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An American Marriage

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Rachel M, Educator

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My first five-star read of 2018. It's not often that I read a literary fiction with my heart pounding until the last lines. The characters Jones writes are so compelling and real that I feel like if I read the book again they just might have changed their conversations and actions.

An American Marriage follows three main characters: Celestial, Roy, and Andre. After being married only 18 months, Celestial and Roy are driven apart by a false rape accusation which sends Roy to jail. Andre, who introduced the couple, becomes an integral connection between them while the Roy is imprisoned. Once released, Roy has to put the pieces of his life back together. Is Celestial still his wife? Is he still the man he was? These questions are far more complicated than they appear at first.

Jones weaves the narratives of these three characters together in heart-breaking ways, bringing up ideas of family of origin versus family of choice. One interesting thread connecting each part of the plot is the way that parents shape our perception of family and marriage, and the people that we come to be as adults. 

Loved, LOVED this one. Will be suggesting it to everyone.

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