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Encounter in Rendlesham Forest

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Last updated on 15 Sep 2017

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At first I wondered why I was requesting this book.  As someone who reads just about any subject my thoughts as I click on the request button was that the Rendlesham Forest incident, just as the Roswell incident, has been overdone; on TV, in articles, online etc., and there is nothing here I haven't read or seen elsewhere. There is nothing new to learn in this book and it's was wasted of my time.. Boy! Was I ever wrong. There was much more to be learned and it is pretty darn amazing. The book held my attention from the beginning to end. Nick Pope along with John Burroughs and Jim Penniston did and excellent job of presenting this story.  Thank you Thistle Publishing, Nick, John Jim and Netgalley I throughly enjoyed being able to read this book.

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