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Wish Trap

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Last updated on 15 Sep 2017

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The Wish Trap, written by Linda Chapman & illustrated by Lucy Fleming, is an enchanting story that mixes childhood adventure with fantasy. Readers will delight in the magical animals and whimsical illustrations. Its description rings true - this is a book that will be enjoyed by fans of both the Rainbow Magic series and other magical adventures for young readers. 

The second book in the Star Friends series, it follows friends Maia, Ionie, Lottie & Sita as they discover their increasing magical powers as Star Friends. Star Animals are magical animals that come from Star World, and once they have made a human friend, their magic can flow between them in order to do good and stop others who are using bad magic. Promoting acts of kindness in children's literature is always a positive experience for both readers and parents, and using both magic and animals to do so is so much fun! 

Maia, Ionie, Lottie & Sita successfully battled a Shade (an evil spirit that brings chaos & unhappiness) in the first adventure - and they will need to work together again to solve a dangerous mystery in The Wish Trap. This time, the members of the gym team are mysteriously getting hurt - and the girls suspect that a Shade is behind the accidents. 

While the story itself is fun and the characters charming, the illustrations are gorgeous and really brought the book to life. I am familiar with Lucy Fleming's art through Instagram, but this is the first time I've seen her work displayed in a children's book. Her dreamy, whimsical style fits the Star Friends perfectly. Young readers, particularly girls around my own daughter's age (9), will be happy to have The Wish Trap in their libraries.

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