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This was the first book I had read by this author and in many ways it was an interesting read. It certainly had good bones and I was excited to start reading it. Yep, the premise of two people who had had their lives shattered in different ways, starting to work together and yet know very little about the other one, certainly not the actual truth of their backgrounds, was an fascinating one and I wondered how the story was going to unfold. 

Then there were the crimes that were being committed in their small town, not least the ones against the Sheriff herself, which was concerning to say the least. This book had so much potential!

Unfortunately, for me, there were little niggles which kept on mounting up and had me so irritated that by the time I had finished the book, I was relieved. And that is a shame, because it didn't need to be that way. 

There were a LOT of mixed signals coming from the two main characters. Were they just two damaged people working together who were starting to gel nicely as a team or was there some kind of attraction going on between them too? I was distracted by constant mentions of Jenna's small hands and her blue eyes, and David Kane's physical attributes got a lot of mentions too which started to make me wonder if I had accidentally picked up a Mills & Boon.  I get that the author was trying to portray Jenna as an independent woman who could look after herself but who also had a softer side but there had to be a better way to do it. 

I am afraid that I will have to give this book 3.5 stars, it was NEARLY there.....sorry :(

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the chance to read this book. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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I have so many problems with this book, it stopped being funny at the very early beginning.
First of all - placing two agents who are in a witness protection in the same small city is just plain ridiculous. It would not happen in real life. Like, ever.
Main chatacter, Sheriff Whatshername is just stupid, making stupid decision after stupid decision. She's not very likable character and i could not make myself care about her at all.
Kane, the protagonist, is very unlikable with his mansplaining.

Tbf I lost interest with this book the moment Kane put a tracking device/panic button/whatever in Sheriff Whatshername's DIAMOD STUD EARRING. It's not a James Bond novel.

Also, the author uses British words that don't fit into US-set story. 
I wish using google wasn't as unpopular among authors as it is. It doesn't hurt, you know, to google things.
I think it might have been a better story if it was set in UK.
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My first book finished in 2018. I guess not sleeping does have its plus points. 

D.K. Hood another new author to watch out for. I believe this could be the start of what could be a brilliant series. 

When you are escaping from a past, need a new start then somewhere out in the sticks seems the perfect place. Detective Jenna Alton Welcomes her new deputy, David Kane, to Black Rock Falls. (is it just me or does just the name of the place sound like trouble?).

This small quiet town is about to change. Alton and Kane are  investigating a body  found in a barrel at a local dump. When they start to investigate, checking missing persons things start to heat up. What was thought to be a quiet town is now the scene of what appears to be a murder. 
Someone in Black Rock falls is not all they seem to be. 

Learning little bits at a time about these two characters makes you want to keep going, to find out exactly what has gone on in their pasts. This was an interesting read, and one I really enjoyed getting stuck into. It felt like a very easy read, and easy to follow one, with not to many over complicated characters.
I will certainly watch for more frome this author. 

Many thanks to the Author, Publishers and Netgalley for an ARC of this book.
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Both Jenna and David have come to Black Rock Falls to escape their pasts. We learn enough about their backgrounds so the story is well balanced but there is still plenty left for readers to discover in later books.

Thrillers set in small towns always interest me. It astounds me that no matter the level of small town gossip, there are always secrets that are kept well hidden. The surprises are not always welcome. In this book, Jenna and David are further disadvantaged because they are both new transplants to the area.

Early on, I chose the person I thought was the killer and I was proved wrong. This is nothing new with me. I prefer the thrill of the journey and this book delivered that. There was enough detail about the crimes and the investigation of them to suit me and nothing was overdone. If anything I would have liked a bit more information about the eventual culprit.

Don’t Tell A Soul is the first book in the Detectives Kane and Alton series. I have already placed the next book on my to-read list.
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Detective Jenna Alton and her new deputy, David Kane, rush to a scene where a body has been found stuffed into a barrel at a garbage dump.

Murder and missing people this fast paced story keeps you entertained

Set in  a small town, where nothing ever happens, this is a gripping read.and one i highly recommend
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Sheriff Jenna Alton and her deputy David Kane are both in Black Rock Falls to escape their pasts. It seems like a town where nothing extraordinary ever happens, but that is to change when Alton and Kane get embroiled in a case with murders, missing people and more. Don't tell a soul is a suspenseful, thrilling tale that draws you in and keeps you till the last page.
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Don't Tell  Soul
By D.K. Hood

A exceptional crime thriller with engaging characters and storyline.
I found it wonderfully reminiscent of the Longmire series by Craig Johnson. 

" Don't Tell A Soul" was a excellent edge of your seat page turner, well worth the read.

I received this ARC through Netgalley from for a honest review. 

5 Stars !
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Sheriff Jenna Alton and her new deputy David Kane barely have time to get acquainted before they find themselves investigating the grisly discovery of a body stuffed in a barrel, left like trash at the town dump. Add to that several missing people cases they have their hands full enough without Jenna also been targeted. Both of them are out of towners and both have their own reasons not to trust easily, but can they learn to trust eachother?

I really struggled with this. Somehow there's too much and not enough going on at the same time. Alton and Kane both have improbable back stories which go nowhere and were just a distraction from the main story. The author is maybe hoping for one of those will they/won't they romances but it's too quick - hint at attraction by all means but with this it less will and more when. And the case despite the grisly crimes and apparent peril to Jenna....well it's just a bit boring. I rarely think about not finishing a book but I came close a few times with this one. Positives? Well with a little more research it could maybe benefit from some more authenticity and David is an interesting character. Jenna could be if she starts acting like a sheriff and not a moony teenager. Sadly this isn't one that I'll be watching for the next installment.
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This is my first time to read a book by this author . This book wasn't for me ! I just couldn't get into the characters . There was too much going on and I couldn't keep track . Thanks to Netgalley , the author and Bookouture for the digital copy in exchange for my honest review .
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This book was a let down from the start and to be honest it has put me off reading any more by this author.

The storyline was just so hard to follow and so much happened in the first few pages it felt like the author just wanted to get through the story and it needed to slow down and fill in some of the details that was needed. Half way through the book I was bored and still could not relate to the characters or liked them.

It did not grip me at all and I read to half way through hoping the book would have gripped me but sadly I have wasted my time on this book if it has not gripped me by half way when will it? Maybe at the end but I was not going to find out.
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Don’t Tell a Soul by D.K. Hood is the 1st in the Detectives Kane & Alton Series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Deputy David Kane is about to start a new job.  His past has been erased, and he is moving to a small laid-back town in Black Rock Falls, Montana.  While trying to find his new home in a blinding snowstorm, he witnesses a car being run off the road.  When he stops to assist the driver of the over-turned vehicle, he is surprised to find a gun in his face, and his new boss, Sheriff Jenna Alton holding it.  And so begins his new life. 

Between trying to keep his boss safe, and look for two missing persons, Kane is beginning to wonder if this small town is going to be as relaxing as he hoped.  He will have to use his old skills to make it in this place, but Kane needs to keep his past a secret. However, Alton has secrets of her own…..very similar secrets.

I enjoyed this book. There is something great about getting in on the ground floor of a new series. The characters are different, somewhat refreshing, and the author has already piqued my interest in learning more about their backgrounds. They seem to make a good team,  already have some depth, and I am hoping for more.  There is suspense, as well as a touch of humour in the book.   I am not a romance reader, and although there is chemistry between the two detectives, it does not get in your face.  The actual story has a lot of different aspects to keep you interested, and it reads quite smoothly, and at a good pace.  There are a number of police procedures followed and the detailed evidence collecting was very interesting. 

There were a couple of areas where I think the author may have strayed.  First, the fact that both the main characters are in Witness Protection, both having had reconstructive surgery, and now have new lives working together, seems a little far-fetched.  What are the chances that they would be assigned together, in such high profile jobs, in the same small town.  Then there is the character of Sheriff Alton.    With her background she should be able to handle everything, but she made more rookie mistakes than would have been tolerated in any law enforcement agency.  She talks good, and openly admits when she erred, but her actions did not match her job title.   For all the stupid things she did, you would have thought it was her first case.  As well, while she reiterates constantly that she is in charge, Kane seems to take over, and she lets him.  For such a strong persona, she ends up looking like another helpless woman.  I was quite disappointed in that.

All that being said, I really like the author’s writing style. Her dialog and descriptions are really good.  Even with my “critiques” I still like the characters, the whole story shows promise, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.  I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

Because it's her debut novel, I gave it 4 stars.  This series shows promise.  It was worth the read!
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Thanks a million Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. This was the first book from DK Hood I've had the privilege to read but it most definitely won't be the last!! I LOVED it. It was BRILLIANT!! I was gripped from the start to the very end!! Twists and turns throughout kept me turning the pages. Definitely recommend and I can't wait for the next one!!
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Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me. It wasn’t bad but I think my dislike of the two main characters played a factor in my overall enjoyment. The sheriff and her new deputy had backgrounds that are similar but both of them are carrying a lot of secrets that I’m sure will come out in future books. The sheriff is being harassed and has a few murder attempts on her but doesn’t know why. The new deputy is trying to figure out why and attempting to solve multiple homicides that are happening in this small town. For one, I actually figured out the killer early on, so that also took away the “surprise”. Another thing is that there was just too much repetition for me. I think this will be a good book for some but I felt a little bored at times. I could see potential in this new series but I don’t think I will continue on with it myself.

*Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Jenna and David sound like the beginnings of a good team. There was a lot happening in this book. It is just not written in a style I am used to.
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"I wonder if you've had plastic surgery like me." 

Say what? Why on earth would BOTH the main characters be in a protection program, and have undergone plastic surgery to change their appearance? That's when I started to lose interest, which is sad because it was only about 10% into the book. The book was a bit too flawed for me to really sink into it. It took me much longer than I thought to read this because I just couldn't get into it. I'd read a few chapters and then just get bored and have to put it down. 

There's so much about this novel that just sent it straight into a tailspin for me. Aside from the obvious flaw with the main characters having similar backgrounds, there were a few inconsistencies for having taken place in Montana. Why was it that they were always paying with notes? What happened to bills? Probably the most confusing for me was how old exactly were the members of the hockey team? Initially, they are portrayed as high school students, but then later Kane and Alton are confiscating car keys at a bar for having too much to drink? Uhh... I thought the drinking age in the U.S. was 21? These must be some really old high school students. 

In addition to the various inconsistencies, I found the constant back and forth about whodunit was complete overkill. They were bouncing back and forth from suspects so much I thought I was on a boat about to get sea sick. All the while, I thought it was pretty obvious who the real suspects might be. 

I had high hopes for this one initially, but in the end, I just wasn't impressed. The writing wasn't bad; grammatically, there were minimal errors. It just didn't hold true for a suspenseful mystery as I had hoped. Which in the end is why I decided to change my rating from 3 stars to 2 stars. I don't think I will be moving forward with the series. 

I want to thank NetGalley, Bookouture, and D.K. Hood for allowing me the chance to read this novel in exchange for my review.
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“I seem to attract crime”.  David Kane has been put in the Witness Protection Program and sent to Black Rock Falls, Montana as the new deputy sheriff.   Arriving in town, he happens on a car accident when a pickup truck pushes Sheriff Alton’s car off the road. 

I like the premise of Kane’s and Alton’s back stories and their backgrounds.  I found both characters to be immediately likeable. And in the same way I liked both Kane and Alton, they immediately respect each other’s professionalism as well (even as both can tell their histories aren’t what they say).   And I really appreciated a book where the main characters are not damaged souls.  That trend starts getting old after awhile.  

  This book did a good job of hooking me from the beginning and keeping me interested.  Hood paints a convincing picture of small town life.  

It’s a straightforward police procedural - nothing fancy, but well told.  My one complaint is that descriptions of Kane sometimes read like a romance novel with repeated references to his broad shoulders and narrow hips.  

My thanks to netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of this book.
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I received an ARC from NetGalley to read and review. The below is my honest, unbiased opinion. Thank you, DK Hood, the publisher, and NetGalley, for allowing me to review.

When a body is found stuffed into a barrel at a garbage dump, covered in long red lacerations, Detective Jenna Alton and her new deputy, David Kane, rush to the scene.

Nothing ever happens in the small American town of Black Rock Falls, so Jenna believes the victim must be one of two recent missing persons, and she fears for the life of the other.

Both were strangers to the town, but there’s nothing else to link them. Jenna knows someone must have seen something, but no one’s talking; how well does she really know the people around her?

Then a disturbing clue makes Jenna suspect a connection with other disappearances in the town’s history. Just when she begins asking the right questions, she realises she’s being followed. Is she next on the killer’s list?

In a race against time, Jenna and David must unlock the dark secret at the heart of the town, before it’s too late… 

Don't Tell A Soul is a fascinating mystery thriller with a unique twist. I read a lot of books within this genre, and most are the same storyline told in a slightly different way. Don't Tell A Soul was different. The twists and turns kept me interested until the very end, and I read this in one sitting. I also enjoyed the character development and the author's, who is from the UK, take on American criminal investigation procedures. I'm not as picky as most readers: as long as it's at least semi-realistic, I enjoy it. I questioned some of the author's choices regarding the investigation, but it wasn't enough to give me pause. I highly recommend this one!
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*thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

1.5 stars.
This just wasnt for me. I didnt much like the characters and I didnt feel connected to them. I dont think there was anything wrong with this book other than I did find it too slow. It just wasnt a right match for me.
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Don't Tell a Soul is a fascinating debut mystery by author D.K. Hood. It is set in rural Montana, a sleepy little town where the Sheriff, Jenna Alton, is in the witness protection program. Ironically, her new Deputy is too! Sent to this small town where nothing ever happens for both of them to hide - except now people are going missing and it is up to these two to figure out why. 

I actually was conflicted about this review. The story itself was interesting. I read the book in one sitting just to see how it would end, or rather, to see if I was correct about the culprits - I was. So, from an interest perspective I would rate the book highly. 

However, normally I am not picky about details but there were so many incongruities in the book that I couldn't overlook them and it got to the point that it became a game to find them. That's truly not okay. Hood is from the UK and there are certain colloquialisms in our common language that are not shared. For example: in the US we pay with bills, as in dollar bills or usually with a card, not with notes, as in bank notes. The guys go to a hockey rink, not the "ground." These kids are high school age, yet they regularly were hanging out at bars with the sheriff and her deputies. The legal drinking age in the US is lower than in Europe. And, most glaringly, she sent her deputy off to search for a blue Chrysler truck. Hmmm. Good luck with that considering Chrysler never made one. Dodge, Ford, Chevy, yes, but never Chrysler. This doesn't begin to touch on the subject of Alton's puerile behavior. Never have I read about a female cop who behaved so childishly. No professional woman would act like this or they would be fired. 

I never would presume to write a mystery about Britain's police or legal system even though I've read about them and watched them on the "telly." If I were going to, however, I would do copious amounts of research and have a legion of beta readers from the area to catch any mistakes I might make. My gosh, even in America you cannot order a soft drink without knowing where a person is from - soda, pop, cola or Coke? These are small tells that a writer should know. 

Because I appreciate the time and research that other, great mystery writers put into their work, I simply can not recommend this book to you to read. One star for creativity, one for an interesting plot but sans recommendation.
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There is a lot going on with Don't Tell A Soul... probably too much. I was really excited to read it based on the description, some awesome reviews, along with the first fifteen pages or so.  But, after that it was kind of rocky for me. It took me quite a while to get through this book, and it drove me nuts that I couldn't just get attached enough to finish it faster. Some parts sucked me right in and were SO well written, but then some parts I really had to force myself to get through.

For the first half of the book I blamed it on a reading slump, but once I got over halfway through I realized it wasn't me so much, as my dislike for the main characters and the chaos of too many angles contributing to the suspense. I would have been happy if it would have only been about the missing people with regular ol' police force on the case, rather than both the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff having such outrageous backstories. Their characters felt a little too convenient, and yet still rather irritatingly inconsistent.

There are two factors I loved about this book: 1. The opening was creative and sharp and it sucked me right in. 2. Each time it jumped into the disappeared victim's stories, it was absolutely engaging. (if D.K. Hood ever wrote a horror story without the investigative aspect, I'd be the first in line to read it!!!)

Now, I really hate writing reviews that just list all the things I don't like, so I'll cut this short. Jenna's character I struggled with. Sometimes she was a rock solid, brilliantly a don't mess with me type, and I loved that... But then she would flip a switch and make weird rookie mistakes and turn into a helpless damsel. As for Kane, he drove me insane. All technical (paranoid over-thinker type), no personality.

At this point I'm about 70% sure I'll read the next in the series. But, only because of the aspects I liked, I REALLY liked... Also out of curiosity in the potential that D.K. Hood's writing truly has.. Not so much emotional or personal investment in the story.
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