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Off the back, the title reminded me of the Kate Winslet's scene in The Holiday where she learns about meet cutes in movies. This a great premise for a book. This anthology features very talented YA authors. The diverse characters were refreshing and appreciated. In Hourglass, I appreciated how the African-American character stepped beyond being the sidekick. Click by Katherine McGee could be the start of a great rom com movie. I got a case of the "feels" while reading The Dictionary of You & Me by Jennifer L Armentrout. Overall, this a great read.
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I’ll admit, after seeing subpar reviews of this anthology from reviewers I trust, I was quite hesitant when I cracked open this book. However, overall, I ended up enjoying these short stories much more than expected! I’ve been pretty disappointed by YA anthologies recently, but Meet Cute definitely surprised me in a good way. My average rating for the stories was 3.5, so I’ve rated the overall anthology 3.5 stars to reflect that (although I rounded up to a 4 stars on Goodreads, because I really did love the stories I enjoyed from this collection).

I appreciated that quite a few stories in this collection featured LGBTQIAP+ rep (although I do reeeeeaaalllly wish there had been some ace rep, considering the premise of the collection), and I also really liked the mix of genres! I was expecting purely contemporary cuteness, but there were quite a few sci-fi/futuristic stories, as well as a bit of fabulism in Dhonielle Clayton’s story. I will say, like all short story collections, this one has its duds… but it also has some definite gems. Many of these, I wouldn’t personally classify as “meet cutes,” and those stories were the ones I tended to like the least. I would have read full-length novels of a couple of these, though! Since it’s hard to talk generally about a short story anthology, let’s get into my thoughts and ratings of the individual stories.

Siege Ettiquette by Katie Cotugno: 1☆ // This collection did not start off on a good note for me. I knew going in that I’m not a fan of Katie Cotugno’s writing, so I didn’t expect to love her story or anything, but seriously? It was kind of a pile of hot garbage. It could not be described as “cute,” or really even as a “meeting,” much less a “meet cute.” The characters had about as much chemistry as two pieces of cardboard, and the second person POV was a weird choice. Ugh. This was by far my least favorite story.

Print Shop by Nina Lacour: 5☆ // In true Nina Lacour fashion, this story turned my quickly-souring feelings on this anthology around. It was an adorable f/f romance aided by social media. The print shop setting was so unique and fun! Love love love.

Hourglass by Ibi Zoboi: 2☆ // This story didn’t do it for me. I enjoyed the commentary on race, and the black and fat representation was much-needed, but what even was that “romance”? The “meet cute” was super anticlimactic and, once again, no chemistry.

Click by Katharine McGee: 4☆ // I really enjoyed this one! It’s total romance trope-y goodness, and it’s set in a near future where an app called Click matches people up with the people most compatible for them (kinda like Tinder of the future). It also made me think, which I didn’t expect!

The Intern by Sara Shepard: 2.5☆ // I didn’t have any issues with this story, but I also can hardly remember anything about it, so take from that what you will. I’ve definitely read/watched stories that use this same premise that are executed better.

Somewhere That’s Green by Meredith Russo: 4☆ // Yaaaaay for trans and lesbian rep! I liked the school musical element to this one, and there were some great discussions on things like anti-trans bathroom legislation. Super cute f/f romance.

The Way We Love Here by Dhonielle Clayton: 3☆ // I think the premise of this story is much better suited to a full-length novel. I love Dhonielle Clayton’s writing, and the fabulist elements were incorporated in an interesting way, but I wanted more. I didn’t get enough closure from just a short story.

Oomph by Emery Lord: 5☆ // MY FAVORITE STORY. But, like, who’s surprised? Emery Lord is my queen. This is the cutest f/f meet cute that takes place in an airport. Plus, it ends with an Avett Brothers reference. GOODBYE WORLD THIS WAS SO GOOD. *cries because I wanna have a meet cute with a cute girl in an airport*

The Dictionary of You and Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout: 4.5☆ // This story was total wish fulfillment for all the bookworms who will pick up this anthology, and I don’t even care. It was cheesy and formulaic as hell, but I ate it up and would read a hundred more stories with this premise.

The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love by Jocelyn Davies: 5☆ // An NYC subway romance! With a girl mathematician as the protagonist! It was adorable and I loved it!

259 Million Miles by Kass Morgan: 4☆ // I reeaaaalllly liked this one. Again, I would love a full-length book based on this story. We got some much-needed representation of a guy protagonist who has social anxiety, and this romance felt totally believable to me. Also, this was definitely the most bittersweet story in the anthology, which I am always a sucker for.

Something Real by Julie Murphy: 4☆ // So cute!! An f/f romance where two girls compete on a reality show to win a date with a famous guy singer, but end up falling for each other instead? Yes, please. More queer stories like this.

Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick: 2☆ // This story was just okay. Again, the second person POV felt like a strange, unnecessary choice, and the premise was waaaaaay too melodramatic for my taste.

The Department of Dead Love by Nicola Yoon: 3☆ // A solid story, but my least favorite of the three futuristic stories in this anthology. Again, this would work better as a full-length book, maybe. The world building was great; I just didn’t feel a ton of chemistry between the main characters.
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3.5 stars.  I’m always a sucker for young adult short story anthologies. You never know what little gems you might discover that will lead you to an author you haven’t read before. Like most collections of short stories, this anthology contains some hits and some misses, but I enjoyed reading all the different interpretations of “meet cutes”.  The stand-out stories for me were “Oomph” by Emery Lord, “The Dictionary of You and Me” by Jennifer L. Armentrout, “Say Everything” by Huntley Fitzpatrick, and—my favorite—“The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love” by Jocelyn Davies.
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SIEGE ETIQUETTE Katie Cotugno - 2.5/5 stars

This short story is about a popular girl named Hailey who finds herself locked inside of a bathroom at a party with her boyfriends friend. I liked this story however I didn't really understand the ending. Like there was no outcome really. And how did she end up in the bathroom at the first place,tbh I didn't really understand much of the plot.

PRINT SHOP Nina LaCour - 3/5

This is about a girl called evie who gets a job at this old print shop as one of the workers is going on maternaty leave. This was was definitely better a better story and it did surprise me with the ending. anicely written lgbt story.

HOURGLASS Ibi Zoboi -2.5 /5

This is about a black highschool senior girl called cherish who is 6'5 tall and cannot find aprom dress to fit her size. I liked this one but there wasn't really any romance, which I didn't like.

CLICK Katharine McGee - 4.5/5

This is about two characters Alexa and Raden who are on a date from a new dating app called click when she realises shes left her phone in the taxi. This is my favourite so far! I really enjoyed it and thought I was cute. I wish my online dating would be successful like hers. I also felt the pain about losing her phone as I've lost my phone before and it causes you to panick. 

THE INTERN Sara Shepard -4.5/5

This is a story about a teenage girl called clara who is intern at her dads record company. She gets asked to show a client 'Phineas' around town. This one was super cute too. I like the characters and how there was music involved. I really wish we could read more and find out what happens after some of theses meetings. I loved Phineas he was an absoult gentleman.

SOMEWHERE THAT’S GREEN Meredith Russo - 3/5

This is a story about a transgender female called Nia and a girl called Lexie who because of her parents is against nia and her approvale of using the girls washroom which cause the two girls to dislike each other, but then it is announced that they have to be in a play together. I liked this one, not as much as the last two but I felt this one allowed me to understand transgender a bit more which helps in my personal life as one of my best friends is transgender.

THE WAY WE LOVE HERE Dhonielle Clayton- 2/5

This has more of a fantasy element to it. it is about these two Characters viola and sebastian who are from the same island where you have coils permantley around your ring finger and if someone has the same amount of coils as you then there is a chance they could be your soulmate. Meh, I didn't like this one as much as the last ones. I felt that it jumped around a lot. 

OOMPH Emery Lord - 3.5/5

This is another lgbt story which features a firl called cass who is flying to newyour for the first time of her own. when she meets another girl called johanna in the airport who is from new york. This one was ok. Kinda cute but nothing special really. The beginning was a little confusing.

THE DICTIONARY OF YOU AND ME Jennifer L. Armentrout -4.5/5

This story is about a girl called Moss who works part time at her local library where she has set itas her goal to retrieve an overdue dictionary back from a library user. this causes her to had daily phonecalls with the user and begins to bond with him. when she finds out who he is.she is shocked. Ok this one was kinda cute. Set in a library perfect! I love how it was based around a book. And the ending was adorable.


This is about agirl called Sam who is the only girl in her Ap stats class in school and when she sees a guy on the opposite subway train to her in the mornigs of school she decideds to base her project on him. This one was cute as well. The ending was super cute. I liked how they both wanted to keep seeing each other

259 MILLION MILES Kass Morgan 4/5

This was about a girl called Phillip and a girl called blythe who has both appled to go on a trip to pass the test they must spend 24hours in a small room together. I enjoyed this story but it wasn't one of my favourites as I felt really sorry for Phillip at the end. it was so sad. It was unfair of them not to be honest with Phillip at the end.

SOMETHING REAL Julie Murphy- 3/5

This one is about two girls who are in a reality tv show where they get to compete against each other to win a date with the famous singer Dylan. June is the main character who is the leader of dylans fan group and Martha is still grieving her sisters death. Meh this one was ok. Im not a fan of getting a date on a tv show. i like the ending though.

SAY EVERYTHING Huntley Fitzpatrick 3.5/5

This is about a girl called emma who works at a cafe/diner where she meets a boy called Sean when she serves him an iced tea. This one was good.abit creepy when they pulled up to an abandoned house and he seemes stalkerish at first but i thought it was cute at the end. 


This is abouta boy names Thomas who goes to see aHeartworker to see what the cause of his break up was with his ex samantha. This one was cute but weird. Like ive never heard of a full on like hospital for broken up relationships. I liked the ending.
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Thank you HMH Teen for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Meet Cute is a collection of contemporary stories about cute first encouters turned into romance. Not all people enjoy insta-love but once in a while, you'll want it if you're looking for something fluffy. The stories were hit or miss to me but my favorites were written by Katharine McGee and Sara Shepard (both were new to me authors). Overall, this is a nice and likable collection. 

SIEGE ETIQUETTE Katie Cotugno - 1.5 / 5 stars 
- We're off on a horrible start. I honestly didn't enjoy the story. It's forgettable and not cute. The heroine was annoying and pretentious and the hero was boring. Just meh.

PRINT SHOP Nina LaCour - 3/5 stars
- Definitely better than the first story. A greatly written lesbian story but it fell too short, I didn't feel the spark between the protagonists. 

HOURGLASS Ibi Zoboi - 3/5 stars
- Lovely story with strong characters. I like the angsty vibe and the little drama. The first encounter is good but it's not cute. Potentially, it can be a beginning of a slow burn romance. Like the second story, it's cut short. 

CLICK Katharine McGee - 4.5 / 5 stars 
- GAAAH! This one is über cute and it's exactly the story I like. I adore the concept (matchmaking) and the plot was greatly build-up. I really like it's written in dual point of view so I get to know more about the characters. Alexa and Raden definitely clicked. ;)

THE INTERN Sara Shepard - 4.5 / 5 stars
- Another wonderfully cute story. This one is sweet and touching. Phineas is a thoughtful musician. Love him!

SOMEWHERE THAT’S GREEN Meredith Russo - 1 / 5 stars 
- Someone enlighten me on this because the story was messy and confusing. 

THE WAY WE LOVE HERE Dhonielle Clayton - 4 / 5 stars 
- Bizarre and enchanting. The story will give you all sorts of feels. I didn't expect to enjoy it. The characters seeing their future with so many possibilities. What's important is to enjoy the present time. 

OOMPH Emery Lord - 3.5 / 5 stars 
- A cutesy lesbian romance. I like the marvel reference here and the girls are just lovely. I had fun reading their conversations in a short period.

THE DICTIONARY OF YOU AND ME Jennifer L. Armentrout - 4/5 stars 
- Nothing is more adorable when a story is set in a library. Getting to know a guy who hasn't return a dictionary and wondering how he looks like... ;) So fluffy! 

- Hmm.. It was okay. I thought it's a rip-off of The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight .

259 MILLION MILES Kass Morgan - 3.5 / 5 stars
- The male protagonist was adorable! He was sort of a nerd ;) Haha!

SOMETHING REAL Julie Murphy - 2/5 stars 
- Sorry but this falls meh. It wasn't cute or whatsoever.

SAY EVERYTHING Huntley Fitzpatrick 3/5 stars
- It's been a while since I've read Huntley Fitzpatrick's book. I like the story but the ending just felt flat.

THE DEPARTMENT OF DEAD LOVE Nicola Yoon - 3/5 stars
- I really like the concept of the story. It's refreshing and original but I wasn't as invested as the other stories.
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The main reason I wanted to read this anthology was the story by Huntley Fitzpatrick, an author I really like, but it turned out to be a pretty good collection in general.

There isn’t really a stinker in the bunch, although I thought Ibi Zoboi’s was the weakest. Not because the story is poorly written, but because the meet cute—the reason this anthology exists—happened at the very end of the story. It really didn’t seem like that meeting was the focus of the story she wanted to tell, which was more about the pitfalls of female friendship and growing up as a black teen in a mostly white town.

While most of the stories were good, there were a few standouts for me.

In Click (Katherine McGee), the author builds her story around an online matchmaking service to explore whether relationships are better built by algorithm or serendipity.

The Way We Love Here (Dhonielle Clayton) is a fantastical story of an island on which people marry based on matching markings that magically appear on their ring fingers. The details left me scratching my head a bit. (Is this some mystical corner of our Earth? An alternate one?) If you just go with the internal logic of the story, though, it’s an interesting exploration of the possibilities of love, even in the face of the potential for loss.

The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love (Jocelyn Davie) really could have been called The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight if there wasn’t already a book with that title. It involves a chance interaction on a subway train and, yes, statistics. I thought this story was a great example of the whole idea of a “meet cute.”

In 259 Million Miles (Kass Morgan), I liked the way the ending subverted my expectations for a story involving a meet cute between two people. Not every relationship has the same kind of happy ending.

Something Real (Julie Murphy) subverts the trope of the meet cute to some extent as well. It also comments on the unreality of fan crushes and reality TV versus the real emotions of two people connecting on a personal level.

Say Everything (Huntley Fitzpatrick) was the only story that really made me wish it was longer. I wanted to know more about the backstory of the two characters and how their relationship developed after the story ended. There was a lot more to explore in the scenario the author built here.

Overall, I’d say that if the idea of the “meet cute” intrigues you and you enjoy YA fiction and short stories, you should give this anthology a try. You’ll probably enjoy it!

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley for review; all opinions expressed are my own.
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Adorable anthology with my favorite part of a romance: how they meet. Diversity abounds and the different genres represented mean there's something for everyone. I'm already recommending it at my library.
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Not a surprise at all since she's my absolute favorite author, but Jennifer L. Armentrout's short story was my absolute favorite out the entire anthology! It was SO freaking cute and I just wanted MORE. Such an adorable meet cute. I love when JLA writes about teens.
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Whether or not you believe in fate, luck or love at first sight, every romance hast to start somewhere.

Authors and stories in order:
Katie Cotugno - Siege Etiquette
Nina Labour - Print Shop
Ibi Zoboi - Hourglass
Katharine McGee - Click
Sara Shepard - The Intern
Meredith Russo - Somewhere That's green
Dhonielle Clayton - The way we love here
Emery Lord - Oomph
Jennifer L. Armentrout - The Dictionary of you and me
Jocelyn Davies - The unlikely likelihood of falling in love
Kass Morgan - 259 Million Miles
Julie Murphy - Something Real
Huntley Fitzpatrick - Say everything
Nicola Yoon - The Department of Dead Love

One thing is sure this book is cute 
Yes i went there!
But it fits!

Its a very nice compilation of short stories from a great mixture of authors! Its actually one of the best anthologies i have read so far -not that i have read a huge amount as of yet but i am getting there!

Still this is one of the best ones!

The stories themselves all fit nicely, while none of them are so similar to each other (or at all really!) that it seems repetitive or too similar to one another that i can't keep them straight. 

Actually all the individual stories are exactly that : individual!

My personal favourites are: 
Katharine McGee - a futuristic story about online dating, just one of those "awww how cute" kind of stories!
Emery Lord - airport love, do i need to say more?
and Jennifer L. Armentrout's stories - no particular reason just enjoyed that one!
All of them are the perfect mixture of fluffily overdone and realistic romance. My personal favourite. 

What i also loved is the mixture, there are same sex, traditional and transgender love interests. There are stories that are featuring white main characters (so sad that that is still something you have to mention as something special!)

Honestly the title of this book is just perfect because everything is so utterly cute, i felt like i was drowning in a sea of cupcakes!! 

But i honestly think that in this anthology there is such a great mixture of different stories that EVERYONE can find at least one story that they will love. 

Of course if you are completely against the slight undertone of "insta-love" you won't. 
But honestly what are you doing here and reading such a book if that is not for you?
You can tell form the TITLE that its going to include an insta-love-y vibe!

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this anthology, for people seasoned in them, for complete newbies to the genre, for everyone that loves something nice and easy to read and just want a good time and for everyone in between. 

Its defiantly worth a try, so do it! Give it a try!
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The most appropriately named book of the year for 2018 might just be this short story anthology featuring some of the hottest YA authors. Whether you're looking for that first love or you're feeling a bit nostalgic, these twelve stories may just leave you feeling a little more "cutesy" inside.
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14 adorable stories about the first encounters of two people, who presumably become a couple. This anthology is bursting with relatable characters, sweet interactions, and diversity (at least a quarter of the stories features LGBT protagonists).  Many of these stories deserve to be fleshed out into full novels. A well-written, heartwarming anthology that left me wanting even more.
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Meet Cute is an anthology filled with butterflies, suspicious guys, and first (and second) kisses. Some of it is fate and some of it is magic and some of it doesn't make any sense at all. Some of the stories were better than the others but overall the book is worth reading. Here are my thoughts on each one:

Siege Etiquette by Katie Cotugno (2.5/5)
Are all of these stories told in 2nd person? What a strange POV. It's weirding me out. Also, the story wasn't very memorable. I don't care for the characters.

Print Shop by Nina LaCour (3/5)
I liked this story more than the first one. The premise of the Print Shop is cute, and I love a f/f romance, but it didn't give me butterflies. Something was missing. Again, I wasn't a fan of the POV.

Hourglass by Ibi Zoboi (3/5)
I really love Zoboi's writing style. Her voice is strong. That being said, the story itself was not very memorable. I would like to read more from her though!

Click by Katharine McGee (4/5)
Wow, the ending of this story was incredibly cute. I wish it was longer! The concept of Click is interesting enough that it would make a pretty cool novel, I think.

The Intern by Sara Shepard (3/5)
A little predictable, a little sweet, a little depressing. The story was sweet but I just didn't like the characters.

Somewhere That's Green by Meredith Russo (3/5)
I wanted to love this one. Nia's story was important. Lexie might have grown on me if the story was a bit longer. The story in general was executed poorly but it had a lot of potential. I feel like this story would benefit from being fleshed out into a full-length novel.

The Way We Love Here by Dhonielle Clayton (4.5/5)
Wow. I love this story. It felt magical! I was a little confused at first but everything started flowing together at some point. Love the characters, love the writing. I want more of this one.

Oomph by Emery Lord (4.5/5)
The cuteness! I can't handle it! This one left a goofy smile on my face. Who doesn't want to meet a pretty girl in an airport? I definitely have to read more by Emery Lord.

The Dictionary of You and Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout (5/5)
This was perfect. I love the library setting, the phone calls, the banter between Moss and "H". Super cute. This might be my favourite story in the bunch.

The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling In Love by Jocelyn Davis (5/5)
I'm a sucker for stories that talk about the statistical possibility of love at first sight. Math. Numbers. Science. Fate. "Numbers don't lie, even when the heart does." I gobble it all up. The best part of this story is that you actually get some closure at the end. Everything wrapped up perfectly.

259 Million Times by Kass Morgan (4/5)
I love Blythe so much. She is literally me, except way cooler! I wish the ending was a little different but it was still okay. Sweet and sad.

Something Real by Julie Murphy (3/5)
This was interesting. I wasn't expecting the romance that happened but I'm kind of into it. I also really like June's character. I need to see more protagonists like her.

Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick (1/5)
I thought he was going to murder her. No lie. Why was I reading this like a horror story? Also, the POV (among other things) just added to the creepiness of the story. It really didn't work for me.

The Department of Dead Love by Nicole Yoon (3/5)
Some of this story dragged a bit but it did get better towards the end. It reminded me of another book but I don't want to say which one because it might be a spoiler.
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This was a sweet collection of romance short stories for teens that revolves around how each couple first meets. The collection includes a variety of genres and types of pairings, which ensures that most readers will find at least one story they enjoy, and also get a taste of something they might not have picked up otherwise. Overall, it's a really cute and fun collection.
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Could this be any cuter?! Star cast of authors that created such a lovely anthology. Who doesn't love short stories about friendship, romance, and the awkwardness (and cuteness) of it all?
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Meet Cute is the perfect collection of diverse “how they met” stories. This anthology has it all: hard-hitting and dark to light & fluffy, plus a break-up & make-up. I really enjoyed these diverse stories and how each story was unique or #ownvoices. Also, not all of these stories were contemporary, other genres were added too (Fantasy, Sci-fi)! 

Overall, this was a very cute and diverse collection of Meet Cutes! They were all so much fun to read. Most of these stories are “love at first sight” stories where some characters instantly fell for each other. I did enjoy more of the in depth stories where I was able to learn all about the characters in a short amount of pages. As well as the LGBTQ+ stories, they were a great touch and I was so happy that they were added! We have a trans main character story line by Meredith Russo, a trans woman. But, I would like to address my issue with the story which seemed to me like the character outed the other character, the romance lacked for me as well. I would also like to add that the LGBTQ+ stories are f/f romances.  

Like any anthology,I didn't enjoy every one. Some I had problems with and thought the "how they met" aspect wasn't executed well. Or the story had  insta-love which made the story a little unrealistic. But, with others I was craving more of the characters and story line! 

Some of my favorite stories were: 
Siege Etiquette by Katie Cotugno, Oomph by Emery Lord, The Dictionary of Me and You by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Something Real by Julie Murphy, and The Department of Dead Love by Nicola Yoon. 

I was also given the chance to read authors I hadn’t read before such as Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sara Shepard, Kass Morgan, Emery Lord and more. I hope to pick up some their work in the future!

I would highly recommend this anthology for romance readers, and fans of these Young Adult Fiction authors.
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I really enjoyed this anthology. I thought it was much stronger than some others I've read and I discovered several new authors that I want to read! In the link below, I talk about Meet Cute from 8 minutes and 30 seconds through 9 minutes, 52 seconds.
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What I love most in anthologies is the opportunity to read several writers of such different styles with the same theme. Meet Cute is a really good book to read, some stories are better than others but overall it's a light, quick and fun read.
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For your romance-crazy sibling

Meet Cute is an anthology by 14 well-known young adult authors. Each short story is based  on the first time couples meet and grapples with concepts of love — love at first sight, pre-destined soul mates and even, on a less cheery note, heartbreak. One of the things that made this book stand out to me was its range of diverse characters. There are characters of different races, same-sex relationships, a transgender character and people from locations of varying sizes. Instead of ringing in the New Year with cheesy Hallmark movies, pick up this book when it comes out January 2, 2018. Reading an anthology also gives you a glimpse of each author’s writing style.
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To be honest, I really only requested this book for the Huntley Fitzpatrick short story. (I needed something to tide me over during this endless wait for her next book!) But I was pleasantly surprised at the variety or stories presented, by both familiar and unfamiliar authors.
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