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The Hickory Stick

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Last updated on 23 Oct 2017

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This was a bit different than what I usually read but different is good, right? A true coming of age story. Barnaby Madden is nineteen and cocky as all get out. He signs up to be a constable an as luck would have it he gets hired with virtually no training. Nothing like the police academy they put them through today. My son just went through the police academy this past Summer and is now an officer. Young Norfolk Police Constable Barnaby is to meet with his superior buy before he can do so meets a group of men he doesn't know and takes the leader down. Now this is a man the town has feared and the town's people are happy with him for his actions and have a bit of fear of him as well. His cockiness disappears along the way as his tasks get harder and some of the town's people just don't like him. He is a roving constable as he is assigned to different towns in the early 1830's England. The ladies certainly seem to like him in each town he is stationed in. He deals with his fair share of troubles and a few times he looks like he is in over his head . Very interesting fictional account of a police constable in the early days of Queen Victoria.
Pub Date 23 Nov 2015 
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