Manga Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo

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This manga made a daunting classic reader friendly. I remember reading the original for the first time and thinking I’d never finish it. Udon, however, kept me turning the pages at a quick pace. So many nuances of this tale of betrayal and revenge are laid bare by the tools of artistry of these fantastic men and women who put their souls into their drawings. Just fabulous!
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On the very day of his wedding to the beautiful Mercedes, a young merchant sailor named Edmond Dantas is falsely imprisoned for life, laying to waste his plans of marriage and hard-earned fortune. Following several long years in prison he has managed to escape and reinvent himself as the mysterious Count of Monte Christo. It is the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Count has been plotting his revenge on the three men who had him falsely imprisoned. With a new identity, an incredible education abroad and a vast fortune, has returned completely unrecognizable to those who had committed their crimes against him.

The Positives
I received this manga from Netgalley, and I am so glad that I did. From start to finish I was intrigued. I had never taken the time to read this classic novel, as I am not much for being able to stay interested when it comes to the classics. Having images provided for me helped tremendously in keeping me riveted. 
The story itself is a tale of revenge, but it is also more than that. At times it seems like a tale of self-discovery and heartache. As I have never read the original novel I can’t make any comparisons on how well it stays true to the original. What I can say is that if the classic novel is anywhere near as good as this manga was then I may give that a shot.
Since this was an early review title the images weren’t high quality as they are in the printed format, but even still they were beautiful. The characters were easy to look at, and the art kept to the emotional feel of the book. 
One of my favorite parts of this manga was at the end of the book. It includes notes from Crstal S. Chan on what was condensed, what was removed, and what was clarified to make the manga easier to read, but still keep it true to the original story. They also include a chart that shows how the characters relationships with each other.  This would have been very helpful during the time I spent reading this manga. 
Overall this manga took me a day to read, and that was with quite a few breaks as real life took over for hours at a time.
The Negatives
Many of the issues that I had when reading this manga were simple and didn’t deal as much with the content itself. The first issue was getting used to scrolling to the end of the eBook and moving backwards. I have been an avid reader of traditional manga, so it wasn’t weird for me to read backwards, but it was the first time reading a manga on an eReader. 
The next issue was pacing of the manga. I understand the need to condense a novel into a format that is much shorter, and again I have not read the original novel for comparison at this time. The pacing however seemed to struggle at times, abruptly changing between sub-plots and skipping time. This made it difficult to keep track of who was who, even with an image to help keep them in my mind. 
Overall, I would highly recommend this manga to anyone who was interested in the insanely revenge driven character of the Count of Monte Cristo but never thought they would pick up the classic novel version. It was a fun way to delve into a classic story without spending a copious amount of time reading a novel. You gather majority of the original story from reading, and you are able to do it within a few hours. 
One recommendation I have is to buy this book not as an eBook but as a physical copy. It would be much easier to read the manga and flip back and forth to the character relationship guide in a physical copy.

Happy reading!
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A four-star read, this is an excellent manga version of The Count of Monte Cristo. The plot is so complex and I guarantee you will A) Not be able to put this down and B) Sell your left kidney to get the full, original classic ASAP. A brilliant way of introducing readers (of any age, but particularly teens) to the classics, it was amazing to see classics characters in manga artwork. The characters looked amazing and the story came through really well. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series of these.
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I received a copy of Manga Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. 
I really enjoyed this book. This manga is a great adaptation to my favorite classic novel. It has a beautiful and very well detailed artwork  and it is easy to read.  This is my first book from Manga Classics and I will definitely read  more.
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The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite stories...of all time. It is a story of love and revenge and learning to forgive. Second chances. It's got a little bit of everything for everyone in it. And to see it illustrated in this book was fantastic. The artwork brought it to life even more than I expected and I felt myself dropped into the story, almost as if I were an active participant in the book, itself. I read this book in one sitting, as I couldn't put it down, and with two small children that is no small feat. Definitely a book I recommend adding to your classics collection and I will be purchasing a paperback copy to add to my library, as well. One of my favorite manga reads of 2018!
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After giving up on the unabridged version, I thought the shortened manga version might be easier to manage. And it certainly was. Unfortunately, I still found it a drag to read. So much was crammed into 400 pages that I was constantly confused as to who the characters were and which roll they played. (I learned only at the end that there was a character guide, which would have been helpful.) I couldn’t tell anyone apart! This was my first manga, so I’m not accustomed to the art style or the lack of color in the illustrations. I also didn’t like Dantés at all. I understand that he feels betrayed, but the things he does in the name of revenge are just as bad. He destroyed so many lives, and there was one thing in particular that completely ruined him for me. I honestly don’t know what people see in this book. However, I’m glad that I now know what the book is about, and I feel good about the decision not to force myself through the 1300-page version.
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I have previously watched the movie and anime of the Count of Monte Cristo and enjoyed them both. I did want to read the book myself but I always put it off as it was quite daunting reading such an old novel. I am glad I got the chance to actually read the book especially in manga format!
I am a bit fan of manga and its great combining it with a classic novel.
The art was beautiful and I did like that you have a couple of pages at the end of the book so that if you are getting a bit lost with the character names you can look up how they are related to the other characters.

I have seen there are other books as part of the classical manga collection and in general this is a great idea. Hopefully schools will pick some of these up as I remember reading parts of Romeo and Juliet and feeling lost with the old language. I really feel that adding the Manga aspect to the story would help more children become interested in the classic literature.

Thank you for allowing me to read and review this lovely book!
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Two of my favorite things in one: classic literature and manga!
I received a few digital editions of UDON Entertainment’s manga adaptations of classics.

First of all, I think it’s important to note and acknowledge the mechanical team behind the manga. Starting with the art! The work and details are impressive. The artist of this adaptation is Nokman Poon. They have also worked on other manga adaptations as well, and I am really excited to see more of their work! The story was adapted by Crystal S. Chan. Once again, I am impressed. I cannot imagine taking an entire novel and trying to capture the same emotion and story-telling visually. There is certainly a dedication and patience involved.

On to the manga: It was great. Unfortunately, I had not read Dumas’s novel prior, and I had to constantly look back and use references to remember characters and their French names. If anyone has seen the physical book, it’s massive. To tell a story through any visual medium, the stories are told at a quicker pace, which can be hard to follow when the story is packed with dialogue and events.

I believe that I would have enjoyed this more if I had read the novel beforehand. I think it’s a very similar experience when you read the book before watching its film adaptation.

I will be reading more, though! My next victims are Great Expectations and Jane Eyre, which I had read and loved thoroughly!

A big thanks to NetGalley and UDON Entertainment for giving me an opportunity to read this.
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As a huge fan of classic books I always wanted to read book ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’  but somehow I’ve never really decided to start it. Reading book that has more than 1000 pages and was written so long ago could be a challenge and I always was a little afraid to take it. So when I found out there is a manga adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ novel, I was thrilled.
I’m sure that converting such enormous book into manga, which is a lot shorter, must be huge challenge, but the author manage to handle it very well. The writing is kept in old fashioned style but thanks to graphic format it’s easy to follow plot and understand everything.
It’s one of the most famous story about revenge and it has never tasted so sweet. Edmund Dantes is truly good person. But he is also naïve and because of that he suffered a lot from people who envied him. During his long stay in prison he changed a lot. From victim he became god of vengeance.
My favorite character in this book was Haydee. She went through a lot even when she was a little girl. But she didn’t break down and she remained strong and fought against her enemy.
The art style is stunning. Every character is unique and the artist took care of every detail. 
This book is a great choice for readers who are afraid to start their adventure with Count of Monte Cristo by reading classic book or for those who want to remember the main plot. 

This book was provided by the Publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and Udon Entertainment!
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Love this book. It threw me back in time. The enter action with the characters felt complete.with each step I took when reading it. For me the storyline was full of details from the original book. Loved the graphics as it showed the storyline unfold before our eyes.
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I think this is my favorite Manga Classics so far. I love the original story and I knew I would like this one as well, knowing it made my reading process really easy and fast. 
My only "problem" with all the Manga classics books is that they all seems a bit rushed, but overall, I enjoyed it very much.
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I was auto-approved by the publisher Udon Entertainment through NetGalley to review this title.

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the original yet, but this adaptation really got me in the mood.

It was a nicely condensed version with great graphics and not too much dialogue.
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Life could not be better for Edmond Dantes. He is bethrothed to the love of his life, and he has the promise of a great career with the prospects of a great fortune. Then, all goes wrong. Three men conspire against Dantes and he is imprisoned under false accusations. While in prison, Dantes meets a wise man who tells him of a treasure of untold riches. Fourteen years later, Dantes escapes from prison, finds the treasure, and vows to take revenge on the men who have imprisoned him. 
The Count of Monte Christo is a very complex novel with an array of characters connected by Dantes' quest for revenge. Manga Classics' adaptation concisely portrays Dumas' famous novel in a visual format. Although I have never read the original novel, I found Manga Classics' version to be very easy to follow and engaging. I read the entire manga in one sitting, and now I really want to read the original novel. 
I received Manga Classics: The Count of Monte Christo via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Ok I know that the original novel has some very problematic content and while it was of its time that doesn’t excuse any harm it does nowadays. That said there is something enduring about Huckleberry Finn – it’s the original con artist adventure story and there is still much to get out of it. This Manga adaptation is charming and engaging, taking the good and ameliorating the bad. I think this is now my preferred version.
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A stunning work of art, The Count of Monte Cristo graphic novel manages to expertly condense a vast and elaborate piece of literature. It is not an easy accomplishment, but it was excellently executed, keeping all the correct parts of this book, highlighting the most important aspects of the plot. The narrative is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that breathe life into the text. 

The Count of Monte Cristo is a graphic novel that all fans need in their collection.
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This adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’s novel ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ was excellent! The primary focus  was the story of the Count, how he came to be and his revenge plans. I thought it was very well done.
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I love these Manga retellings of famous classics. 

This one is no exception! I loved the artwork, and the story is well told and easy to follow.
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When looking back at my experience with “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Magna Classics, I am proud to report that my experience was a joyous one. I took my time with this magna as it was my first and slowly but surely was able to find a pace that worked for me. I have heard of “The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas for some time and have known it to be a classic. A classic filled with the journey of a man whose retribution is found through revenge and explores themes of power, choice, and love. When researching the original text, I found that it is over a thousand pages. Whereas the magna classics edition was shy over four hundred pages. A lot of work had to be done to make that happen so I would like to applaud Crystal S.Chan for her diligence in staying true to the message Dumas expressed . Along with its source material, vivid characters, and sharp dialogue the images created were also most appealing to me. Nokman Poon’s illustrations held the story together as its illustrations revealed the characters response and emotions experienced. I hope one day to read the original and it is with this magna I now have the determination to do so.
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The best revenge story ever written is now a manga and I couldn't be happier. Follow the beautiful artwork as the tale of betrayal, love, buried treasure, and ultimately cold cold revenge is brought to life in a new way. I enjoyed this version on the story and felt it was a faithful adaptation of the original novel. The artwork added visuals that one may have missed in the novel, like small details and historic architecture of the setting.
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I recieved this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The Count takes it upon himself to deliever justice to those who have wronged him. But is it justice or revenge? It is a question of morals in this story of intrigue. 

The artwork is simplistic and easy to like for those maybe not as interested in manga. Though the narrative is difficult at times to follow, choppy and rushed in places. There is an overload of characters and where in a book an author can make that work, it's hard in a visual medium like manga. Overall it's a fun intro in a classic.
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