Double Trouble

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Seriously this book was hot! I couldn’t put it down,I loved every bit of it! Highly recommend reading
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Possibly more of a girls book, although this 50 shades of twin Grey's is worth a read for any bdsm fans or if you just fancy some lust. Will the guy get the girl, will his twin brother join can guess it but worth reading all about it.
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*ARC from NetGalley for Honest Review*
Thank you Publisher and Author
I Give this Book 3 1/2 Stars

This book is only 12 chapters and honestly I consider this a novella, it was definitely short but decently paced.
This is a Ménage HEA, The Men are twins.
The 2 of the characters previously met, so it wasn’t like two strangers meeting, but the 3rd character knew of her and was prepared for her, but to her it was a surprise. My issue is that you didn’t get to see her feelings much, to be in her head so to speak
I would read more books from this author, definitely to see if she’s more descriptive in her other books.
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I had high hopes for this title but wow, did it not work for me. I had a hard time not with the twin-factor but the BDSM--too many times I wanted to scream "that's not how it works."
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Holy hotness! This book was amazingly hot. I loved every part of it. Cartwright always writes the best hot sex!
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Double Trouble by Ms. Sierra Cartwright was my first read from her, but not my first dive into BDSM nor menage. Let me introduce you first to our trio.

Bridget is the woman in trouble or the trouble from Daniel Armstrong. She's been fighting his flirtations for a long time because good ole Daniel has a reputation. Attracted she may be, she's just not going in there with him. Add to that fact that she'd been burned before because of her work as a bartender, she's determined not to succumb to his charms. 

"The real problem might not be Daniel. It might be her. she knew that if she slept with him, her emotions would have become entangled, then, when he discarded her, as he no doubt would, she'd be devastated. As much as turning him down was the last thing she'd wanted to do, she'd told herself she was preventing later and greater heartbreak"

She has her reasons people, plus she learned something about him and I'm with her.

"It had been one thing to be attracted to him, but finding out he was a Dom had made him irresistable."

Daniel, on the other hand was adamant about pursuing her. He's been pining for her for such a long time after all. He's got so much plans for her. And oh, have I mention that Daniel has a twin? Yes! Twosome-Awesome guys! TWINSIES!!!

But there's a dilemma to their trio. Like I guess anyone who delved into this kind of relationship. Top question is "How does it work?". And, it's none of our business anymore. Really.

Menage doesn't bother me whether it's from real life or fiction. But when it comes to fiction, I have a, let's say, a requirement. I don't read books just for the sake of reading a book. I read and devour any of the books that lands my way. It is, after all my journey read . And diving into BDSM is something I thread carefully, as it could be very addicting. 

So I look into certain things when it comes to this kind of material. First, the connection of the characters . It's very hard to devour a book if there's no connection or chemistry among the character/s. It's not just all about the hot sex that most readers look for, for the most part. Second, the descriptive detailing of the scenes highlights the emotions of the book. I WANT TO FEEL THE FEELINGS TOO. It's necessary to be connected with the characters.

Did this book achieved all of the above mentioned? No. Not really, at least in my opinion. It just lacked building a lust in me. Which normally happens when I read books like this. The inner cravings and inner slut in me should be grinding tirelessly but she's kind of silent. It just failed to reach my top button hot-o-meter.

But did I enjoy this book after all? Yes, yes I did. This is still a hot read. A menage that consists of a twins and an estate so, so far away, you may scream your orgasm, there won't be neighbors banging on your wall. I'd love to check out Ms. Cartwright's other books as I'm kind of intrigued that this has other series, though not connected to each other, just linked by a common theme.
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What made this book different from all the others books I have read is the author did not make the female characters unrealistic and dumb. She also added in the premise of identical twins and how they tried to have a relationship with a smart chick who knows what she wants in a relationship and career. Twin Daniel is a little hard-nosed, whereas the other twin is more relaxed in the relationship. The brothers past was realistic to me, because the women could not handle how others thought a relationship should be interpreted in society. The ending was not what I expected. The author kept my interest and there would be a lot of spoilers. I would definitely recommend this book to customers/patrons.
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Double Trouble is a short read with a BDSM theme and some seriously scorching HOT sex; an enjoyable ménage with one woman and two brothers, that is definitely not for the faint of heart. I must admit there are some terminologies that I found confusing like ‘fecking’. If the author meaning fucking, then just say that; it is an erotic romance after all.
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I love books like this - it was standard - it had a lot of the word for 'butt' in it, excessive use perhaps, I mean, with a triad you can't expect anything else but still, quite a bit of that aspect was perhaps overly done - but it was a good book - a fun read - end was cute and sweet - the 'naughty time' was fun to read, the in between was alright - I really liked Jacob and his emotion throughout the book.  The BDSM aspect I have to say was lacking for me, so if you want a book based solely for that purposes this is not the book for you.
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I received an ARC from Netgalley. Wow is all I can say. Lots of hot scenes and a great book to cuddle up with on a weekend.
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I have never missed a Sierra Cartwright book she always a pre order with one click author for me.  So to get an opportunity to voluntarily read an arc of this book for a fair and honest review was a hell yes!  Bridget had agreed to work as a bar tender at her sister’s charity event there was no way she would let her sister Mary rope her into being one of the auction items...until she did.  When the winning bidder Daniel Armstrong was revealed Mary was delighted that her sister would be spending a weekend in the Texas countryside and Bridget was ready to kill her sister.  Then Bridget find out that this was not a coincidence, powerful banker and player Daniel was a co-conspirator with Mary to get Bridget to himself.  Bridget believes that Daniel is only doing this to get pay back after Bridget had injured his ego months earlier.  Not only that, but a few weeks earlier they had run into each other at Houston’s premiere BDSM club Deviation and he recognized her.  Not only that, she knew, he knew she has submissive tendencies.  When the Dom Daniel looked over his shoulder and informed Bridget “we’re not finished” she was not only mildly frightened but also a bit weak in the knees.  Three years ago Bridget had told Daniel no, and after all that time she still intrigued him.  Moments later in the middle of the most mind blowing kiss Bridget had ever experienced she and Daniel are interrupted by Daniel”s twin brother seems that all three of them will be enjoying the Texas countryside the next weekend.  Sierra Cartwright never disappoints her heroines May be submissive but they are not mindless dolts.  Spirited women who will only submit to their one true Dom.  Or in this case, Doms.
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This book is about two sexy identical twins, and 1 bar owner/bartender. One of the twins has been trying very hard for yrs to go out with this one sassy sexy dominant woman, but every time he asks she turns him down not because she doesn't like him but she is afraid to get hurt. While they both have history's with their ex's for one weekend thanks to a secret favor with no choice in the matter the three have a interesting weekend. And the end is a shock.
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This book was fabulous. I love how Sierra wrote the story that we could feel the characters struggles. And the BDSM and sexual scenes were awesome!
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Sierra Cartwright writes Bdsm like no one else. Bridget is auctioned off for charity to handsome Daniel,What she gets is two twin brothers who want to share their life with her.  Jacob and Daniel work to bring out the submissive in Bridget and try to find their happy ever after.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book
WOW this book was amazing, it was HOT HOT HOT,
I LOVED the connection between the three characters,
Bridget Kelly owns a pub and is the bartender, Daniel Armstrong has
been asking her out for years now, When one night he sees her at
a BDSM club Daniel then knows Bridgets secret. When Daniel
with the help of Bridget's sister Mary, Buys a weekend with Bridget
at a charity auction, she is stunned, But what hits her more is when
she is introduced back stage to Daniel's twin brother Jacob.
They are both Dom's and Bridget thinks she is a submissive,
The two Doms show her that yes she is a sub, WOW the way the
three fall for each other is wonderful. LOVED this book
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There sometimes comes an author that just completely grabs you and makes it impossible to put down the book they've written.  Sierra Cartwright you are that author.  You kept the story going, you had strong characters and a good story line.  I can't wait to read more from you. I'd have given 10 stars if I could have.
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This was a quick read for me. I enjoyed it although I would have liked to learn a bit more about the lives of the twins.
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Twins make up the double part of the title and Bridget is the trouble.  Bridget is so elusive that a charity auction is the only answer for the Armstrong brothers. Erotic scenes with BDSM involved.  All consensual play but the characters and the plot did not evolve into a journey of the heart and soul.  "A copy of this book was provided by Totally Bound Publishing via Netgalley with no requirements for a review.  I voluntarily read and the comments here are my honest opinion."
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No muss, no fuss, this book takes you right to the heart of the story, and then when you least expect it, emotions jump up at you and take ahold. Then we get the sweet, yet super sexy, epilogue

Bridget and Daniel have danced around each other for years, but he is done dancing. When he is able to arrange for Bridget to become part of the fundraising efforts for her sister, he stacks the cards in his favour. Once the deal is sealed, he lets her know he doesn't come alone, his brother Jacob is part of the deal

After much stalling, Bridget holds up her end of the deal. She isn't afraid of Daniel and Jacob, she is afraid of her reaction to them. As they start, spend, and delve deeper into things together, their chemistry is off the wall hot. They compliment each other perfectly, in every way, both sexually, BDSM-wise, and personally. Their interest overlap enough that they can assist and advise each other. A fabulous weekend is had by all, and they are all starting to think what will happen beyond it, but real life intrudes before they can figure that out

Jacob handles this well, Daniel does not, and Bridget is left confused and hurt. Siblings to the rescue, and things work out for the HEA, and how to handle the real world with their unique situation with their relationship and their living arrangements for their work

From the dedication, to the epilogue, I completely and thoroughly enjoyed this triad!
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a good story with interesting characters that draw you into the read. the downfall was that the entire story felt just too rushed. Bridget not just has spent years running from  Daniel and then within a couple of nights she succumbs to Daniel but Jacob too. I know an erotica story doesn't consist of much realism but if the author is going to say that she has been running from her feelings then perhaps years may have been a bit too long.
a good read otherwise.
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