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Last updated on 07 Dec 2017

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Disclaimer: I am not a wood carver of any other kind of artist.  I read this book because I have a spell affinity for spoons. I have a chronic illness and one of the way we talk about how we do that is with spoons as an analogy for energy. I read this  book because I wanted to know more about spoons and see how they are created.
I can't give you a review about how well it taught me to make spoons. But I can tell you how lovingly the author talked about these implements I saw them as art through his eyes.  I loved reading about the different woods and how you could turn imperfections in the wood to beautiful patterns and personality. I loved learning about the different kinds of spoons really challenging me to think about the wide functionality of the implements.
The artist loving render his work in words and pictures. I cam away inspired and touched.

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