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Under a Croatian Sun

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James N, Educator

Last updated on 25 Sep 2017

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Anthony Stancomb writes in the vein of "A Year in Provence," but his "Under a Croatian Sun" is funnier, more diverse, and more insightful. It chronicles the story of the author and his wife departing England and moving to the island of Vis, Croatia, determined to assimilate into the culture..  Stancomb's ability to delineate the Vis community and its characters is exceptional. The islanders are a unique and memorable lot!. His chronicles diverse facets of community life through short vignettes.  While the book is light reading, it's also engaging. It gives unusually vivid insight into a people deeply affected by long Communist control and the Balkan war, but who stamp their own brand of "crazy" on their circumstances. .Numerous parts are so laugh-out-loud funny that one wonders if Stancomb takes dramatic license,  "Under a Croatian Sun" has such winsome appeal that I immediately searched for a sequel and found Stancomb's "Notes from a Small Island."  Can't wit to read it too!

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