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Written by Stephanie Kate Strohm, this novel follows Dylan, the sister to a reality TV star and Miss Mississippi. Who is getting, very publicly, married to a Scottish Lord. And of course there is a young gentleman for Dylan as well.

This was a sweet story that was a pleasure to read. The characters were odd and mostly shallow, so this isn’t the next great novel, but it was so enjoyable. Very pleasant to read a light-hearted story. A love story appropriate for all ages, I would happily give this to a younger cousin and tell them to look for someone like Jamie, Dylan’s love interest. He is odd, and sweet, and not a jerk.

So, those are my short thoughts and who would like this – an all ages love story.
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Prince in Disguise is a light romance that takes place in a romantic location: Scotland. Simple Dylan has always grown up hearing "You're Dusty's Sister?" and just once, Dylan wants to be separated from her beauty pageant sister, Dusty. When Dusty announces that the reality show that introduced her to her husband is going to film the entire wedding for a new show, Dylan wonders if she can dodge the cameras, even if she is the maid of honor. When Dylan meets Jamie, a groomsman with a knack for pulling literary references out of thin air, she starts to think that maybe the camera's aren't that big of a deal. With some unexpected twists, the story has just enough to not feel too cliche, but some of the plot is very much predictable and can turn experienced readers away.
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Dylan is the younger, gawkier sister of the beautiful Dusty, a former Miss Missouri. Dusty competes in a reality show and wins the heart of Ronan, a titled Scottish man. Dylan is not thrilled with living her life in the camera’s eye.

The wedding of Dusty and Ronan is another season of the show and they are all in Scottland where Dylan meets Jamie, one of Ronan’s good friends who will stand up for him. This is just the cutest story about how Dylan ends up with Jamie, who turns out to be an actual prince and how they will all live happily ever after.
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This book was a cute and quick read. The introverted and extremely private Dylan has the misfortune of having an extremely famous and extroverted sister who has ended up winning the heart of her "prince" on a reality dating show. Now her family and she are stuck in front of the camera at the lead up to her sister's wedding in a Scottish castle. But her meeting with her soon to be brother-in-law's friends/groomsman is not as uneventful as she wishes. Fortunately, Jamie, a friend of the groom, is all to willing to be Dylan's partner-in-crime in escaping the wedding madness and the cameras.

The relationship between Dylan and Jamie is sweet but predictable. I easily saw the 'shocking twist' of this story about 1/3 of the way through this book. I also loved the relationship Dylan had with her family. I was very please to see that Dusty was not made to be a completely plastic and brainless character that she seemed to be when the story first started and I loved how in the end Dylan tried to protect her older sister. I was not surprised when Dusty and Dylan's estranged father showed up. But I also think the author did an amazing job of portraying how each sister would react to their father's return which was very authentic. The family dynamic was spot on.

This was an enjoyable read to just escape into for a short period of time. I also loved all the nods and references to Disney films.
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I'll admit that when the story started with an awkward brunette who didn't appreciate the artificial beauty of her mom and sister, I sighed and rolled my eyes a little bit. But eventually, as most of the characters were fleshed out beyond their tropes and developed along with the plot, I grew to like this book more than I thought I would. I give it four hearts-eyes emojis!
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I tried y'all. I really wanted to enjoy this book, the premise sounded so fun, a girl goes to Scotland to be a part of her sister's wedding, and be a part of a reality tv show. How fun would that be?! Right from the beginning I knew I wasn't going to enjoy the book, I couldn't really relate to any of the characters, so I didn't really care what happened to them. From what I read, I don't think there's anything wrong with this book, it just wasn't for me. I hope anyone else that's into this type of book enjoys it!
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Dylan, the girl who avoids being seen. Dylan, who does not quite feel comfortable in her own skin yet. Dylan, the girl who is flown to Scotland to be a part of her older sister's reality television wedding... wait--what? 

When Dylan's older sister, Dusty, gets engaged to a nobleman from Scotland (related to the television show "Prince in Disguise"--- we know, we know, he isn't really a prince... it wouldn't have been as catchy to call it "Nobility in Disguise", now would it?) she is coerced into travelling to be a part of this wedding spectacle (who even gets married around Christmas?) because it is the wedding of her sister... and the production team demands it--and mostly because of that. 

While Dylan's plans revolve around avoiding the camera crew as much as possible for the few weeks they are there.... fate has another plan and a friendship with a sweet, attractive boy named Jamie begins. But does Jamie have some secrets of his own?

This really was a quick, easy and fun read. If you pick this title up and expect a lot of depth... you might be disappointed BUT if you are expecting the funny, quirkiness of a Disney teen drama... or even  Hallmark-esque movie... you might really enjoy this title. I know that I did.

I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.
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This was my first book by Stephanie Kate Strohm and I have to say I am very pleasantly happy I read this book.  It is the story of Dylan a Mississipi girl who gets tangled in her sisters reality show wedding.  Dylan has to put up with not only pressure from her sister who is extremely beautiful and vindictive, from her mother who is quite but fierce and from Pamela the shows producer who is not afraid of extortion in order to get the right drama filmed.  Enters handsome Jamie who seems to good to be true.  He is just your normal kissable guy, who falls or so he says for dorky Dylan.  The connection between all the characters is genome all, from Heaven the quirky friend to Ronnan the strong yet sensible groom, to the intimidating future mother in law.  You will fall in love with all of them.
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I already know of two high-school aged relatives I am giving this book to for Christmas, and I hope I can see them read it.

This is an utterly charming wish-fulfillment romance, featuring Dylan, eye-rolling younger sister of gorgeous, perfect Dusty, beauty-pageant-winner from Tupelo. Dusty was chosen for a reality show, at which she met Scottish laird Ronan, and fell in love. Now Dylan, to her total disgust, is being whisked off to Scotland for the second series as Dusty and Ronan marry at his vast estate.

Dylan is no Cinderella, in that she is anti-romance. She's no-nonsense, a long distance sprinter, and is totally not ready for a super cold stint in an ancient castle . . . until she meets Jamie, there as a groomsman for Ronan, and he leads her to a secret trapdoor tunnel.

The fun is on as Jamie and Dylan make friends, try to evade the ever-present TV cameras, and surprises occur as they lurch toward the wedding day. Dylan's crackup of a best friend shows up, making the story even more of a crackup.

I loved the evolution of the sisters' relationships, and how Dylan handled the surprises, both those provided by the TV people for maximum drama, and the ones that just happened because life is like that. A couple of twists an older reader can see coming a mile away, but that is perfectly fine as the fun is really in seeing how Strohm would handle them.

A delightful read from first page to last, putting Strohm on my "watch this author" list. 

And like I said, three copies already sold. (One of those is MINE.)
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This was a sweet, fun romance that teens will adore. Combining reality tv, royalty, secrets, and love, you will not want to put this book down. The setting made the book spectacular. Scotland is the perfect place to fall in love.
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Super cute story! 

The premise is that Dylan's sister, Dusty, was a contestant on a Bachelor-style reality show called Prince in Disguise. It's now time for Dusty to marry her "prince," which means that the family not only has to travel to Scotland over Christmas break for this televised wedding monstrosity, but now Dylan (awkward, oh, so awkard Dylan) has to deal with the cameras following her every move. Things start looking up when she meets a cute boy named Jamie at the train station, but as with every good reality show, nothing is quite what you expect as they aim to make this season of Prince in Disguise The Most Dramatic Season... Ever.

I absolutely loved this book! The voice was spot-on. The banter fantastic. I felt like Jamie and Dylan had some serious Gilmore Girls-ian banter with books and poems and silliness, and those were all of my favorite parts. 

Also a bonus, this was a clean YA read that I would feel comfortable passing along to even young teens--while also managing to have a believable and fun romance. The main character (Dylan) was adorable, and I loved her growth throughout the book. Also the side characters: hilarious. Kit Kirby and Heaven were the best. I definitely recommend this book to anyone in the mood for a great romantic comedy and it is a definite must for fans of reality shows!
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Prince in Disguise was a fun one-sitting read which had a lot more depth than I had first expected! I am, without doubt, a sucker for undercover royal story lines so it's no surprise that I loved this book. The Scottish tradition and southern belle story lines complemented each other surprisingly well and the extra details added heaps.
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Prince in Disguise is a fluffy, light, guilty pleasure kind of read.  It felt like a watered down John Hughes movie - 16 Candles but with British royalty instead of high school royalty.  You won't believe any of it but you probably won't care, either, that you don't.

Story: Dylan has lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister for most of her life.  And now, with the family caught up in a reality TV show featuring her sister and fiance (Scottish nobility), life is even more hectic.  For Dylan doesn't want to be a part of the show, Prince in Disguise, but is dragged to Scotland in order to be a part of the castle fairytale wedding.

I was worried that Dylan would come off as selfish and unsympathetic - and honestly she was.  That probably bothers me more as an adult than a teen would, though.  But I wish Strohm had given Dylan more personality beyond 'chip on her shoulder girl' who is mouthy and rude to most people. I had a hard time liking her and the instaluv with Jaime was unbelievable and kind of creepy as a result (she's only 16 and they are talking of marriage already).  But again, suspend disbelief and think fairy tale and everything is fine.

So much of this is 16 Candles - from the self obsessed pretty older sister to the wedding from hell scenario that Dylan has to attend as a bride's maid.  In both the movie and this book, we have a love interest that is tired of all the attention he gets for being rich/noble - and he just wants a 'real' girl to see the 'real' him.  But again, Jaime felt a lot less real than Jake from 16 Candles.

Most of the book is amusing quips and bon mots.  Everyone is smart and well read and can mete out sassy rejoinders effortlessly.  Our love interest Jaime is a book nerd and supposedly his literary quotes (which Dylan always knows somehow despite not being well read) are offset by her knowledge gleamed from TV/Animal Planet.    The reality show theme unfolded as predicted but is certainly a sign of our current times.  Most of the fun is on the culture clash that Strohm plays with throughout - American versus Scottish/British.  Yes, there will be the haggis moment but it will be juxtaposed with fried Snickers bars.

The romance progressed VERY fast - Strohm decided to keep the book light and an easy read so certain themes never grow organically.  Again, I don't think most teens will mind and just enjoy this as a light fluff piece.  But I wish the story had bookended with meeting and then a first kiss rather than meeting and then marriage talks.

In all, perhaps a guilty pleasure or a silly fun John Hughes inspired YA romance.  I'd expect to see this as a little throwaway movie on the Disney Channel.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.
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Clearly, I am on a reality show kick. First I fell in love with NICE TRY, JANE SINNER and now I’m in love with PRINCE IN DISGUISE.

Here’s a secret I’ve never shared before- I am a sucker for Christmas based romance stories and I am SO in love with all those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. The Nine Live of Christmas (also a book!)? Yes. A Royal Christmas? Uh huh. The Christmas Ornament? I cry every time. When I saw PRINCE IN DISGUISE on NetGalley and realized it was set during Christmas, I knew this book was for me. What I didn’t know until I read it was that this book REALLY needs to be turned into a Hallmark Christmas movie. I would watch the shit out of it.

Our story starts in Tupelo, Mississippi, where Dylan has been sucked into her sister’s wedding preparations and the subsequent reality TV show that has followed (the channel’s clever name in the book is TRC, haha). When Dylan is swept off to Scotland for the wedding, she finds herself falling for one of the groomsmen and fighting for her privacy as TRC catches wind of this new romance… this time with an actual prince.

I think it was terribly clever to show how reality TV warps what is real. The title of the show is ‘Prince in Disguise’ but we find out pretty early on that Ronan is a Lord, not a prince. And while TRC goes to great lengths to make his castle seem very glamorous, the estate is actually kind of falling apart and Dusty even admits that all of Ronan’s money is tied up in the estate. There were also times when they would force Dylan to tape confessionals, but she would have to repeat certain lines over and over until they sounded just right for the camera.

Dylan is a super likable character. She’s been thrust into this peculiar place and because she’s a minor, she wasn’t given the option to opt out of being on the show. I totally related to her need for privacy and why she was so irritated with her mom and sister for getting her involved in something she wanted no part of. Dylan is also “not like other girls” but it wasn’t in the typical YA fashion- instead of berating other girls for liking makeup and fashion, Dylan admits that she just doesn’t understand it and isn’t bothered by not knowing how to do hair and typical “girly” things. The only time she ever comments on her sisters routine is a quick jab at her sister getting carried away with the fake tan. Dylan even comments on how beautiful Dusty is several times in the book and it’s never in a way that degrades Dusty. While Dylan and Dusty do have a very tension filled relationship (most of it stemming from Dylan’s non-compliance with the shows rules), it’s very obvious that the sisters love each other. When Dylan finds out Dusty’s secret, she offers to let the show focus more on her budding romance in hopes that the eagle-eyed producer won’t find out what’s going on with Dusty.

Then there’s Jamie. Sweet, awkward, poetry reciting Jamie. Yes, he is TOTALLY unreal and perfect but that just adds to my desire to see this made into a Hallmark movie. From the trapdoors he finds, to the the over the top date he plans, Jamie is a swoon worthy love interest and a very princely fellow.

Of course, every good Christmas romance needs its comedic relief and that’s where Kit Kirby comes in. Kit is short and full of life but I think this line sums him up the best.. and I’ll leave it at that.
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This book was really cute and kind of gave me Princess Diary feels (the movie not the books). The relationship between Dylan and Jamie was super adorable and they had this really nerdy thing going on which I was all for. It was super cheesy and predictable but I couldn’t help but smiling.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

Will update with links to where I posted my review online closer to the release date. (Final review might change slightly but will have the same basic message).
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A perfect pick for YA readers w/ a preference for royal weddings, fun banter, and strong, witty females!
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"Prince in Disguise" over all had just a warm, fluffy feeling to it, and it was exactly the book I needed. I loved all the literary references (especially the Harry Potter ones), and the differing personalities of the characters. They were all very distinct, but shared the same streak of humor. The relationship between Dusty and Dylan was interesting, as, though they don't act overly fond of one another, they truly cared, and wanted only the best for the other.
I loved the dialogue during Dylan and Jamie's encounters, and especially what nerds they could be (this was truly a gift). They were both fun characters to watch grow closer, and though I wanted to see them be friends for longer, I think the pacing was wonderful. There was nothing that seemed too quick or too sudden, and the plot twists were aptly placed.
Over all, I really enjoyed reading the book, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance and/or literature-related humor.
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Dylan, the protagonist, is everything you would expect from a YA heroine - clumsy, less pretty and less accomplished than her sister, (camera-)shy, runs away from problems, etc. But she is also a lot of things I didn't expect: a runner, quite tall (why do I so rarely find a book with a tall heroine?), surprisingly decisive - one of the storylines ended in a way I did not expect, but in a way I very much approved of. Despite her being, more or less, a trope, Dylan was still extremely interesting to read about. Her interactions with the male protagonist, Jamie, were obviously my favourite (I'll get to him in a moment), but I really liked that the family wasn't sidelined, like in most YA novels that focus on romance. Dylan's relationships with both her mother and her sister were very well developed.

Jamie was a real sweetie. He was somewhat shy, yet really amusing and interesting; his literary references were what I liked the most, although I am a bit sorry they kind of disappeared at some point around the middle of the novel, I think. 

Strohm really managed to translate the concept of a reality TV show into a book - the plot twists that are obvious from the very beginning, the blurring lines between reality and TV, the omnipresent cameras intruding into your privacy... Life (apparently) isn't easy for television personalities (not that I know), and the book captures it really well (I think). 

The book was heaps of fun, a relaxing, fast read that you will fly through because you just gotta read one... more... chapter.
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Prince in Disguise is so much fun! The cover tricked me a bit and I thought this was going for be more of a middle grade story, but it's actually a YA full of heart and hilarity. 
Dylan is tired of being in the older sister's shadow, yet not at all interested in being in the spotlight. When her sister lands a spot in a bachelor-like reality TV show, Dylan does her best to steer clear and stay away from the cameras. However when her sister wins the heart of the bachelor and prepares to film a new show all about the wedding, Dylan funds that she must step up as sister of the bride. Unfortunately, it seems that the producers love to make Dylan the comedy relief of the show and she constantly finds herself in crazy situations. And when a cute guy, who is part of the wedding party, befriends her, Dylan must decide if she's willing to live out her new relationship on-camera or let the guy go.

This is such a sweet, fun read! I loved Dylan and all her clumsiness. As she grows throughout the story, you get to see her come into her own and gain confidence. She's hilarious and relatable, the perfect combo for a YA rom-com.
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I was watching a Fall book preview and the cover of this book caught my attention and after hearing the description it sounded interesting. I enjoyed the book and pre-ordered a copy for our library.
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