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I was giving the opportunity to read Hooking Up by Helena Hunting, thanks to enthralled and her publishers through Netgalley. This is my honest to all that is romance, sexiness, and humorous about books review.
First off, this is my first Helena book.......and I don't know why I waited so long to fall for her writing. From the moment I read the first page to the very end, Helena instantly makes you fall for the heroine and 'The Hottie Hook Up'. After a public humiliation, the heroine of the story wants to run away and I can't blame her. But when she does she instantly needs rescued in the most humorous and sexy way possible and only 'Hottie Hook Up' can save her. These two have a history that was short lived and a connect through a person they wish they didn't. Now they've a second chance and fate gives them that. He's, I'm a big believer of fate and love; and after reading this book I know Helena is too.
The heat, humor, and love of this book had me wanting to be the heroine (even though I'm married) and be with this amazing Hook Up. I can't wait to read more Helena's books and these amazing delicious men of hers.
FYI this cover is definitely sexy but this read is even sexier.
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I’ve only read the short novella Getting Down prior to reading Hooking Up and wow did Helena Hunting deliver and surprise me. I had to so much fun with Lexington and Amie. Their chemistry and connection was off the charts. Lex wooed and made me swoon numerous times with his loving and flirty personality. Amie could finally let herself loose and be Anarchy Amie in Lex’s company after Armstrong had held her down for too long.
There were many incredible, hot and laugh out loud moments in Hooking Up. I thoroughly enjoyed Lexington and Amie’s friendship and how they slowly fell in love.
Why I haven’t read a Helena Hunting book sooner is my mistake and I’m definitely going to remedy that now.

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I really loved this series so far. It’s a very light fun read. Highly recommended!
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Amelia and Lexington are funny together and the chemistry between them is so hot! This book made me laugh so hard but also melted my heart and I rooted for them to have a happy ending as I was reading the book. They are so perfect for each other.

Amelia finds out that her new husband, Armstrong, is having sex with someone during their wedding reception and all the guest heard the action that was going on! Amelia can't believe it's happening and is mortified and hurt. She goes to her bridal suite to get out of her wedding gown so that she can leave. She finds Lexington Mills, Armstrong's cousin, in her suite and decides in her craziness to have sex with him to get back at Armstrong but Lexington stops her even though he has been attracted to her since he met her 10 months ago.

The events after the wedding fiasco seems like fate keeps bringing Amelia and Lexington together. The situations that they get into and their conversations are funny and romantic even though they both agreed that they can't have a relationship. Amelia has to get an annulment from Armstrong and she is questioning her own life and judgment!

I want to be as kickass as Amelia in the way she handles herself and can stand up for herself. Lexington is such a nice guy even though people don't think he really is but he's such a great support in so many ways for Amelia!

This is such a fun and romantic story and I fell in love with Amelia and her antics and Lexington for not only being such a nice guy but also hot!
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I love this series. The books are fast paced and so much fun. Ruby and Bane are one of my favorite book couples ever and I was so glad they made an appearance. They kept me laughing as usual.

For some reason it was asked that we keep the male MC a secret in the review but I'm not sure why. If you read the short story (which was absolutely hilarious) in between Shacking Up and Hooking Up you know it is Lex. Since almost all the other reviews mention him I don't think I'm letting the cat out of the bag. Not sure what all that hype was about but ok.

I loved Lex. He is so sweet. I felt sorry for him that he met Amie first and that Armstrong messed that up just to spite him. Even though it was kind of explained why Amie was involved with Armstrong, it still didn't make sense. He was such an incredible douche. I really didn't get it. From the description at some point she had a backbone but became a total doormat once she met Armstrong. Not wanting a "bad boy"? Ok I get that I guess. But completely changing your personality? Um no. 

She and Lex were great together and her backbone did come back to make an appearance. The book was super steamy and I loved that I could feel the chemistry between her and Lex but also was able to get to know who they were and what made them tick.

I really hope there is more in this series because I love these characters so much. I would definitely pick up another one. I haven't read the author's Pucked series but that is next on my list.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
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Amalie was devastated at her own wedding and flees NYC for the South Pacific honeymoon by herself. She meets Lexington her BFF boyfriend's brother at the airport as a total twist of fate. Lex and Amie are the perfect couple as they explore her tickle trunk together in the romantic island setting. Amie has to learn to trust her feelings for Lex while battling her soon to be annulled husband who doesn't like to lose.

Written in Hunting humorous style that will have the reader literally laughing until the cry then ahhing in the next chapter.
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I enjoyed this book so much I went and purchased the first book.
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I really liked this one. It’s a longer book, but it flew by because I was invested in the characters. I enjoyed all of them, except the ones I was meant to hate. Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for a honest review. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I connected with Amalie’s character quite a bit. I felt heartbroken with her. Obviously based on the summary there’s cheating in this one. The progression between her and the mystery guy was believable, especially when we get to see both sides of their story. I’m not usually a huge dual POV fan, but this one was done well. I liked seeing his side of things A LOT.

The mystery guy was fabulous in my opinion. Can I have one of my very own? I’m not going to say his name, although it becomes very apparent who it will be at the beginning of the book. He’s definitely going on my book boyfriend list. Sexy, swoony, and super sweet when he wants to be. The perfect combination.

I loved the interactions between the main characters, and even loved some of the secondary characters like Ruby, and Bane. I found myself smiling and chuckling to myself several times while reading. I definitely need to see what else this author has written, because I want more. If you love romance, and don’t mind some cheating, then definitely check this one out!
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Jilted at the altar by a total $%^*(),  Well not really jilted per se,  I mean he DID show up.  And it wasn't the altar either, the groom just let all the guests at the reception hear him getting head from someone else over the sound system. The bride consoles herself with the man she should have been with all along.  Very  cute book that can definitely stand on its own.  Highly recommend.

This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Amalie Whitfield is the picture of a blushing bride during her wedding reception–but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of proclaiming his undying love, her husband can be heard, by Amalie and their guests, getting off with someone else. She has every reason to freak out, and in a moment of insanity, she throws herself at the first hot-blooded male she sees..The book is amazing. When I started reading I couldn't put it down I read the book is one day.Helena is magnifysent writer.I cannot wait to read more of her books.Keep up the great work.
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The book opens with Amalie getting hit on by both Lex and Armstrong.  Amalie of course makes the wrong decision and chooses Armstrong.  Fast forward a little, Armstrong and Amalie are married and he disappears during the reception just before speeches are supposed to take place.  

Holy Cow!!!!  Without giving the story away, the worst thing possible happens at the wedding.

Amalie runs to get away from it all; with encouragement from her best friend she goes on her honeymoon....alone.  Of course the honeymoon is at an all inclusive, honeymoon/couple resort where she's constantly surrounded by loving, happy couples which just makes her even more miserable. 

Thankfully, Lex was sent to one of the resorts by his father for business purposes since the resort is owned by his family.  Lex comes to Amalie's rescue by helping her relocate to another resort that doesn't target on couples so she could be a little happier.  Then they start spending time together and what starts off as a way to forget everything quickly turns into something much more. 

I LOVED this story!  There was tons of humor but also tears.  I appreciated that the author didn't rush things between Amalie and Lex; that she gave Amalie the opportunity to work through her feelings given everything that had happened.

An amazing read!
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This was a solid read with a great cast of characters that we can't really talk about because then we'll say what happens!! It had some really funny parts and some dramatic parts. Fans of the author will love this book. 

I received an ARC copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect anyone else's.
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HOOKING UP is a sexy and hilarious standalone that follows her previous release Shacking Up. Same world, different characters, but interconnected. Ever since I found out that Amalie was getting her own book, I FREAKED OUT because I love love loved her in Shacking Up! What a FANTASTIC heroine, she is!
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Woooo, I've literally devoured this book!

Since I've read Shaking Up, I was so curious about Amie and her jacka** of a fiancé, Armstrong. Well, I can say that Armonstrong proved several times to be a piece of s***.

This story follows the months after Amie's wedding, after she discovers her newly wedded husband cheating on her during their wedding day (omg, the description of the scene and the aftermath was hilarious 😂😂😂😂 sorry Amie, but I laughed so much at reading what was happening😂)

Amie's recovery is made a little bearable thanks to Lex, her husband's cousin and a really really hot man😍 I liked him from the very beginning, this really forward, flirty man with many hidden qualities.

I really liked how the relationship between Amie and Lex grew little by little: even before their real physical relationship began, there was already something special between them, a pull that was made only stronger by the time they spent together in Bora Bora.

I also appreciated that in this book there were many funny moments (like the airport one, OMG😂😂😂I was dying😂😂😂), but also sweet and profound ones❤

And I have to repeat that Armstrong was a huge piece of s***, I loathed him, this self centered, horrid man.
You know, I hoped for a more dramatic ending of his marriage with Amie (like, a lot of broken bones and maybe some jail time?), but anyway, the important thing is that he was kicked in the curb by her.

So yes, definitely read this book, and be prepared: hot scenes alert!! Like, give me a fan, I'm dying here hot scenes!

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Ok so I'm not wanting to give anything away but. Helena Hunting knocks this one out of the park. It's hot and funny and you will want to punch a character or two! Lol this hit all the feelers and more. This is a must have add to your collection! 1-click it today!
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A bonus night for Amalie, two gorgeous men are interested in her, but which one will she choose? I'm not saying, you'll have to read this wonderful story. 
Amalie has reached a turning point in her life, it's been forced upon her actually, but she takes it with all guns blazing and a strength she never knew she had. Her situation was intolerable, and I truly felt for her. But the story is written with such great witty dialogue and funny scenes, it had me grinning like a loon or just  laughing out loud. It's a great, fun read, and generously enhanced with hot, bedroom action.
There's a little angst with a backdrop of tension to be dealt with too for Amalie, but her hero was always there for her.
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Helena Hunting is an amazing writer and Hooking Up was great! I loved the funny and steamy parts. Can't wait to see what story is next in this series. Awesome!
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3.5 stars
While you can read this as a standalone I suggest you read Shacking Up first. You will get a little more background on Amalie and the loser Armstrong. Having read SU first I was shocked that Amalie married the lout. Hooking Up starts with Amalie and Armstrong tying the knot. During the reception he is getting a blow job from another woman. Amalie flees her wedding and decides to take her honeymoon without the groom. 

Enter Lexington; the guy she should have ended up with when they met years ago. Lexington is Bane’s brother. His family doesn’t take him seriously but it turns out he has a lot of potential. Lexington missed his shot with Amalie but he has always had a thing for her. When they end up on the same flight headed to a beautiful locale he tries to do the right thing and leave her alone. Amalie doesn’t want to be left alone and finally comes out of her shell to become the woman she was meant to be. This story was cute and I really loved these two together. Armstrong’s harassment was annoying and over the top but overall this was a cute story.
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