You're Gonna Love Me

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Hatcher has created a heartwarming romance with a beautifully depicted faith story about healing from brokenness and learning to overcome fear.
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When Samantha Winters gets a call from her cousin that their grandmother, Ruth, fell from a horse and broke her leg, she decides to take time off from work and head for Thunder Creek, Idaho, to care for her Gran.

Nick Chastain was there with Ruth when she fell, so he comes to visit her in the hospital to see how she's doing. Nick and Samantha are shocked to see each other again, when the meet in Ruth's hospital room. Nick and Samantha dated back in Oregon when Nick used to be a professor at the university, but they had a fight and then Nick had an accident, and he still suffers from memory loss. 

While Samantha is wondering if she wants to go back to the job waiting for her, she and Nick reconnect, and she wonders if they can make it work this time.

Nick loves being outdoors and he is working installing a irrigation system into Derek's organic farm, her and Derek becomes fast friends and Derek invites him to join their Men's Church Group. Nick has changed alot and he regrets his reckless mistakes in the past, he remembers some things about Samantha and he wants to apologize and be friends, but he is afraid to hope for more than that. 

Ruth is happy to have Samantha visiting her, and she decides that she needs to get to know Nick better so that she can decides if he is good enough for Samantha. 

Samantha has always made the safe choice since her father died in a skiing accident, and she didn't like Nick's recklessness, but she can see that he's changed especially when he talks about his faith. She is afraid to take a chance, and I like how she comes to terms with her fears. And I love how Nick has changed his outlook on life and overcome so many challenges since his accident. A fantastic read from beginning to end!

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Samantha is not with what is going on in her life right now. She has more questions then she does answers. She is home helping her grandmother after a fall and maybe after some time of relaxing she can find out some answers. But when someone from her past comes back into her life she still ends up wondering whats next in her life. Nick runs into Samantha when he never thought he would see her again. He struggles with telling her the truth that happened two years ago or just letting things lye where they are. Can the two figure out how to navigate life in a small town and get the answers each seek?

What a sweet book this was. This book was like coming home, there was no suspense or nothing that just stood out. It felt more like catching up with a friend. I loved how the book just flowed and you wanted to find out what was going to happen next. I loved all the main characters I really enjoyed Ruth and her friends they just seemed like the towns Grandma's and also matchmakers. I really loved how this was a good clean read and also how with everything Nick had been through he still sought his faith to make it through. I can't wait for more from this sweet town of Thunder creek(oh how I hope there is more). If you are looking for a clean read with one of the sweetest love stories this book will not disappoint at all.
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The last person Samantha Winters expects to come across in her grandmother’s Idaho hospital room is Nick Chastain. They’d ended on bad terms, and he’d ignored her since.
Both Sam and Nick must reconcile their pasts in order to look toward their futures. Nick must deal with the fact he has to give up the adrenaline-inducing activities he once loved. Sam has to decide if she’ll continue to allow the tentacles of fear to suffocate her.
With plenty of help from the lovable citizens of Thunder Creek, will these two find the happiness they once gave up on finding with each other?
Vivid scenery, memorable characters, and a reminder that God is always in control make You’ll Think of Me another read from Robin Lee Hatcher to add to your Christmas wish list.
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The book started off of slow with the necessary background information before the plot was established. I liked how we found out about the two main characters from their own POVs. Nick was not as a sympathetic character as Samantha. I like how faith was intertwined in the overall message not preachy but both of the main characters had problems and to see how the problems were resolved was inspirational along with their loved story.
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You're Gonna Love Me by Robin Lee Hatcher takes readers back to the charming town of Thunder Creek, Idaho. In a love story about second chances and overcoming fear, we see a story unfold that connects us to its predecessor and develops a whole new story all its own.

Samantha is an accountant and has experienced loss from someone skiing, something she would consider an unnecessary risk. Now she is set never to allow risk into her life again. A few years before this story Samantha and Nick dated, but Nick was a risk taker. While they were dating, Nick planned a kayaking trip over spring break and Samantha ended their relationship.

Now back in Thunder Creek to care for her grandmother, Samantha sees Nick. Samantha didn't expect to see him, but through a series of events their past unfolds.

I liked the setting for this book. I'm a sucker for charming small towns. I also enjoyed the concept of fear, which is something so many people experience. I think the author did a nice job with this story and I appreciate the development of the character's stories. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.
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4.5 stars. 

You’re Gonna Love Me by Robin Lee Hatcher is a charming second chance at love Christian romance which is set in the delightful small town of Thunder Creek, ID.

  Samantha Winters is risk-averse to the point it affects her personal and professional relationships. Even though she is passed over time and again for promotions, she remains in a stagnant job with a boss she dislikes. In her personal life, Samantha’s fears caused her to end her eight month relationship with outdoorsman and adventure seeker Nick Chastain.  When her beloved grandmother, Ruth Johnson, is injured in a fall and needs some assistance with day to day tasks, Samantha does not hesitate to take a leave of absence from work to care for her. What she does not expect is to immediately cross paths with Nick, whom she has not heard from since their painful break up two years earlier.  She is stunned by the how drastically different he is from the man she once dated, but can Samantha trust that Nick will not revert back to his daredevil ways?
Samantha avoids confrontation at all cost and runs away instead of facing problems. She has worked for the same company and boss for several years and despite her unhappiness at how her boss treats her, she refuses to look for another job since she does not like change.  However, spending time with Ruth, Samantha begins to question some of her decisions but will she be willing to walk away from the comfortable (and somewhat boring) life she has created for herself?

  Nick has undergone dramatic changes since he last saw Samantha and he is refreshingly honest about how selfish  he was during their relationship.  While theses significant alterations in his life might not have been of his choosing, Nick readily admits he is a much better person than he was when he dated Samantha. He is quick to take responsibility for how his actions affected their relationship in the past and he is not shy about discussing the reasons his life has changed so radically. Nick has also undergone a considerable amount of spiritual growth in the intervening years and he is now quite devout.

  In spite of Nick’s assertions these changes in his lifestyle are permanent, Samantha is doubtful he can resist his adventurous spirit.  Despite her reservations, she is willing to give him a second chance, but she is also quick to doubt him when she misconstrues his actions in emergency situations. Samantha’s propensity to run away from problems also causes trouble between them because her first instinct is to shut down instead of discussing the issues between them. Will Samantha finally deal with her deep-seated fears or is her second chance at love with Nick doomed to fail?

 With a strong element of faith, You’re Gonna Love Me is a heartwarming novel of forgiveness, reconciliation and love.  Nick and Samantha are wonderfully developed, likable characters that readers will find it easy to root for. Their romance moves at a low but realistic pace as they try to work through the issues that ended their relationship in the past. Since Nick’s life changes occurred during their separation, the story focuses mainly on Samantha’s character growth. Robin Lee Hatcher has created  a warm and inviting community in the small town of Thunder Creek and readers will enjoy revisiting characters from previous works. A heartfelt romance that fans of the genre will enjoy.
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It’s always nice to visit old friends and a beautiful little town tucked away in the mountains. I remember going to Idaho when I was a kid. I never forgot the beautiful scenery and the quaint little towns we drove through. The author has brought those memories back with a delightful story . 

Sam has everything going for her far away from Idaho. She is a great accountant but I wouldn’t say she is exactly happy. After losing her father in a tragic accident, it has caused her to be fearful. I know first hand about fear and anxiety. It is not easy to live each day worrying if something is going to happen. I was happy to read that Sam was going back home to care for her grandmother who had been in an accident. I think Sam’s grandmother stole the show in this story. She has wisdom that really helps Sam and knows her granddaughter is not herself. Having Sam take a leave from work to help her grandmother recover was the perfect medicine for her. Their bond was strong and it was nice to read that Sam really listened and appreciated her grandmother’s advice. 

Nick and Sam were an item at one time, but that all changed one day. I think when they run into each other again, hurts that had never been resolved come flowing to the surface. One thing I liked about Nick was his determination. Dealing with TBI is not easy for Nick but he sure doesn’t let that stop him from wanting to find love. Will Sam and Nick rekindle their feelings? I loved how the characters each had fears that needed to conquer and relied on God to help them. The story is well written and I loved how the author reminds us to trust God in everything. 

I received a copy of this book book from the author. The review is my own opinion.
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I really wanted to like this book. I enjoyed a western written by the same author years ago, so I wanted to give her a try again.
I feel like this is an author who's writing style I have personaly outgrown. It comes across very easy to read, a very simple plot ,
and very low on the romance (which is fine if that is what you are looking for). I personally look for writing that draws me in more, a plot with more complex characters, and chemistry you can feel in a love story.
What probably bothered me the most abot this book was Sam's whining. She basically wanted Nick to stop being an outdoor person because she had fear issues. Nick went so far at one point  (trying to please her) that he said he would stop doing anything that would make her fearful, just to give him a chance. Then when Nick does something to help someone, Sam throws a hissy fit that he has not changed! Sorry I like my Heroes heroic and my heroines to not be a whiny  ninny. This part of the story really got on my nerves, probably because I love outdoor activities  (dirtbiking, hiking, ect...) and I get tired of how people say how dangerous my hobby is. Not all dirtbiking is the x-games intense! Driving a car CAN be dangerous, walking down the street CAN be dangerous, what are we supposed to do, Hide in our houses and wait to die? Maybe this is not the message the author ment to send, but I felt sorry for Nick. I know guys who gave up their hobbies for the girls they mary, and to me it is sad. Sam did have a bit of a realization of how much her fearful was controlling her but to me it was too little, too late. 
Anyway that is my rant.
3 stars for writing quality 

I received a copy of this book through netgalley at no cost to me, for my review.
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This is the first book I’ve ever read by Ms. Hatcher and it will not be the last. I really enjoyed her writing style. I was easily immersed into the setting and quickly connected with the characters. The story focuses on second-chances, facing fears, finding happiness and contentment. 

Sam comes to Thunder Creek to look after her grandmother as she recovers from a fall and unexpectedly runs into her ex-boyfriend who lives here now. Nick is a changed person from who he was 2 years ago, since coming to Thunder Creek he has begun to find peace and the fresh start he was looking for. But when Sam arrives in town he realizes how much more he wants, he fights his feelings of wanting to be with her or staying away because he doesn’t deserve her. Their previous relationship ended abruptly and neither was expecting to cross paths again, but now that they have they realize they still care for one another. Can they overcome what tore them apart in the first place? 

I enjoyed the flashbacks to memories of their previous relationship, it allowed me to really understand the hurt, the fear and the attraction they once experienced and what brought them to where they are now and why they acting they way they were. With the influence of their friends and family, Nick & Sam learn to trust God. Nick once was self-centered but now God and others are his focus. The change in him may be obvious to readers, but can he get Sam to see he has changed, is it worth trying? 

Each character had their own presence and personality; no two characters felt the same. I found myself easily connecting with Sam, as I could see myself in many of her feelings and actions. I enjoyed the secondary characters just as much as the two mains. There were just a couple things that irked me about the story, one was just when they had agreed to go slow they take a huge leap and second the epilogue story felt like it came out of nowhere. 

This story will have you encouraging Sam to embrace change and to overcome her fears, along with cheering for Nick to embrace the second chance he has been given. I was left with my heart feeling happy. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Hatcher.
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this was my first book by this author, but it won't be my last.  She writes wonderful, sweet romances that tug at your heart strings.
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Robin Hatcher is the kind of author you can count on to provide clean, refreshing stories that take you away and let you believe that faith can really make a difference for the good.

Within the pages you get a fresh, comforting backdrop for her story about love, family, friends, forgiveness, letting go of fears and second chances.

Hatcher creates imperfect characters that do realistic things, even if that means making them do something stupid like ending a relationship out of fear, so that you can actually care about what they’ll do and how they’ll get out of these circumstances they’ve created. She makes it even better when the people they were rude to pop back into their lives in the most unusual of places so they have no choice but to deal with the repercussions of their choices. There are no easy, pat answers handed over instead they have to work through some personal growth to climb out of that hole. 

All of this means you just might pick up a few life lessons along the way of enjoying a good story.
I will say it’s better if you read You’ll Think of Me her previous book. The major characters from that one take some prominence in this so it’d provide better backstory and if you haven’t it’ll ruin how that one ended.
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I enjoyed this one. It was nice to see two characters that already had history and had split, find a way to make things work this time. I liked Nick, I thought he was an interesting character but his need for thrills would have been a deal breaker for me just like it was for Sam years before. It is hard to see him have to give up such a bit part of his life and personality but every boy does need to grow up and if he wants love and companionship he needs to settle down to a life a little less risky. Sam on the other hand also needs to have a little courage and allow people to take some risks in life. It was good to see her work through her fears and figure out a bit about why she is so stunted by them. She was able to find her strengths and find new purpose when she was finally able to let things go a little and not be so rigid in her need for safe and stable. I think they are good for each other and I enjoyed watching the relationship bloom again. I thought the town full of fun characters was lovely addition and kept things a little lighter.
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Robin Lee Hatcher has long been a favorite of mine. She always writes with a great deal of emotion, creating believable characters and situations that her readers can identify with.  I've never been disappointed in one of her novels.
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Robin Lee Hatcher's books are a wonderful blend of romance, faith, and great story-telling. Her latest book, You're Gonna Love Me is no exception. I was immediately swept up in the story and was sad when it ended...I wanted to spend so much more time with these characters :)
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I absolutely love it and will read again.   Love how Idaho is described as it is truly God's Country.   Great love story.  Be sure and read it and you will believe as I do......."All things are possible with God".
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I absolutely ADORED this book. I was worried they were going to completely change one or both characters but they both grew and helped each other. It was delightful and fun and I enjoyed every minute.
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This charming, heartwarming story is one of how to overcome your fears.  We all have fears and different ranges of how deep those fears affect us.  I enjoyed this thought-provoking story, because of how I could relate to the characters.  Ms. Hatcher’s tale of these character’s lives was delightful.  You’re Gonna Love Me is a romantic story about Samantha and Nick.  This story details what occurred in their past and provides the reader with an interesting story about their current life.  I highly recommend reading this book!  This was the first time I had read a book by this author.  I will be reading more of her books! 
***I was given a free electronic copy of this book from the publisher.  This is my honest opinion.  Even though I received this copy free, this is my own opinion.
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A return to Thunder Creek Idaho and delightful hints, if you haven’t read You’ll Think of Me, and clues for those that haven’t, but for me I love this place the word pictures offered by the author make it breath taking.
Can two broken people that had a relationship put it back together, they end up states away from where they began, and now they end up in the same place at the same time, coincidence?
Both characters in this new book need to trust God, and we hope that as the story progress they are able to let go of their fears and see what God has placed before them!
I received this book through the Publisher Thomas Nelson, and was not required to give a positive review.
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This is a sweet story of second chances, one maybe brought about by the hand of God.  It is about a relationship that ended on a bad note leaving two people who care about each other feeling hurt.
Nick loved the thrill of adventure and high risk until it almost ended his life.  Samantha cared about Nick but couldn't handle the fear that she felt when Nick took chances with his life.  They broke up with some ugly words spoken.  Later, Sam tried to apologize but Nick never returned her calls or emails.  She didn't realize that he had been injured and couldn't return her calls. 
They knew each other in Oregon where they lived and worked.  They were both surprised to see each other again in Idaho.  Nick lives and works there now.  He was doing work for Sam's cousin Derick when their grandmother has an accident that sends Sam home to help her.  Will their relationship have another chance?  Will Sam's fear interfere or will Nick's daredevil nature intrude?  Nick was self centered but now God is his center.  Sam is a Christian but lives in fear because of a fatal accident that she witnessed involve her father.
You're Gonna Love Me has a good lesson for us to remember.  We need to rely on God instead of living in fear.  That doesn't mean to take risks with our life but it means that if we put our concerns in His hand, we need to trust Him to lead us without fear.  This is a sweet love story that is a light and quick read with deep meanings.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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