The Lucky Ones is kind of a hybrid serial killer/psychological thriller, as ever the author has created some memorable characters – then thrown them into untenable situations and messed with their happy place (in this case literally) It is gripping stuff, as bodies pile up and nobody can get a handle on anything – in the meantime we follow along with Ben and son Ollie as they both come to terms with a marital split, but suddenly find themselves caught up in something much worse.

I loved the setting here – so beautifully tranquil which made the odd dead body suddenly lying around all the more real – I also thought the police procedural elements were beautifully layered into the wider plot so it all read perfectly, as the story twists and turns towards its ultimate solution you’ll be hanging off every page.

Look to be honest I’m a bit numbed to this genre now reading so  widely in it as I do, but whilst there are occasional good ones and many more enjoyable ones and the very very odd incredible one, I know that with this author I’m in safe hands. I never do anything less than bang through them, completely engaged, immersed into whatever story is being told, the characters never fail to stay with me and I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get. Quality writing, quality storytelling, imaginative plotting and a damn fine read, that I know but as for the rest, well its a mystery.

Whilst I think that “The Magpies” will remain definitively my favourite novel from Mark Edwards (is that somewhat of a challenge? Absolutely!) The Lucky Ones is without doubt one of the best. So yes. Highly Recommended.
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There’s a serial killer on the loose, one who leaves his victims posed as if their deaths were the happiest moments of their lives. Detective Imogen Evans is stumped. Meanwhile, young Ollie is thrilled when the bullies who have been terrorizing him suddenly disappear. His dad, Ben has found work and life finally seems to be working out for the single dad and his son. Someone else is glad to see Ollie happy, but they want to make him even happier, to give him the happiest, and last, day of his life. Mark Edwards is good at building subtle suspense and then throwing in a doozy of a surprise or two in his mysteries. Another memorable read
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