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Embracing the End of Life

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Dianne R, Reviewer

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Embracing the end of life-Patt Lynd-Kyle

This book is written for anyone at any stage of their life who wishes to consider what death involves. 

The author has worked with many people in a hospice situation, so is familiar with watching the death process and with counselling people who are facing an inevitable passing. 

The book gives details of how the body is likely to face the death process. Giving as much detail as possible about the physical details. It also discusses how a person would face their passing emotionally and spiritually. Normal responses and emotional reactions are described and exercises given to help the reader process the situation and move on with peace and acceptance. 

I was very impressed with the detail and depth of knowledge of the emotional responses. The exercises were interesting and useful, yet simple. 

It is a book I would recommend to not only a person in a terminal care situation, but also relatives, friends and carers of patients and also those working with those in palliative care. It would be helpful for anyone wishing to face their feeling about death, of just to put their life in perspective in a spiritual and emotional way. 

I got a lot from the book and would recommend it highly.

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