Double Trouble

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Bridget, Daniel, and Jacob...what can I say? They were hot! Daniel has been pining for Bridget for a few years, but she continues to turn him down because of his playboy ways. But from afar she is intrigued by him. Then she sees him in a BDSM club that her friend begs her to attend and she is knocked for a loop with her feelings towards him but does nothing about it. Then, during a fundraiser run by her sister, she is auctioned for a date. And who wins her? None other than Daniel. He buys her for a whole weekend getaway. He saw her at the club, too and would love to be her Dom. But to her surprise, he is not alone. His twin brother comes with the deal. So Bridget puts off the trip until finally giving in to her deep desires to try domination with two men. And the three venture into teaching Bridget submission. This is an instant falling in love triangle. The story line is good and did I mention hot? Whew!
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Daniel has wanted Bridget for years and when she is auctioned off for a charity effect he won’t let the opportunity pass him by.  Bridget is attracted to Daniel but doesn’t think he is the right man for her, now they will be spending a weekend together and Daniel has a bit of a surprise, his twin brother.  The story is fun and entertaining and the sex is off the charts hot.  I loved it!
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Double the action with Double Trouble!

Bridget Kelly volunteered to help her sister by being a bartender at a charity auction when her sister enters her into the fundraising auction for a weekend date at Northall Farm without telling her ahead of time. The winning bid was won by Dom Daniel Armstrong who had wanted her for several years but she had put him off and put her time and efforts into building up her bar that she co-owned with a friend. 

The date finally took place at Northall Farm which he co-owns with his twin brother when she couldn’t find any more excuses to postpone it. What Bridget didn’t know was that Daniel’s twin Jacob was identical and he was interested in Bridget also!

Sierra Cartwright always writes very, very good erotic romance with BDSM but her stories work for me even without any erotic part to them. Definitely add Double Trouble to your list that erotic romance readers need to read.
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Wow. This was a really good book. First off, let me say that is a book involving BDSM and a threesome. There is no sex between the two men, though. But if this isn’t something that you like, please go no further. But if it is something that you like, then you are really going to enjoy reading this book. Bridget’s sister is in charge of the charity auction and forces her to participate in the auction. She’s bought by Daniel who has been interested in her for a while. These are two determined men who make her every fantasy come true. They help her learn things about herself that she never knew. But she knows they aren’t serious about her. Or are they? This was such a good book. The sparks were flying all weekend. I think the author has a hit on her hands with this book. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book that I received from Netgalley
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I really enjoyed this submissive, dominate book. I liked that Bridget's sister put her up for a date in a charity auction, without her approval & knowledge. She was shocked at how much she was auctioned off for. Daniel has lusted after Bridget for years and has tried to take her on a date, but much to his dismay she turns him down. When he wins the bid to date her, she is very leery, because she thinks she could come to have feelings for him, and doesn't want to. Imagine her shock to discover that he has an identical twin brother! Two for the price of one! They agree to a weekend date. One thing I wasn't quite sure of, was that they jump right into a dominate, submissive relationship with no discussions of limits, or expectations. Bridget has never tried any type of relationship like this, and it's a little hard to believe that she just jumps right into trusting these two men. Plus after one weekend, they all fall in love? I did enjoy the happily ever after ending, although I would loved for the author to explore more of what happened after their all together. How family and friends react, and if it cost them some relationships. I can't wait to read more from this author.
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Sierra Cartwright's Double Trouble had all the components that would get me to pick up an erotic romance. It had a bdsm element, an auction that starts the conflict, a second hot, dominant twin. The premise was intriguing, but the execution lacked for me. 

The transition from weekend getaway to bdsm weekend jolted me completely. First, there was no discussion of their expectations at all. It was just assumed and magically picked up on by Bridget. I can’t see an experienced dom putting an untrained sub through any of this either (because everything happens SO fast. Especially considering how opposed she was to going out with Daniel in the first place) without a good, long discussion on hard limits.

The sex scenes were delightfully steamy, although everything felt a bit too easy. It was magic moment after magic moment with little buildup, and I do enjoy a good tension-filled buildup.

My expectations simply didn’t match up with what we got. I also read quite a bit of bdsm, and I simply couldn’t get around these two experienced doms and how they acted. I think someone who can overlook that element might enjoy this read more.
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This book had potential, but unfortunately it fell incredibly short for me.  First, I want to point out that there are different versions of this book by this title and author on here.  The other version appears to have a different back story which if I had read may have changed my opinion of this book.

My major issue with this book?  I felt no connection between any of the characters.  We're lead to believe that Daniel and Bridget have this past where he would hit on her and she would decline him.  Where they had these little jokes they would play on each other when he frequently came into the bar she owned (worked at?).  This all was lacking...the book opens with the auction and Daniel bidding on Bridget which is fine, but if we're lead to believe that she's going from spending a weekend with him to spending a weekend exploring BDSM for the first time the characters should at the very least trust each other and be familiar with one another.  I would have loved to read more about their "relationship" before the auction.

The lack of conversation before the first scene bothered me.  There was no discussion about hard/soft limits or even what Bridget had or had no experienced with when it came to toys.  Despite having no experience, Bridget has no concerns or worries about jumping in and exploring BDSM with two complete strangers.  She has no problem about going to a secluded home by herself, to explore this lifestyle.  

Honestly if it weren't for the incredibly HOT scenes, I would have given up on this book because of the lack of connection between the characters.  The ending didn't sit well with really seemed to have come out of left field.
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Double Trouble I thought had everything that would make a hot, steamy and highly connected menage romance. Twin brothers and a stubborn and independent woman having a wild weekend away together.

Whilst I enjoyed the overall story I have to admit that I found it hard to connect to the leading lady, Bridget. There was a moment in chapter 11 where she showed her depth of emotion and feeling for the guys and I was thought we were finally turning a corner. She was devastated by the way Daniel ended the weekend and I too felt incredibly sad for her.

The guys Jacob and Daniel were characters easy to connect with and their brotherly banter was a favourite part.

The story flowed very quickly, perhaps two much towards the end as it did feel slightly rushed. I would have enjoyed seeing how these three business people moved forward in their lives together juggling their BDSM lifestyle.

Being a BDSM story there was plenty of intense erotic scenes however I felt there was not enough after care. Perhaps that is where we may have seen more emotional connection between the characters. I really wanted Daniel and Jacob to show more loving care to Bridget and not all the time their Dom tendencies.

If you are looking for a quick and easy BDSm read you will enjoy Double Trouble.
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I am giving this book 5 stars because the author did a wonderful job with this hot sexy story. What I love about this book is that it gets right down to the good stuff and there is no beating around the bush when it comes to this book. Daniel Armstrong is a very determine man who always gets what he wants, and the day he laid his eyes on Bridget he knew she was perfect for him well not just for him but also his twin brother. Of course it doesn't start off easy where would be the fun in that. That's what makes Bridget so perfect for them because she makes them jump through hoops before they can finally have her. But Daniel and his brother Jacob are also the only men that could ever satisfy Bridget see these men like their women to be submissive, and willing to do whatever they want her to do they are about to open up a whole new world to Bridget that's going to take her on a kicky hot ride that she going to love. I really enjoyed how each character balanced each other out. I mean who wouldn't want two hot twins who are rich, demanding, and all they want in the end is a woman who is going to love and accept them for who they are oh and who can give them babies to carry on their family legacy. So if you love books with dom's, twins, and a happy ending then you are going to really like this book.
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This was a phenomenal read from start to finish! I normally don't care for ménage à trois stories because they can be a bit overdone, but this was one for the books! I loved it! The characters were awesome, the romance beautiful and ending outstanding.

Bridget is a headstrong woman that desires to submit for her own freedom and power. She is a stranger to BDSM but seeks to learn about it. I enjoyed her feisty ways and how she questioned everything.

Daniel seems the most dominant of he and his twin. He was stern and obsessed with Bridget the most. Jacob seemed to be the nicest of the twins, but he had an edge to him that made me realize, as a reader, that he was a dom in every sense. Both twins were amazing in their sweet ways though Daniel had a lot more fear than Jacob did.

The romance was stunning. The whole auction "setup" made me laugh. Especially seeing how Bridget took everything, but seeing her blossom into this free woman and learning to aspect two doms was beautiful. Though she had an individual relationship with each twin, together they were all seamless. I adored them all.

Totally enjoyed this!
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You can always count on Sierra Cartwright to give us great books with believable characters.  Double Trouble is a rewrite and republish of an earlier edition. 

Bridget, Daniel, and Jacob are an interesting dynamic.  Each one is successful in their own right. They all realize rather quickly what they seem to want, but there are some demons to slay in order to get there.

All three characters were no nonsense and felt they were easily likeable.  The hardest one for me to get a handle on was Daniel.  Only because we never really got a good read what was going on in his head, until later in the story.  Bridget is unwittingly put on auction at her sister's charity event and Daniel wins her.  She's mortified because she is really attracted to him and thinking she could never measure up to his perceived expectations, has thwarted his previous advances.  Realizing she is stuck, she thinks things can't get much worse, right? Wrong! Daniel reveals his twin, Jacob, and the plan is for her to spend the weekend with both of them! Let the games begin!

Once the weekend starts, all three have some eye opening experiences.  Bridget finds she likes some of the BDSM elements the twins enlighten her with and the twins themselves are sure they've found their missing soulmate.  There are feelings to work through though, and some old ideas hampering them, but have no fear Sierra gives us that HEA we crave! 

4 Stars/5 Flames

I was gifted this book for a voluntary review.  The review and ratings are solely my opinions
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NetGalley always has some good books to review, and I can say I enjoyed this one. It was sexy, but the only part I really enjoyed was the sex. 

I've read a lot of BDSM, and I'm not talking 50 shades, and to be honest it was a bit unrealistic. There was no real discussion, and for a new/training sub, that's pretty important. I felt the lust, but I just didn't feel the love.

This wasn't my favorite, but it is high on the smut scale. So if you're looking for a quick bedtime story that gets your gears going, go ahead. It's sexy, but sadly for me, it just wasn't my "thing".
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I’m sure other people will have a different opinion but, I didn’t like this book. It was missing that aspect that grabs you and pulls you in.
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A second publication with some rewrites. Great scenes but still a few issues. 3.5 Stars
I’ve read many of this authors books and she is well known for her steamy reads. So when this one came up for review as a rewrite I wanted to check it out.

The storyline itself is very hot, with scenes of BDSM and erotica. If you can get over the guys being brothers, you will definitely enjoy the menage aspect. It is all MFM. 

Daniels obsession was a key point in this book, however I thought there was areas or opportunity that was missing and could’ve really been expanded if we heard more from his point of view.

And the fact that Daniel has a twin who is a Dom as well makes this read double hot. But I didn’t feel a true connection between all of the characters. It was a great read, very hot, but so many areas just rang untrue and under developed. 

As for Bridget’s sister, sorry, I would never have forgiven her even though everything worked out right, it was still a backwards twisted thing to do.

Overall, the plot is hot and the story is definitely delicious. Sierra Cartwright offers some spicy works! Definitely worth the read, if you can pass over some issues.
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Seriously this book was so steamy! I couldn’t put it down and loved every bit of it! Highly recommend reading it..
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This author has yet to write a bad book in My opinion. I will tell you that  this read was fast. Bridget is a strong woman and very independent. Her sister Mary is a little deviant and goes behind her back and auctions her off at a fundraiser. Little does she know that Daniel has planned it all with help from his twin brother Jacob. This is a really good and fast read, worth your time. Prepare yourself this is a hot 🔥hot 🔥read! I enjoyed it! Never can go wrong with this author.

I received an ARC from the publisher via Net Galley at my request for my honest opinion. Thank you Net Galley!!
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Wonderfully kinky ménage 

Sierra Cartwright is a favorite of mine.  She write sexy fun books with wonderful characters.  Bridget, Daniel and Jacob are unique in their own ways yet totally believable.  Developing a realistic romantic relationship in a novel is a challenge but I think a ménage is even more challenging because of its unique dynamics. Sierra Cartwright's Double Trouble takes the reader on a satisfying journey to a HEA.

I received an Advance Reader copy fromNetGalley.
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This steamy hot romance had me curling my toes the whole way through. The devotion, control, and love daniel and jacob show bridget is so riveting. I just simply couldn't get enough!  To fall in love and marry a set of identical twins is amazing. The love shared amongst all touched my heart. I would LOVE to follow their story further!
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Holy hotness.  This is not for the faint of heart.  If you are into BSDM, it is a good read.
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What a good solid naughty story. Enjoyed the romance.
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